Setup & Review New Amazon Fire TV Cube

hello there you delectable person you this is Chris from two expert and I’m here with Amazon’s fresh new fire TV cube updated up upgraded for 2019 it’s available right now in the UK 409 pounds they’ve already got the likes of the fire TV stick stuff like that this is the most powerful fire TV streaming device yet with full voice support courtesy of the rather wonderful Alexa bone as a quick heads-up I’m gonna be using the ear words an awful lot in this video so if you’ve got any Amazon devices around you might want to mute the mics you don’t need to worry about balk and order since your remote control or anything because it’s actually got far-field voice control it’s got it mics built into it so it can detect your commands from across the other side even of a massive living room because mine’s a compact little boxy London effort but all the same as you can see there you can stream 4k resolution Ultra HD content you’ve got full support for each to your content as well like Dolby vision itch to your 10 a nice bit Dolby Atmos as well if your powerful immersive audio I’m just gonna get it on box now rip open this lovely lovely orange hue box I do enjoy the Amazon packaging very much get it all set up and then we’ll do a full review as well first of course you’ve got the actual fire TV cube but 2019 Edition right there’s just set it aside for a sec and the little box with the charger charging cable and everything inside as well everything is quite clearly marked there on the box as well just for a little bit of helping hand you’ve got an IR extender that’s just in case you’ve got a stream and boxer set away inside a cabinet or

somewhere where it’s a little bit harder to access and you’ve got an Ethernet adapter as well there in case you want an actual proper cabled connection for your internet role and streaming over a slightly dodgy Wi-Fi connection maybe do of course I have a full Quick Start guides and everything as well but should be a nice straightforward set up are judging by previous fire TV devices and even though you’ve got the the for field Mike something built into the 20 19 5 TB cube you do get an Alexa voice remote bundled in there as well it’s quite quite nice to have an actual remote control just in case if you prefer that option but of course a big part of the fire TV cube is that voice control and a couple of dinky little triple-a batteries for that remote if I should get the other one out there we go and that way there is everything that you get bundled in the box so as you can see quite a bit of stuff I don’t know if this is just me being incredibly weak or what I’m really struggling to get the back off of this this fire TV remote it’s it’s not playing ball I’ll tell you that much it’s all ah there we go my lord yeah that was one stiff little number so to speak as you can see those Triple

A batteries just slide in nice and simple nice snug fit in there just shove it that one in and then hopefully this will go on a lot more easily than it came off yeah there we go so there’s a very reminiscent of previous fire TV remote controls licensable nice and inky very compact very light so probably easily lost unfortunately down the back of the sofas you have to make sure you keep tabs on it we do of course have a dedicated mic button for voice searching and got all the usual controls that you would expect no shortcuts to any specific apps like Netflix or anything like that which is good if you don’t particularly use one service over another you probably don’t want a big dedicated button there just sat there being a bit redundant and useless peel all of this packaging off that’s stuck on there really tight and there is the fire TV cube 20:19 as you can see a lovely shiny box I really like the aesthetics of it actually is very very simple very straightforward just a little bit of Amazon Brandon across the the buttons up top and everything like

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that shiny surface and though it’s almost very sci-fi esque as you can see there’s a speaker built into the base of a fire TV cube for rubber feet just to lift it ever so slightly from the surface wherever you decide to place it and then up top but you’ve got a bunch of buttons as well you got volume up and down you’ve got the mic on/off button as well in case you want a bit of privacy and you’ve got the action button too and here on the photographs you’ve got a light strip as well which I’m guessing will just light up when Alexa is active and if you pierre really closely at the top edge of the fire TV cube as well you’ll see it tiny little dots those are actually the it far-field mics which will pick up your voice whenever you are commanding Alexa to do your bidding as you can see there you got various ports tucked away on the back end as well so you’ve got micro USB which can actually be used to attach external storage and expand the 16 gigabytes you get built into the fire TV cube 2019 the next port is infrared you can use up the infrared extender of course it’s denied to connect to your TV projector whatever you are hooking this thing up to and then your power port as well on also the u.s.

People can also be used for that Ethernet so if you want to plug in directly into your more em so she doesn’t think I’ll connected is of course nice and straightforward good thing I’ll have to bear in mind is he’ll have to provide your own itch you might be able to actually connect the fire TV cube up to your telly kind of a bit cheap of Amazon not to include it’s all niche to my cable in the box there but I guess they figure pretty much everyone’s got one lying around already so might just end up stuck in a drawer somewhere so kinda all up was nice and easy took all of about a minute and a half just have to make sure you got spare edge to my port on the bucket tell you because otherwise you’ll have to rip out other bits and the actual setup process is a piece of piddle as well your visages got to enter your Wi-Fi password it’s now doing a software update and it’s pretty much ready to go and that should of course be the only time you really need to use the bundled remote is actually entering that Wi-Fi password because the rest

