Camera Review Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

the Oppo Reno 10 times zoom may have a terribly clunky name but it does at least highlight one of the key camera features which is that crazy periscope designed telephoto lens this gives you an up-close and personal view of your subject great news if you’re trying to capture an interest in piece of architecture or a shy bit of wildlife in its natural habitat or if you’re just a bit of a perv when using that the 10 times zoom is my full-time personal handset for a few days now and really get in to grips with that triple lens camera so here is my full in-depth up or Reno 10 times zoom camera review and for one relates to great small tech please do blog subscribe ending a notification spell Cheers so first of a quick look at those sexy specs and the Reno 10 times zoom sports a 48 megapixel primary lens with F 1.7 aperture and a tasty bit of optical image stabilization built-in this uses the ever popular and impressive IMX v eh6 camera sensor from Sony which you’ll find on tons of rival devices like the 1 + 7 the honor 20 pro is uses n-fold 6 and so on and so on John in the main shooter is a periscope style zoom lens with a similar design to was P 30 pro capable of shootin 13 megapixel images from afar and last up as an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens for a very different viewpoint on full auto mode you can capture some rather dazzling everyday shots colors are naturally reproduced while the level of detail packed into every snapper is definitely a joy to behold and even when you get really close up to your subject the macro capture is still

solid it’s definitely very rare to get a blurry unusable pic and you can still expect plenty of fine detail – I was reasonably impressed by the HDR chops of the Rideau 10 times zoom as well even when shooting against a crazy bright sky you can expect impressive color detail and contrast these clouds look rather great not overexposed that you’re fine with less capable cameras well that sky doesn’t lose much of the attractive blue hue and really bright conditions however you will see some flare and and in this case here the trees to the side are definitely overexposed but considering the really tough conditions when I took this shot the Reno actually did pretty well and tucked away in that row of icons up top you will find the dazzle color mode toggle this on and you’ll notice the colors are definitely given a bit of a boost to make them more bold and punchy it’s quite an attractive result if you favor vivid images over more natural hues and if you don’t like it it is very easy to knock off again you do get a bit of a I scene recognition here on the opera Reno 10 times zoom as well ever popular these days but it is actually buried away in seconds menu rather than a quick toggle just

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like the dazzle color is for some reason and what this basically does is when appropriate will switch to different walls such as the portrait mode when you shoot a human subject or the night mode when things get bit dim my portrait shots came out pretty well on the whole your subject is accurately picked out by that multi lens setup and the background quite cleanly blurred as well although there is no control over the level of blur and not much in the way of effects either beyond a handful of simple filters and the night mode takes a number of shots at different exposure levels and then effectively combines them into a more attractive pick than what you would get with the standard auto mode this does deal really well with any overexposed light elements and proved just as sturdy as most rivals since the primary lens dealt with blen you’ve also got the ultra wide angle and the telephoto lenses as well which you can dodge between with a quick tap of this button here my head in extreme close-up just what everyone wanted or you can also simply pinch as well to zoom in and out results aren’t as bright with the other lenses as they don’t have as wide an aperture as that primary lens but the power of that telephoto shooter is rivaled only by the Y where P 30 Pro you can take great-looking photos with ease from an incredible

distances and the level of DDoS is impressively strong too and a preferred separate buttons to quickly swap between the different options like the warrior set up but that’s my only real grumble here sickly or poor II know 10 times zoom into video mode and you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage although annoyingly the option is swap between 30 and 60 frames per second is buried away in the settings but you can shoot 60fps at that Ultra HD level my forgive footage came out wonderfully with bold colors and the kind of sharp detail that you would expect it’s your results are again pretty decent though at night you can expect some typically grainy results and order your pick up on the whole is just fine my voice did Sun a little bit peculiar but everything I said was cleanly picked up while surround annoys is also came through cleanly no distortion or anything annoying like that and the reader even does a bang-up job of record an audio when you accidentally drunkenly shoot about 17 minutes of video inside of your pocket as I did here image stabilization is fine if not grit you do get a fair bit swear even when shooting at that Full HD level and it is slightly worse for 4k footage but it’s not too baffan Juicin and for some reason the telephoto and authorial angle lenses can’t be used for shoot and video as far as I can tell at least you can’t digitally zoom in if you like but I couldn’t actually swap

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between the trio either before or during shooting which is a real shame around front there’s no selfie camera to speak of because it’s actually hidden away inside of the op arena 10 times zoom pop this cheeky we’ve lights are up and you’ll uncover a 16 megapixel shooter with F 2.0 aperture this selfie snappers struggles when conditions aren’t grit but if you’re hungry a shot just right you’ll generally get a decently detailed pic as usual there’s a portrait mode on as usual the edge detection is slightly ropey without a secondary lens for depth sensing but the background blur effect does look for other lovely but your poor Reno 10 times here you can also shoot up to full HD resolution finished or 4k option unfortunately sorry there is what I think of the OP or tree no 10 times in camera definitely a solid stopper and pretty much any conditions that you throw its way and you at least you’ve got the flexibility of the telephoto lens and the ultra wide-angle lens as well as well as that telephoto chops is concerned the Huawei P 30 pro is the only one that comes close to it everything else is a distant second so are you tempted by the operatory no 10 times zoom defi let’s start in the comments down below my full review will be coming in the next couple of days so stay tuned for that and for more on the latest a great small tech please do bug subscribe and ding that their notifications well cheers everyone love you

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