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hello you beautiful people this is Crescent experts and I mean with the second-generation take watch wearables from mahboi mahboi however you pronounce it the last year I reviewed the original tick watch e antique watch s over on Rick kombu and now we’ve got the tick watch e 2 and s 2 fresh for 2019 gonna get them unboxed and do a comparison between the two so you know which one might be best for you don’t forget for more on the list of greatest wearable tech to do and pock that subscribe button and ding that notifications bell now first job is actually getting to the buggers no mean feat consider and I have no fingernails this is gonna take some heavy editing I feel several hours later oh there we go you got it we got it bust the seam right one down one to go oh there we go victory okay so there we have them tick watch s two and the e to spot the difference unsurprisingly looks to see them for both of these variables you do of course get the proprietary charging dock not much use without that and a bit of manual

action looks like it’s basically the same manual for both of the devices and the reason for that is because they are very very similar as we’ll see once we dive into the specs it’s a living difference between the tick watch S 2 and T or T 2 is actually the design early God press to kind of tell them that you’ve got a really nice and gloss as you see here the e 2 has a more sort of simplified streamlined design to as the s2 you’ve got a bit of finer detail and around that sort of a watch bezel area so as we can hopefully make up there the s2 has of course the finer detail and the little dial markings the numbers and everything and a little bit more pattern action going on as well as the e2 as you can see they’re nice smooth bezels very straightforward indeed the tick watch s2 will apparently come in a white model as well that be coming in q1 at 2019 but right now it’s just available in this black hue and sit version for e2 this is only going to be available in black to begin with at least they might release a white version later on both watches made of polycarbonate so they feel nice and light so that’s for sure despite the fact that they are obviously as you can see they’re pretty chunky beasts definitely your typical sort of SmartWatch design now the original tick watch s you can actually remove the band because the GPS was built into it but now you get a standard 22 millimeters silicon strap as you can see there they’ve got a little catch so you can actually just pull the catch and pop the bands come right off and you can fix a new one on stuffily good news for

those of you who want to accessorize it of course the silicon strap that comes whether it’s quite well suited to fitness sessions exercising will just allow your skin to breathe but if you actually want to go out for a night out on the town it’s probably better to get a nice leather band or something on the go instead thankfully you got that nice quick-release catch and everything as well as was nice and simple to take the band off and then stick a new one back on both watches or what resistant up to 5 atmospheres that’s 50 meters that’s an improvement over the the bog-standard I’d be 67 water and dust resistance of the original E and s definitely good news if you’ve got to be dispelling a lot of time in the water a bit sea action something like that let’s just get them powered up we have a bit of a tour of the the software and the features as well of course it’s a good bit of Google wear or s runnin on both of these watches so you will need to download the aware or S app onto your iPhone or Android device if you want to pair the tick watch it e 2 and s 2 up with your smartphone cuz I didn’t expect all free to download from either Apple’s App Store or the

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Google Play Store nice and easy those 2 watches essentially have the same version of where Rho s and the same software features so I’m just gonna set up the s2 for now we’ll just stick the e 2 aside as you can see tap to begin she just got to set up the language so as you can see download and open wear OS we’re ahead of your buddy so just hit start setup on the app agree to the usual T&S hopefully there we go it’s just popped up right there confirmed code to connect yep that’s all matching up beautifully connected exclamation mark good stuff I’m just going to connect to the Wi-Fi not mean than what you’ll be able to just perform its own updates and everything independently of the phone which is always helpful now it’s just busy copying my Google Account stuff over to the watch as well so I’ll just allow you to access your Google Calendar in for stuff like that and there you have it we are all set up so that’s tick watch s2 already for action as you can see you can get somewhat details on the actual device itself via the app and you can also play around with like some watch faces set up the notifications the calendar alerts all that kind of stuff so there’s plenty that you can do via the app itself and other watch is quite in – pendant – it’s

your typical where we’re set up so as you can see here you can scroll down to get to your notifications lots of stuff there so I’ve done and you will get to the watch settings and you could also quickly activate things like do not disturb the plane Lord things like that and if you swipe this away you get first access to the google voice assistant as you can see there and also gives you a little bit more info about your dear that’s really commuting information you might have set up you can search for a nearby coffee it definitely knows me well and it’ll also tell you a little weather update and give you a random quote as well but Blake action he whose face gives no light shall never become a star I think what are busy means is don’t be a miserable maybe swiped this way you’ll access some of your fitness features so as you can see they’re using exactly how many steps you’ve taken so far me calories you’ve burned the distance you have covered and also start an exercise session as well of course in order to make full use of the fitness track and you will need to install a mod Voice app in order to get to all the tick exercise stuff as you can see there so we can get all that on

