Review Huawei Nova 5T Budget-friendly P30 alternative

now these days Huawei it might be best known for its shiny premium flagship smartphones as well as of course in rage and Trump and his Washington cronies but the Chinese giant still has a hand in the mid-range mobile market and this is one of its latest the Wyatt Nova 5t this sleek we beastie cost just 250 quid sim-free here in Blighty and it serves up some tasty tech for that price including a quarter lens rear camera and similar specs to the brilliant while we’re p30 flagship from 2019 so far so very bloody good but it’s the way we number 5 t actually worth your cash well I’ve been using it as my full-time personal smartphone for one week now and here is my in-depth and review and for one the latest greatest tech please zoom fog subscribe and think that notifications Bell cheers now first up I do really like the look and feel of Wali’s mid-range err although my review model is suddenly the borer and black version thankfully you can also grab the nova 5 t and the wallace nozzoli titled crush blue or midsummer purple hues complete with a multi-layered 3d effect nor less and I’d recommend going for those of you prefer something a bit more vibrant and eye catching all the same this got friendly model looks very

smart indeed the glass finish is tidy and please lead herbal as well no Nick’s or scratches to mention after a full week of general abuse while the front end is still protected by a pre-installed screen cover this isn’t a compact form by any means but the six point two six inch screen stretches damn near edge to edge while that light 174 gram trim is comfortable to Klutch so it definitely feels a lot better than most beast sized rivals one of the more distinctive design features here on the wall we’re over 5t is that side mounted fingerprint sensor definitely a pleasure to use and unlike recent Sony smartphones it actually doubles as the power button as well you don’t need to push it in to unlock the Nova five teeth or just tap your digit at the surface and that will do the job I’d have seen no troubles at all with this scanner and you’ve always got the responsive face and lock feature as a backup – speaking of that fierce and lock that’s just one Android Edition that comes courtesy of Huawei and it’s enjoyable emotion UI launcher sadly mine over 5 T is still stuck on the older mu 89.1 but it should be updated imminently to the fresh new Amiri 10 so we’ve been promised now I’ve already done a full review and an in-depth look at some of the best new features in emotion UI 10 so go check that out for all you needed on likes

the dark more the improved customization and so on now the good news is that the Huawei No five T comes with full support for Google services as well to get access to the Play Store and all those other vital Android bits whew I’ve gotta say like usual with while we’re smartphones I really like the software setup here on an over 5t the menus roll nice and tidy and logically laid out all the stuff you’d expect to see in there like the apps tray I’ll still there they I’m being cold back they haven’t likes the me UI they’ve got some great bonus bits likes likes the one-handed more which was just really helped out with the everyday use now moving on to the hardware and the norm is 6.2 six inch IPS screen is just as lovable as the warrior p30s gorgeous display the full HD plus resolution means everything looks pin-sharp and those colors really do pop on the default vivid mode you can take the edge off a bit by drop into the natural version instead but this vibrant output is well suited to the colourful UI because the one screen feature that might slightly urge some people is that pinhole selfie cam which blots out one corner of the display I’ve got to say I never firstly found myself bothered at all by a little pinhole not sheathing it stuck to it right the far corners even when I was watching that Netflix and browsing the web doing whatever never intruded on what I was doing it if it does bother you no

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worries oh you got to do is dive into the display settings go to the knotch section and then tap this little thing here and then boom it’s hidden from view hooray of course if it’s very presence there still bothers you even when you can’t actually see the thing just get yourself something like the Motorola one hyper instead that’s for the audio while intersexual built-in speaker it’s a single mono speaker downwards fire on the bottom edge and it’s not the loudest speaker around but the clarity it’s pretty good on that top volume at least Fe fine for watching a bit video or something like that I mean smartphone so one-handed use is a bit of a pain in the ass at least without a bit of help unfortunately there is no headphone jack anywhere on the Huawei at Norview 5 t but the good news is the Bluetooth 5 connectivity holds up very well indeed even when I was bombed around in a busy airport that connection did not fail me onto performance that is a bit of a treat as the Nova 5t sports the same specs as last year’s while we’re p30 nearly a cure 980 platform backed by 6 gigs of ram and i thought that i nearly is getting on a bit in 2020 you still get more than enough grunt for every dish and none against media streaming split-screen and whatever you fancy and yep gimen is indeed a cinch as well Wow is game turbo feature can have deliver a consistent frame rate on titles like pub G mobile even when you’re given for a couple of hours or so with no arrest fight almost stop detail settings I had no problems get a smooth experience throughout you also get 128 gigs and storage on both and over five T as well it should be absolutely fine for all of your apps and media shenanigans although if you do shoot an awful lot of for keyhole movies on this thing then you’re

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probably will have to do a bit of a clear-out at some point especially as there’s no support for microSD memory cards a three thousand seven hundred and fifty million battery provides the juice and this is absolutely more than enough to keep you powered up all there even after really intense busy days basically using the 5 T pretty much non-stop for emails skyping streaming media watch it a bit of video camera use all that kind of shenanigans I still rarely made it to bed with less than 15 percent battery minun and at no point was I concerned about it actually dying before the end of the day plugged in over 5c in via type-c USB and you’ll get roughly a half charge in about 30 minutes which is pretty good although still takes well over an hour to get a full charge pretty standard for this price point just like the lack of wireless charging support now while we’re usually manages to stuff a Lords of camera lenses on its smartphones and another 50 is definitely no different you get five in all including the quadlings rear setup and of course that lovable pinhole cam app front on the back end you get a 40 at megapixel primary lens plus ultra wide and macro lenses and a depth sensor for your portrait shots now by default you shoot photos at 12 megapixel with pixel been in to brighten up your shots and this does an admirable job in almost any conditions even photo shot in testan scenarios against bright skies when his li lit indoor environments usually emerge with a natural color reproduction and a respectable level of detail those HDR situations rarely result in an overexposed picture which is pleasing to see and even at night on full auto mode the Nova 5t performs admirably you can of course slap on the night board at any time if you’re on a brighter image

and this usually helps to make things a lot clearer you can also bump up the resolution to a full 48 megapixel if you want final results and if you plant a crop into one area of a photo while you’re editing and I really like the portrait mode results as well which as usual do a bang-up job of extracting your subject from the background while adding in a sexy splash and Bakke action swap the video and the wine over 5 teeters an alright job for capturing up to 4k resolution home movies colors occasionally look a bit limp or unnatural but you do respectful level of detail and the image stabilization isn’t terrible but like usual with mid-range mobiles don’t even bother shooting in low-light the results aren’t too pretty Huawei is also shoved a mite leaf a 2 megapixel selfie cam in that pinhole housing so your selfies will look pin shot even when shooting against bright skies it does a great job complete with a bit of portrait smart on demand and now right there is what I think of the Huawei in over 5 T after using it as my full-time personal smartphone for a week now I think the C for the 350-pound price point there are very few floors to really pick out it’s a solid mid-range mobile stands tall against the competition like the Opera know to Zen Motorola’s new one hyper and although shenanigans so are you tempted by the way we’re over 5 TB greater your thoughts in the comments down below please do poke subscribe and doing that notification spell for more on the latest greatest tech and stay tuned for a whole buttload more reviews including the Samsung Galaxy a 51 of course MWC is just around the corner so have yourselves love doing people Cheers love you

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