Lenovo Legion 5 (2021) Review – Still Best Ryzen Gaming Laptop?

Last year I said the Lenovo Legion 5 was the finest Ryzen pc gaming laptop computer available for the cash, so allow’s learn if that’s still the instance and also if this year’s brand-new freshened model is worth thinking about. I purchased the Ryzen 7 5800H plus Nvidia RTX 3060 arrangement for testing, as I thought that would be of most interest. Mine featured 16 jobs of memory, a 512 job SSD and also a 15.6″ 1080p 165Hz screen. Currently there is likewise an all AMD version of the Legion 5 with the new RX 6600M graphics, but I’m still attempting to get it, and there are additionally various other Nvidia options with both lower and higher GPUs. You can check out other arrangements as well as updated rates with those web links down in the summary. The Legion 5 has an all plastic develop, but I believed it felt great sufficient. The coating is called phantom blue, a darker blue primarily, but there’s likewise a stingray white coating. The laptop alone considers about 2.5 kg or 5.5lb, after that 3.5 kg or 7.8 pound total amount with the huge 300 watt power brick and also wires, so on the larger side for a 15″ laptop computer. It’s not slim or anything, yet not big either, simply a regular 15″ video gaming laptop size. The 15.6″ 1080p 165Hz display has suitable shade range for a gaming laptop, above typical contrast, but the FreeSync variety starts fairly high. The display gets over 300 nits at maximum brightness, but it gets dark fairly quickly without a lot of

control at reduced degrees. The Lenovo Vantage software application, the control board for the laptop computer, allows you allow or disable optimus, aka hybrid setting. With optimus allowed the display still has FreeSync, and with optimus disabled you have actually instead obtained the option of G-Sync, so finest of both worlds nevertheless you run it. The vantage software application likewise provides us the option to enable or disable panel overdrive, which should influence screen action time. I didn’t actually find a difference between overdrive on or off though, so not exactly sure if this was a bug, however we’re considering just under a 7ms typical grey-to-grey action time. It’s not outstanding compared to others, even the 144Hz panel in in 2015’s Legion 5 was greater than 2ms faster, so with any luck the overdrive setting gets boosted in a future software program update, as the Lenovo website claims a 3ms feedback time with overdrive. This is the amount of time it draws from a mouse switch press to when a gunfire fires in CS: GO. The complete system latency got on the slower side, with even more irregular results as per the greater common inconsistency. Backlight hemorrhage was really minor, I never ever noticed it during typical use, yet it will range laptop and panel. There’s a 720p video camera above the display between, no IR for Windows Hi though, but there’s a turn on the right that literally separates the cam for privacy. This is what the cam as well as microphone look and seem like, and also this is what it appears like while I’m keying on the key-board, as well as you can really see that the screen is wobbling a bit while I’m keying. The Legion 5 is readily available with either a white backlit keyboard, or 4 area RGB, which is what my own has. You can use the function plus area shortcut to cycle with a few

different results or turn it off, nonetheless there doesn’t appear to be a keyboard shortcut for readjusting brightness. This is instead regulated via the Vantage software program with 2 degrees of illumination, and the rate of the impact can be readjusted in between four different speed degrees. You can change the 3 profiles exactly how you like after that usage function as well as space to cycle in between your adjustments. All keys as well as second functions obtain illuminated. It’s obtained 1.5 mm of key traveling, as well as I’m glad that the arrow tricks aren’t little like others. Just like various other Lenovo laptop computers, personally I suched as inputting on the key-board. The precision touchpad is mylar, so plastic. It feels wonderful and also smooth, clicks anywhere, and works penalty. It never obstructed while inputting or playing video games. The left has an air exhaust air vent, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port and a 3.5mm sound combo jack. The right has the camera separate button, a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port, as well as there’s an air exhaust on this side too. The rest of the I/O is on the back in between 2 edge air exhausts. From delegated right we have actually got a gigabit ethernet port, second USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, three more USB 3.2 Gen1

