Camera Review Motorola One Zoom Are 4 lenses better?

consider in the name of this thing it probably won’t surprise you that the Motorola one zoom is all about that camera tech for a snifter of a four hundred quid you get a quad lens rear snapper packing a forty eight megapixel primary lens set alongside telephoto and wide-angle options plus a bit of depth sensor action to bring the final tally up to four I’ve been rocking the Motorola 1 zooms my full time handset for the past few days and really puttin that camera through its paces so here is my in-depth Motorola 1 zoom camera review and from on the list ago it’s mobile tech please do poke subscribe and think that notifications Bell says now if you’ve used a Motorola handset in recent times the camera setup will be instantly familiar you can still quick load the camera with just a double wrist twist which might author-it ik joints will just about allow for and when you’re into that app the layout is basically the same except now you have a dinky little icon which you can tap to quickly swap between the 48 megapixel primary shooter the 16 megapixel wide-angle lens and the it megapixel telephoto efforts that primary lens has proven perfectly dependable for grab an everyday shot across a reasonable variety of conditions our thoughts are fully at megapixels sensor the Motorola one zone actually combines pixel information to produce brightest shots so the end result is actually a 12 megapixel 4 so instead all the same you’ll find that each snap is crammed with fine detail while out face detection autofocus is highly dependable and thankfully there’s a burst shot mode as well which helps to overcome the occasion the ponderous shutter speed you also have some built-in optical image stabilization to help prevent any blurry results even if your hand is trembling from a few too many lunchtime shandi’s Motorola’s AI smarts are back in action as well including this rule of thirds job’ which crops into your subject and straightens up any squiffy

shots sometimes it can be a wee bit over-enthusiastic where the crop in but often it works quite well and your original pic is saved alongside the auto edit so it’s all good HDR unfortunately isn’t the motorola one zooms strong point this one really over exposes a shot but if you are stepping against a bright sky then you can expect your subject to appear rather murky some serious tweaking often needs to be done in edit to brighten them back up again when you need to get a closer view the 8 megapixel telephoto lens offers a powerful 3 times optical zoom this is great for capturing distant landmarks or for grabbing a shot of the kids pets another wildlife without intruding on the scene you once again have built in or is to keep things crisp and the results are as good as you’d get from the likes of one plus seven pro or the honor 20 Pro there’s no color temperature trickiness and once again plenty of detail as captured despite that mega pixel reduction alternatively if your subject is flipping massive and you’re struggling to fit it all in one shot then Motorola’s ultra wide angle snap book proves ideal that pulled back view also offers up quite dramatic results for action shots and

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the only caveat is that colors are accentuated using this lens so you get a less natural look and finish and as with other Motorola handsets you want to get a bumper crop of bonus features when you get tired of that auto modes the Motorola 1 zoom crumbs in a full set of manual controls while model staples like the spot color mode are also back in action offering a unique finish for your photos and Motorola zi smart scan I advise you when it’s best to swap to a different mode on the fly so for instance if a fellow human is detected then you’ll be prompted a swap to the portrait mode with some help from that 5 megapixel depth sensor this serves up some sharp pics of your subject while blowing out the background you have full control over the intensity of that Bakke style action well you can also add various effects that help your pal stand out or just like a wee bit sparkly add let’s see the occasional spot chunkiness like this example here where pot the background isn’t quite blurred out but on the whole it did work well more intriguing is Motorola’s fresh new night vision boards the night mode is something that you’ll find on the majority of other smartphones these days even Apple’s latest iPhones and what this does is capture a handful of

images at different exposure levels and then melds them together to craft a much brighter more balanced photo it’s a huge step up from the results in the auto mode for those low-light shots occasion the acerbic will still look a lot softer or grainy especially if you didn’t quite manage to keep your hands perfectly still but the results here are definitely to be commended on the video front you don’t get a sim funky action mode that was introduced on the Motorola one action we can’t shoot perfectly good looking video and up to 4k resolution as you’d expect detail levels are impressive and Ultra HD level and the image stabilization is actually just as good as you get a full HD level this effectively cuts out the worst of the shake although it’s not quite perfectly smooth colors are naturally reproduced well than boosted while audio pickup is strong as well both in front and behind the camera for your home movies the Motorola 1 zoom definitely does the job well a dog disappointingly you can’t use the telephoto or the wide-angle lens for your video needs boo swap to the front-facing camera and you can shoot selfies at fault 25 megapixel resolution I’ll drop at a 6 megapixel using the same quad pixel technology as the rear camera these shots were taken using the quad pixel tech and this proves perfectly fine for your outdoor selfies even when shooting against a fairly bright sky you don’t appear too murky while

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the background isn’t blown out either naturally there’s a portrait mode if you want literally all of the focus to be on your fist those packs the same customization controls and shonky studio features as the rear cam and there’s a powerfully blind and screen flash mode as well which can be employed to illuminate your mug and frazzle your retinas whenever it gets really dark you can also shoot a full HD video using that front-facing camera as well as you can see there the chemistry rules in all situations you might want to stay away from the bright light and that right there is what I think of the Motorola 1 zooms quad lens camera after a few days of testing as you can see it’s not quite infallible it is fooled by high contrast situations and like but overall very very strong that new night mode is brilliant and if you want the flexibility offered by an ultra wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens as well without paying heaven on earth for a really expensive premium flagship then basically this and the honor 20 pro are your best bets so go check out my full-on Motorola 1 zoom review to see what I think of the rest of this glorious handset and definitely leave your thoughts in the comments down below are you tempted by this bad boy 430 quit here in the UK definitely pack some really premium features and specs and from one the latest greatest vaulteq please do plug subscribe and do not notifications about jazz everyone love you

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