the go and you can also access all of your other apps simply by tapping the little side button as you can see they’re both the e 2 and the S 2 have a little side button and that’s the only actual physical button on both of these watches so as you can see there you got your standard range of apps you’ve got all the Google shares alarms and timers and all the rest of it you’ve also of course got Google’s fit app on there as well and fit workout for measuring your training sessions and on top of that you’ve also got one boys or an etic exercise stuff as well and you’ve got full access to the Play Store via the watch itself as well because it’s got live built-in Wi-Fi to don’t actually need to rely on your phone and the wear is app in order to get new apps downloaded which is nice when it eventually loads up that’s fairly straightforward interface as you see you can download new watch faces you check out featured apps some essentials for where OS the Washington Post mmm debatable likes of uber and all that kind of stuff you got play any issues you can download and of course plenty of third-party exercise ups like runtastic as well as for the watch face it’s got to say not a massive fan of the default one it’s a wee bit ugly so just give that tap and zoom and get it changed and I took a few taps so that’s it’s like I’m Commons disappearing there we go but as you can see you’ve got a couple of

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different ones that you can choose instead you’ve got a very simple one which is actually preferable it’s definitely worth pointing out though this is all bit of software on these tick Watchers right now hasn’t been fully customized and approved for the tip or chest or e2 because they’ve literally only just launched so any that’ll stutter source numbers and things like that that you see in the Sun box will hopefully be fixed by the time the actual Watchers are released so as you can see they’re you but your standards at where OS watch faces that you can also check out instead and of course you can download plenty of new ones via the way or Wes store I’m just going to go for one of the elements one probably the elements analog let’s check that one out oh well that’s now been added as you can see there just gives you fast access to the likes of your battery in for the deal itself and any upcoming events which is always nice to have there on the main screen as I mentioned before there’s actually very little difference between the tick watch s2 and the e2 in terms of the actual specs and the features on this they’re both about running the same version of where OS absolutely not difference there whatsoever the default watch face is actually different for some bizarre reason apart from that it’s basically the same thing swipe in

the different directions you’ll access the exact same features you’ve got full notifications support of course yadda yadda yadda the actual display itself is identical in both cases as well you get a 1.3 9 inch AMOLED display with a 400 pixel resolution so everything will be nice and crisp your apps will look absolutely gorgeous and the color reproduction seems pretty decent as well and actually run on the show it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100 chipset as well not sure how much memory is in both these smart which is but I imagine again it’s the same amount and then we’ve stuffed inside both so far touch words you know considering it’s a theater version of that software and it’s all they just been set up in everything’s it’s running sort of okie a lot of stammer and stutter here and there but again fingers crossed by the time the watches are actually fully launched and released here in the UK all these little sort of bugs and stammers will be worked out if you just try opening an app on both of them at the same time so get that google fit on the go as you can see they’re basically both run that pretty much the same time they do is actually slightly add their as for the actual sensors again tick watch s 2 and the E 2 are basically identical they’ve both got built-in heart rate monitor here on the back so you can use that any point to measure your pulse but you got to do is dive into the tick pulse app and

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boom they’ve also obviously got the built-in gyrometer and all the rest so it can measure your steps and your general actions and a nice bit of built-in GPS there as well and as for the battery it’s a 415 milliamp so now which is 30% bigger than last year’s tick watch s and E so hopefully that means you will get over a single day of use between charges we basically had to charge up the original tick or TMS every single night so fingers crossed be able to get hopefully a couple of days of use out of these bad boys instead but of course dear tube my full in-depth take watch s to review I probably won’t bother reviewed both of them because they are essentially the same hardware and software just slight difference in terms of the design so there you have it as you can see it took what you – and s – not just difference between them but definitely improved on the originals you’ve got better water resistance now you’ve got the updated Snapdragon wear 2100 chipset compared with the old media tech effort and you’ve got a bigger battery now as well so stay tuned for my in-depth tick watch s to review that’ll be coming but definitely let us know in the comments down below if you are tempted and hopefully Yukiya pricing will be coming soon as well and don’t forget to poke subscribe with dig notifications for more on the list with its powerful tank cheers everyone love you

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