Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs P20 Pro Side-by-side comparison

hello just because it’s Christmas expert and I’m here with the new Huawei mate 20 pro and also that peak 20 pro two of the best Android smartphones like so far in 2018 go do a quick side-by-side with them so you can see what the difference is in which one might be best for you and don’t forget for more on the list grits mobile tech including the while we emit 20 Pro to ding that notifications Bell and hit that subscribe button Cheers first up there is a clear size difference between these two handsets the one really at 20 pros an absolute beast at 6.39 inches of all still not the biggest smartphone that we’ve seen in 2018 meanwhile the p20 pro is six point one inches which is almost dinky by standards as you see there the bezels on the mid-20 pro are definitely slimmer than here on the p20 pearl especially down below on the p2000 you’ve actually got fingerprint sensor built in there beneath the display as here on the mid-20 bra it’s completely clean that said when it comes to the notch action up top the mid-20 pauses and absolute beast just like the iphone 10 s the reason for that is the advanced 3d modeling considering the mid-20 poor screen is so much bigger it is actually more or less the same dimensions as the p20 po it’s quite

impressive both are quite comfortable to Klutch as well thanks nice curvaceous edges as you can see there the screen actually does slightly bend around the edge of the the device here on the mid-20 pro whereas the kiss that p20 pro you don’t get that same funky effect flip them around or and the design is pretty similar you see there they both sports a glossy glass surfaces so nice and shiny does scuff up a little bit unfortunately especially when it catches the light just saw but you do get a nice transparent cover with both phones as well bundled in the box you can always slap that on if you want to try and prevent that they both come in a number of different hues as well in this case it’s the the sort of lovely gradient finish on both blowers we definitely recommend it that finishes absolutely gorgeous very original very fresh apps that you love it yet fold dust and water resistance on both these blowers as well it’s ip67 here on the p20 pro another made 24 hour gets a slight boost to ip68 so definitely either will do the job if you want to just like take them in at the swimmin pool or take them for a bit of a swim something like that wherever your bag is upon to use a bit a type c action for charging and data transfer and those suddenly you do not get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack you’ll have to use a bit of a dongle and if you’re interested you do get a bit of an IR blaster up top now it’s touched on before you do it for us having fingerprint sensor

house beneath the display here on the p20 poised quick top of that and you’re straight into your desktops and no worries but here on the mid-20 bra it’s a bit more subtle it’s actually built into the display itself so just a firm tap there and as you can see again straight into your desktops and with the security you do actually have page full recognition built into both phones as well you can just risk awake and as you can see straight again into your desktops boom and nor hanging around because the fish recognition is a bit more advanced here on the mid-20 poor because you’ve got that full 3d modeling but with both these phones I’ve found that I can happily unlock them even when it’s pitch-black no problems at all even from walking moving around the place they’ll recognize my face to get me straight into the desktops and what about that display tech well it’s an all that panel on both of these handsets you get crisper images here on the mid-20 port as it is a quad HD Plus display so it’s 30 120 by 1440 here on the p20 Pro it is a full HD plus so it’s 22 44 by 1080 that said stick to images side by side and you will kind of struggle to notice the difference a kitchen thing pick out slightly finer details here on the mid-20 pro but in both cases absolutely stunning as you can see they’re really punchy vibrant visuals you can also expect nice sharp contrast and everything as well if you dive into those display settings you can fully customize the output in both of these handsets as well so it’s time into the color and iComfort more as you can

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see you’ve got a natural tone mode which can automatically change the color temperature depending on the ambient environment you can also switch between the vivid mode in the normal mode and play around with the color temperature manually ibis you get the usual eye comfort mode and everything for nighttime to know both the p20 port and the MIT when he brought over on an Android and the case of the p20 Pro it’s still run on an Android or E or other should get an update to Android Pi which is running on the MIT when he brought eminently and of course you get while weighs on I’m washing UI over this sly lid over the top again here on the mid-20 ports the latest version version 9 was just still inversion here point one here on the p20 prop but again as I said before if you get full update soon emotion UI adds in all kinds of bonus features so for instance you’ve got that facial recognition you’ve also got some handy one-handed mods as well in both cases which is good because these are both quite beastly blowers that your shrinks down the screen makes it much easier to manage your apps and everything definitely a bonus you can use full gesture controls to replace the navigation down below as well that’s a lot more advanced here on the latest version of emotion UI however you’ve got more of an Android PI style design so frozen as you can go back with a quick

swipe at the side of the screen here you can jump back to your home screen with a swipe up you can also access all of your recent apps by swiping up and holding it’s definitely a very nice way of doing things at very intuitive and definitely prefer it to the the slightly rubbish on the screen navigation effort that you have here on the old emotion UI it you get a whole bunch of other bonus features as well as such as the digital balance I’ve actually done an in-depth look at emotion UI 9 so go check that out if you want to know more and as I say all that’s shenanigans should be coming to the p20 port imminently anyway however when it comes to the performance the mid-20 prop will remain at the superior Strock in the new Huawei Kirin 980 chipset backs by 6 gigs of RAM compared with the older carry 970 chips out here on the p20 pull again back by 6 gigs of ram if you dive on into Geekbench cover you’ll see a clear difference between the two as you can see they’re both the single core and the multi-core score a massive update here on the mid-20 pro that said the killer 970 still handles life pretty damn well the as you can see you can load up apps basically straightaway as soon as you tap them boom this tree on the screen feather with every dip there

