Review Motorola Razr After One week

so as predicted last year a major mobile talking point of 2019 has been the Bendi phone even though what a lot of people refer to as a bendy phone isn’t really a bendy phone it’s a bendy tablet that folds up into a brick like device that you’re then supposed to cram into your pocket and somehow he uses our phone as well but lo and behold right at the arse end of 2019 Motorola storms in with a fresh new take on its classic razor smartphone this is a proper foldable handset not a foldable tablet like Samsung and while weighs much-maligned efforts you will actually be able to buy the new Motorola RAZR here in the UK and across Europe before the end of 2019 but it comes with quite a premium price tag over 1,500 euros so it’s definitely one for the early adopters with lots of money in the bank only the crazy cats who have to have this mental new technology before everyone else but as a sign of where the mobile technology realms could go to in the next couple of years it’s definitely very very intriguing indeed now first of all in its folded up form the Motorola RAZR 2019 is an incredibly compact we beastie nice slab like the galaxy vault you can slip this thing into any pocket bag or orifice no worries at all it lovely glass finish no surprises there but the modelled back as well door to aid with grip and that’s basically the only external part of this phone that doesn’t smudge up a storm as soon as you dare to touch it now unfortunately at launch the Motorola RAZR 2019 will only be available in black but they’ve kind of slightly hinder there may be some color variations coming as well as a fingers crossed for a really nice

sexy metallic blue or maybe a nice bright vibrant red now there’s 205 gram weights Motorola’s new board deftly has a decent heft to it but it’s still comfortably within the confines of premium smartphones unlike the other brick like foldable devices I played with recently and as I mention before the motor is it is impressively tiny when it’s folded up but also nice and super skinny when you open it up as well that’s stainless steel jaw hinge mechanism fills reassuringly sturdy and also works seamlessly as well you seriously can’t see or feel any kind of groove in the middle of that display when it is spread wide open it’s very impressive indeed the Motorola execs certainly seem confident at the RZA 2019 s launch that Joule hinge system and the bendy screen should comfortably survive the full length of a two-year warranty and it’s promised in a quick 24 hour turnaround time there any issues that may crop up as well as you get your phone replaced in a jiffy definitely reassuring given Samsung’s recent wars and apparently the Rays of 2019 is also scratch resistant and water repellent but I’ll be fully testing that out when I get my hands on a review sample now on the front of the

phone when it’s all folded up you get a dinky quick view screen it’s a 2.7 inch OLED panel with an 800 by 600 pixel resolution certainly seems nice and crisp and reasonably colorful as well on that panel you can see any income and notifications and you can also directly interact with them as well so you can reply to messages and everything without actually bothering to open up the razor you can also mess around with the phone settings pay for your media controls turn on the Google assistant all kinds of stuff when the phone is folded up like so now as soon as you begin to unfold this beast the main 6.2 inch OLED screen kicks into life you can expect continuity between that external display and the big screen so I’m a feature you were using in the folded up form well then pop up onto the mean razor display once it’s opened up you get the same set my vision 21 by 9 aspect ratio as some of Motorola’s recent one branded handsets very well-suited to movies and the like supported by about half of the film

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content on Netflix but unfortunately there is a chunky not intruded on the view so if you do go full 21 by 9 that will crop in to some of the content and of course any unsupported content is then cropped considerably top and bottom if you do go full screen without 2142 by 876 resolution all of your content and certainly the menus and everything else looks nice and crisp and punchy sadly the Motorola RAZR 2019 also comes back in the old Android 9 hasn’t quite been updated to the latest fresh Android 10 hopefully that will be coming in a very very soon update but we’ll have to wait and see on that one still it is lovely stock version of Android and of course you get the standard selection of Auto experiences slapped on there as well as there’s plenty of gesture support I like to the 100 more is back in action you’ve got the gesture such as the double wrist twist to open up the camera and so on there’s also a dinky little fingerprint sensor an actual physical fingerprint sensor hurrah on that Jesse out chin so you can quickly unlock the handset and using that 5 megapixel internal camera as well

