Review Kygo A11/800 Headphones Another ANC contender?

hello gorgeous peeps are this Kristen tech spent and today we’re gonna be reviewing another pair of headphones the kygo ear 11800 is very catchy NIMH here in the UK you can grab them from likes of argusville cost you two hundred and thirty quid so they’re definitely premium headphones right up there with the likes to the Sony WH one thousands balls beats all that kind of shenanigans so are they actually worth that asking price well I’ve been rocking them on my Baldy Bonds for just over a week now and here’s my full in-depth I got eleven eight hundred a review and from or on the latest greatest ecklie’s do prog subscribe and ding that notifications Bell chairs let’s start with the design and you can get the Chi goes and either white or black quite a limited selection especially compared to the lights of the beat Solar pros which come in a fantastic range of really vibrant colors as well as the more subdued hues as well the white model looks perfectly fine though you’ve got nice interesting bit of detail and especially here on

the right cup and the important thing is they’re really really comfy the way even for extended periods get a nice bit of a pattern here on the band’s especially good if you’ve got little natural pattern from stuff like hair for instance and plenty of pattern around the ear cups as well as there’s quite a firm fit definitely especially if you don’t actually extend them out but despite that firm grip on your skull I found again that absolutely fine to wear for extended periods to get any earache or anything like that all goods parent is nice and straightforward you’ve got built-in NFC support here so if your smartphone has NFC which that’s fizzes pretty much every mobile phone in 2019 then just tap them together and they will pair up otherwise you can do the usual Bluetooth connectivity settings menu action job done just like rivals such as the beats all the pros the Sony WH 1000s you do have better touch control action as well it’s all clustered here on the right cup and it’s very straightforward stuff you Missy tap to play tap again to pause your music if you swipe up and down that will raise all over the volume and if you swipe right and left that will skip before will attract or

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reverse you back that such controls work perfectly fine when you want them to but I’ve also found that they work when you don’t want them to as well so fizzes if you just make minor adjustments to the cups I find that my music was constantly pausing and then playing itself and also I’ve been decided to wear a hug that would often cause complications as well again pause and the music when you don’t want it to so as the sound quality goes well the clarity isn’t quite as strong as some rivals around this price point I couldn’t pick out some of those finer details that come on rivals like the Sony’s and some busy rock and metal tracks defi sounded quite muddy and confused however that said you do have the kygo mobile app which you can use to actually play around with some of the sound settings for instance type on into the settings and you’ll find there is a bass booster feature in there which does actually add quite a bit of bytes to your rock tracks your male tracks hip-hop that sort of thing definitely well worth sticking on if you want a little bit more grunt from your tracks you’ve also got a various preset so you can play around the four in total in fact but there are the confusing

names of the city’s role and genres of music or something which would be a bit more easy Tercel figure out one earth is going on so New York fizzes is all about the hip hop and R&B bergens and all sort of laid-back acoustic stuff Ibiza obviously deep house trance that sort of thing I didn’t really have much success for this thing to be honest quite often I just ended up going into the sound settings and just resetting it all because I just didn’t get on with it at all but maybe you’d have more luck than I did now the kygo 11800 headphones to offer some pretty good noise suppression just for the general or via padded design so you’ll find that you get some pretty good sort of isolation just by wearing them by themselves but you’ve also got dedicated active noise cancellation as well which is a featured camp expect and this sort of 200 to 250 pound price point and this quite effectively reduces the rumble of trains jet engines things like that – it’s all more of a gentle hiss so it is definitely effective not quite as strong again as the sony WH 1000 mark threes which are absolutely fantastic but not too far off either and you also have an ambient mode and an awareness mode

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onboard as well which could be toggled again with a quick button press the awareness board is supposed to let vocals come through clearly while dampen and low frequency sounds I personally struggled to tell any difference on a commuter tree and when I was out and about though basically with either these mods you can hear pretty much everything going on around you as if you weren’t wearing headphones or at least you can if you actually pause your music while in those was because if you’re playing any kind of tunes once again everything will be kind of blocked outs of us rendering the whole ambient awareness boards pointless that’s for the battery life oh it’s a 950 milliamps I’ll stuffed inside the keg or 11800 to get caught at 40 hours of battery life I definitely found it was more than 30 I managed a full week of use on a single charge which is great and they charge it relatively fast as well once you plug them in though I did find I had

to use the bundled USB cable in the Box I couldn’t use any if I the other type-c USB cables because they simply did not work at all it’s a bit of a bummer when you try charging it up for a couple of hours then go outside and then they’re still dead ass and indeed biscuits it’s all right there in that shell is the kygo eleven in hundreds because if it is a thirty quid I’d be much more swayed by the likes of the sore knees bores or of course something like their power beats pro as well which were a lot more compacts a lot more easily transportable yet still give you that really great sound quality but what do you think are you tempted by the Chi goes maybe you’ve used them I definitely love to hear your own personal a review down in the comments block please leave Prague subscribe and think that notifications fell for more on the latest greatest tech Jesu love you

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