Huawei P30 vs P20 Pro Side-by-side comparison

hello you Russian people this is Chris from expert and I’m here with WoW is fresh new P 30 smartphone here on the right just launched here in the UK I want to do a side-by-side comparison with last year’s while we’re P 20 Paul released bang-on a year ago just to see if P 20 pull on it should consider it an upgrade to the P 30 and also the P 20 pause come down in price now with the launch of the P 30 handsets or they’re actually pretty much evenly matched on those UK contracts so shouldn’t you go flushes Pro or stick with this year’s fresh new Huawei P 30 here’s the full side-by-side comparison and don’t forget a pock subscriber Diggler notifications both for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech Cheers so first up they’re both 6.1 inch handsets but as you can see here the P 30 is definitely the more compact of the two devices that’s thanks to the nice slender bezels they were pretty slim here on the p20 pro but they’ve slimmed down even more for the P 30 and now of course you’ve lost this big chunky bottom bezel which was present on the P 20 pull because you no longer have that physical fingerprint sensor stuck away beneath the display instead it is actually built into the screen here on the P 30 very snazzy stuff as you can see here it’s a dinky and notch up top on the P 30 as well a little dewdrop style effort or the nipple notch as I like to call it rose it’s a slightly chunkier sort of hit the moustache effort here on the old P 20 Pro no worries if you’re not a fan though because you can just dive into the display settings and both of these smartphones hide the notch from view entirely now both of these smartphones Rock a very desirable design while we’re first introduces to this gradient style finisher musters P xx Braun as you can see there the colors just kind of more from purple down to blue as you traveled down from the tops of the bomber handset unless you must be 30 you’ve got a range of colors as well this is the Aurora model which as you can see there a gorgeous sort of like morphing pattern as again you twist and turn it lovely

stuff the good news is that both these phones are nice and rugged as well as you can see last year’s P 20 Pro hasn’t got a scratch on it despite the fact I’ve been using it quite a bit in the past 12 months taken out for camera comparisons and such forth and p30 seems to be just as Hardy as well although in terms of water and dust resistance you’ve got ip67 written here on the p20 pro so it can’t be submerged absolutely fine here on the one with p 30 it is merely IP 53 splash resistance you have to be a bit more careful if you’re going to be taking it into the bath or anything like that besides that there’s not a massive difference in terms actual design as you can see can I spit highlighter on the power button and volume rocker just above you don’t actually get an IR blaster here on the p20 Pro which was skipped out on on the p30 symmetry over on the other edge and then down below there is one big difference as well the fact that you actually do get a return for that 3.5 ml headphone jack here on the standard p 30 which was of course missing from last year’s p 20 pro as mentioned before the P 30 does of course shifts that fingerprint sensor to actually inside the display in terms of responsiveness and everything the physical sensor is naturally still best and it’s obviously easier to find because you can actually see it whereas it’s head’s build into the display on the p30 but in terms of general accuracy they’re both fine it is just an optical sensor here on the p30 so just like the p20 pros it will be foiled by any mucky or wet prints but as long as your hands are dry and clean and they’re generally both fine I’m good news

as well because you get full facial recognition with both these handsets as well courtesy of whoa is a motion UI and as you can see there it is incredibly quick so I just tap that power button or you can also raise to wick and it should again recognize your mug and you’re straight into your desktops now both of what we’s handsets a rock a 6.1 inch or LED panel that you kind of cause dive into the display settings and play around with the color output and everything it’s set to vivid mode by default because skilar back to normal if you prefer a more natural output on that vivid more it does appear that last year’s P 20 port does actually produce more vibrant vivid in your fierce colors as you can see quite clearly there if you stick the SIM for side by side the P to a pod that likes the oranges and the Pink’s are really really punchy really jumping off that display whereas things have definitely seemed to have been toned down for the p30 purse they’d prefer the p30 Zout put its are quite sickly sweet as a p20 pause can be but the good news is of course as I say if you dive into the sentence go to that display section you can then bump it down to normal and then if we go and jump into that for tour once again as you can see certainly a more vibrant output still on the p20 pro but it’s a lot more subdued than it was on that vivid one is probably more or less a match for there P 30 if we bump up to the vivid words there you go the output is now a lot closer in terms of that vibrancy it’s full HD plus resolution panel and both of these handsets and the p30 under P 20 probable support HDR output as well so if you do want to jump into a bit of Netflix you can get some nice strong contrast a nice