Type-A ports for 4 in total amount, HDMI 2.1 result, and the power input on the. The Type-C port on the back of the laptop can be used to bill it, but the one on the front left can not. Both Type-C ports offer DisplayPort 1.4 assistance, so you can connect an exterior display to either of them as well as both link directly to the Nvidia graphics. There are some symbols above the rear ports to assist you see where you require to connect in without transforming the laptop computer about, yet they can be difficult to see in a darker space, as they don’t brighten like the Myriad 7. There’s absolutely nothing on the front, nevertheless the center protrudes a little making it extremely simple to grip onto when opening up the lid, as well as the cover goes the full 180 levels back for sharing. You can likewise additionally make it possible for flip to boot, which automatically powers the laptop on when you open up the lid, something I choose given possibilities are I desire to utilize the maker when I do this. A few of you were inquiring about hinge problems, I’m not knowledgeable about any kind of with the 5 collection particularly, and the photos of the within of the cover from Lenovo appear to show that it has the better enhanced joint layout. There’s some flex to the plastic display, and as mentioned earlier mine did totter a little while keying. The plastic lid has that phantom blue finish, and also the Myriad message has a kind of rainbow effect that can be seen depending on the angle of light. There’s some flex to plastic inside, however this had not been

anything I noticed throughout regular usage beyond purposefully pushing difficult. The lower panel simply has some air vents in the direction of the back and audio speakers near the front, and also we can see that a lot of the back has a dust filter with the exception of directly over the followers. Obtaining inside calls for getting rid of 12 Phillips head screws of 2 different sizes, as well as like other Myriad laptops it can be a bit awkward to open up. I really broke short 2 of the plastic clips in my attempt. I found it simpler to open up by prying around the back making use of the devices connected in the description. Just beware pulling it off as I have actually had fractures near the air vents prior to. When inside there are metal plates over the M. 2 ports. These are removed by taking out 3 smaller sized phillips head screws from each, while the memory cover can simply be pried off, I had the ability to utilize my fingernails. There are thermal pads on both of the storage covers. With the steel coverings removed, we’ve obtained the 80Wh battery

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down the front, two M. 2 storage slots above on the left and right, Wi-Fi 6 card on the right, and also two memory ports in the center. As was the instance with the higher rate Myriad 5 Pro, my regular Legion 5 utilizes the exact same x16 memory, so swapping it to x8 memory must give a speed increase, and I’ll show you this when we reach the video game examinations. The 2 audio speakers are discovered beneath on the left and also right sides in the direction of the front. I thought they sounded pretty average for a laptop computer, not wonderful, there’s minimal bass and they’re a little bit tinny at higher volume, and also the latencymon outcomes were looking alright. My Legion 5 has a 4-Cell 80Wh battery, but there’s likewise a smaller sized 60Wh version too, so expect lower run time keeping that. I have actually examined it with crossbreed setting, also known as optimus, both on and also off, demonstrating that with it off the Nvidia GPU burns with more power, leading to much less run time. It’s doing fairly well when compared to various other laptop computers, lasting for greater than 9 as well as a fifty percent hrs in the YouTube playback examination, though it’s not quite matching in 2014’s Legion 5, given that likewise has reduced specifications as well. You can additionally run the Legion 5 with a smaller 230 watt power block, I would certainly assume that ought to suffice to run the 5800H and also 3060 as it’s sufficient for other laptop computers, but I do not have that block to examination. Unlike the greater tier Legion 5 Pro, there’s no constructed in Fn plus R faster way

