OnePlus 7T Pro vs OnePlus 7 Pro What’s changed?

along that you ravishing person you this is Chrisman to expert I’m here with a fresh new 1 + 7 t pro only just launching right now for this video she’ll be gone live just as Pete Lau wriggles is way off stage the dual side by side with the original 1 + 7 pro launched earlier in 2019 the very first one plus one plus bra smart cuts hard to see anyway gonna see exactly how this stuck up for the camera tech the features that performance all of the sexy stuff to see whether the 1 plus MT Pro is worth that step-up in cost and for more on the latest the greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell Jess now first of all as you can see there from the front there is apps that enough all difference pretty much impossible to tell the two apart you want to gain got this gorgeous full view finish nice curvature around the edges there so the screen just starts to bend into that aluminium Bandhan it just looks absolutely fantastic nor not traction or anything of course because you’ve got like pop-up camera tech there on the front it’s actually Gorilla Glass 6 now on the oneplus 70 programs it was Gorilla Glass 5 on the original 1 + 7 bro that said oneplus Ambrose still nice and pristine after all these months and around the back you get Gorilla Glass 5 on both devices now as you can see there I’ve got the matte blue finish on the oneplus 7 / be could also pick it up and a shiny great option as well if

you preferred that proper glass Sheen here on the oneplus 70 brother don’t knowwe it with the glossy shiny version you can only get it in the map versus a his blue so as you can see a slightly lighter blue then on the 1 + 7 Pro actually prefer the matte finish anyway because it really helps to hide any greasy grimy prints and things like that looks really really stunning I’ve tried sticking both phones in the same pocket as my keys coins things like that and as you can see they’re absolutely pristine still no worries neither phone has an official IP written for dust and water resistance but they’ve both fully splash resistant no problem there and you know what I’ve given them a bit of a run under the tap and again no issues westerlyns line basically exactly the same here on the fresh new one + 70 Pro you got your alert slider there on the side you got your type-c USB down below stereo speaker setup and everything nor headphone jack once again unfortunately let’s actually get these bad boys unlocked and of course the oneplus 70 pro once again has a built-in optical fingerprint sensor here and the display just as the original 1 + 7 prodded + 1 + reckons it’s updated that tech to make it even more reliable and before to be other slim + 7 pro i’ve have any issues with it at all and it goes once again you’ve got full official recognition as

well he’s gotta wait for that cute little pop-up camera to do its thing but as you can see they’re super Swift and both instances I should have some to the display and there’s absolutely bugger all difference between the original 7 Pro and the fresh new one plus 70 Pro still a six point six seven inch AMOLED display still a fluid AMOLED as well ninety Hertz they max out at or you can bump up back down to sixty Hertz if you want to save on your battery life nice bit of itch you’re supporting yet those nice deep blacks it’s my strong contrast and everything nice rich colors as well fully customizable of course in the display settings I’ve actually got the video and handsome mode on the go here on the oneplus 70 pour that’s why those colors look a little bit richer and warmer but question just knock that off if you prefer more realistic hues and it was one of the advantages of that pop-up camera is the fact that you’ve got this lovely proper full view experience nor little notches or a pinhole camera efforts or anything like that intruding on your

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viewing experience sublime you’ve got exactly the same stereo speakers set up on here on the Wampler 70 poor compared with one plus seven poor bit Dolby Atmos support all of the good stuff so it’s the same as far as your audio is concerned now one of the other areas where the oneplus 70 pro does differ from the original Pro is the software you get a nice bit of Android 10 fresh out of the box which means of course you’ve got the likes of the dark mode now supported and it was those latest Android gestures as well so just swiping from the side in order to go back absolutely love it because you’ve got oxygen OS slaps on top it’s version 10 here on the 1 plus 74 compared with 9 here on the 1 plus 7 plot but all of these updates will be coming to the 7 Pro hopefully imminently so you will not be missing out if you get this one you’ll still get the dark more the gesture support all that great stuff but probably taller the other features are much the same you’ve got the shell feature of course I’ll be it with a dark board now on the 70 Pro you’ve got full customization yeah I compacts all that kind of

