Review Optishokz Revvez Bone Conduction Glasses

hello you go just looking people this is Chris from text Birds I’m here with a pair of pretty sweet-looking sunglasses with built in bone conduction technology to allow you to listen to music on the go without clogging up your ears these are the opti shocks Revis Reeves revs I’ll just flash it up on the screen right here and you can sort pronounce it however you like I’ve dusted out sunglasses with built-in earphones before but these don’t have the earphones the falls are actually vibrates and pads called transducers they sit snugly behind your ear and deliver that audio to the cochlea directly through the mastoid Bourne utter filth and that just helps to keep your ear canal open which is of course essential if you’re busy cycling at the time if you’re looking after a beer be something that requires you to be able to hear as well as enjoy your music or your audiobook or whatever you’re listening to now aftershocks is a brand founded by aftershocks who are experts when it comes to bone conduction and not to be confused with a purveyor of sickly-sweet chunder where these shots which are still popular amongst a Weatherspoon’s clientele the IndieGoGo campaign for the optishot Trevor’s has already kicked off the deer that I shot this unboxing

I’m gonna show you exactly what you do get in the box and then we look up to a couple of days later and I’ll give you my full verdict so it looks pretty simple and straightforward of course you get the actual or avez themselves and a handy little carry case I see a little it’s actually quite chunky carry case there you go that should offer plenty of protection for these bad boys you do also get a replacement knausgård and if you don’t to be carrying them around in this big bulky case then you do get a handy little slip case type thing instead that really is a beefy case right there I mean that is gonna offer solid protection if you’re really really worried about these opti shocks getting any kind of damage on the move I just think could probably survive a nuclear blast to be perfectly honest now here we’re Blighty the opti shocks rovers cost 170 pounds or 190 pounds if you want to go for the polarized lens version but if you’re on an early bucket of the IndieGoGo campaign you can pick them up for just 99 quid or 109 for that polarized lens version instead the frame is constructed from tr90 nylon it’s strong and flexible and impact resistant apparently the actual glasses themselves also feel rather lightweight too at forty eight point five grams so this should be

nice and snug sit nice and comfortably on your face without wearing you down as you can see there the arms are fully adjustable as well so you can get the transducers to sit just snuggly behind your ear and deliver that sound directly to your cochlea and it looks like a nice comfortable nose pad as well and apparently this just pops right off as you can see there and then you can replace for the spare one if desired the lenses are also interchangeable they pop off rather easily is he there you get a choice of five different colors these are the Revo blue you can also pick it up in polarized gray gradient gray a bright yellow option and also a transparent model they offer full UV 400 protection from the Sun and they’re also a shatterproof and scratch resistant apparently so hopefully should do the job nicely even few outdoor activity enthusiasts so without further ado let’s slip these bad boys on and see how they feel so certainly nice and light wear these certainly feel like they should be comfortable even when worn saw over the period of an entire afternoon as you can see the ends of the arms there they just flex right down and those transducers just sit neatly on the back of your ear feels pretty comfy feels like it’s solidly on my face there well so those big lenses as well completely fill my vision so should afford good protection from the sunlight what do you think look super sexy right yeah now the shocks reveille is awfully Bluetooth fiber not compliant you

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should get around 6 hours of continuous audio playback thanks to the 180 milliamp battery stuffed inside as well and apparently a recharge only takes a couple of hours maximum but it does come time to recharge that’s nice and easy there’s a little port tucked away here on the underside of the opti shocks its microUSB to just plug it in for a couple of hours or so and that should be you all ready to go for another six hours and you do actually get some basic media controls here along sides the port as well you’ve got a play/pause button and you’ve also got volume up and down controls as well to ship they’re all slapped weight on this side we can get like the the plus volume control on that side the minus volume on the other arm just helps separate them out a little bit but it was better to have them than nothing at all alright so fast-forward a full 24 hours and I’ve been rocking the optishot forevers pretty much non-stop like all the time apart from when I’ve been in bed basically so first of all I’m probably fitting quite nicely at a tech YouTube convention now second of all I’ve definitely decided they are too big for my face they do not suit my sort of weird egg-shaped head that’s all not the fault of the optics of course fault of my genetics a third of all of all so I realized that bone conduction technology has definitely come

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along a way it since I’ve last reviewed a pair of bone conduction headphones for adults or two two and a half years ago actually pairing them with an iPhone or an Android device is nice and easy bits just hold down the power button for around five seconds it should pop up straight there in your bluetooth pairing menu on your handset just a quick tap of that and they connect up nice and easy actually we’re on the shades no problem at all as well when you slip them on it’s fairly easy to get the transducers in just the right place sat there in this sort of nice ear gristle bit you’ll immediately hear the sound coming through quite clearly and clearly and in fact there’s not much seepage either source um once at any cost you generally can’t hear what’s going on unless you turn them really really high unfortunately bone conduction technology is still not well-suited to rock and metal music you definitely lose a lot the UM falada the body the hardcore thrash enos of those guitars the heaviness of the bass all of that is defi loss or the overall effect is diminished quite a bit I’ve definitely found that the optishot are a lot better suited to anything a lot softer such as classical music so and of course if you wanna be the sort of podcasts

audiobooks things like that those vocals come to nice and clean and crisp no worries at all there i’ve been quite impressed by the optishot performance in a really noisy busy environment as well they do a really good job of getting the audio across to you while also obviously keeping your ears or perd to sounds of traffic people shouted things like that so you will be aware of what’s going on around you but it shouldn’t impact your listening one little weird thing as I have notice if you do boost up the volume of these bad boys they do tend to tickle your ears a little pit with the vibrations but it gets quite intense can they get used to it after a little while that’s for the battery life er got around five hours of use on a full charge just over five hours which is pretty standard for something like earbuds things like that if you want a longer life than I you’ll definitely to go for a proper pair of over the head headphones sorry there is my review of the optishot forevers which as I say are available too back right now on IndieGoGo are you tempted by this whole bone conduction malarkey it defiantly here thoughts down in the comments below don’t forget upon subscribing doing that notifications about for more on the latest in grit a sec and have yourselves a lovely people Charles

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