Oppo Reno 2 vs Reno 2z Which is best for me?

hey gorgeous pieces Kristen text but I’m here with two of Apple’s freshest new sparkles they hit the UK got the ring or two here on the left good value at 450 pounds got some really strong specs in there here on the right you got the renal to Z which is actually even more wallet-friendly at 329 quid looks basically the same as the standard renal – they’ve had to trim back some of the specs but all the same you still get some really impressive features packed in there included a quad lens rear camera and a four thousand milliamp battery for all-day battery life no problem so even though they look very similar there are quite a few little differences between the reno Tuesday and the full fat green or two so I thought I’d do a side-by-side comparison to show you which one might be best for you whether you should try and stretch that budget for the standard green or two or if the winner – Zed will be absolutely fine for your needs after all one hundred and twenty quid that’s what about 25-30 pints of your finest British heel not in a London establishment obviously but then I mean we just got a test scores and stock up on a special brew usually let’s start with the design and as you can see there’s very little in it certainly from the front and the Remo to Zed’s got little bit of extra hone it less because it’s got slightly chunkier bottom bezel but they’re both 6.5 inches in other words they’re

both absolute beast if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use one-handed then you might want to look elsewhere but this is very little bezel action on both of these handsets that screen pretty much fills the full front edge of the phone and as you can see no annoying nipple notch or anything like that to intrude on the action because both of these handsets have a pop-up selfie camera the standard op abrino to ourselves Gorilla Glass 6 around the front to keep it super protected it’s guerrilla glass 5 here on the up port reader to Z but if you flip them both around you see they both have a nice shiny glass rear as well and it’s Gorilla Glass 5 on the back of both of these handsets and it’s a slightly different color scheme between these two devices as well you can get to the aquamarine or two in either black or ocean blue this is the blue model it looks quite obviously quite a dark blue as you can see there the upper one or two Zed you can either pick it up in black or this lovely sky white finish actually struggling to work out which one I like the more so as you can see they both rather dazzle when they catch the light rather lovely little attractive light pattern as you see you get almost a purple hue down here on the ocean blue version of the up one or two you know the sky white is where you’ll notice that when it catches the light just so it was kind of throw out different colors as well on the Rimbaud of different hues it’s lovely stuff and almost gives off a sort of a pearly white kind of finish very attractive quad camera setup has arranged a nice central vertical alignment there as you can see they actually get the a bit of all dot

nubbin action as well on both of these devices it’s up top here on the upper wing on Tuesday and it’s a bit more further towards the centre the phone here on the upper one or two one that does is it just helps to protect the back end of the phone if you’re constantly slapping it down on hard surfaces like desks and tables it’s probably also worth pointing out as well though that neither of these phones has an IP written so they’re not officially dust and water resistant and I’m taking them both out in rain storms have been absolutely fine as I mentioned before the display on both the operator 2 on the Tuesday is a 6.5 inch it’s full HD plus and both of these handset as well same aspect ratio and everything so no difference there at all got the display settings you’ll see that almost identical you can play around with the likes of night shield mods in order to make things nice and warm and easy on the eye at night time and such forth but the only one to have a screen color option is the opera green or – as you can see it starts off in vivid by default but you can knock it down to gentle if you prefer more natural sort of simpler hues now you don’t get that option for watching here on the opera you know – Zedd you will not have set the OP Orion or two on that vivid mod just produce a slightly warmer so that he punchier hues as you can probably just about make out there with the likes of the Sun and the background there but overall nice crisp picture great luck and stuff whether you kick about some Netflix but of YouTube whatever you fancy

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doing when either of these devices unfortunately supports HDR as you kind of expected this sort of price point there were very few devices that will do Nokia’s got a couple of handsets out there like the likes of the 7.2 that will do but again it doesn’t really matter too much because they’re AMOLED displays you get a nice crisp blacks as you can see they’re nice and dark and clearly make on what’s going on and these really dark night scenes little difference for the audio side of things or you get a mono speaker down below that pumps out all of the audio there’s no stereo speaker setup on the standard – or the – Zed pretty loud though top volume nice clarity and and so absolutely find if you just kicking back again with a bit of YouTube or something like that in quite a noisy environment as you can see there you got Dolby Atmos support on both the ranaut devices as well spot high res audio – let’s move on to the software and both arena – on the reno Tuesday or slightly still running the older Android PI you don’t get the fresh new Android 10 on either of them just yet they do have a nice bit of overlay action though you get the color OS launcher version 6.1 on both these devices you get a whole bunch of extra features on there such as the likes of a smart assistant just throws a bunch of widgets for you to fast access all of your important stuff lots of support for a good bit of gesture control and everything as well because you’ve got full swipe navigation supposed to

