Review LG XBoom Go Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers?

hey there beautiful people this is Chris from Tex bird and if you’re a bit of a party animal like I obviously am just have a sip of my green tea then chances are you probably spent a lot of time research in Bluetooth speakers find in a decent quality bluetooth speaker can be depressingly difficult especially if you’re on a really tight budget like under a hundred pounds or even under fifty pounds to my favorites right now off still the ultimate is willing to boom and the Boers Soundlink micro they’re really really rugged fully waterproof you can chuck them to swim pool if you like in noir trouble and the sound quality is actually pretty damn good and solid battery life as well despite at portable size but LG you might be about to stir things up a bit with its ex boom gah speaker range these come in three different sizes but here we’ve got the two models that come under a hundred pounds the LG X boom Gore pk5 cost 79 pounds right now on Amazon but quality UK and the X boom Gore pk3 cost just 49 pounds on Amazon okuni kick fit and nice the end of that sub 50 pound price bracket they’re definitely nicer and portable as well the LG X boom Gore pk3 weighs just 720 grams it’ll even slip into a decent size coat pocket the case the big gear 5 it’s a bit

weightier at 1.2 kilograms we do at least get these nifty X grip handles so you can call it about like that if you want I guess that’s nice in terms of general ruggedness they are definitely pretty tough they’ll take a bit of a pom there no problem the PK 3 is also ipx7 water-resistant so you can be fully submerged in water for a short time absolutely no problem the case of the PK 5 it’s on the IPX 5 water-resistant Alvis you can’t fully submerge it you can only blast it with a jet of water if that’s your bag be the way if you want to do a gone potty out in the rain here in the UK not a problem whatsoever okay so I’ve been testing out the LG X boom Gore pick it 3 and the PK 5 mins or father certainly impress and considering their size and the asking price so start with the dinky PK 3 which is a 16 watt speaker it’s go for up X support as you’d kind of expect from a Bluetooth speaker these days so it doesn’t support apt X HD as you can see here it’s got a pretty good selection of controls for a portable Bluetooth speaker first of all just power it on I like so I’ve already paired it with my iPhone as a quick and

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easy process just budget the bluetooth menu job done if you want to repair with a different device at any point just to tap this little Bluetooth icon here and be able to set it up with a different device you volume controls you can skip your tracks and if you are connected to a smartphone with a voices system just a quick tap of this little mic button and you will launch up Siri or Google the system whatever you are using around the back you have a handy little flap thing which hides of the type-c USB port where for charging I can’t actually get into it with my rubbish fingernails because I’m bitten them to the cross you’re deathly need a handle or implement if you are in a similar position and inside there as you can see you’ve also got lining as well as that type-c port just in case you don’t fancy using bluetooth as for the sound quality it’s actually really really good for a speaker again of this sort of size and considering how affordable is those more chilled well balanced track scoop a classical music things like that the knots come out really nicely it’s got a full bodied sound and even dance music sounds pretty decent that happens beers feature it doesn’t seem to do a massive amount it gives priority to the laws but it isn’t exactly give you pulse pound and bass when it’s turned on of course once you get into a bit of metal heavy rock things like that things do start sounding a little bit more muddy this is where things start to sound a little bit gritty but tell you what

on top volume this thing can absolutely blast tell you what if you hear you’re near business that I actually probably do the job but if you’re serious about your music I definitely highly recommend upgrading to the PK 5 instead first of all as soon as you turn it on boom funky colors that’s when you know the party’s really started the overall design is cooler and of course you get the same great range of controls up top as well so once again you can repair with any other Bluetooth device you’ve got your volume controls as well as skip track and your mic option 2 and here in addition to the enhanced bass you also have a clear of vocal option and once again of course it’s one of these annoying flaps words and I put my knife there’s my knife and this time in addition to the line in and the type-c USB port you also have a button for quick parent with another LG pk5 speaker so your poi sort of spin across the house or into the garden then at least you can keep your music synchronized well the smaller pq3 on this ported apt X the pq5 sports app takes HD so it can actually support a higher bandwidth for slightly better sound quality again that classical music sounds apps that the great nice crisp and roll it’s coming out of it and no complaints on the dance music either definitely does it more than enough justice it’s with the likes of the dance music that you really notice to jump in base from the pikia 3 model to the PK 5 this lgx boom is made at dance music rock music things that are

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based heavy and this is where you really notice that enhanced this feature kicking in as well with that deactivated it’s definitely not quite as punchy seriously for a sub 100 pound bluetooth speaker with no sub or anything like that attached this is definitely a decent output the sub 100 pounds it definitely puts out a better output than the likes of the bores Soundlink micro and I’d say it’s at least on par probably trumping slightly the ultimate is wonder boom as well and on top of volume as well it’ll definitely fill any room in the house and it will absolutely piss off your neighbors one of the other big advantages have gone for the X boom Gore PK 5 is the fact that it’s got 2 18 hours of butter I’ve compared to the up to 12 hours here from the dinky PK 3 so as a quick run through the features and sound quality of these LG X boom Gore speakers as I say sub 50 pounds sub 100 pounds you definitely cannot beat them as far as bluetooth budget speakers are concerned if you’ve got a bigger budget though I would definitely recommend the ultimate is mega boom 3 I’ve been using that about the house out and about outside as well so good a couple of months out and absolutely love it to bits the sound quality is fantastic so are you tempted by the LG X boom Gore speakers definitely let us know in the comments down below be gritter your thoughts don’t forget to poke subscribe and think that Lord affiliations about for more on the latest Grizz speaker tech mobile tech and loads more cheers everyone love you bye

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