which is housed in the little notch at the top of the screen you’ve got full face recognition support to those of love that Lord Rahl has shoved in a hidden little retro mode as well this can only be used for our phone calls and messaging and it’ll probably be ignored by most people who actually use the phone but it’s still a cute little spot of mist for us old so in terms of the actual design I absolutely love the new Motorola RAZR 2019 to bits but unfortunately Motorola has had to made some sacrifices in order to get this form factor to really work first up this thing is powered by the Snapdragon 710 chipset amid take Qualcomm platform that’s over a year old now and has since been superseded by the likes of the 730 in 730 G the reason for using this all the tech is of course the limitations of the design you’ve not just got the size of the platform and everything to think of you’ve also got the likes of thermal issues as well and while a new r is definitely to run apps that you find on my hands-on associate does mean of course you are


limited in terms of the performance as far as the likes of gaming and stuff like that is concerned secondly the razor has a dinky 2500 milliamp battery stuffed inside or rather two batteries with a combined 2000 500 milliamp capacity my unfortunately is one of the smallest crosstie batteries of any smartphones I’ve handled recently even the pixel for which really struggled to make it even into the evening on a full charge here’s some of those more energy-efficient components and of course the fact that you’ve got that dinky display on the outside which you can use to check for notifications reply to messages and so on will really help to reduce the battery drain and therefore give you a full day of use there’s also no space for a physical SIM card inside of the Motorola RAZR 2019 as well it uses Isom only it’s all right there obviously seriously limits the number of networks that you can actually use the Motorola RAZR 2019 with and indeed E is the sole provider here in the UK that will stock and support it as for those all-important optics while there is a 20-19 sports a single lens 16 megapixel rear camera with an F 1.7 aperture and that’s housed on the back of that flip lid to a conveniently doubles up as the selfie cam when the phone is actually

folded up I’ve got single lens snappers are pretty much unheard of of smartphones in 2019 so you don’t get the likes of the ultra wide-angle lens the telephoto lens which you got on the far cheaper Motorola 1 zoom there’s not even a depth sensor for your portrait shots though apparently there is a time of flight sensor hidden away underneath that glass I did try out the portrait modes here on the Motorola RAZR 2019 the dog studio environment was unfortunately far from perfect for testing it out although the results did look quite blurry you’ll have to wait for my full review to see if it actually holds up you get all the same bonus motorola features as recent more cheaper handsets of course the likes of the night mode and the what color make a very welcome return you’ve also got Motorola Zi features as well to recommend board switches whenever needed straighten up wonky shots and so on I won’t cute and unique little feature which will definitely be appreciated by parents is the fact that you can flash up a little funny face on that external display to actually attract your Sprague’s attention and get them looking at the bloody camera lens and then buried away in that notch up top is a 5-megapixel selfie camera which is of course best used for Skype sessions as you can simply close up the Rays of 2019 and use the main camera to grab an Instagram snap but whenever you need to so the

new Motorola RAZR 2019 smartphone should go on sale here in the UK and in select European markets come at the end of 2019 S at December time basically and yeah it’s gonna cost a lot 1599 euros was the price they quoted us so you can expect as basic Austin garand and a half here in the UK and that’s definitely a high-priced appear because of course you do get the limited performance the battery life probably won’t be amazing the camera tech is also very limited compared with a lot of rivals which cost just three or four hundred pounds let alone over a grand so yeah it’s gonna be only for those early adopters but definitely very intriguing to see where this technology takes us and if we can do more and more handsets with that sort of foldable clamshell design but really bring the price down as well that would be fantastic because I really do love this form factor so what do you reckon are you tempted to buy the new Motorola RAZR definitely greater your thoughts are down below are you more tempted by the ridiculously big bendy tablet things instead be great to hear your thoughts and please do put subscribing thing that notifications fell for more on the latest and greatest tech juicer on love you

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