Acer Predator Triton 500 Gaming Benchmark & Tour

hello you find mother hubbard’s this is Chris from tech spurt and I’m here with es is fresh new predator Triton 500 series gear man laptop starts at 1,800 pounds here in the UK you can get it from the usual places like Curry’s PC worlds stuff like that and it’s surprisingly slim and like just 2.1 kilograms and roughly 18 millimeters thick so what I’m gonna do yank it out the box get it all set up run it through some benchmark and show off the specs the hardware the software everything you could possibly need to know so first up straight away very impressed by the size of the power adapter it’s still quite brick-like but compared with the standard game and laptop adapters that you get this thing into ballad or you probably still beat someone to death with it but at least it won’t completely wear you down if you are taking it out and about here is the mini box within the big box which actually contains the laptop give us a nice little envelope but with all of your random pamphlets literature such forth stuff and then the actual laptop itself in a lovely protective cover and split the ace of predator brands in there of course there is the actual laptop itself so as you can see there the ace of predator Triton 500 is indeed pretty slim and yeah I’ve reasonably like this one 2.1 kilograms certainly for a top-end gaming laptop not too shabby at all I played with a couple of Republic who gave me ones from

azuz that are sort of pretty much the same sort of design build but yeah definitely good stuff so far so it is a black metal design the actual metal chassis itself feels pretty solid here if the actual frame the lid does have quite a lot of flex especially towards the centre there to hopefully make out LED does bends quite a bit but hopefully the display will withstand that bit of punishment okay I’m definitely liking the look of the predator Triton 500 so far it’s actually pretty subtle design work for a gaming laptop you’ve got some nice little detail and such as for instance the edges here just sort of declines just slightly they’re nice or angular finish to it and of course up front you’ve got the the predator logo right there built into the lid apparently that’s a nice bit of LED edges that’ll be flashing in people’s faces when you’re doing a bit of gaming in Starbucks or whatever but yeah overall for a gaming laptop looks rather smart I’ve got the power button up in this corner here so just give it a quick tap see if we’ve got any juice in the tank we do indeed very dramatic startup they’re loving it they’re gonna say rather drab looking wallpaper I was expecting something a bit a bit more funky than just a few lines but never mind can obviously change that easily enough just have a quick explore of the edges as well see what the ports are like so as you can see here we’ve got two full-size USB 3.0 ports here

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on this right edge we’ve got another one over here on the left hand side as well got a nice bit of gigabit ethernet action of course you’ve got your itch jamai as well for plugging in a an external monitor and then over on here you’ve got a DisplayPort and you’ve got a type C it’s actually a Thunderbolt port by the looks of it so you can actually connect up to three external displays to this bad boy if you want so that would be good for your game and setup if you want a proper immersive experience thankfully you do seem to get a pretty good screen actually built into the Triton 500 as well it’s a 15.6 inch IPS display Full HD resolution and as you can see there a bit of 144 Hertz refresh rate as well as you kind of expect from her a decent gaming laptop these days don’t cut the Rama to display tests show that the predator triton 500 has a perfectly respectable panel if you are going to be given on the go it covers 96% of the srgb gama so close enough to the full gamut and 75% of Adobe as well on top brightness it’s around 320 nits so not one of the brightest around but it’s fine as long as I’m got any bright lights shining directly off of it at least it does have a matte surface and as well to temper those reflections and it operates around the sort of seven thousand three hundred to seven thousand six hundred Kelvin range skin bursts steam download and so we can get some games installed and of course the keyboard as well it’s a tri-zone keyboard if we tap this dedicated Predator button that should call up here we go the predator sense software

and I’ll just allow you to configure the keyboard as well as all of the other sort of gaming features so as you can see you can choose between static and dynamic effects you can have it twinkling or just kind of flash and basically a meteor effect very nice you can also do a nice rainbow wave as you can see full range of colors supported so yeah all kinds of different effects you can play around with if and that you I want to get their fireworks style display on the go otherwise you can select individual colors for the three different zones so for instance that’s from a bit of red bit dark blue and a bit of purple there you go just to show off the different sectors in action initial impression is definitely strong you’ve got nice little bit of travel to each of the keys they’re well spaced it’s a good size of keyboard definitely very little in the way of flex in the middle but does have kind of a soft bouncy feel to it and all some people prefer a rigid keyboard for gaming but I’ve never really been much of a fan and you do get a full highlighting of the Oise keys and a couple other bits like the arrow keys as well which is quite nifty and then up here in this corner here you get a turbo key as well which is basically the ears of predator Triton 500s nitro boost give that a little push and it will automatically overclock the processor perfect for those intensive gaming sessions as you can see it does light up when it is active as well so at least you know then it’s on the go so you get an Intel Core i7 87 58 chipset packed into all the different SKUs of the ISA predator Triton 500 that’s backed by the 16 or 32 gigs of ram depending on which model you go for so that should provide really slick performance for all of your recent games even on those top detail levels of course you do

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get a dedicated GPU it’s a geforce r-tx 2060 or 2080 depending on which model you go for so again solid performance for the latest titles full rear trace and support for realistic lighting effects everything you need because you’ll only do the overclocking if you’re actually plugged in so and immediately the the every blade 3d cooling system has kicked into life so as you can see it’s set to extreme overclocking at the moment but you can toggle that down if you want to now triple fans are definitely very noisy with the overclocking but of course a necessary evil in order to keep the predator cool you should do have plenty of vents here I can already feel actually a good bit heat start to come off that thing and I’m not even actually doing any came in at the moment but because that’s then the build of course you don’t a throttle this thing you want to make sure that all that hot air is dispelling as quickly as possible there’s just not that back off again there we go so what about the benchmarking while we kicked off with a nice light bit of PC Mach 10 with the predator Titan 500 and it’s got a very respectable score of five thousand six hundred and ninety six better than 84% of all recorded results some respectable scores in a bit of 3d market as well I’ve got the r-tx 2080 model of the Triton 500 and it’s got over 16,000 for fire striking 1.1 over 35,000 for sky diver 1.0 over 31,000 for cloud gate 1.1 and over 130 mm for I still 1.2 suite and then I’ll rise of the to

murder benchmark and test the Triton 500 conjured up some pretty solid scores geothermal valley was an average FPS of 92 frames per second maxed out 127 didn’t drop any lower than 37 and the overall score was 108 as for the storage you get a choice of a single or dual 512 gigabyte SSDs and good news for gamers because they are fast as and that in a nutshell is aces new predator Triton 500 as you can see quite slim and light gaming laptop a certainly doesn’t skimp out on the performance either saw you tempted definitely let us know in the comments down below and stay tuned for my in-depth review hopefully should be coming in a week or so after lots and lots of extensive testing damn I’ve got a tough job I’ve more analytics greatest active kappahd subscribe and thing that notifications about chairs

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