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deep blacks as you can see you get nice natural-looking tones on both of these smartphones nice crisp visuals as well so no matter your choice at the absolutely great for your bit Netflix action if you just kick it back with some youtube something like that that’s for the speaker and put you actually get a stereo speakers set up here on the order P 20 pours that’s been reduced to a mono output on the bottom speaker here on the new P 30 let’s just quickly test it is of course that quad lens camera tech complete with this 10 times loss the big headline grabber on WoW is new P 30 Pro flagship Ford is of course that coordinate lens camera tech complete with this 10 times lost as soon as you can see there the P 30 is pretty much a match for the p20 brought in terms of the actual the volume of the sound on up maximum setting and the actual quality as well despite lack in that stereo setup and of course it does have the bonus of that 3.5 million Jack which is lovely stuff let’s quickly touch on the software on both these smartphones as well and for show that’s just P 20 Pro is still languishing a little bit as you see here is still stuck on android version 8.1 and emotion UI version 8.1 as well it hasn’t quite caught up with the fresh new wear handsets which are on Android Pi and mu e version 9.1 this is one of our bugbears worthwhile whiz handsets it’s usually pretty good with updates up until there’s a new version of Android and amou e and then they

just kind of sit there on the old version for quite some time not really sure why this level of support hasn’t been afforded to it because it is only one year old thankfully motion UI 9 hasn’t exactly added any absolutely killer essential new features you’ve got the same great stuff here on the p20 pro including that excellent facial recognition diamond ins are smart assistants thankfully you’ve got the 100 UI modes you can just do a quick swipe you swipe and that really helps out with your one-handed use you’ve obviously got the like so the good old knuckle mode in order to get into your split screen but two apps at once action from watching UI 9 there’s a few front fears and features that that you get here in a motion UI 9 compare with the old handset suffer as digital balance which is actually pretty good if you’re a parent and you want to give this phone to your kid make sure they’re not basically abusing it and watching YouTube at 3m or any of that stuff it’s pretty good but Matt it is mostly esthetical stuff software so you go to some of the display says you you’ve got all of your settings here on one page and it looks a bit sort of crammed here on the old p20 pros and the p30 all of the less used settings are tidied away into a separate menu just looks a lot neater and some of the apps are now easier to use with one hand as well because a lot of the settings have been moved down here to the bottoms of recision quickly and easily get into your separate albums etc here on the

p30 and the gallery app whereas here on the piece when he was all stuck where the top which is just silly of course some of those emotion UI updates to happen behind the scenes as well just to smooth over the overall run and make things a bit more efficient and of course that brings us nicely onto at the matter of performance as well you get the fresh new why we carry a 980 chipset here and the p30 not actually that fresh it was first introduced on the mid 20 handsets at the end of 2018 but still does the job nicely I was here on the older P 20 Pro it is the very old now Kirin 970 chipset well over a year old so you will see the odd stutter and stammer here they’re both generally fine for loading up apps they’re generally sort of happen at about the same sort of time you’re not gonna be hanging around or anything but you will notice the the p30 oh my god why is that so loud even though the b30 is definitely the nippy er of the two and that’ll be a combination of the hardware and the software if you’re a bit of a benchmark enthusiast as no surprise of course that the p30 absolutely trances the older p20 pro on those benchmark and scores nice people single core multi-core considerably better now said if you want a player but a pub G mobile or one of those other latest in grits popular games then that is perfectly possible obviously on the old P 20 pro as well as the new P 30 because Y is G PU Turbo feature is in play on both of these handsets so it’s all the more popular games like / G mobile or supported with that and it just helps to keep a consistently tight framerate when you’re getting involved in some of these more intensive games you kind of bump up to HDR levels keep it at

