Kobo Forma vs Kindle Paperwhite Best eReaders compared!

hello you gorgeous people it’s Chris from tech spin I’m here with two of the very best readers for 2018 here on the left is the COBOL former and here on the right is the fresh new all new Amazon Kindle paperwhite 20 year – in addition they’re both waterproof eread isn’t they pack some really nice premium features but there are quite a few differences between them as well so those do a full comparison see which one might be best for you and don’t forget from all the latest greatest tech to pop out subscribe button and doing that notifications about Cheers first of all means stick up side-by-side this you’re probably not as quite an immediate difference the fact that the COBOL former is an absolute beast compared with the Kindle paperwhite the former is an 8 inch device so quite a large display compared with a 6 inch Kindle paperwhite 2018 and of course you do get this quite chunky bezel here on the edge of the core performer as well as the bezels all reasonably slim here on the paperwhite that’s at there’s very little difference between them in terms of the way the paperwhite starts at 182 grams for the Wi-Fi model rises to 191 grams it can grub the 4G version as well here the copper form is just slightly heavier at 197 grams as you can

see at the side of the cobble formal air this chunky side bezels like she quite a bit thicker than the rest of the core ball former and that just helps to distribute the weight to that edge which means if you’re clutching the core performer like saw the weight distribution is really good it feels actually pretty comfortable to hold those were the likes the Kindle paperwhite you can basically just wrap your entire hand around the back of it because it’s pretty slender again nice and comfortable to clutch but the koval former and the Kindle paperwhite rock a soft touch rear end as well as a nice sort of rubbery finish to it just really helps with the grip comes in to stick to your palms got the slightly mottled finish here in the Cobalt compared with the smooth finish of the Amazon Kindle paperwhite as mentioned before they’re fully water resistant as well they’re both IP x8 rated which busy means you can give them a good Duncan in two meters of water for roughly an hour or so and it should be absolutely fine great news if you want to do a bit of reading in a swimming pool or my own preference in the bath nice and relaxing and the good news is they’re pretty rugged as well you can give them a good bash in about absolutely no problem just chuck them in a

backpack driver to worry about sticking a proper cover on them or anything like that they’ll stay nice and pristine the only other real physical difference between the two pot and the size is in fact actually get these physical turn buttons here on the cob or former so you can just do a quick tap there and as you can see you quickly skip through whichever buck you’re in and the case of the Kindle paperwhite you just have to use the touchscreen controls instead so a tap to the right or touch the left to move back or forward you can also swipe as well and I thought you’ve got full touch controls here on the cob or former as well so you can do exactly the same if you saw desire on with the cob or form of the screen actually reorient it as well so if you are right-handed left-handed doesn’t really matter all you need to do is just tip it up and as you can see the the text will then we are in so doesn’t matter which hand you hold it in it’s nice and comfy now the actual screen syringe eating display here on the copper format it’s a six inch here on the Kindle paperwhite but apart from that very very similar indeed they both Rock 300 pixels per inch resolution so as you can see even with a nice tiny font you can still read that text nice and clearly in its grid for graphic novels and the rest too they are both backlit and you have full control over the actual

backlighting as well so you can give it a nice boost all the way up if you’re in quite bright conditions or booster all the way down at night as well as you can see there no struggle whatsoever on top brightness the Kabul for mode seems to be ever so slightly brighter then that Kindle paperwhite but there’s not really much in it you will not struggle to read that pip-boy in any conditions thanks to the anti glare finish the only other difference is the fact that you’ve got this natural light option here on the core before more which you can knock on and that will basically help to filter the the blue light effect so they go gives you a really really warm output at nighttime and of course you can set that to an automatic effect or you can schedule it to turn on at nighttime it’s quite nice to have that sort of warmer finish when you are reading in the dark but to be honest or units doing on the pivot is bump down the brightness and it’s still comfortable enough to read even over long periods now of course we’re on just differences in the hardware between the Corporal former and the Kindle paperwhite 2018 there’s also plenty differences in terms of the actual features and the software onboard as well and both these e-readers of course you have access to a vast catalog of books that you can download from the internet you got the Kobo store here on the cobbler former obviously and that currently stocked over

