Google Pixel 3 (& XL) Camera vs P20 Pro vs Pixel 2 XL

so Google has promised that its new pixel 3 and pixel 3 Excel smartphones but some of the best mobile camera tech around quite the boss for sure especially as they both rock a single and snapper which can’t quite keep up with the neck to the wall with p20 Pro and it’s slightly bonker try lens camera tech of course more doesn’t necessarily mean better so did the pixel 3 and the pixel 3 X I’ll stand up tall against the p20 broad despite the lack of lenses and also despite sport in the same camera specs as last year’s pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL or the pixel 3 and pixel 3 Excel actually better well I took all of these lovely smartphones out and about in London to test for sure the photo and video chops of the pixel through in pixel 3 excel compared with the p20 pro and last year’s pixel tech this is my full camera comparison and don’t forget for more on the pixels and all of the greatest new mobile tech so hit that subscribe button and dig that notifications Bell Cheers so first up a quick look at those sexy specs both the pixel 3 and the pixel 3 excels bought the same camera hardware a 12 point two megapixel single lens camera with an F 1.8 aperture and a bit of oh is built in for good measure that’s the same basic specs as last year’s pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL meanwhile the p20 Pro couldn’t be more different if it tried you get a mighty 40 megapixel RGB lens with an F 1.8 aperture backed by a 20 megapixel monochrome lens with F 1.6 aperture still not enough well how about an 8 megapixel telephoto lens do then a with 3 times optical zoom

and/or is built-in now for everyday shots taken on the default settings I thought that I’ve got similar detail levels in my photos taken on all of these handsets basically the shots are perfectly crisp even when cast to a 50-inch tele so definitely no complaints there although of course you do have the option of snapping 40 megapixel photos on the p20 pro if you bump it all the way up definitely great if for whatever crazy reason you decided to do a slideshow of your holiday photos on your local IMAX filters can be accurately captured by all of these handsets while the p20 pro also offers the option of more vivid hues which can really bring even a drab scene to life now this feature it seems to have been tempered somewhat with various camera updates so naturally vibrant subjects no longer look nauseates and the artificial now let’s get this out of the way it right now shots taken with a pixel 3 and the pixel 2 across all kinds of conditions more or less look identical so if you’re thinking of upgrading from pixel to the pix 3 just because of the camera tech or we’d say don’t bother said I did occasionally notice some more attractive hues on shots taken with a pixel three compared with the pixel – there appears to be a slight artificial boost in to occasionally make things like skin tones look a little warmer for instance

when a couples HDR shots pixel two in the pixel three are still slightly better than the p20 Pro though it can be quite a close call on many occasions you definitely get more uniform lighting with Google’s phones though which tend to capture plenty of detail in those darker moments without blowing out those lighter areas by accident the results are still very strong on the where we’ve fallen are they do occasionally get some slight over saturation in those really tricky conditions of course if you’re taking a shot of a distant subject that p20 pro is the obvious Victor as it has that bonus telephoto lens the big cheat this gives you three times optical zoom or five times hybrid zoom using some digital smarts mixed in the results are basically pin shot detailed photos of whatever you need even at a distance the difference is most obvious when viewed back on a TV screen however on a laptop display the pixel phones still hold up well certainly doing themselves justice now when the light starts to drop a little the pixel point shoot an impressively bright image quality matched by the p20 prop but

while the pixel phone’s still produce quite accurate colors as well which is nor mean feet those Ricci hues tend to fit a bit on the Huawei phone definitely the exact opposite of what happens in daylight conditions on the flipside the p20 pro does suck up a bit more detail in those murky conditions so you get a significantly sharper for tour compared with the pixel 3 and pixel two oh and if you like shooting candles whatever reason the pixel phones capture some very atmospheric photos with great dynamic range while the p20 pro again offers stronger detail instead now Google has promised that it’s not a unite board is coming to the pixel phones to really help out in those low-light conditions as well so I’ll be interested to see what kind of results we get there definitely stay tuned for a full in-depth before and after test with Google’s night mods or when it lands now when it comes to portrait shots you might expect the pixel phones to again be inferior to the p20 Pro because it’s got that single and setup instead of the trial end setter now that we found those portrait shots came out just as well on the pixel phones the depth of focus was definitely very impressive your subjects is pretty much always captured cleanly and crisply and meanwhile the background is washed away to great effect very impressive stuff indeed although the p20 pro is still a fan favorite in this area we absolutely love

some of the portrait shots you get with the p20 brought even hyperactive subjects like small children still come out Germany well a quick mention for the selfie cameras on these handsets as well the pixel three definitely beats the others here for wide-angle shots thanks to its fresh new secondary front facing camera with a 97 degree view other than that it’s basically the same selfie snapper as found on the pixel 2 and the pixel 2 XL they generally do a great job by the way for the background is quite bright sometimes your fist has come out a little bit murky meanwhile the p20 Pradas a better job of capturing your face always ensuring that your brightly lit and though that’s often at the expense of background clarity so basically the opposite of the pixels and when it comes to the video all three of these phones can shoot up to Ultra HD 4k level footage which looks bloody lovely when you throw it up onto a telly and all three phones seriously impress for their video chops the detail levels are perfectly good at Full HD and absolutely stunning at Ultra HD with respective lenses adapted nicely to changes in focus contrast and everything else audio pickup is also strong no matter your choice with minimal distortion from factors like the wind of course the pixels still impresses most when it comes to image stabilisation all three phones here called fine with full HD stabilization the pixel three liked the pixel two

before it also has no trouble at a 4k level either with the b20 processor and leave things get a little bit shaky at that top level so you’re definitely best off standing as still as possible while you shoot it so in a nutshell is how the new pixel through in pixel three XL compared with last year’s pixel 2 and the wah wave p20 pro as you can see when it comes to the pixel phones there’s very little difference between the two and the three apart from obviously that wide-angle selfie camera so if you’ve got the two and you’re wondering well you should upgrade to the three no that’s for the p20 bro it has its weaknesses and its strengths when compared with those pixels and it’s your conditions Google’s phones definitely win and also when it comes to shoot the 4k footage the pixel phones are fantastic image stabilisation however we really love the fact that you can manually tweak the colors on the wall with p20 pro and of course you get a fold pro mode something that you don’t get on those pixel phone so you can tweak everything else I saw shutter speed things like that so story you think in the comments down below which smartphone snapper is best for you go check out my comparison the pixel 3 XL and the Peter porns at the 1 plus 6 if you want to see how those three great Android phones stack up against one another and stay tuned for lots more in-depth coverage with the likes of the pixel 3 picks with Excel and while we’re zoom it when II series as well geez ever I love you boy

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