OnePlus 7 Pro vs OnePlus 6T Serious upgrade!

hello are you beautiful person you this is Chris from Texas Bert and I’m here with a fresh new one plus seven prom we’re gonna do a full side by side with the last generation one plus 60 to see if 60 owners should consider an upgrade to the 7 probe cause the pro on the title should give you a clue this is the most premium device that oneplus has ever done there are some significant upgrades here compared with last year’s model so let’s run through them see which one might be best for you and don’t forget a book subscriber thing that notifications bar for more on the latest in great support well tech Cheers first up if you thought the old one plus 16 was a bit of a beast then boy howdy do we have a shot for you look at the 1 plus 7 bra in comparison it’s the absolute Godzilla of smartphones as you can see it’s got a clear bit of extra height on top of it slightly girthier as well compared with the old one plus 60 it’s a six point six seven inch device come over the old six point four one inch one plus sixty no the one plus sixteen wasn’t particularly liked but the one plus seven is definitely got even more of a heft to it it’s just over 200 grams you’ll definitely feel it when it’s stuffed in your pocket I’ve got to flip them around to the back end and you get a very similar style in there both glass constructed and of course you get this lovely matte finish or both of them as well as the typical shiny hue as well a couple of different color options well including the lovely

limited edition almond here on the 1 plus 7 pro one plus 60 is actually slightly Hardy they’re both Gorilla Glass 5 on the back but they’re one plus 60 is going to glass 6 on the front rows is only 5 here in the case the 1 plus 7 pro the reason for that being the upgrade is display tech 1 plus 60 was of course super durable we’ve had this thing for obviously months now and there not a single scratch or scuff there on the back which is great to see and of course of the benefit the matte model is the fact that you don’t get all those horrible fingerprints and nasty grease marks all over as well and the both water resistant as well though neither sports a fishel IP rated and sad news for anyone who was hoping that one plus would bring back that headphone jack for the 1 plus 7 and the 7 pro that is missing in actions once again you’re stuck with a bit of Bluetooth phone or one of those horrible dongle e things now of course one thing you will know us pretty much immediately about 1 + M core is the fact that you get that gorgeous front fill and displayed no notches or other little bit in sight because it was only a teeny little nipple notch here on the oneplus 60 so minimal intrusion anywhere but also the bezels have been ever so slightly slim and hopefully make up there along the sides and the bottom edge as well so it really is it’s I think it’s pretty much a 90 percent screen to front ratio great stuff natural screen itself has been seriously upgraded for the 1 plus 7 pro as well it’s a Samsung manufacturer at AMOLED so as I’m allowed on the oneplus 60 as well but now you got full itch to your 10 plus support it’s a quality plus

panel compared with the full HD plus panel here on the oneplus 60 as you can see if you dive into the display side you get a variety of bonus features as well so you can of course boost that resolution up full-time to quad HD plus I’ll have it auto switchin you can also now change the screen refresh rate as well it goes all the way up to 90 Hertz for love these silky smooth experiences you just flicking about your desktops everything is apps it’s done an instant response great stuff as before you completely calibrate the color output and everything as well so as you can see we’re on vivid output here at the moment on the oneplus 7 porticos dive into advanced and you’ve got the usual srgb setting and everything as you had on the old one plus 60 great news if you want nice natural realistic colors we’re gonna be editing photos on the go of things like that so the oneplus 7 pro undeniably boasts finer detail and in the visuals they don’t have to do a direct side-by-side comparison with one plus 60 to really notice the difference if you’re just using these 60 on its own stell tubes apps that you find nice and crisp on at full HD plus resolution on the srgb levels of course you get those nice natural colors is not really a massive amount of difference between the two the main differences definitely slightly finer detail and and of course you get that gorgeous refresh rate as well however when it comes to video playback the oneplus 7 pro also supports HDR form on is to your 10 plus to be precise thanks to that Samsung design so what you get some really nice deep black some strong contrast and again those great looking colors so yeah anyone who doesn’t want to see a giant guinea pig thing stalked by a leopard might want to look away now but as you can see Netflix of course you get that gorgeous it’s your support a reader shine in a lot of the the

