1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds Affordable Airpods?

hello you gorgeous people this is Christmas expert I’m here with Warner walls deep breath stylish true Wireless in is headphones I bit of a mouthful but yeah it’s another pair of wireless earbuds reviewed quite a few of these recently this certainly seems to be getting more and more popular but what Moore’s efforts are actually quite a bit more affordable than a lot of the competition on the 80 pounds here in the UK compared to like a hundred pounds which were the beats efforts or 130 which was the Samsung Galaxy buds question is are they as good as the beats or the Galaxy birds well let’s get them unboxed I’m gonna set them all up stick your tour of the hardware and I’ll also give you my full review by magically skipping ahead in time a couple of days don’t forget from on the latest regrets but I’ll take the book subscribe and thing that notifications well Jess let’s post on often up like in the year the old box design there something a bit different nice artistic representation of the warm or buds and there they are they’re in the box of course there are the birds and the the charging case as well and here you also get some spare rubber ear tip thingies whatever the official term is as Mia hooks as well just to help keep them lodged in your lug hole you also in this box and wonders gets a nifty little carry case transparent one a very nice and the cueball the chosen up as well how did he manage to cram all

of that into this one tiny little box is quite impressive and then on top of that you get a separate little flappy thing you even get a nice little sticker bear teddy bear rockin here’s one more headphones some pamphlets one more one more headphones and yes of course the instructions I’m not really sure where you get the extra a bag thing as lovely as it is because of course you do get the dedicated carry case here included in the box and this will help to charge the one was when you’re out and about as well as of course keeping them safe as you can see there it is quite a chunky case and though I’m not quite as full-on as some of the efforts I’ve seen from the likes of the beats the beats one is absolutely massive but it’s just pop it off but with a quick tap of this button and as you see there’s plenty of space there for you to slip your one was inside I’m gonna just drop in like so and then as you can see when the one was or inserted into the case you get this little red light just tells you that they are charging up and then of course when you want to actually charge up the case as well just plug it in like so you’ll see there is a nice sort of charging light there on the front when the kiss is fully charged for the buds inside them that little red light will disappear hurray one more reckons will take about 85 minutes to fully charge the kiss the actual buds themselves will give you about six and a half hours of use but allegedly per charge and also the kiss itself will be able to charge them up again fully about three times in total before the kiss itself will be depleted so you’ll get around 24 hours of full-on use when you’re out and about

before the kiss and the buds will need a recharge so are these one more buds as stylish as the name kind of very heavily implies well they look absolutely fine truth be told it’s fairly simple sort of bullet style finish as you can see there there’s a plastic design of course you don’t get any year you know sort of special materials in there but they’re quite lightweight and there’s something not as big as the likes of beets so for comparison purposes there’s the one laws and these are the beats wireless headphones whoops if I don’t drop them about this first nothing to see there the beats are quite sort of long not quite as chunky but definitely big for in-ear headphones that’s for sure it was that one mores are sort of relatively compact not too bad because I was usual with that smooth plastic surface they are a little bit fiddly at time so they can quite easily slip out of your grips you make sure you hold them quite firmly when you have got them in your hands as you can see there You’ve course got the rubber tip which fits in your ear has already got stringy bits of stuff on it I hear that always happens and then of course the rubber ear hook as well which will just help that actually called them in your skull Pro clearly marked left and right so I’ll just try slipping them in now see how they feel well now we’ve got I’ve already dropped one stick the right one in there as well they Lodge it they’re pretty firmly as it’s pretty typical for the old ear hook design to leap

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on bethey sometimes galaxy buds as they do feel like they’re gonna slip out because they have a very subtle sort of wing style design but these are definitely in there very very firmly they have a pretty good noise cancelling property to them definitely all the environmental sounds like here going on outside like every more in their lawn or all of that is quite nicely blocked down now which is great another stylish well you be the judge as you can see fairly subtle as far as these things are concerned and I quite like they don’t have any dangly down bits or anything because I think that looks absolutely ridiculous on the air pods when you put them all mores out of the kiss first I was here they will enter pairing mode you can also just long press the tiny little buttons which are actually housed on top of the earbuds in order to enter pairing mode as you see it’s just popped up straight away in my P 30 Pro so we was gonna get that little tap connecting pair and they’ve got connected for cause and read your audio nice and easy as you can see there from the little apt X logo it is of course fully supported the qualcomm apt x drivers for HD audio Streetman you get bluetooth 5 support on there as well so yeah all the features you’d expect from your modern pair of earphones doesn’t refinish before this is actually touch controls here on the