to switch the screen to 60Hz, so I have not bothered screening battery life keeping that as there’s no very easy developed in shortcut, however probably if you did swap to 60Hz that would certainly boost the battery life also additionally. What’s strange to me is that the biography changelog for the Legion 5 since variation 23 really says that they eliminated the Fn plus R faster way. No concept why, yet it seems like it utilized to be there. Allow’s have a look at thermals next. The Lenovo Vantage software allows us transform in between various performance modes, which from most affordable to highest possible are peaceful, equilibrium as well as performance. Equilibrium mode likewise has an added option for immediately adjusting the performance based on the work, so I’ve tested this as well. The power button is over the key-board, and also its light color adjustments to reveal the existing efficiency mode being used, which can be altered any time with the feature plus Q shortcut. The still outcomes down all-time low are rather trendy, though as you’ll hear later, the followers were still going. I have actually run cardiovascular test with both the CPU and also GPU packed up to stand for a worst case, in addition to playing a real video game. On the whole the results are looking rather great, worst situation the CPU appears to have actually struck thermal throttling at 95 degrees Celsius in the stress and anxiety examination with the highest efficiency mode, however we might considerably reduce this by utilizing an air conditioning pad – the one I test with is linked below in the summary. Otherwise we’re being in

the mid 80s without strangling on the GPU. These are the clock speeds from the very same examinations. The CPU clock rate barely transforms outside of quiet setting, yet we can see the GPU rate gets a nice increase in performance setting, so probably it’s the additional GPU power that’s liable for enhancing the CPU temperature level in performance mode, as the colder has a warm pipeline shared in between both, as well as the CPU efficiency isn’t exactly getting much better. We can see this when looking at the power levels being hit. The RTX 3060 is performing at regarding 80 watts in peaceful as well as equilibrium settings, at least with this regular tension test. It varies a bit when running an actual video game, perhaps because of dynamic increase. This is a complete powered 3060, running up to 115 watts when the CPU is likewise under load, yet it can increase to 130 watts if the processor isn’t filled up. There’s no difference in these particular workloads in the equilibrium plus automated tune setting and I believe this is because Lenovo claims that it’s only sustained in 16 different games. That stated, when I did thermal testing on the Myriad 7 in these very same work I did see even more of a distinction there. Right here’s exactly how an actual

video game executes with the various modes in operation. Performance mode does the most effective, as well as I wasn’t seeing any kind of difference with balance mode as well as the automated song alternative. Below’s how the various settings carry out in Cinebench R23, a CPU just workload with the GPU currently still. The solitary core efficiency in peaceful setting was extremely reduced, balance was far more sensible, after that obviously efficiency mode was best. It’s doing alright compared to others, a little behind the higher rate 5 Pro with very same Ryzen 7 5800H, as well as 15% better than the last gen Myriad 5 with Ryzen 7 4800H when it pertains to solitary core gains, while multicore has to do with 14% higher than in 2015’s design. It’s still doing fairly well when working on battery power, when unplugged the greatest efficiency setting you can use is balance. The solitary core rating is mostly untouched, while last year’s 4800H model was currently simply somewhat in advance in multicore efficiency, however it’s still ahead of the Intel 11th gen models in multi core, though not solitary core. It’s quite trendy when just resting there still. 30 levels Celsius is rather usual, but the Myriad 5 was usually below this. With the cardiovascular test running it’s still barely warm on the key-board, worst instance in the reduced 40s. Balance mode isn’t a lot various, yet the fans raise to balance out the greater performance. It’s a similar sell the highest possible performance setting. There seems a warmer spot near the arrow

