Review Sudio Fem True Wireless Earbuds

I’m not let you devilishly handsome person ooh this is Christmas expert and today we’re gonna be reviewing at the Soo Do Femmes and no don’t worry I’m not gonna make the obvious Phil Collins joke so you can all relax yes they are indeed get another pair of true wireless earbuds there are a lot of them being released at the moment they’re coming out in December will cost you 140 euros but those fine focus to do have decided to give you lovely buggers a 15% discount all you got to do is enter the court expert when you’re checking out and that’ll get me your money off more cash for Christmas booze hooray now first up the studio films are very comfortable to rock all day long just use the stick and twist technique is it very snugly in your ear orifice there and thanks to the fact that you got the silicon tips you’ve got a selection different sizes bundled in the box along with the wireless earbuds in fact the exact pair that really suits your ears ship oh yeah they are very comfortable to rock even for several hours at a time great stuff but like the look of the studio FM’s as well and are quite chunky as some rival wireless earbuds that I’ve reviewed recently I like these pokey

little knots split this down below as well and a very distinctive look to the studio fence it’s almost as if you’ve taken a pair of just normal earphones I just chopped off the cables basically very cool you’ve got a good selection of colors to choose from as well as well as these black pair you’ve got white blue and pink as well as a couple of nice bright options you prefer something a bit more vibrant so it’ll get you noticed as you’re jogging down the street and speaking of jog in there also i px5 rin and sweat proof as well I’ve got a mate I didn’t do with sweatin while I was rocking these bad boys for the past week or so but I have certainly been out in lots of rainstorms hooray UK and again absolutely fine no issues with performance whatsoever now pairing up with your smartphone tablet whatever it is an absolute piece of pie all you’ve got to do is take them out the kiss and then just long press on the surface here they’ll enter pairing modes and I know go do is go into a bluetooth menu on your smart phone and find them job done I know issues whatsoever connect with multiple devices that was all good I’ve got to say I love the lady voice that announces that the parent has been successful she’s very enthusiastic indeed it’s got bit more figure than the usual power on pair in successful well definitely you up at the end of a day I’ll see actual Bluetooth 5 connection itself absolutely find always that

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always perfectly stable even in central London really busy areas train stations and the like didn’t have any stutters or Stumbo’s or any interference at all so that’s great and I could quite happily leave my fallen in one room wanted to the next room long and again the connection would stick nice and stable and definitely no issues with lag when I was watching a video on my phone or something like that as well like voice and the action all stay perfectly synced so again great stuff now as with most true wireless earbuds yours get a full touch control support here on the studio FM’s as well each bird has its own button it’s not really a button it’s really just a touch sensitive area slightly inverted and the surface as well so you don’t touch it by accident actually got a full comprehensive range of controls as well so a single tap of either of these buds will pause you music another tap will resume its you can long press on either of them to call up your phone assistance through the Google assistant here on Android to do a double tap of the left one that will skip you back a track double top of the right bud that will skip you forward a track if you do a triple tap of either that will either raise or lower the volume again depend on which but you’re using so it’s great to see that like some volume control included in there and everything quite a lot to wrap your head around at first bravura after a couple of days or so it basically be second nature to you as well it’s also give a fairly firm tap for it to register but not too firm and you can’t just kind of pinch the bud at the same times you’re not driving it into your ear canal which is definitely a good thing father the single taps when I do registers perfectly every time the double and triple tap sometimes I just do it a couple of times before it registers properly even after a few days of use so as I’ll ever have quite got the knack down to it or maybe it’s just a little bit iffy on the responsiveness but again it’s more convenient than a rigidity

pocket pull a nightly forward unlock and it doing a lot kind of shenanigans are definitely good to have of course none of that would be worth a hill of beans whatever that means if the sound quality was rather naff but thankfully the Sudi off ends are at least on a par with the likes of the samsung galaxy buds those galaxy birds were of course close rivals as far as the price goes and I felt the city offensive also pretty much anabolic to the Edifier tws fives as well which are a bit cheaper to runs for a hundred pound mark you definitely get a strong stereo effect from any tracks and movies and the like that really take advantage of that and I found that when you’re listening to a band and orchestra whatever you can make out the individual instruments in there as well it’s a good enough quality sound to sort of pick up the little details you might otherwise miss in lesser quality buds and I thought the studio feds were also reasonably good for rock and metal music as well an area where true wireless earbuds quite often faulty get a reasonable amount of bass and a good little slap the drums and everything but of course they are no match for the likes of the powerbeats poor which are to be fair considerably more expensive absolutely no issues with coal quality either you get four built-in mics on the buzzer so they can pick out ambient sound it sort of helped to reduce it a bit so I found that if it was in a reasonably noisy environment like a high street the caller could still make out exactly what I was saying so no problem there either so do your records you’ll get around six hours of use from a single charge on

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these buds a phone yeah so probably between five and six hours of use depend on obviously the volume and when they are running low on charge or when you just want to store them basically all you got to do is just shove them back in this thing key little kiss which you get bundled in there and now as you see there the LEDs go on and I just shows you that the buds are charging you get roughly two full recharges from the kiss as well so that means you get close to 20 hours of full-time use from these bad boys before you actually need to plug the case in as well and give that a recharge thankfully is type-c USB not crap your micro USB so this you can almost certainly use the same charger that your phone users unless you’ve got a really old phone now virtually the kiss itself doesn’t support wireless charging which many rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy buds around this sort of price point do so that’s kind of a shame if you’ve got something like a p30 pro an s10 which supports that reverse wireless charging you just stick on your phone and get a bit of a charge in a bit of a pinch but here all

the kids itself is reasonably chunky but still quite pocket-sized again not quite as think is the Samsung Galaxy buds but it certainly does the job and it looks rollin if T and that’s what I think I’m the studio fans after a full week of use I do think they struggle to distinguish themselves from thus the competition and really set themselves apart in one key area hundred forty quid is a bit more expensive than the likes the Edifier tws fives which I mentioned before which are slightly better battery life just as strong sound quality and everything as well but that said after a week of use I would still happily rock the studio FM’s every single day as my own personal parent of true wireless earbuds and with that discount cord of course you do get a little bit off as well so what are you recognise empted by the studio FM stuffy let us know in the comments down below please do poke subscribe and think that notifications both for more than list and greatest tech and have yourselves a fine week people cheers love you

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