one more stylish earbuds it does actually have a physical button on the top of each of the year buzz the left and the right it’s quite dinky but it’s quite easy to find as much as it juts forth slightly so you can actually feel it with your finger top of that will pause your music another tap will get it playing again you can double tap to skip forward a track and triple tap to skip back a track there’s also for Google assistant support as well you like to actually pause your music first before you can use the Google assistant and then it’s a double top of earbuds in order to bring up the Google assistants as you can see there so it’s a little bit awkward if you do have for your music pause then you want to just maybe skip forward a track before you start playing you will actually bring up the assistant if you do a double top so you’ll have to play the music first and then double tap and that’ll take you forwards so that’s a slightly awkward way of doing things but here or at least it does works once you get used to it hopefully should be okay and if you do get a call coming through you can answer it with just a quick click of the earbuds or reject it by long-pressing apparent there will of course be testing that out so flash forward a couple of days I’ve been using the one more stylish truly Wireless in earbuds whatever the full title is that’s my fault I’m here buddies for a couple of days now and I’ve got to say it so far pretty really liking them some of the best features we try and make left adventures before is the fact that either buds can actually be the master there’s usually a master in a slave when it comes to truly Wireless buds the good thing about this is this it means if you lose one it doesn’t matter which one you

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lose the other one will still work in it also means if at any time you want to take out one of the bows just stick it back in the kiss it will then begin to charge up or disconnect and if it is the master buzz you’ll get a pause you’ll have to restart as I just have now you have to restart your music but this one will then become the master and then your music will continue despite the fact that the other one is away and charging it’s a completely seamless experience so then once this one’s charged you can then bung it back in it will connect to the other one and again the stereo experience will continue great stuff the one more birds aren’t smart enough to realize when they’ve been yanked out of your ear holes to automatically pause your music or anything about some other buzz such as the Samsung Galaxy bows do do that but that’s a minor complaint at best the good news is that the the physical push buttons work really really well nice and responsive and unlike the Beats earbuds as well the buttons on position on the outer edge so you’re not pushing the buds into your head and I can’t confirm that one more stylish in ear truly Wireless buds very very comfortable to rock for several hours at a time with no break whatsoever there held it in there nice and firmly as well so even if you’re jogging running dude a bit head banging they will stay in there nicely and just to prove that mush test that’s for the Bluetooth 5 connectivity it’s been very very stable and dependable even when I’ve been moving quickly through busy areas are very very rarely notice any kind of bridge that I’ve had a couple of tiny little summers

literally a couple of milliseconds barely even noticeable but that has basically been at the entire time being isn’t it so far that’s for the music quality thanks that app tech support really really impressed there as well for truly wireless earbuds they definitely pack a punch for the likes of rock music rap music dance music the bass that was not quite much in the beats earbuds but definitely come in pretty damn close things can get a little bit muddy when you’ve got a really intense breakdown if you’re playing something like proper full-on metal music but apart from that definitely these will stand up tall against some wireless earbuds that are you know 50 pounds more expensive so if you do want solid music quality buts the freedom and flexibility that these wireless in earbuds offer then definitely the one wars will do the job that’s for the battery life I have managed to get the full six and a half hours as advertised by one more on a single charge but the buds well generally that’s between five and six hours on a full charge which again is pretty solid for some Budds acharya of course just bug emitting the kiss and generally within about sort of eighty minutes or so they’ll be fully recharged again ready to rock so that’s my early review of the war more stylish truly wireless in earbud stuffy liking them so far they look pretty good they sound pretty damn good and for under 100 pounds you really can’t complain that makes them cheaper than the likes of the beats and Samsung’s Galaxy buds as well sorry chapter defi let us know in the comments down below if you’ve got your own alternative options from 200 pounds definite let us know that as well tested a few around the sort of fifty to sixty pound mark they’re generally alright but the battery life tends to top off at about four hours this has to be quite chunky and the sound quality isn’t always there so I’d say if you’re on for a budget option this is probably one of the best ones that I have tested so I solved for me thanks for watching everyone love you guys pop subscribe and doing that notifications bar from all the latest in greatest tech and I’ll see you next time love you boy

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