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Netflix original content yeah a lot nicer finer detail and in those dark areas is particularly useful if you’re a fan of the old Marvel TV shows because a lot of them tend to be quite murky and dark at times you know what the old one plus 60 still apps that you find just for enjoying a shore or a movie on the gorse or if you’re not that bothered about having the absolute best of the best in terms of the visual outputs then boom +60 is still fine that’s for the audio output we actually got a full stereo speaker output here on the new one plus seven Pro so you can blast your media out of the top earpiece speaker as well as this bottom mounted doohickey as well Rose on the old one plus sixty it was just the bottom mounted speaker busted out a mono output let’s just do a quick side-by-side with the audio which is basically just a personalized news feed no worries just jump on into the home settings and then go to to speak that’s one plus em poor he’s the one plus sixty I’ll take that box that mean you head back to you desktops boom no more Google feed not this is well the winner notification so as you can see in terms of general volume and everything one plus 60 is still a very impressive indeed but of course that output is blasted down away from your face which sounds a bit more muffle not quite as full-on and busy as it does here on the one plus F of course I’ve still wouldn’t absolutely never listen to music via the actual built-in speakers you definitely wanna collect your your Bluetooth speakers via that for a bit of that action full apdex HD support and everything as well which is great stuff no what about the features well both of these smartphones are running the latest version of Android of course a nice bit of Android version 9 art slice of pie as it is also unknown because you’ve got oxygen OS slapped nicely on top of that is a much fresher version or here on the oneplus 79.5 points to come with your nine point zero point 13 as we got here other one plus 60 both phones are fully up to date the general settings and features and stuff are very very similar on both smartphones of course you’ve got your shell feature if you flip this without fully customized being sticking your favorite contacts favorite apps all that sort of shenanigans you’ve got a bit of one-handed help at least thankfully is where you can busy drag that down with a quick swipe down

of your fingers across the screen thanking God because they’re both quite beastly blobs reach it up so that notifications bar not the easiest to open into the settings and you’re not quite a lot of similarities well there are a few differences too so Francis you’ve got the digital well being Android feature now in the oneplus 7 pro just tells you exactly what you’ve been wasting your life on and you’ve got the wine down board and stuff like that but a lot of these features which I will be mentioning now should be coming to the bomb +60 in a future oxygen wise update once the oneplus 7 properly rolled out and everything a couple of the other bonus features that you now get as well you get updated gehrman mods this now includes the fanatic mod fanatic mod which is a more extreme version busy no distractions what’s our no notifications and cause everything in the background gives full priority to your games that’s quite nifty if you want to get in the zone and you’ll skip the Zen mode which busy shuts down all major functionality apart from busy the camera tech and allowing you to make emergency calls for 20 minutes and there’s no backsies on that either great stuff because you get screen recorder function now as well so if you want to in-depth look at all these great new oxygen OS features on the 1 + 7 and the 1 + 7 Pro I’m gonna be doing a full in-depth tour and review of that so go check that out it should be live at the same time as this video in fact no on plus 7 that pro just like the wall + 60 before once again sports an in display fingerprint sensor it’s once again just an optical sensor all and a full-on ultrasonic sensor let you get on the mix of sometimes guys just don’t but

has actually been improved here on the oneplus 70 it’s now a slightly wider area and also very fast and responsive I mean look at how good that is I still get occasional miss reads here on the 1 plus 60 is generally quite good but it does occasionally have its its it’s odd moments and as you can see there even when it does unlock first time sometimes takes a little while not a huge fan to be honest but they go on the 1 + 7 por they’ve absolutely sorted that out it’s so nippy and it never feels and yes both phones do support a bit of fish and lock as well though of course because you’ve got this full view display here on the 1 + 7 that something comes like she kids in a way out sights when you tap the power button as you can see it has to rise up out of here they actually shut C in order to recognize your face that’s very cute indeed but despite that motorized action as you can see their top power but at the same time the 1 plus 60 is only slightly faster than the 1 + 7 there really isn’t much in it at all it’s very impressive stuff indeed now one plus is unsurprisingly stuck with Qualcomm when it comes to the actual CPU so what you’ve got in here is the list start trying an 8 5 5 chipset backs by up to 12 gigs around this is the 12 gig version whereas the one plus 60 is of course the oldest up drawing eight four five one year older people to be precise and it tops off at 8 gigs around which is what we’ve got here so as you can see obviously in the benchmark and there is a clear difference between the two that can use is that 1 + 60 it’s still nice and nippy despite the fact that it is several months old and it’s running a platform that is almost a year-and-a-half old now but still very very fast and smooth indeed obviously not quite as silky smooth especially thanks for that refresh rate as the 1 + 7 pro but I’ll do the job here every day yeah functionality you will find that apps bitsy lourd up the second you tap them very little hanging

