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if you demand the absolute best of the best when it comes to turbo powered smartphone tech then you really need a handset with Qualcomm’s mighty snapdragon 855 chipset stuffed inside I’ve already shown off the game and prowess of this platform from Qualcomm’s massive launch event so go check that out for all you need to know I won’t bang on again about the ridiculous performance and energy saving abilities right here instead let’s have a gander at some of the greatest new smartphones coming later in 2019 which will boss the snapdragon 855 platform drill bags at the ready it’s gonna get moist and one the latest greatest mobile tech don’t forget to poke subscribe anything that notifications about Jezz sony xperia one Sony’s first flagship phone of 2019 has already got us feeling old peculiar this is the first handset to post a stunning 4k OLED screen with Sony’s new 21 by 9 cinema wide finish package support from the likes of Netflix you can expect bolster and visuals sharp contrasts lush colors and incredible detail and yes this mining mobile is of course powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 5 platform early benchmark results suggest impressive next-gen performance and also hoping that the experienced 3300 milliamp cell gives us an impressive battery life as well helped along by the general energy efficiency of that Snapdragon 805 and we’re also excited to

properly test out the Xperia one’s new triple lens camera with early hands on this seems to capture the same great-looking photos and 4k video but now with the added flexibility of ultra wide and telephoto lenses that you can freely switch between and you can capture proper cinematic star movies thanks to the funky filter and 21 by 9 aspect ratio samsung galaxy s 10 series the new Samsung flagship also changes up a design in camera tech over last year’s model the galaxy has 10 serves up a beautiful infinity or display with punch or knotch and you can once again expect lifelike visuals thanks to some ease dynamic AMOLED tech even if they can’t quite match the Ultra HD resolution of Sony’s blower Samsung also decided to go with a triple and set up so the Galaxy S tens great camera offers ultra wide and telephoto views as well it could also shoot 4k resolution video with that same dynamic HDR finishes that you’ll enjoy on the display with the brightness levels changing smally to suit the picture the s10 II is the more basic at least three new blowers so some of those features have been stripped out including the awesome ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and that telephoto camera lens meanwhile the Plus bottle a second front face and lens to capture true portrait selfies and also comes in a sleek ceramic version with more storage and RAM check out my full side-by-side

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comparisons to see how the s10 family really stacks up and unfortunately there is born massive bloody problem here and that’s the fact that the same time in 855 is only stuffed inside the galaxy s 10 phones sold in the US and bits of Asia the rest of us unfortunately get some songs on Xmas chipset buns in there instead we wouldn’t exactly call it a massive shock to see that Samsung’s Exodus chipset isn’t benchmarking as highly as the stuff dragging a 5/5 and apparently the battery life isn’t quite as strong either at least this is according to the early benchmark and stuff that is trickling online so here in Blighty you may want to import your Galaxy S 10 if you’re sold just to avoid being burned LG v 50 think you and LG G it at MWC 2019 LG launched not just one but two new smartphones Boston that Snapdragon 855 platform the g8 and the V 50 of both brought the big blowers unsurprisingly the g8 spots a 6.1 inch AMOLED screen while the V 50 boosts that to a six point four inch P or LED panel visuals are great normally your choice though you get punchy colors with full customization over that output while the quad HD plus resolution and HDR 10 and Dolby vision support means the lifelike images audio isn’t neglected either with digital tracks of them amazing thanks to LG’s magnificent hi-fi DAC while movies are boosted with DTS X surround sound performances top-notch of course without fresh news Snapdragon chipset smashing through any task you throw its way and with every 50 you even get core Cobbs X 50 more

time on board so this smartphone is fully 5g compliant the triple-n’s camera tank means you’re basically sorted for your snaps offering choices standard ultra wide i’m telephoto views of your subject just like the previous ones mentioned here and the manual mode is also highly intuitive and great fun to use where you get a host of other boards camera bits to play around with too and if you opt for the LG G it you also get the slightly weird air gesture controls plus the ability to unlock the phone just by waving at the thing definitely very quirky but apparently in this vein recognition method is even more secure than a fingerprint unlock Xiaomi me9 a Japanese fresh new 2019 flagship phone is also a bit of a beast rock and premium specs through-and-through that shiny 7000 series aluminium frame houses a whopping six point four inch display a super amoled Full HD plus panel with support for each to your tent there back that do drop notches on the dinky so it all the introduce a wee bit when you’re kicking back with some video from your favorite YouTube channel wink wink me why is a bit all over the place but it has its charms and suddenly has plenty of bonus features to Android and you won’t see any glitches or stutters when your flight for them menus either thanks to that ultra nippies Snapdragon 805 5 by now you probably won’t be terribly shocked to hear that the Xiaomi me 9 has a tri lens camera housed around back with an ultra wide-angle and telephoto

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option on board you’ll serve a 20 megapixel selfie snapper which K capture highly detailed shots of your beautiful facial region better mask those wrinkles then Jeremy is also launched a funky Explorer model of the may 9 which boasts a transparent back similar to last year’s me a pro for all these nothing to the imagination that one plus seven so one plus has not officially launched as new one plus seven flagship phone but at MWC 2019 it was showing off a 5g prototype device which was run in the snapdragon 855 there’s no great leap to imagine that the oneplus everyone eventually does officially launch around probably April May 2019 we’ll Rock the same architecture let’s prototype also boasted full 5g connectivity use in core comes x50 modem although we’re not sure if the standard one plus seven will offer the same functionality this may well be saved for a special edition bottle instead and finally also a shout-out to ZTE axon temporal 5g it launched at MWC 2019 I didn’t get a chance to go hands-on with it unfortunately but once again you can expect premium specs ads hey guess what a tri lens camera and you’d expect that phone to emerge in the first half of 2019 just like most of these other smartphones which I’ve just mentioned sorry there is my roundup of the Snapdragon 805 chipset smartphones coming in 2019 15 exciting bunch let us know what you think down in the comments below don’t forget a poke subscribe and do not notifications about to be the first to see the latest grits mobile tech in action cheers everyone love you

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