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so Nova is still one of the most popular Android launches as we head into 2019 and for one good reason it’s effin marvelous you can tweak and fiddle to your heart’s content and there is a lot to take in here and that’s before you even begin to consider Nova prime a fully loaded all guns blazing version of Nova which adds even greater customization options you will have to stump up a bit of cash for Nova prime but it’s occasionally on sale and it’s only a few quid anyway so go on your massive skinful then you know you want to if you’re new to the Nova Launcher then here is a quick rundown of some of the best features packed in there including some of those juicy prime only bits and our full Nova Launcher tips and tricks guide I don’t forget for more on the latest greatest mobile tech blog that subscribe button anything that notifications belt Cheers now first up the bulk of the features and customization options are found right here in the Nova settings menu you can access at any time via desktops with a quick cheeky pinch

and then by tapping this settings menu are also by default by dragon two fingers up the screen this menu is separate to the general Android settings menu and it’s also denser than the large print version of the complete works of Shakespeare so let’s dive through some of the best features to save you from having to scour through and find it all by yourself now to begin with you’ll want to change the look and feel of your desktops to suit your own personal tastes you can tweak pretty much everything you see here to get started you’ll want to dive into the desktop settings right at the top of the Nova settings menu the begin weather you might want to change the size of the desktop grid for instance to fit more or less apps in there you can dive all the way up to the very top echelon here and crammed in absolutely Lords of apps on your Wan desktop particularly good if you use about 30 or 40 different apps all at once and you can even if you like position your app icons in the middle of each individual cell as well there’s an option in there in the desktop grid sub grid position and if you don’t like that just knock it

off everything will just be nicely aligned instead and if you’ve got the prime version of a nova launcher you can even change the scroll effects which is basically the transition when you’re flipping between your desktops I personally quite like the in and out option especially because it sounds a bit dirty you can also choose whether to have your wallpaper scrolling in the background when you’re flipping between desktops I particularly like that reverse wallpaper scroll and it gives a nice parallax effect it’s very funky indeed back in your desktops you can actually tweak the individual app icons as well so for instance if you long press on one you’ll see a little menu pop up if then tap Edit you’ll then be able to change the name of it and also the swipe action that happens when you actually swipe across the app so for instance here on docks we can configure it so a quick swipe across the icon will actually open up a new dock just go to the shortcuts tab and then scroll down and then you find new docks document so now if I was to swipe up on docks instead of just giving it a tap it immediately opens up a new dock nice and handy the shortcuts menu is also extremely handy if any app is misbehavin all you need to do is tap app info and do force stop and that stop the little bugger in its tracks that’s for the actual icon designs you can change those up and customize them as well all you need to do is dive into the look and feel section of the Nova settings and then adaptive icon

style in here you can choose to have them round you can make from a skwerkel funky name rounded square square all kinds of stuff and if you’re a bit OCD like me you can even get them all matching like so if you want to bring back those little Android notification dots as well that’s simple enough all you need to do again dive into those nova settings and got a notification badges in here it’s set to non by default but you can turn on dynamic badges dots are also numeric badges which does require a download of Tesla unread so for instance we’ll just go with the simple dots option you can choose the size of the dots large small or medium and then once you’ve done any apps that require your immediate attention we’ll have that little dot icon and one of my favorite pots are the nova launcher on the nova prime launcher is the fact you can fully customize that apps drawer as well to do so surprise surprise and lead to head into your nova settings and then just choose the second option app and widget drawers like your desktop so you can resize that app straight to make your icons super teeny tiny weenie also absolutely freaking enormous and if you dive on into icon layout you can once again to change the size in there you can also switch up the font and even give it a funky shadow effect if that’s your bag I also like how you change up the color and the transparency level at the background of the apps drawer as well to match whatever random theme

you’re going for you can even change up the shade of that over scroll effect that kicks in when you reach the bottom of your apps drawer the level of customization is bonkers however the best bit is definitely that draw group section in here you can hide away any apps that you don’t want showing up at all even in your apps drawer that’s particularly good if there’s any crap wet in there that you really never use and frankly it’s just cluttering things up and even better in here you can set up draw groups this basically allows you to set up fresh tabs within the app store in order to segregate your apps and keep things looking nice and tidy all you need to do is add a new group and then just tap the little pencil icon in order to add apps to it and once you’re done when you then dive into the apps drawer you should see that those particular apps you’ve just chosen will pop up in there definitely good if you’ve got loads and loads of apps and you want to stay organized back in that drawer group section you can even set up folders within the apps tray to keep things even more tidy and organized these will just pop up in the main section and by long pressing on them you can see exactly

which tabs they will appear in and if you give you pulled a little tap and then tap this little three dot I con you can then select which apps appear inside of it lovely stuff in fact if you love a bit of fall direction then chances are you will absolutely adore the norther launcher head back into you Norway and you will find a separate folder section instead of heating change up all kinds of look and feel settings including how your icons are actually previewed the background of your folder and of course as you’d expect the background colour and also the icon layout there’s lots of different options in there so definitely go to town anyone who’s been using Android for a good a few years now might get occasional little pangs a nostalgia for some of those classic animations and the good news is Nova has you covered there too just dive on into the look and feel section and then choose app animation and as you can see there you can choose from animations from androids Greatest Hits marshmallow a lollipop all the way back down to Ice Cream Sandwich or you can just use a basic slight left first thing I quite like the old blink effects although it’s not exactly the nippy Asst so definitely not one for impatient types and finally one of the novel launches prime strands beyond the crazy customization on offer is the

gesture support just head to the gestures and inputs menu and here you can add actions to all kinds of gestures which are active once you hit your desktops some of these are set by defaults on that pretty bloody good for instance swiping down to expand the notifications bar definitely handy if you’ve got a big handset and let’s face it chances are you’ve probably got a six inch plus so to speak if you want to change any of the gestures it’s nice and simple just give it a little tap and then choose which action to assign to it you got a choice of all kinds of general OS stuff you can also choose to open up a specific app with a gesture firstly I like to toggle the dock with a quick swipe up the screen as you can see just makes it appear or disappear in a jiffy and also don’t forget to regularly check for any updates to the novel launch or the Nova prime launcher which I’m in version you have you can do that at the bottom of the nova settings menu just with a quick tap here and all right there is my full tips and tricks guide for the novel launcher and the Nova prime launcher as well if you’re another fan that definitely let us know in the comments down below especially if I’ve missed out any of you on particular favorite features that you thing be worth sharing with the community I don’t forget to box subscribe and think that notifications valve for more on the latest greatest tech mobile or otherwise geez all right love you

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