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around temp they tend to be called a little bit faster in the 1 plus 16 and they were on the 1 + 7 of course but overall very impressive stuff indeed because the good news is you come to a nice bit of pub G on either of these handsets as well on those top detail settings of course you enjoy the HDR graphics here on the 1 + 7 Pro and they’ve both got a nice bit game and board action on the go as well at the moment it’s the new game and multi on the 1 + 7 pro which offers a variety of bonus features of his turn off at delightful music so you’ve got an even great a selection of settings so even more control over your notification playback and of course you’ve got the fanatic mods as well which basically is a hardcore mode calls all of your other background tasks and dedicates all the resources and everything to your game and session what about battery tech well it’s a bigger than ever back to you and the 1 + 7 pause you’ll expect cuz there’s an absolute freaking beast of a handset 4000 milliamps compared with your the 3700 milliamp 1 + 60 so for touch words very energy-efficient the oneplus 60 was definitely a big step up for the series give you over their views even with pretty intensive everyday play time the oneplus one poem expects an even better things especially thanks to that really energy-efficient Snapdragon 805 chipset but stay tuned for an in-depth review on that because you do get the usual battery saver modes and everything and here on the oneplus employ you also get full support for the latest warp charge 30 come out with your dash charge here in the oneplus 60 – no still perfectly grit also get you fully charged up in an hour and a half but here on the oneplus amp or

you’ll get half charge in just 20 minutes it is insanely fast and while keeping the handset cooled just like the old – charge nor wireless charging that support or anything like that norm +7 poor however sanur difference there comparing with the 60 and as far as the storage is concerned well you get 128 or 256 gigs your choice of bits we depend on how much money you have to spank because one of the ultimate biggest updates here on the 1 + 7 pro is the fresh new triple lenz rear camera setup combo with your dual and set up here on the oneplus 60 you get a vastly upgraded primary lens it’s this one here in the middle it’s a 48 megapixel lens now if one-point-six with a sony i mx-5 it’s six sensor and full built-in optical image stabilization the older effort on the oneplus 60 was the 16 megapixel f 1.7 and it does have a bit of optical image stabilization built in there to learn why you also just get a simple 20 megapixel secondary lens here on the oneplus 60 you now getting all Troy on angle lens and a telephoto lens here on the 1 + 7 + 16 megapixel Troy angle and an 8 megapixel telephoto as in three times optical zoom and again yes you do have bit of OS in there so as you think about the camera experience has changed up somewhat a lot the general features do remain the same as you can see you know obviously switch between the ultra telephoto lens three times zoom there you can actually jump all the way up to 10 times digital hybrid zoom as well if you saw desire otherwise of course you’ve got the standard lens and you’ve got the ultra wide-angle lens a nice wide view of the world as well all the fan favorites are back in actions once again you have the brilliant portrait mode to keep your subject Criswell blur and out the background nice bit of depth effect night skip has actually been updated here on the 1 + 7 Porter might skip 2.0 I’m not sure if this is gonna be rolling out to the 60 yeah I’ll have to confirm

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that with oneplus but basically you can expect brighter more well balanced shots here on the 7 Pro and of course you’ve got full manual controls so you can once again play around the shutter speed everything no difference in terms of all light you can what’s going to shoot in RAW images just like you could on the 60 if that’s your bag you want to do a bit of editing on the go and all the other usual shenanigans and of course if you jump into video mode you what’s going to shoot 4k resolution footage and up to that beautiful 60 frames per second for a nice and realistic finish of course one of the advantages of that fresh new hardware and some of the software smart as well as fact that you get much more nicely balanced images in your everyday shots the HDR images weren’t particularly great here on the oneplus 60 but on the 1 + 7 they definitely so far from our initial testing seems to be a lot better you get a lot more texture a lot more natural shining through that front facing camera however and there is no difference basically it’s once again a 16 megapixel front face and shooter the only difference being that has this cute little pop-up motion now hello but once again you got full portrait mode smarts and all that shenanigans so where you get a nice cut yourself as you can see the the angle of the shot and everything all looks very very similar indeed so not expected in any difference there at all so there you have it that is how the fresh new one +7 pro stacks up against the order one plus 60 so as you can see some serious upgrades there you want to get the new oxygen Western open that should be coming to the oneplus 60 but it’s all about that triple lens rear camera tech the display is very very nice indeed you got the upgraded performance of course sites that Snapdragon 805 bigger battery you now get nice build warp charge as well so there are all kinds of upgrades there that make it worth the coin if you have plenty in your bank balance while you tempted definitely let us know in the comments down below it’s always great to hear your thoughts and don’t forget a poke subscribed in that notifications bar from what the latest and greatest lovely tech

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