Review Sony WH-1000XM3 Skullcandy Crusher ANC A solid rival?

hello there gorgeous peeps is Chris from Texas Burton I’m here with a fresh new skull candy crush that active noise cancellation headphones a loss premium skull candy cans you can get right now bottoms and 24 hours of battery life a bass slider for adjustment right there on the side of it it can profile your own particular locals to see what kind of sound would suit you best and of course it’s got that ANC built-in cost you 250 quid here in the UK is definitely priced alongside its biggest rival such as the Sony’s the Sennheiser’s the buzz is all that kind of shenanigans so what I’m gonna do is I’m boxing I’ll show you what you get in there and then I’m gonna magically fast-forward a few days in time and give you my full final verdict so just rip away into this box slide that all right let’s see what we get in here welcome to deeper dimensions of sound indeed as you can see there you’ve got your usual rugged Skullcandy carry case as well just tell me when you’re doing your bit of traveling or something it’s not of course the most compact of Currie cases as you can see they’re a bit of a beast that will feel quite a substantial amount of space in your backpack over there or the actual crusher ANC’s themselves it come with a couple of different user black all that’s lovely sort of burgundy red kind of reminds me of the old burg and the accent three I believe it was from sunny looks absolutely stunning and you’ve got your type C a USB charging cable just velcroed in there nicely and a baby a 3.5 ml to 3.5 milk cable to see another me either

plugged in or of course a bit of Bluetooth action right I’ve been using the Skullcandy crushers ENC for a full week now as my personal headset and so far liking them a lot I thought they’re not quite as strong as my personal favorites let’s start with the design and I’ve quite liked it a lot to be honest with you it’s certainly simple or perhaps understated might be one way of describing it I guess but it’s relatively sleek as well this burgundy finish is absolutely gorgeous it’s rare to see headphones with this kind of gorgeous color the Brandon is fairly simple and straightforward as well just a bit of Skullcandy logo action on both sides at the band’s looks as funky as usual and the really good news of course the most important part of it all is that the skull candy crusher and C’s are really really comfortable to wear even for several hours at a time you get a generous amount of pattern around the ears there just to keep them nice and comfy and a good amount up top as well which is particularly good if you don’t have any natural hasn’t via the way of hair or anything so far they seem pretty rugged as well despite just being made of plastic and giving a good tug in generally twist them about and just abuse them to bits we took him in a backpack no worries whatsoever aren’t any scratches or scuffs appearing on that surface and

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either and what there’s no official IP rates or anything on that for water resistance on her lap so you know trouble using them in the rain so you get absolutely fine flight just don’t go Chuck of them in a swimming pool or a bathtub basically when you turn the Skullcandy crushes on the voice that pops up kinda sounds like a disinterested middle-class British woman chimp reminds me of that Miranda woman from that god-awful sitcom setting up is super super easy bits just hold down the power button for five seconds and then you’ll enter the pairing boards then you just connect it on your smart phone nice and simple we’ve got drawers are nice and easy to use as well you got your pause play button right there on the right cup surrounded by volume buttons and you can also long press the volume buttons to skip your tracks they are quite tightly clustered together there as you can see but that pause play button is indented as opposed to the other two so you don’t have to fumble around to find out which one is which over on the other cup you’ve got the bass slider more on that in a bit and then just above that the power button as well and that’s ER next to for handy little LEDs which tell you when the active noise cancellation is actually active and it can also be used to give you a readout on the current battery level as well just a rough indication of how much juice you got left on the sound quality here on the Skullcandy crushers is also fantastic definitely a

match for pretty much any rival to find around this sort price point and if you download the skull crusher app from the Google Play Store the Apple App Store is where you can actually set up your own personal sound profile as well this is basically detects if you’ve got any defects and you’re here and you can’t hear for instance the laws particularly while the highs are a bit tricky to pick up and then it will boost them just to give you a full balance something I found it actually worked really really well I did get a much more clearer more balanced output using the app let’s get back to that beer cider certainly wonder what Lana Shand unique features here on the Skullcandy crushers ear NC and it works exactly how you’d expect is pump it all the way up to the top and you really really boost those laws but seriously stick it on that top level and the bass is just absolutely nuts check on something like grandson and you’ll practically feel your head snapping off of your shoulders no not maximum level I found there with Rocky Mountain music the vibrations were just a rather unpleasant add ones were basically just trembling non-stop on the side of my head so I tell them to keep it around sort of more the mid level just got that nice BC kick without absolutely overpower and everything and again those vibration is just too distracting but of course if you are listen to something more chilled then you can’t if we pump it up and get a real boost to those laws nice nothing good when you’re kicking back with a movie or something as well with a lot of bass in there like an action flick something like that you’ll definitely really really feel it coming through these bad boys and as the name kind of

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suggests the Skullcandy crushers ANC do boast active noise cancellation as well being deactivated whenever you need to suddenly here on the Crushers the noise cancellation in anywhere near as good as they are in the likes of Sony’s wf1 thousands I mean those things are just insane pop those on you’re in your own little peace bubble chances are absolutely everything all those annoying other people all around you you’re on the school candy crush’s kind of dampens the sound a bit but to be honest not a massive amount you do get this sort of non-stop statics or fuzz as well which is something that you don’t get with the Sony’s when the ANC is on you can just cup your hands like salt and that’ll turn on the ambient board after about sort of four or five seconds that just allows you to hear things a bit more clearly that’s going on around you but to be honest I find I could have conversations with people and sort of generally get an idea of what was going on with the ANC act of anyway so kind of rendered it a bit pointless I also prefer the Sony method of basically just cup in your hand there you immediately enter the sort of ambient mode where you can hear everything quite clearly and then just take it away again in order to go back in to noise cancelling it’s a lot quicker something that Sony’s don’t have that the skull that candy crush’s doodle is full built-in tiles support as well so if you’re the kind of forgetful funny who’s always losing there’s great news just download the free trial app onto your smartphone at any point if you can’t

find your skull candies just hit find and that’ll start to play and noise as you can hear they’re fire the Crushers rather annoying noise you can actually see on the app exactly how close you are as well thanks to these little rings which sort of Philip the closer you get as for battery life pretty good for pair of active noise-cancelling headphones pretty standard actually to be fair on tour twenty to twenty four hours from a single choice so if you’ve gone away for a long weekend something like that chances are you won’t have to power them up until you get back home if you want an even longer battery life go check out the m50x BTS from audio technica did a full review of those bad boys right here and but absolutely insane but your life on those things are definitely well worth a squint so overall would I recommend the Skullcandy crusher NC’s but I do like them quite a lot I like the design I like the personalization that you can get in the Sun profile through the app the built-in towel support things like that and the best slider is actually really really good when you’re hopping between different genres but unfortunately the active noise cancellation isn’t quite as good as the likes of the Sony WHS so it’s kind of tricky to recommend them over those especially as they basically come in at the same asking price but are you tempted by the school candy crusher NC staff you let us know in the comments down below be great to hear your thoughts please do pop subscribe and doing that notifications both for more on the latest grits tech jezzer on love you

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