we definitely do not struggle here on the peat when he puts a nice smooth experience in pairs games are just pub G mobile with our nice smooth frame rates get beaten up by naked ladies always fun here on the mid-20 port for some reason it doesn’t support HD or HD or graphics just yet unfortunately but I’m pretty sure that’ll be coming imminently the Kirin 980 can definitely handle it as you can imagine but of course here on the p20 poor you do get already support for the fall graphics you can boost it all the way up you get nice smooth frame rate no matter what you’re doing and of course both of these phone supports GPU turbo that just gives you a nice consistent frame rate while you want gaming as so again no worries whatsoever that’s for the battery life we were very impressed by the p20 pro at last you generally between a day and a half and a dear even with some pretty intensive views thanks that mighty 4 thousand milliamp cell and you do get a bit of Huawei’s supercharged on there as well to power it back up nice and quick however here on the mid-20 pro it is a step up from that even as 4200 milliamps else is slightly bigger but you get even better superchargers 40-watt capability that means even faster charge you can get close to a full charge in just an hour which is impressive stuff you also now have full support for wireless charging as well using the chief

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standards and you can even do wireless reverse charge on which turns the mate 20 paw into a wireless charger which is a bit bonkers but it actually works as for the storage you get hundred twenty eight gigs as standard in that which is plenty of room for all of your apps media Allah rest of it under mate 20 Pro has support for Nano memory cards as well where you do any kind of expandable storage here on the p20 pro and now they’re really interesting bit the camera techno both of these bros sports a Leica branded smartphone camera and of course it’s a try then setup on both these handsets as well but it is different hardware and you do get some different software smarts to sit on the p20 privacy 40 megapixel RGB lens with an f1 point in is that primary lens you get exactly the same thing here on the mid-20 pro however when it comes to the secondary lenses on the p20 pro you get a 20 megapixel eff 1.6 monochrome lens whereas the MIT 20 pro changes that up you get a 20 megapixel ultra-wide lens instead and that’s an F 2.2 I’ll demonstrate that in a bit but it basically adds a bit more flexibility allows you to get a nice wide angle shot of whatever you’re snapping and both pods also often it megapixel third lenses at a LeFort or stuff it up to get you nice up and close to your subjects is that 2.

4 and it’s got built-in optical image stabilization to help give you a nice crisp shot so we dive on into the camera app you’ll see it has the same basic setup on both of these blowers you start off in your full photo mode you do of course have access to the master a I which is a bit Scene

Recognition helps to boost the look of your photos you can manually tweak the color output as well vivid colors standard colors etc you’ve got the likes of the moving pictures mode as well which is shoots a brief snippet a video with every photo you take and of course a bit of high vision and google lens style action as well you can zoom in with a quick tap here you’ve got your three times optical zoom and then a five times hybrid zoom as well and here on the mid-20 pro you also have that ultra wide-angle lens which you can jump to in a jiffy and as you can see there if you’re shooting a nice wide scene cityscape or a landscape something like that that could come in very handy indeed because it’s got a full portrait smart so as you would expect you actually get some bonus functionality here on the mid-20 pause well you’ve got the funky various lighting effects and you’ve also got the ability to change at the background style as well whereas here on the p20 pro you just get a selection of lighting modes because you’ve got the same grit night mode on both these handsets that just helps you to get a really nice crisp shot even in low-light conditions with the long exposure works really really well indeed impressive stuff and if you know what you’re doing you’ve got full manual controls and both of p20 Pro and the MIT when he put as well so you can tweak the lights of the ISO levels white balance and get a whole host of other camera features too who knows you can see a nice bit of time-lapse slow-motion all Arkana shenanigans if you jump on into the video settings you can shoot up to 4k resolution video with both of these handsets as well stay tuned for a full camera comparison that will be coming very very shortly and also if we swap around to the front facing

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cameras is a 24 megapixel snapper on both of these blowers again with an F 2.0 aperture I believe it is on both handsets and of course you’ve got the usual portrait smarts and everything on both of these handsets and no problem there as you can see you’ve also got HDR functionality here on the mitt when you put hopefully be bear for those more dynamic scenes and once again you can pick the style of the the backgrounds here on the mid-20 bra and with that 3d model in tech you can actually scanning items as well bring them to life in 3d which is something that we’re gonna be testing out soon so stitch in for all you need to know about that and that in a nutshell is well as p20 pro and MIT 20 pro compared side-by-side as you see the p20 pro still a grit handset but the mid-20 pod does offer some significant updates including the ability to wirelessly charge or reverse while each wirelessly charge those about that in screen fingerprint sensor as well which is snazzy stuff and the camera tech has been updated too and of course for that Karen I nearly chip said it is much more up to date it should go the distance no problem so it’s not what you think in the comments down below definitely be great to hear what you think if you’re gonna stick with a p20 bra if you’re more tempted by the mid-20 Pro definitely let us know I don’t forget for more than meet 24 analytic grits more Bartek to dig that notifications well hit that subscribe button and as always love you

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