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Gaiman smartphones are all the rage right now just like sexual harassment lawsuits and the general downfall of the UK economy a German backed company black shock is a latest manufacturer to launch an Android mobile in that twitchy thumbs game fans but sharks new phone imaginative Lee called the black shock is surprisingly affordable despite its premium specs are just 439 quid it’s a huge chunk of change cheaper than the Razer forum – yet you still get plenty of grunt a massive battery a gorgeous display and some excellent game and features including a custom-made joypad attachment I’ve been testing out the black shark with a good bit of pub G more about what else to see if it really is one of the best given smartphones right now in terms of performance battery life gear and features and everything else and don’t forget for more on the latest mobile gadgetry and everything else as well Tupac subscribe and ding that notifications bell Cheers so first up while the black shock runs stock Android as standard you do have the Sharks base interface as well which is completely geared towards gaming this can be activated at any point with a quick flick of this handy little switch over on the left-hand side once this is activated you’ll notice that all incoming calls and also message notifications are basically blocked from view so you won’t be interrupted in the middle of your gaming

session you can also quickly enter observer mode with a quick tap of this icon up here that disables all call functionality and just keeps the mobile data feature enabled so your games that require a constant connection on interrupted now when you first start up sharks pace you’ll notice that you’re in this kind of linear menu where you can flick through all your various games it’s not particularly attractive and it’s a bit clunky though I prefer to tap and this little icon here and then you’ve got an overview of all of your games complete with icons right there on the bottom screen or if you prefer you can also make it a list instead and from here you can also deactivate any games that you’re not particularly fond of or add in any that it might have missed off for ever reason if you really want to you can even check out all of your game and stats to see exactly how much of your life you’ve wasted on the various titles to launch a game of course all you’ve got to do is tap its icon pretty self-explanatory ready once you’re actually inside of again the black shop cleverly allows you to pull up more game and features and tools simply by dragging your finger down that fingerprint sensor as you can see the many that pops up isn’t to entry so it just allows you access to quick toggles such as your Wi-Fi the noir incall disruption as well swinging other

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all incoming calls during arguments I should have you tap more there’s also a null notification toggle there as well if you do want to see your notifications and don’t mind them popping up at the top of the screen just give that a tap very good if you’re expecting anything important maybe from the boss if you’re not have any issues with performance which to be fair you shouldn’t any time soon thanks the Snapdragon 805 packs in this thing you can just tap max performance that will just prioritize the gaming session and also you can free up some memory with quick tap of that icon there as you can see there just gets to work and hopefully will give you a smoother experience the new keypad option is also helpful this basically just prevents you from for instance accidentally long press and that fingerprint sensor and taking yourself out of the game that activated as you can see no problems there now all of those features work an absolute charm the notifications blocking all of that stuff never had a single problem so it’s definitely great if you want to get in the zone and get the most from your game however I haven’t even touched on the best feature of the black shot game and phone yet and that is the bundled joypad so first of what you want to do is take this plastic shell which you also get bundled in the black shock box and just snap it around your black shot given phone like so nice and quick and simple with that in place all you need to do is snap the

joypad onto the black shock phone like so and it’s held neatly in place there will be absolutely no slippage or whatsoever to actually take the joypad off again you’ll need to press in this little button here and then just pull the phone out like so now the controller actually pairs to the black shot game and phone via bluetooth so you will of course need to pair them in the usual way in the Android settings inside of sharks bits you can check out the controller status at any time by tapping this little icon here and as you can see there you can check out the battery level you can also calibrate the controller if needed the controls are pretty straightforward you do of course have your thumb stick in order to guide your little fella or gal around on the screen and you got to trigger buttons as well good for aiming and shooting and playing the likes of pubsey mobile is so much easier with this joypad I didn’t have to customize the controls configure them in any way it just worked as soon as I snapped it on it and paired it up having a proper thumb stick to strafe about this really really does help that tactile feedback makes such a difference compared with the basic touchscreen controls and the fact that it’s a combination of physical controls and the touchscreen means you can strip about the taste move around problem you’ve also got fast access to everything you need such as yet inventory because the biggest burden is having that actual physical trigger button for firing your weapon as well whenever suddenly somebody pops up unannounced you can just immediately bless them in the face nor fumbling around but on the

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screen shoot button and the good news is that while the joypad does have its own battery supply because it’s got that bluetooth connection to the black shot game and for I found that managed to get a good few hours of use per charge and it charges up via type-c USB as well same as the thorn that’s for the general performance as you can imagine no troubles whatsoever even demanding titles like punchy mobile played absolutely perfect a gorgeous smooth frame rate even on those top detail levels not too surprising given that quad clubs mighty Snapdragon 805 is unsurprisingly shoved in this handset just like pretty much every other game and phone you’ll get these days and it’s packed here by a mighty 8 gigs of RAM as well you do actually get a choice of 6 or 8 gigs when you pick up your handset this is the slightly more expensive 479 pounds with 8 gigs and even then it’s still a clear 300 pounds cheaper than the Razer form 2 which packs basically the same specs so you can see a bit of pubsey mobile action on that HDR level details with Auto graphics adjustment deactivated and as you can see absolutely perfect frame rate throughout and no problem with responsiveness or connectivity or anything else either the black shock chassis has a cross ship antenna housed in the back of it and basically it seems to work absolutely perfectly I’ve had no problems at all with connectivity at any point one concern with given smartphones is that

they might get a little bit toasty during intensive use but again the black shot gamers want absolutely perfect in that regard has got liquid coolant system built into it and even after about an hour or two of non-stop purging mobile it gets a little bit warm but certainly nowhere near palm searing so again another big thumbs up and as for battery life I’ve got almost exactly 6 hours of full-on pubsey use for this thing before it finally died from a full charge now that’s a full extra hour compared with the razor form to which Mun is just five hours under the same conditions so even if you’re a bit but not least you’ll have no problem getting your game on for a large chunk of your work indeed great news if you like to hide in the cubicle and just basically blast away on fortnight or whatever so that no nutshell is what I think of the Gillman prowess the black shock smartphone definitely 439 quid incredible grunt and some great given features on this thing as well what do you think do you think it’s the best game and Ford right now definitely let us know in the comments down below was great to hear thoughts at my in-depth review of the black Shock 4 as well covering the camera tech and everything else that I haven’t covered in this video then stay tuned that’ll be gone up on recombinant Lee and don’t forget for more on the latest and greatest tech mobile or otherwise to poke subscribe and ding that notification spell cheers everyone love you

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