Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs LG V40 Triple Camera Comparison

now that julen smartphone cameras are basically the nor manufacturers are trying to outdo each other by slapping even more lenses on the back of their handsets you might think it’s just a massive dick swinging contest fair enough but actually more lenses can make things easier for the photographer by offering ultra wide-angle or telephoto views of the world or in YouTube’s speak I don’t forget that the two lens three is more than two so it’s been a Oh truth bomb new review now both Huawei and LG have already pushed out handsets with a triple n setup and today we’re taking a look at the Huawei it mid-20 pro and the LG v 40 to see how they stack up in terms of photo and video quality and if those flexible lens setups actually make a difference and don’t forget from all its great small Bartek to hit subscribe and thing that notifications bail Cheers so first up a quick look at those specs the mate 20 pro serves up a mighty 40 megapixel lens backed by a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens this gives you a 120 degree views you can chrome a majestic Vista into a single shot and that third lens is an ear megapixel telephoto effort offered up to a three times optical zoom or a five times hybrid zoom that’s basically a combo of optical and digital as for the LG v 40 the premier lens is just 12 megapixel but it’s still pretty sharp so the when you capturing photos to look great on it tele the second lens is again wide-angle this time with a 107 degree view of the walls and the third is a 12 megapixel telephoto lens offering a 2 times optical zoom now first up though the mid 2000s primary sensor offers a much bigger megapixel count the phone by default shoots are just 10 megapixels you

have to actually manually bump this up in the settings if you want that maximum MP level you really don’t need to however as the mid-20 pro and the LG v 40 both should crisp detailed photos on those default settings even when your beam yure picks up to a big screen the results are top-notch now most of our test samples you would really struggle to tell the difference between the mid-20 pro and the LG v 40 the focus is sharp and on point by the snap in a wide Vista or an up-close subject macro style Wow his phone does tend to accentuate colors at least with that AI mode active to make colors bold and punchy while the v40 produces more natural tones across the board but even then while we has thankfully really learned to calm down quite a lot when it comes to those vivid hues so the results are still attractive tricky lighten is a handled by both of these triple-n’s cameras to the LGV 40 again tends to capture a more natural thought or similar to what you’ll see with the naked eye while the mid-20 probe brightens up any high contrast shots this means a bit more detail in those darker sections above the lighter elements such as the sky in these test photos are slightly overblown as a result no biggie though the saturation levels certainly don’t ruin the shot now the secondary lens on both of these smartphones allows you to grab a wide angle shot which is particularly hard

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even trying to capture something absolutely bloody massive like this castle for instance photo quality is the same as before and even though the mid-20 pro’s lens boasts a wider viewing angle on paper I got identical results with both fawns the same amount of scenery was captured from the exact same spots however when it comes to that third lens there is a clear difference in performance the mid-20 pro can get closer there any subjects with its three times optical zoom while a 40 megapixel primary lens means surprisingly crisp results with the five times hybrid zoom – in contrast the LGV 40 tops out at two times optical zoom and if you’re pinching closer your shots were born come out to pretty we are talking lots of green and a serious lack of detail now one area where smartphone cameras have really improved in recent times is low-light photography whoa is mid 20 Pro has a dedicated night board which can capture brighter crisper looking photos than the standard auto mode thanks to its long exposure ability the results are absolutely bloody lovely and then a uniformly let’s scene you’ll instantly notice the sharper detail when comparing photos with the LGV 40 that said the v40 super bright camera feature does a marvelous job at night helped

along significantly by the primary lenses F 1.5 aperture in fact when you’re shooting a low-light scene with some really bright elements like these shop signs here LG’s phone does a better job with exposure compared with huawei’s which tends to overexpose those brighter bits on occasion of course you get selection of other bonus modes with both of these blows as well which would take forever and a day to go through but one of the most popular efforts these days is the portrait shot as both mid-20 pro and the v40 support multiple lenses you can get an accurate depth perception with either handset so your subject will stay nice and sharp well the background is blurred effectively we still personally prefer the bucket effect from Huawei’s phone but either definitely does the job and you also get full proto controls on both Mobile’s too in the Keen photographers who know their way around ice levels and shutter speeds and all that gum that said the LG v4 is Pro Mode boasts the excellent gruffy feature which offers a selection of presets and can dish out advice to get a better shot definitely an ideal way for anyone who wants to experiment and really learn about the different settings well it comes time to shoot some home movies both of these blowers can shoot Full HD footage out of either 30 or 60 frames per second and also jump up to 4k levels at 30 fps and it gives the LGV 40 you

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can even shoot Ultra HD at 60 frames per second if you don’t mind killing your phone storage the mid-20 pro only seems to offer the telephoto lens at 30 FPS levels or the ultra wide angle is available on all settings in comparison the LG v 40 busy ditches both of the additional lenses once you jump up past 30 FPS still the video results are great on both handsets which again can handle tricky lighting and other obstacles with ease I’ll test movies look sharp and attractive when viewed back on a telly especially at that 4k level an image stabilization is very good even at that top level 2 Ultra HD clip shot with the mid-20 Pro still do occasionally show some Taran and jank enos at the very far left and right edges when you’re moving around that’s a real shame and it’s an issue that you don’t get with the v40 when it comes to low light and both blows do an equally solid job you’ll get green locking footage of course but the focus clubs well and colors are surprisingly rich sorry there is the foot on video quality you can expect from the triple lens setups on the LG v 40 and the huawei mate 20 pro as you can see three lenses are actually pretty handy especially when you want to shoot a lot more than just your meet Dave puking on his trainers after a Friday night kebab if you do a lot of traveling when I get some really nice touristy shots things like that then definitely either will do the job don’t forget to poke subscribe and think that notifications bail for more on the latest and greatest acts cheers everyone love you

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