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tricks however even touching it straight does not really feel hot. Allow’s pay attention to the follower noise. The followers were still distinct when idling in quiet mode, not loud or anything, yet this possibly discusses the cooler key-board and inner temperatures. Fan noise gets louder in the greater modes as you would certainly anticipate. Unfortunately there’s no fan control, so these instances stand for the loudest it ought to get when fully maxed out under heavy lots. Now allow’s discover out just how well this arrangement of Legion 5 carries out in video games as well as contrasts versus various other laptop computers. Every one of the game screening has actually been carried out in performance setting with hybrid mode impaired for the very best results as this offers better FPS. I’ve also checked these video games with the supply memory, as well as with my own memory upgrade to x8 sticks. On paper both memory kits have 2 8 gig sticks, so 16 jobs in double network. They’re both DDR4-3200 CL22 single ranking, but the supply package has slower timings as well as x16 banks. You can locate the memory package that I have actually checked connected down in the description listed below. Cyberpunk 2077 was examined in little China with the road child life path on all laptop computers, as well as I have actually got the Legion 5 with supply RAM highlighted in red, as well as the upgraded RAM highlighted in eco-friendly. The memory modification is offering a bigger boost to 1% lows than ordinary FPS in this test, however even with supply RAM this is still the fastest RTX 3060 I’ve examined thus far. The MSI

GS76 with lower GPU power restriction has to do with 10 FPS behind, and similar offer for the even lower electrical power 3060 in the Zephyrus G14, though that is also much smaller sized too. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the game’s criteria. There’s a bit more of a difference this time in between the supply as well as upgraded RAM. The updated Myriad 5 is just a couple of FPS behind the i9 and also RTX 3070 in the Zephyrus M16 one placement in advance, though the M16 is kept back by optimus, as well as once again even the supply memory Myriad 5 is defeating the other 3060 laptops that I’ve evaluated thus far. Impressively the Dell G5 with last gen 5600M is close to the 3060s, so I can not wait to experiment with the newer 6600M legion 5 in future, ensure you’re subscribed for that. Control was trial run with the same part of the video game on all laptops. There’s essentially no difference in this GPU heavy game with the updated memory, and we’re just a couple FPS behind the greater specced HP Prophecy 15 with RTX 3070, most likely as a result of the Prophecy’s lower GPU power restriction and also lack of disabling optimus. The Legion 5 is still the most effective 3060

outcome I’ve obtained, conveniently ahead of the reduced wattage MSI GS76 as well as ASUS G14 listed below, as well as we’re reaching greater than 60% higher average FPS compared to the last gen Legion 5 with GTX 1660 Ti. Unfortunately I never had the 2060 model to compare to, however I will contrast the 2060 as well as 3060 in a future video, so remain tuned. I have actually checked 10 games in total amount at all setting levels with both the stock memory and also the upgraded memory in this video clip over right here if you intend to obtain a much better understanding of what kind of a performance distinction this makes. Primarily it depends on the video game and you can absolutely get performance renovations with the far better memory, but also for one of the most part I discovered the differences were bigger at reduced setting levels, as well as truth is with RTX 3060 graphics you’re probably going to be making use of higher settings, so based upon this I do not think the RAM upgrade is definitely required. It’s mostly just a good bonus offer, yet it does depend on the certain game as well as settings. Below are the outcomes from 3DMark for those that discover them

beneficial. Now for some developer examinations. Adobe Premiere was evaluated with the Puget Solutions standard. The Legion 5 was around 11% more than in 2015’s 4800H plus 1660 Ti Legion 5, so much less of a difference going from Ryzen 4000 to 5000, at the very least contrasted to the renovation seen with Intel’s 11th gen, which is dominating the top of the graph. Adobe Photoshop usually depends upon CPU efficiency, and once again mainly Intel 11th gen near the top of the graph, but a few Ryzen alternatives there also. The Legion 5 is doing much better than the Alienware m15 R5 just listed below it, in spite of that having higher tier CPU as well as GPU. DaVinci Willpower is a lot more GPU heavy, though the Legion 5 is somewhat defeated by the lower wattage 3060 in the GS76 just over it, so perhaps Intel 11th gen is providing it an edge there contrasted to Ryzen. I have actually additionally examined SPECviewperf which tests out various specialist 3D workloads. The 1TB NVMe M. 2