of the time you should be able to just use your voice to a lot of anything you need then of course you’ll also need it to actually sign into your various accounts as well as something that Amazon’s always really good with with its fire devices is of course its parental controls because it realizes the fire tablets your TV things like that your kids will be using it as well so you can enable parental controls if you want to prevent them from accessing various apps various adult content shall we see I’m just gonna say it nor to that and of course you can download at your favorite apps which you use for stream and so definitely get a bit of a iPlayer on the go and there will be of course options to install the likes of Spotify and Netflix and stuff like that later you can also get various other services such as likes of a news channel a sports channel and then of course there’s time to set up the star of the show which is elect so which allow you to do all of the voice control activation shenanigans you’ll actually talk through this in the setup process as well as far as you can see there’s once again advising you on the best location for a bit the fire TV cube you want to make sure you’re not shoving it away in any cabinets or anything like that no much my brand of TV will actually be here

because it is a cello TV oh god it’s just as well it wasn’t something beginning with Zed otherwise this might take about three hundred years is it all way of actually doing a search on this damn thing that’s crazy oh there we go cello it is in there at least thank God so as you can see there the party v-cube can actually control your tallies I’ll turn it off and turn on to be able to do that again with your voice now the fire TV cube you I will of course look instantly familiar to anyone who’s used a fire TV device before it’s quite nicely laid out as you can see here you’ve got fast access to all of your main app so as you see you’ve got BBC iPlayer and Netflix I’ll get downloaded now as well so we’ve got that of course Amazon’s on Prime video of the likes of Amazon music and all those services you got fast access to as well and cause rivals such as Spotify you can even play basic games like Crossy road stuff like that on here – it’s all of your apps appear here at the top you’ve then got fast access to the likes of the prime of video shenanigans movies that recommends how old comes to how that sounds amazing that’s definitely been watched tonight popular TV shows

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etc so basically just lots of content that it reckons that you might like based on previous stuff that you’ve watched so unsurprisingly for me it’s recommended lots of anime and creepy horror stuff and then if you actually go up to the very top then you can see you got fast access to your videos so stuff that you’ve saved on the likes of prime video you can split it up to movies and TV shows and at the end you’ve got access to all of Amazon’s apps that you can download so as you can see there’s a spotlight and stuff and it’s all split into various categories like entertainment sports casino Oh lots of casino games cheese’s and of course all of the major streaming services are supported but of course the main reason for getting the fire TV cube over the other fight Eevee sticks is the fact you’ve got that integrated Alexa supporting messages this thing completely if not works really really well and just use your voice instead so for instance Alexa play ash versus the Evil Dead on Netflix I just loved it right up nice and simple and

straightforward says young to tap you into the app searching for the content etc etc and you don’t even need to name the service specifically either you could see if for instance Alexa play the boys so as you can see there we’ve got a few different options for the boys now see Alexa plane number two and boom hey you got the boys is now playing and of course you’ve got full control over the actual teddy itself using those voice controls as well sir Alexa mute the TV Alexa turn the volume up Alexa turn the volume down and if you dive into the settings and go to the equipment control as well you can actually control exactly what the increments are for the volume so as you can see there are five increments up or down at a time when you issue those commands if you want to make it a bit more substantial you can do that because you’ve got the full Alexa functionality on there as well she doesn’t just do the entertainment stuff you can ask her pretty much

whatever you like so for instance Alexa what’s the latest headlines and there you go got nice little weather breakdown as you can see there and of course you can set up your news brief and settings as well via the Alexa app so you can see exactly what you are interested in seeing whenever you ask for the latest headlines and it will deliver that content I’ve got to say after using the fire TV cube for a couple of hours I’m really impress upon that far-field mic technology I had the new babymetal album absolutely blasting on top volume earlier and it still picked up all of my commands nice and clearly very very rarely misheard me very impressive stuff indeed so if you live in a noisy household lots of little Sprague’s you’d like to sing those bloody frozen songs at top volume over and over again not worries it won’t be put off by any of that I really like that you’ve got that little light boss that gives you some visual feedback on there as well as the tele of course when Alexa is actually active and if you’ve had enough about all you need to do is just tap that little button there nice bit of privacy and as you can see there the light bar just glows red briefly so you know 100% that she’s turned off and

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of course you’ve got the LED on the gore there as well and I really like that you can set your own screen saver as well including a fort or slideshow as well just a really personalized and just it’s just great to see your photos up there on the telly in the backgrounds while you’re kicking around doing other stuff all you’ve got to do to get started is install the Amazon Photos app which is available via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and then once you sign into your account it will be we backup all of the photos on your smartphone you actually select which ones you want to store in certain albums as well then use those feel full or slideshow nice and easy so there you have it that is the amazon firetv cube as you can see gorgeous Ultra HD resolution and visuals they got a full HD or spore and everything as well so it’s one of the best premium streamers out there right now hundred quid not bad at all considering you’ve got a full voice control and everything as well just makes it nice and convenient so are you tempted by the amazon firetv cube definitely be greater your thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and think that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest sec cheers everyone love you

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