Long-Term Review OnePlus 6T Worth it in?

so one of our favorite smartphones of 2018 was the one plus 60 as always with one plus you get a premium experience running through the hardware down to the software to rival any Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone but even better at about half the cost of those smartphones the oneplus sixty wasn’t quite perfect but to be fair it was pretty damn close now in the three months since I first got my sticky digits all over the oneplus sixty quite a bit has changed there’s been several software updates from oneplus we’ve had rivals from the likes of honor and Apple crawl out of the woodwork and oneplus has even released a special edition version plus of course we’ve got the one plus seven lumen always on the horizon so the question is now in early 2019 is the oneplus 60 still a worthy purchase well I’m glad you asked because here’s my fault in-depth re review and don’t forget for more reviews on the latest and greatest tech to bug subscribe anting that notifications bail jairs so recently I’ve been using the new on a view 20 as my full-time phone and after that a return to the 1 plus 60 isn’t quite as exciting as it once was this plain black model definitely lacks the theatrical aesthetics of the V 20 though I do still quite like the Thunder purple variant if you can get your hands on that one instead it’s a lot more interest in

despite retaining the robbers simple finish I’ve got one now is definitely banking on oneplus release and a snazzy red version of the oneplus 60 as it did with the oneplus 6 before it instead what we got was the McLaren Edition which still looks kind of funky with it’s weird but Piatt orange engine and all of that but it’s not quite what I was crying out for I’m a bit of a sucker for really vibrant vivid handsets and that is definitely not where you get with 1 plus 60 of course it’s all just down to personal taste and the reassuring is is that the oneplus 60s gorilla glass service and is tougher than a titanium Bruce Lee you can basically treat this for like complete and just shrug it shoulders and ask for more there’s not a single scuff on the back end after all this time something few of its rivals can also cost and what the preinstalled screen protector is a little bit scuffed here and there the Gorilla Glass 6 display underneath is still in perfect Nick it is a shame that you don’t get the same reassurance when it comes to the water resistance though there’s no official IP written tied to the 1 plus 60 however I have subjected the 16 to all kinds of spillages and as long as the phone isn’t fully immersed in a body of water for any length of time it seems to be perfectly happy with life compact with the older plus six a couple of hardware

features have changed up first up the fingerprint sensor has been cold and replaced with an in screen effort instead more on this in a bit and second there’s no longer any 3.5 millimeter headphone jack I’ve taken to use wireless headphones for all time so doesn’t personally bother me and of course you do get a 3.5 millimeter to type C dongle included in the box as well and on top of that one pluses latest version of its bullets earphones or type C but of course as usual not everyone’s gonna be happy about the situation as for the oneplus sixty’s screen that massive 6.4 1 inch panel seems a bit over the top when I first played with it but is then I’ve reviewed the while we meet 20 and a couple of other beasts and frankly I’m now more than used on something girthy slapped in my palm sorts of speak it is just a shame that there’s no proper 100 board so two mitts is pretty much mandatory the AMOLED panel itself is still a great way to enjoy some Netflix on the bus sure you don’t get the quad HD plus resolution of more expensive rivals like the mid 20 pro by honestly can’t tell the difference without sticking them side-by-side the visuals here are still perfectly crisp and you can tweak the color output to suit your particular mood or just let the oneplus sixty choose depending on what you’re doing plus the dewdrop notch up top is barely a bump which is seriously refreshing after

using the likes of the iPhone at 10s after not being massively kena first I’m also starting to learn how to live with the in display fingerprint sensor as well once you learn the exact amount of pressure that you need to apply each time you actually spend a bit of time registering each print roll and rushing it off it’s absolutely fine that’s a lot as quick as a traditional fingerprint sensor of course but a lot of times I end up skipping the scan and simply using the fish will recognition instead anyway oneplus has made some updates that fierce recognition since launch and it’s now better at picking you out when you’re wearing funky hats and those sunglasses are still a stumbling point that’s something that only the iPhone seems to really get around that said the oneplus sixties low light performance definitely beats the iPhone as usual oxygen OS is still great as well and gets better with every update even if the bug is still refused to put in a dedicated 100 mods as far as manufacturer overlays go this isn’t too far off the stock Android experience you get a fair few bonus features chucked on top of Google’s OS but there are best genuinely useful and it was just unintrusive and those Android security updates are well I’m pretty up to date no major new features have been added to the oneplus 60s software since the phone was launched but the some features have been tweaked here and there to make them a little bit better something that warm plus is really good at is great to see when a manufacturer is dedicated to its software as well as its hardware and as you’d expect for the snapdragon it for five stuffed inside

they want plus sixty s performance is showing no signs of struggle you get generous six or eight gigs of ram depend on which model you pick and this ear gig model unsurprisingly runs like a dream you certainly don’t need to worry about spending extra cash on that McLaren special edition model with ten accountant ten gigs of RAM for reasons that I can only assume or basically a good bit of dick swinging I mean I’ve reviewed gaming laptops that have got less run than that gamers can bus su any title on the Google Play Store with that six gig model with a smooth frame rate as zero interruptions as well thanks to the oxygen OS game and what I really like how you can also choose to route any incoming calls to the speaker when you’re mid game which is really handy if you expect them their boss on the phone oh yeah yeah I know I’m just finishing off that spreadsheet now I should have it with you in about 10-15 minutes and while the oneplus sixty can quite match the likes to Leon a view 24 battery life it’s really not far off even when I hammer the live in this thing with games and Skype calls and whatnot it easily last a full day until I’m tucked up with Teddy and – Josh still kicks many arrivals in the pants as well you’ll be able to get pretty much a half charge in about half an hour plenty of power for a long commute and beyond I know there’s no wireless charging but hey plug in a cable into the

arse end of your phone once in a while isn’t exactly more strenuous of tasks now what are the only bits the one plus sixteen that didn’t feel fully formed at launch was the camera tech you get Joe lenses a 16 megapixel and 20 megapixels set up both with F 1.7 aperture and Lissoni IMX sensor there’s a good bit of optical image stabilization included unfazed detection autofocus to keep your subject nice and crisp on paper it sounds great but the photo quality simply isn’t as strong as most of the rivals for instance on his view 20 ticks crisper shots while the 1 plus 60 also tends to over saturate images at times but the real shame is that night board which was supposed to be improved in a recent update but it’s still sadly hopeless when trying to shoot any low-light cityscapes have you taken a photo of a uniformly lit scene then it’s great but introduce contrast and suddenly those brighter areas are seriously blown out the night modes on huawei honor and pixel phones are definitely still superior good my fault one +60 camera review of Unruh kombu and you can see my camera comparison with the mid-20 pool and the pixel three right here on Tech’s birth so that’s what we think of the oneplus 60 now in early 2019 definitely still a strong smartphone even if the likes of the honor view 20 have surpassed it in some key areas of course the caveat is that the 1 + 7 is not too far off it’s probably gonna land around sort of April May time 2019 and with that I’ll bring the likes of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset for even better future proof performance you can also expect a 5g ready model and all kinds of improvements over the 60 this is of course the problem with a fast moving markets such as the mobile industry but if you see the oneplus 60 on the cheap and your budget is a bit more limited you won’t be able to afford one plus 7 at launch so we definitely still highly recommended it is a great all-round experience so I sort of think what do you think that’s know in the comments down below don’t forget to plug subscribing thing that notifications bail for more on the latest and greatest tech G’s everyone love you

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