SSD is succeeding for both checks out and also composes, and also there’s constantly that 2nd M. 2 slot if you want to install one more drive. The BIOS has numerous choices compared to some various other laptop computers, provided much of them are likewise options that can be configured via software, such as flip too. You can make it possible for GPU overclocking through here and manage it, however, for some reason there’s no option to enable it or control it with the Vantage software application, which was the instance with in 2015’s Myriad 5. It additionally has TPM 2.0. When GPU overclocking is made it possible for in the BIOS, the vantage software program mirrors this as well as reveals you it gets on, however yeah I couldn’t see a means of readjusting it here. I started an Ubuntu 21 online CD to evaluate Linux support. Out of package the touchpad, key-board, speakers, ethernet and cam functioned, however Wi-Fi wasn’t identified. The very best thing is that the key-board illumination results and also performance settings are baked into firmware, so you can still transform them with the keyboard faster ways without software. Allow’s discuss prices as well as availability following. Both of these will certainly adjustment over time so refer to updates with those links in the description, as Lenovo specifically do commonly run sales. At the time of recording, the Myriad 5 begins at

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$1100 USD, however that’s with the Ryzen 5 5600H cpu and also RTX 3050 graphics. Currently the 5600H is perfectly fine for gaming in my personal opinion, yet the 4 gig VRAM limitation of the RTX 3050 or 3050 Ti might be a little bit limiting, as I have actually revealed in this video over right here. The Radeon 6600M version is $1300 in the US, and also that’s suggested to be an RTX 3060 rival according to AMD. It looks cheaper than the 3060 model, however if we look better it has half the RAM and also no SSD by default, so rates will certainly alter as you personalize it to your requirements, which once more you can do with the web link down in the summary. It’s additionally worth noting that these specific options are provided with smaller sized 60Wh batteries. Overall there’s not a great deal of modifications from last year’s Legion 5, which isn’t necessarily a poor point offered I did award that the finest Ryzen video gaming laptop for the cash for 2020. Is it still the very best? Well, no, at the very least not strictly talking in terms of things like ideal performance and most features – I suggest Lenovo even have their greater tier Legion 7 currently. 2021 has actually introduced a great deal of brand-new Ryzen pc gaming laptop computers, much more than we

ever before had in 2014. I’ve still got a few models to test out before I make my upgraded best laptop computers of 2021 video clip, so ensure you’re subscribed for that. This year’s Myriad 5 is of program refreshed with more recent CPU as well as GPU alternatives, and also the addition of G-Sync and also higher freshen price screen rates, though it would have been far better for it to find with faster x8 memory by default, but I get it, supply problems throughout a pandemic and also all that. It’s the exact same reason that Myriad laptop computers have been so hard to obtain recently, some of them are noted as being 4 plus months away. In addition to that slower memory, which can be updated, provided at extra expense, there aren’t way too many other negatives to complain regarding with this year’s Myriad 5. I just wish we see some sort of upgrade for the display overdrive choice, as now the reaction time is in fact slower contrasted to in 2014’s Myriad 5 with 144Hz display. Battery life was or else great, however I’m unsure why they made a decision to get rid of the feature plus R faster way to automatically switch the screen

to 60Hz, as that would have been an easy method to increase battery life also additionally. All points thought about, this year’s Myriad 5 is a gaming laptop computer that I can advise, it simply comes down to rates and also schedule, which I mean is the case with the majority of points at the moment. I want to compare the 5 versus the higher rate 5 Pro in a future video clip, but basically the essential distinctions seem to be some adjustments to the exterior which the 5 Pro has the 16″ 16:10 screen with a greater resolution. If you’re brand-new to the channel then get subscribed for that upcoming comparison in addition to future pc gaming laptop reviews similar to this one. Come as well as join me in Disharmony as well as get behind the scenes videos by supporting the channel on Patreon, and also come and also have a look at some of my various other videos over below following, consisting of the one where I checked the Myriad 5 in 10 different video games in any way setup levels with both stock and also updated memory – I’ll see you over in one of those next.