swipe up in order to go back home if you’re in an app you can swipe to go back it’s all nice and intuitive love it to bits and always as far as security is concerned both Reno 2 and the Reno to end sport and display fingerprint sensor they’re both pretty good nice and responsive and accurate as you can see they’ve your fingers are a bit dry or moist these things have really come along quite away in the previous year and if you can use the fingerprint sensor whatever reason you’ve got some bondage gloves on or something like that no worries just tap that power button the selfie camera pops up and as you can see even though you’ve gotta wait for that mechanism and everything it’s nice and responsive and again pretty accurate well 3 no 2 and let me know Tuesday do demand active eye contact those stats means you won’t be able to use them when you wearing sunglasses or something like that but on the upshot it also means that nobody can hold the phone to your fears when you’re asleep and unlock the handset that way and one of the biggest differences between the reno 2 and the 2z is the performance here on the real or 2 you get the qualcomm snapdragon 7 13 g chipsets or a slight boost to the adrenal GPU come over the standard 730 and it does really really well for the likes of pubsey more by the lights that bike she did a full test with pub do more bar on the reno to score check out that video if you want to know more here on the Reno to Zen things have been slimmed down a little bit you’ve got a mediatek helio p90 chipset in there said they’re still backed by ear gigs of ram just as you

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get here on the upper one or two but as you can see they’re from a geek bench five-score slightly more pared down in terms of that performance that’s I’ve been using the to Zen for two-three days now and it’s been absolutely fine Justices see if your every dish and Hannigan’s apps load up nice and quickly you know you hanging around wait for stuff it’s a nice smooth navigation experience and everything as well but if you’re gonna be doing a lot of gaming especially for the forseeable I’d say try and boost up to the two if possible it’s also quit on the battery front though you get 4000 million cells stuffed into both arena 2 and the 2 said supported by the fook 3.0 charging ditch around half the charge in about half an hour it’s really not bad at all and as you can see there you’ve got a usual power saver mods and everything on board too but on the storage I believe that the operator – only comes in a 256 gig forever as the Tuesday you’ve actually got a choice between 128 and 256 choice you have to pay a bit more if you want a bigger storage so let’s move on to that camera tech and of course it is a quadrant setup on both of these devices as you can see there but it is slightly different Hardware they both do serve up pretty much the same prime lenses 48 megapixel with Sony’s mx-5 Itzik sensor an F 1.7 aperture but you don’t get optical image stabilization in the – Zed or as you do in the standard to both II smartphones sport and 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens as their secondary lens but then here on the east and Arenal – you get your 13 megapixel telephoto lens which can give you up to three times optical zoom and several times hybrid zoom on the reno – said that telephoto action is missing as soon as you get a two megapixel or mono lens and both of them have a depth sensor as their fourth and final lens a jump on into the camera up and as you can see there it’s quite a feature packed experience on both arena – and the Rinat – as a lots of toggles and stuff to play around with get much better scene recognition I was showing off by the – Zen hearings mr.

Tiger is a snuggly little puppy as you can see you can quickly take a shot like so you can dodge between that the different perspectives with a little top of this icon here so I hear on the reno tube all the way up to 5 x oom you get sim from A to Z here but of course it’s using digital zoom instead of the actual telephoto zoom so you can probably tell a bit of difference in quality picking up on the fur there and then another type that you cycle actually to the ultra wide-angle lens here on the upper one or two you have to give this a like on up here tap on the Tuesday in order to jump to that you gotta like some dazzle color just to give those colors a bit of a boost or wise just leave that off if you prefer a more natural finish and of course you’ve got all of the usual born of smalls nice bit of portrait action so you can just capture them as you can see here you’ve got various filters as well you can play around with us actually just knock that off stick with the original on the video of running shoot up to 4k resolution video on either of these devices at 30 frames per second otherwise you can also dive down to 1080p and not allow you to shoot at 60fps and you’ve got loads of other bonus features that you can play around with them both the reno 2 and the reno Tuesday as well including the good old night mode which just takes our long exposure shot lots of different pictures taking the different exposures languages them all together and you should get quite a nice well-balanced snap overall and you’ve got the expert mode as well which is well worth diving into if you know what you’re doing with like some white balance exposure levels just to capture a very specific kind of photo and then if we get out of this we go back to photo mode and swapper onto that front facing camera it’s a 16 megapixel shooter and both of these handsets of course just in a very different form you’ve got a lovely shark fin finish here on the reen or to just your standard sort pop-up I don’t say standard so pop of actually really really like the disc or effects that you get as it slides up

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and slides down that lovely purple hue great stuff and you once again have full access to the portrait mode and you can shoot up to full HD resolution video so there’s basically bugger-all difference between the two and so there you have it that is the difference between the operon or – and the up or ranaut – z as you can see obviously in terms of performance quite a bit of difference after a small phone for gaming you definitely want to be tempted by the operon or – if your budget will stretch that far otherwise the – says absolutely fine for you every day shenanigans bit web browser messaging all that good stuff so which one are you most tempted by definitely let us know in the comments down below big Ritter your thoughts my operon or to review and unbox and everything is live right now Oberon or Tuesday I’ve done the unbox I’m hummed on the full review yet so stay tuned for that I’ve got lots of other smartphones piled up and fortunately so it might take a little while to get there but we will get there in the end and yeah please do pork subscribe and ding that notifications bell if you haven’t done so all right jeez guys love you

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