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hello just beeps this is Kristen text Burt I’m here with the Motorola one zoom a Motorola one handset which is very different from the rest of the Motorola one family for when it’s more expensive at 379 pounds but for that extra cash you do get a nice quad lens camera setup as you can see right there yeah nice all LED screen and some other premium specs and features as well confusingly the Motorola 1 zoom isn’t actually an Android one handset unlike the rest of the Motorola 1 family as well which is a bit unusual but it still boss I stock version of Android and of course those lovely mortal experience features on top of that as well it’s gonna get a full unboxing of course get it all set up and take a bit of a hands-on tour gold hardware and the software and from on the latest greatest tech do box of scribe and dinkler notifications well Cheers so the actual opponents I’ll just stick that aside for a second check out what is in the rest of the box so of course yet a big fat readme which is so fat because then lots of different languages don’t worry you won’t spend several nights poring through that book keep it in device arrays they actually get your SIM card in the bad boy so it’s information boring three-pin plug and of course the USB cable it’s type-c for powering up the model one zoom again you do actually get a

pair of wired headphones bundled in there as well there is actually a 3.5 ml headphone jack here on the model one zoom so you’ll be able to make full use of those I mean they’ll be fine it’s like a backup pair I’ve actually got some nice rubbery tips they’re not those horrible plastic shell Affairs with all that shenanigans let’s actually check out the exciting part the phone itself now as you can see it actually comes wrapped in a transparent cover for added protection which is a Motorola staple these days great to see quite a lot of the the budget to mid-range phones do actually come with a bundled cover my review sample of the Motorola want soon is the electric gray model and as you can see North trades description concerns there it is very great indeed you can also pick it up in a much more vibrant purple although I believe that’s an Amazon exclusive here in the UK and across Europe looks lovely though it’s actually a gorilla glass 3 finished although it does have this sort of metallic style Sheen when it catches the light as you can see it’s got the sort of metallic a gradient finish to it very very attractive design I do like it well the good news as well is that sort of satin glass finish means that you don’t get much in the way of smudges or anything as well despite the fact that it is actually constructed of glass similar to the the likes of one plus seven which comes that sort of matte glass finish as well so as you can see

there my greasy mitts are not leaving any stains or smudges at all so it seems to be doing the job and ‘gods one the more distinctive elements of the Motorola ones ohms design is that quad lens camera girl slaps they’re right in the center in the back quite large I see as you can see there does just somewhat from the phone’s surface but nothing too troublesome and of course a large part of that is actually taken up by the motor or the logo which actually doubles as a nifty LED notification light which is pretty snazzy as you can see that’s lit up right now so I’ll just light up when you’re using the phone generally to let you know if there’s any messages and stuff win for your attention definite got quite the heft to it and 190 grams that’s for sure so it doesn’t feel toy light let’s just get it powered up good good we’ve got compared juice in the tank what I’m gonna do now is get this fully set up and then we can have a bit more of an explorer of that hardware and the software now first up as you can see there it is a dual-sim tracing stick two SIM cards in side-by-side if you want to use wonderful work one person or whatever or alternatively that second-century it does double observe micro SD memory card slot as well now while the other Motorola one handsets all have a real physical fingerprint sensor usually where that logo right there is you actually get in display fingerprint sensor here on the model roller one zoom so it’s gonna quickly get that set up now it seems to be absolutely fine on my hands-on session at E for last week but give a full

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testing out as well to see quite how responsive it is it is of course just an optical sensor as you can see there so I’ll just take a simple 2d image of your print and use that to unlock the handset but hopefully should do the job nicely so we are all set up and now straight into a nice bit of stock Android PI as you can see there’s just busy restoring all of my apps and oh god I hate what it does every time all my apps and other bits from a previous handset that I was tested out so just leave that to do that ticking away in the background as you can see nice clean version runs away with no crapper or anything crammed on stop it that’s it mister you’re gone straight on silence as much before it’s not an Android one handset so you’re not guaranteed those a couple of years of OS updates and of course the the regular security updates and everything but found in the past that Motorola with its non Android one brand handset has been absolutely fine the the regular updates and everything as well and you should get at the very least a nice bit of Android talent hopefully under at eleven with this bad boy as well I’ll be surprised if that didn’t come to the Motorola one zoom one of the only additions that Motorola sticks in there on top of the stock Android is the mortal app which as the model experiences surfaces you got the model actions this adds a bunch of gestures for quite a lot

gesture to support these days as you can see that it’s expanded quite a bit recently one of my favorites is the swipe to shrink which is definitely handy when you’ve got a likes of a six point four inch handset you can see they just swipe down towards the corner minimizes everything it works a charm it’s going to quickly test out that fingerprint sensor as well so what you can do is you can either tap the screen or tap that power button to to light up the display and then as you can see there boom straight into your desktops nice and nippy you also get a full face unlock here on the Motorola one zoom as well you can actually enable the lift to unlock so all you need to do is pick up a phone it will immediately start scanning for your beautiful mug and they’ll unlock the device you don’t even need to bother with that in display a fingerprint sensor so let’s give this a Gore just picked up my handset it’s coming for my face and it’s unlocked hooray unfortunately even with that lift two and lock and when it recognizes your face as you can see there you’ll still have to swipe the screen in order to get into your device just like you would on an iPhone however if you do push the power button and then does the fierce unlock as you can see there if bypasses the lock screen entirely the other area where the Motorola 1 zoom differs from the rest of the Motorola 1 family is that display it’s actually an OLED panel nice and spacious at six point four inches think a little much pork its way into the action there as you can see nothing too intrusive that’s a full HD plus