six million titles covered all kinds of categories you will not struggle to find what you need the kids will pip white 2018 as is of course amazon’s kindle store instead which again well stocked I believe it was 5.5 million books at the last count some more less the same as the core performer again you’ll have no struggle whatsoever finding books from your favorite authors in fact you’ll even find a few from yours truly stuck away on there so if you fancy a bit of gritty British thriller action there you have it and both the corbels Store and the Kindle Store allow you to actually download samples checkout customer reviews all that kind of stuff so you can try before you buy which is always nice because one of the advantages that you get the Kindle paperwhite is you can upgrade to that 4G model so the standard model just has Wi-Fi the more advanced model has 4G built in it as well and it’s completely free to use you don’t have to buy a separate contract or anything like that stick a sim card in it it just works so if you want the freedom to download ebooks wherever you roam without having to worry about connecting to Wi-Fi the Kindle paperwhite 2018 is your daddy but of course you will have to pay extra for that 4G model and there are of course lots of other services offered by both these devices as well so here on the COBOL form where you get full overdrive support which is the the lending library effort here in the UK the u.s.

I believe a couple of other countries have it as well that just allows you to borrow ebooks from your local library free of charges absolutely fantastic service look at the paperwhite you do of course have Amazon’s own lending library and you’ve also got Kindle unlimited which is kind of like a Spotify for e-books you pay a little bit each month and you’ve got access to about a million books I think it is that you can download free of charge on top of that and here on the Kindle paperwhite you can actually play audible audiobooks as well again a sort of direct through Amazon in order to do so though you will have to connect your paperwhite to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth pair of headphones because it doesn’t actually have any built-in speakers of its own and of course if you’re gonna be downloading a lot of audiobooks you’ll probably want to stump up for the 32 gig model rather than the basic eight gigabyte model because some of them are rather big you know the club will for me you also apparently get a choice between 8 and 32 gigs this is just the 8 gigabyte model that I’ve been assured that 32 gig bond model either is avail or will be available soon and of course when you’re actually inside of your books you’ve got various features that you can access as well so for instance here on the pip-boy you’ve got direct access to Goodreads again via the Wi-Fi or your 4G so you can actually see what other people have thought about a book that you might be tempted to buy so for instance if you find a work that’s particularly interesting or exciting you can just long press on it and both these devices you’ll get a dictionary definition and you can also look it up on the likes of Wikipedia and stuff like that as well and of course you can take nor to any point scribble little

thoughts you can highlight text you can share text online do pretty much whatever you want to as for the general support you’ll be glad to hear that you can lured pdfs onto either of these devices and they’ll be displayed absolutely fine just works exactly as a standard book would do you can flip through them alike so as you can see there as well nice crisp display as I said before 300 pixels per inch any other case if you’re going to be reading a lot of graphic novels would obviously recommend the COBOL formers does have that bigger screen so it’s a bit more clear but the Kindle paperwhite does work absolutely fine as well that’s for general performance it’s absolutely fine a sort of standard ereader performance on either these devices really saw neither of them are particularly nippy you will occasionally be tapping something then when hanging around for them to to actually respond but not too bad not too sluggish certainly neither of them has proved frustrating during everyday use and battery life of course that you get as you’d imagine business but Rifa up her charge found solve around the sort of twenty hour ish mark is a general approximation for both of these devices it’s 1200 milliamp cell here in the COBOL format Kyle

actually find specific specs for the battery size here on the Kindle paperwhite 2018 Amazon definitions to be keeping that under wraps but basically even if you’re reading your Kindle every day on the commute and for bedtimes and things like that as well should only have to charge it once a week sort max and of course things like bump it up the screen brightness leaving the Wi-Fi turned on stuff like that will let the battery drink that little bit quicker and that right there it is all full comparison of the Korbel form of versus the kindle paperwhite 2080 as you are the best II read is that you can buy right now and two certainly two of the best waterproof e-readers because they are still few and far between surprisingly because there is one of the big difference between these two devices and that is the asking price the cob reformer comes in at 239 quid whereas the Kindle paperwhite 2018 Edition that starts in just a hundred and twenty four that basic Wi-Fi model and the good news is that at the time of shooting this that the Black Friday deals were on the go on Amazon you can actually pick yourself up a Kindle paperwhite 2018 edition for just 90 pounds which is frankly a stunning bargain so if you’re not sold on that enormous COBOL form of screen then definitely the paperwhite is the way to go so I hope that’s been helpful definitely let us know in the comments down below which one you are more tempted by and don’t forget Epoque subscribe and thing that lourd applications valve for more on the latest and greatest act choose guys love you

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