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that high frame rate and you do get some good performance on both so you can see charging across the landscape nice smooth frame rate and good crisp detail levels as well so you certainly see any sneaky little gits who are creeping up on you to shoot you in the ass all the time you ever send to see a stutter is if you’re in a vehicle bombing it really fast across the the level and apart from that all absolutely fine now the p30 may be superior for the performance but the p20 Pro still beats it on the battery tech it’s got a larger four thousand milliamp cell compared with the 3650 found here on the p30 but they do both support the same level of Wow is supercharged at 22.5 watts it’s sort of relatively nippy for power and back up and go as you dive on into the battery section of the settings you’ve got the usual policy of mores ultra power modes all of that shenanigans as well and neither these smartphones suddenly support wireless charge and you’ll have to jump up to the p30 pro model for that one it’s not a storage tape you get 128 gigs of standard on both these smartphones we should do most people absolutely fine if you are shooting a lot of 4k video or carrying around huge amounts of Netflix files or something then you can at least boost the p30 with while is on proprietary memory cards if you like and so on to the best feature of any recent my way flagship phone and that is the camera tech now you get a trial and setup on both the p20 pro and the p30 but it is a

very different selection of hardware so the primary lens is a 40 megapixel in both cases but here on the p30 is actually the new super spectrum tech basically increased light sensitivity so slightly better in those low-light situations and both of those are an F 1.8 aperture and there’s no optical image stabilization involved moving on to the secondary lens it’s just a 20 megapixel monochrome lens here on the p20 pro that’s F 1.

6 here on the P 30 that’s been updated to a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens that just gives you a very different viewpoint and that is f 2.2 and then moving on to the final ends the third lens it’s a teleportal shooter on both of these handsets is an 8 megapixel effort it’s got built-in optical image stabilisation and that just afford you a three times optical zoom as we’ll see in a sec now boot up like camera up and there are a few little subtle changes here on the p30 complete with the P 24 you do get most of the same words though as you’ll see if you sort of flick about going to the more section so many bonus stuff as you can see a couple of bonus bits here on the p30 but they basically worked the sim them indifference for me is the fact you’ve actually got direct access to the mastery I’m Oz here on the p30 now just a quick tap of this little icon up top rows on the old p2000 you’ve got to dive into the sense to toggle it on or off which is kind of annoying especially as sometimes it produces really nice results it’s really good at switching up to the portrait mode the low light mode but it does quite

occasionally produce rather vivid and a match for looking for doors they look good to me because I really like that vibrancy boost but some people prefer more natural output and of course you can just quickly knock it off if you’re shooting a nice lush green scene something like that because you’ve got full Pro controls as well so you can fill around with all of the manual settings as much as you like to get a very precise kind of outputs and then of course there’s that telephoto lens which as you can see offers a three times optical zoom where you can also jump all the way up to five times hybrid zoom with another tap like so and see exactly how dusty my table really is over here on the new p30 you also get that wide-angle view as well which is really good at capturing those dramatic shots of touristy hotspots and public spaces so definitely highly recommend that if you want a more funky artistic finish thankfully when it comes to your low-light shots they both support while is excellent long exposure 19 board works exactly the same way in both cases and produces basically the same sort of output to get a nice bright well balanced shot and if we switch it up to the video mode that hasn’t really changed that much either basically you’ve still got a folky resolution shooting at 30 frames per second or 60fps if you want to bump down to that full HD level the image stabilization has thankfully improved here on the p30 compare with the order P 20 Pro it’s quite injustice Peschel that 4k level not particularly pretty at all whereas on the P 30 it’s a lot smoother at Ultra HD if we swap around to the front facing

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cameras as well you get a 24 megapixel shooter here on the P 20 Pro and that’s been updated to a 32 megapixel here on the new P 30 they’re both F 2.0 aperture and they both support the portrait mode as well despite the lack of a debt sense and it works really really well the edge detection is grid get a nice crisp shot of yourself and item Baca style blurry background effects I’m alright there for all who are curious is how the new P 30 stacks up against last year’s P 20 pro now personally I’d be more swayed by the P 30 if I was going to grab handset now in 2019 purely because of that boosted performance that means it’s going to be smoother and more satisfying for the long horse but you’re going to have it for a good two three years and of course the software as well the fact that you’re still languishing on last year software here on the p20 Pro is a real shame when it brought still a fantastic concert if you all rocking the p20 Pro at the moment I just stick with it for now because it’s still still a decent performer you’ve got that great battery life and everything the screen is great very satisfying Dean include in that camera tack so if you’re rocking the p20 product that gives a shout down below tell us what you think of this bad boy still warm ear on every turns by the p30 definitely let us know why or a few on to suede then definitely give us a shout as well and don’t forget a pod subscribe and thing that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech jezzer oh and love you

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