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so the one where p30 light was long shortly after it’s more premium siblings the p30 and the p30 proper as usual for a light model most of the best bits of those flagship phones were stripped out in order to achieve that lower asking price of course as the p30 family was unveiled bowie has had a bit of a two-year the US has be banned any near of companies from doing any business with what we’re without express permission the resolution is still uncertain and that means the likes of Android updates may be severely impacted on the p30 like going forwards and as if that wasn’t enough pause for thought the p30 like also now has really stiff competition in the form of google’s pixel three year which costs basically the same on contract so should you even be considering the p30 light right now while i’ve been using it as my full-time personal handset for over a week now and here is my in-depth review and from on the latest acquits mobile tech please do poke subscribe ending that there in order Ferguson’s Bell cheers now the p30 light looks very similar to the standard P 30 with some identical elements such as that camera placement and the rear Brandon but the finish isn’t quite as refined as you would kind of expect from a budget model still you do get a gorgeous display that feels almost the full of that

front panel as well as curved edges and corners for a comfortable grip my review version is of course the bore and black model B can pick it up in the considerably more colorful gradient style finish instead which while we is pretty much for a noun for these days and here on the Lite model you also get a physical fingerprint sensor stuck away on the back which is perfectly positioned to quickly and effortlessly unlock the phone however even for a glass form the p30 light is more slippy than a well lubricated frog sat on an ice rink covered in beer B or listening to bonds flip you by underworld stick this thing on any smooth surface even one that appears to be completely flat I think a basically watch the wee bugger seemingly hover its wear millimeter by painfull millimeter to the very edge until finally boom and that is how I know the p30 light is actually pretty durable because this thing has endured endless tumbles and sort of odd touch what they haven’t taken their toll unfortunately the p30 light isn’t in any way shape or form water resistant however although it does seem to be absolutely fine a little bit of really odd little splash as long as you dry it off pretty pronto that six point one five inch IPS display is powerfully bright and pleasingly punchy as well working well even when you’re wearing sunglasses or whatnot I definitely enjoyed kicking back with some Shores on the gold on Netflix hasn’t

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certified the light for HD playback so streaming video looks a bit grainy and definitely does not take advantage of that Full HD plus resolution and as usual you can have a bit of a play around with the color output and you do get a full eye comfort mode so it’s nice and easy on the old peepers at night time and show the p30 lights IPS panel isn’t quite as gorgeous as the pixel 3 is beautiful OLED display but to be fair round the 300-pound price point you definitely cannot complain as for the audio well splendid news because the p30 like does have a headphone jack array and you also get bluetooth 4.0 and aptX HD support as well for any wireless phones and if you find yourself in particularly dire straits without any headphones at two hands well there is the single mono speaker here on the p30 lights bottom edge but as you’d expect it in great certainly bloody loud but it in great now speaking of Bluetooth we need to talk about the software on this thing you get Android Pi on board with always emotion UI 9.0 slapped on top so so quite as up-to-date as the standard P 30 however you still get most of the sim great mue features here in the light model including the one-handed more gesture navigation all of that stuff but the software on this

handset does seem to be a lot more shonky than on the premium models so for instance on more than one occasion it’s completely forgotten any previous devices are connected to use in Bluetooth and it also likes to reset other bits as well so for instance I installed G board on it set that all up and then it just reverted back to Swift key for the hell of it and for some weird reason Google Calendar just completely refused to connect to any of my Google accounts up until to date of course when I’m showing this video when it’s now magically working the Cirrus is is the beginning of the Huawei Google Feud because here on the p30 like they seem to get on about as well as kitty Hopkins and any other human being on the planet and of course Sean keen assess IDE the whole Google while we’re relationship the future of that is uncertain so who knows the Play Store access may be revoked at some point updates that’s all and so on as well is that something you’re willing to risk on a smartphone that you might want to use for the next two three however many years as for the performance it’s the old current 7-10 chipset buried away in here backed by four gigs of RAM there’s proof fine for everyday use although you will see the occasional weed cutter as you’re swapping apps or what have you well standard

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games run a perfectly respectable framerate and yes a bit of GPU to both to support as wellthey likes your pug G sessions however while more premium while we handset was fantastic battery life the p30 lights three thousand three hundred forty million cell isn’t quite as impressive I felt like I just about made it through each day when using the phone of stream media check messages and occasionally snap some photos and if I tried anything more intensive like using the phone as a sat-nav I had to plug it in to charge well before finally stumbling into bed unfortunately the p30 light lacks the supercharged tech of the more premium p30 handsets which is a real shim because I love seeing super charge in that stupid voice and also it means the p30 like takes a lot longer to fill back up but hey at least you do get a nice BETT type-c USB action instead of that god-awful micro USB nonsense now while we has made a big deal over the triple lens camera set up on the p30 handsets but don’t get too excited here you don’t get a telephoto option on the light model which at this price would be a bit of a marvel instead you get a forty eight megapixel primary lens with an f1 point in aperture backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide shooter and a basic 2 megapixel depth sensor photo quality is still decent for the price with more is AI more onboard to capture punchy hues and respectable HDR shots in high contrast you’ll find the darker elements are quite murky but the pixel 3 is the only recent rival to offer a significant improvement over these results and even though this is the light model you still get the full range of features here including the obligatory portrait mode for adding in Bakke style blur into the background just stay clear of the weird our studio light in

which still doesn’t work at all and when things get a bit dim than light mode once again helps out to brighten things up a bit as for the video you can only shoot up to full HD resolution footage here in the light there is naught for keyer support suddenly the be 30 light is fine for shooting horror movies though with reliable audio pickup just don’t expect the moon on a stick water all comes down to is the one where P 30 light is basically beaten in pretty much every area by Google’s pixel 3-year smartphone which costs more or less the same SIM free and basically the same on contract you get a better display a more capable camera which is also a lot more user-friendly as well and of course the peace of mind the fact you know you’re going to get Android OS updates and security patches for the forseeable something that the while we’re p30 like sadly can no longer boss but of course that’s just what I think definitely let us know your own thoughts down below on 39 have you actually got it have you been using it as well and what do you reckon have you been seen all these weird little software quirks that I have because god damn they are pretty annoying and please do for more on the latest quits mobile tech bug subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers everyone love you

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