shenanigans you do have a nice bit of game space action as well of course here on the 70 brought as well as the 7 pro as that fanatic mods and all of the good stuff the boxes I have been boosted for the oneplus 70 pull or you now get the new Snapdragon 855 plus chipset combo with the original Snapdragon 855 here are the 1 + 7 bro as you can see benchmark and results don’t quite marry up according to this the original hipfire five is better for multitasking than the one plus seventy plus eight five five plus which is complete hooey just goes to show you can’t rely on benchmark and test speed tests any of that nonsense the long and short of it is both of these smartphones will absolutely blaze through the latest games and come across pub G Mobile on top detail levels college you do like Hana shenanigans nor worries whatsoever and they shouldn’t show any signs of agent anytime soon the battery capacity is actually slightly improved here on the oneplus 70 pro as well it’s four thousand eighty five mini amp compared with the original four thousand milliampere on the seventh processor exactly and massive jump up you don’t have slightly faster

charging tech as well it’s actually the internal charge in tech that has been improved so it’s now walk Taj thirty T compared with walked roads thirty on the original abroad Siva lots of slightly bigger capacity it charges up in about the same time so there’s still no support for wireless charging how so gonna hang on a little bit longer for that now the storage friend used to get a choice for 128 or 256 gigs here on the oneplus 7 pro but now it’s a straight up turn 256 gig base model here on the oneplus 70 pro once again not expandable via microSD we do get that u FS 2.0 support so your apps load up nice and nipply and any file transfers or superswift so now let’s talk camera tech and there’s absolutely bugger all difference once again between the oneplus seven port and one plus seventy port at least as far as that rear camera hardware is concerned you get a forty eight megapixel primary lens mx-5 it six sensor from Sony F one point six aperture and optical image stabilization built in and that’s backed by a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens again with a bit of optical image stabilization the actual camera op hasn’t changed up too

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much at all as you can see stole off in general photo auto mode II and switch between those lenses with just a quick tap at these little buttons here ultra wide angle lens exactly the same setup telephoto once again gives you a three times optical zoom to get a nice close view of your fluffy power one of the differences you will notice is the fact you now get the super macro mode here on the oneplus 70 proximate they’re still missing from the seven port and this just allows you to get a really really up course impersonal view of your subjects uc- quick tap and it should come out nice and crisp deathly works wonders go check out my full in-depth one plus 70 pro camera review where I actually do a side-by-side comparison with the oneplus um for all of the details on all this stuff because it’s got full range of bonus modes as well the likes might skip makes a return and the portrait mode as well and the night scape and the portrait boards now work in the ultra wide-angle lens here in the oneplus 70 pro as well as the standard lens that’s something you can’t do on the original one +7 Pro both not on the photo phone it’s pretty much business as normal you got full manual

controls you can shoot JPEGs it up to 48 megapixel with a nice bit of roll support thrown in there as well now if you switch the video mode once again you can shoot a 4k resolution footage at 60 frames per second which is great to see of course boost all the way up to that maximum levels you got some really nice crisp Ultra HD footage nice and super smooth hyper realistic as well with that 60 FPS setting but you also get a new video setting here on the oneplus 70 pull nuts the super stable mode quick tap this little icon here it maxes out at full HD level but basically it just helps to cut down into other if you’re running cycling doing something really active and shoot video at the same time still get a lot of tremor in there unfortunately but it’s definitely better than the standard image stabilization if you’re going to be moving at peace and then around front it is the exact same 16 megapixel pop-up camera as before sorts again takes nice crisp shots and you have the conditions you should portrait mode snaps and

seems pretty decent on the edge detection everything no real customization there nor depth sensor playing about with or anything like that but it’s absolutely fine and you can shoot up to Full HD resolution video using that selfie camera as well on both of these devices so if you want to know more about the 1 plus 70 pause camera take definitely check out my in-depth review which has gone live right now I’m doing a full unboxing as well where we really cover those specs and features so again if you want to know more on this gorgeous premium handset check that out as you can see not a massive amount of difference between the original 7 port and the new 70 pour get better the same display take very similar design and everything is just a slight performance boost camera boost and battery boost as well but yeah the original 7 prof still a fantastic handset so I’ll be grating your thoughts down below which one you’re more tempted by achieve a little bit cache try and find yourself a 7 pro you’re gonna dive right into the new 70 Pro definitely always great to hear from you guys and please do poke subscribe and deal that notifications bar if you haven’t already for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech chooser on love you

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