resolution so she’d imagine nice and crisp for your movie needs and all the rest nice wide viewing angles and so it seems nice and bright on those top levels as well so she should be able to fine for your outdoors action audio as pumped out of the single bottom firing speaker there’s no stereo speaker setup unfortunately but if we just boost the volume up it’s actually pretty decent quality nice clear audio as in here they’re reasonable volume on those top levels as well so should be absolutely fine for just enjoying a bit of video in the old homestead right in the garden whatever of course you’ve got that headphone jack as well if you want to stick in a wired pair or you got full Bluetooth 5 support that’s what I think finally gets at the home there we go well the performance tip it’s a Snapdragon six seven five stuffed in here with four gigs of RAM in back up so hopefully touch word that should be absolutely fine for you know yet everyday use and everything hopefully get a good bit of gaming on the go as well be testing the likes of pub G more weather make sure that works alright certainly so far seems nice and smooth despite the fact it’s still busy downloading apps and ticking away in the background obviously these things do take a little while to settle usually but again stay tuned fine depth review for for performance report I’ve got high hopes for that battery as well you got four thousand milliamp cells stuffed inside of this thing so again hopefully actually easily keep you going all day even with lots of intensive use of you using as a sat-nav playing with the camera a lot doing a bit game and the likes of that you get 15 watt Turbo Power onboard as well so hopefully when you do run dry it’ll charge

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up reasonably nippy and last up on the specs phone you get a rather generous 128 gigabytes of space stuffed in there as you can see a large majority of it is available I’ve already had a lot of apps download in the background and as you can see that it’s only using up 15 gigs of that so far with the OS and everything else as well and of course you got that micro SD memory card support if you are running law of course I’ve been saving the best for last because the highlight of the Motorola 1 zoom is definitely that quad lens rear camera believe this is the first quad lens setup on a water all handset let’s just do a bit of a run-through of the specs first of all the primary lenses of 48 megapixel F 1.7 with built in oh I yes I’ve got no idea which all of these are in by the way so I’m not gonna bother point in twin 2 inch old ones because I’ll just be completely making it up that’s backed by a 16 megapixel wide-angle lens off on 117 degree view an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with 3 times optical zoom that’s got optical image stabilization built in it just like the primary lens does and then you’ve also got a final five megapixel depth sensor in there for a bit of trickshot action now I am of course planning on doing a full in-depth Motorola 1 zoom camera review so stay tuned for my full thoughts on the setup and the photo and video quality and everything but just give you a super quick tour right now so I think you see here you’ve got this little doohickey down here which you can tap to switch between those three main lenses wide-angle standard and the telephoto zoom option besides that it’s more or less the same as the standard Motorola camera app in quickly switched to video with a quick tap you can shoot a 4k resolution footage on the Motorola 1 zoom and you’ve also got a bunch of other bonus mods which you can

access with a quick tap here I believe you can also just swipe across as well like so your Motorola staples such as like so the spotclean you now have a 8 and night vision mode as well which I’m very keen to try out hopefully should produce nice light well-balanced snaps even in those low-light conditions because you’ve got your poetry and more using that 5 megapixel depth sensor like so cinemagraph and everything as well now if you tap your way into settings with a quick tap you tap up here you’ll see you’ve got a whole bunch of Motorola’s ai features as well so you’ve got the likes of the shot optimization which recommends different mods based on the conditions of instance or si switch to portrait mode if it detects a person shoots a night mode for the sex that it’s a bit crappy in low-light you got like the smoke composition which shows you can see there can just implement the rule of thirds and just straighten up a wonky shot but it will save the original shot alongside if you don’t like the new cropped version including full RAW format and everything as well as you can see because you do have in-depth manual controls so you can just dive into that if you know what you’re doing bit of ISO level white balance all that kind of shenanigans I’m gonna play around with all of that and that’s pretty much the main stuff and you also get a 25 megapixel front facing camera as well I believe this uses quad pixel technology so it’ll just basically combine the information from four pixels into one just to help brighten up a shot in those low-light conditions since we’re doing all right here despite the fact that we’ve got our bright light right behind me and of course if you absolutely must you do have the likes of the beauty modes and election Anakin’s in there as well and I got a bit histogram actually and everyone loves a good histogram so if you want to know more about that camera setup daffy stay tuned for my full in-depth Motorola one zoom at camera review coming very shortly indeed my indepth motorola one review of the handset itself will hopefully be coming early next week so yeah definitely what do you think of the Motorola one zoom so far run for 379 quit it’s a nice bit of tech solid mid-range smartphone defi of that camera is proved it’s worth then it should be a great value for money but we go a to your thoughts as well please do poke subscribe and think that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech geez guys love you

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