Asus AiMesh AX6100 WiFi 6 Mesh Setup

hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from Tech’s Burton this absolute beast is a Zeus’s imesh Wi-Fi system X 6100 with full Wi-Fi six support one of the all the mesh systems with that Wi-Fi six support available right now it’s currently 275 quid on Amazon kori UK so it certainly doesn’t fit into the affordable bracket it’s a lot more expensive than most other mesh Wi-Fi systems you’ll find out there and though it’s still cheaper than rivals from the likes of all be sorry now I’m gonna yank this beast out of its box get it all set up and give it a ruddy good test in it as well to see if it’s worth that cash in for more on the latest greatest tech please do plug subscribe and thing that notifications bail Cheers so first up let’s see what you actually get inside of the box now while a lot of mesh systems with that design they try to blend in with the rest of your home decor quite a lot of them look like miniature advisors or they look very subtle indeed a Zeus has basically gone the exact opposite route with the ax 6100 these things are unmistakeably hardcore Wi-Fi tech and they ain’t gonna be blending in with it unless your home happens to be a 1980s electronics store the design of the two points

is absolutely identical you get four external antennas as well as the two built-in internal antennas as well to boost the signal as you see got strong selection of ports on both of them as well you’ve got a one connection as well as the four LAN connections a power and reset button around the side you’ve got a pair of the USB ports as well a 2.0 and a 3.0 and a selection of status lights as well and I’m going to get everything else you need to set up the mesh system bundled in the box including the power adapters bit of Ethernet cable action and it was a very hearty bit of documentation don’t worry though even though this manual is an absolute beast only the first 12 pages are actually in English few so you can use either of the points as the root of the other one as the Lord for the mesh system what you just need to do is basically disconnect your existing router and then plug that cable into the one port on the back of the is Zeus fruits are here and of course I’ve got a ton of bridges plugged into my old room as well both Phillips hue action bit of although all that kind of shenanigans so again you’ll have to disconnect those and then plug them into the land net ports here on the back of the new ear Zeus router and then you just need to get connected to a PC or laptop via the ethernet cable and I’ll just lay the set up the internet and also actually configure the Wi-Fi itself one troll hooked up just open up your web browser and type in rooted or is use calm and address bar and then you’re good to go it’s all nice and straightforward basically just end to

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your ISP details in order to get connected to the internet you’ve got to enter the Wi-Fi name and password for actually connecting devices to your Wi-Fi network I just use the same network name and password that I already had and they’ve got to set up a name and a password for tweaking the Rueter setting themselves directly and then once you set up the actual route now it’s time to add the Nords okay so actually had quite a bit of trouble getting the routed to identifying connect to the nord for some reason that just wasn’t detecting it whatsoever so what I’ve had to do is reset the node and thankfully it’s now popped up so we can get all connected to that very slowly alrighty so the route and the Lord role paid up as you can see from the main route a desktop here and unsurprisingly it’s quite a complex hub right here all kinds of features that you can check out so for instance the usual stuff you can see exactly what devices are connected to your Wi-Fi how much bandwidth they use them and so on and so forth not just that but as a separate quality of service section as well you can see the exact bandwidth that’s been hogs by individual devices it gives you a nice visual readout of it also you can see if you are getting a bit of a bottleneck somewhere what exactly is causing the problem and of course you can set up a guest network for any people who are coming around you don’t entirely trust them to have full access to all of your devices and everything you can just set up a quick and simple guest networks they can at least jump on the internet and so on and of course the Xu’s takes its security very very seriously indeed so you’ve got what they

term eye protection bundled in there as well as you’ve got full network protection this he acts like a firewall just protecting you from any threats that might be trying to invade your network uh-oh looks like I’ve got a danger written here let’s just give this a quick scan make sure everything’s all right now probably my network password is piss-poor obviously they get a detailed breakdown of exactly any potential security threats malicious sites block into the IPS and everything as well you can happily enable or disable any features that you want in that a eye protection or eye protection however you pronounce it and any control freaks will be right at home the level of depth of some of these features is very impressive indeed and good news if you’ve got kitty winks because you do get full parental controls as well to help keep them safe from any nasty stuff lurking on that their internets and of course gamers are well catered for as well as you would expect from a zoo so for instance you’ve got the warm click game first mods and there’s basically just prioritizes your game and session to ensure that you get a strong stable connection as small as ping as possible while anyone else in the house will do happens to be streaming video or things like that will basically track like second-class citizens and rightly saw no Wi-Fi six of course supports faster upload and download speeds compared with earlier versions of Wi-Fi in fact azuz reckons you go up to 60 100

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megabytes per second download speeds with the ax 6100 hence the name don’t go expectant anywhere close to that of course what you’ll actually see is completely dependent on your ISP the quality of broadband in your area all kinds of shenanigans the major advantage of Wi-Fi 6 is the reliability of the connection it can handle a lot more devices sim your tenuously which is going to be really really handy when we start absolutely flooding our homes with smart devices of course most phones laptops and other connected gear which have been released in 2019 don’t support Wi-Fi 6 it’s still stuck on Wi-Fi 5 but don’t worry all of that all kit will still work absolutely fine with the ax 6100 router and the good news is that in 2020 more and more Wi-Fi 6 devices will be rolling out now once you’ve got that node all set up you’ll be able to shove it anywhere else in your house where your connection isn’t particularly strong where you need a really strong stable connection i’ve just bugs mine in the study here because that’s where i do a lot of gaming and the good news is that the is uzi x 6100 uses a tri-band setup so the root of the node are actually connected by a completely separate band to those used by your various devices so they don’t hog all of that bandwidth right so not to do a bit of testing with the razorblade pro 17 this is one of the few Wi-Fi 6 enabled gaming laptops that’s available right now I’m in the study so full-floor away from where the root is located but in the same room as that Nord the laptop is connected to the node as you can see there it’s the middle entry and we’re going to do is going to do a broadband check just to see how we’re doing in terms of

the ping levels things like that so that’s it go so as you can see they’re getting pretty much what I expected the broadband connection isn’t fantastic in this area so I tend to get around a sort of 35 to 40 mark as you see there grit ping on the 8 milliseconds it’s not Nord is definitely delivering a decent download speeds and yet very strong ping as well great stuff to further test out the route I tried streaming netflix on a couple of different devices around the house while also indulgent and a bit of online gaming action with that classic Earth Defense Force and absolutely no worries whatsoever the game played nice and smoothly nor dropouts or anything like that so definitely sort of far touchwood this is sumesh system since we doing the job so there you have it just a quick tour of the ears ooze ax 6100 Wi-Fi 6 mesh system definitely very impressive stuff so far I’m going to continue to use it as my full-time Wi-Fi setup and if I notice any little issues or anything I will bung an update in the description down below I thought what should ever want to please do pub subscribing thing that notifications about for more on the latest greatest tech Cheers

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