Review Google PixelBook Go Best Chromebook for 2020?

good old trusty Chromebooks are still going strong in 2020 offered a stripped back simplified laptop experience for those who want it and the past light severe sir and Dellin and over half of course embrace the Chromebook but the most premium models are still crafted by the mighty Google itself and this here is the big G’s latest that pixel bug Gore sported fresher specs and a different design compared to the original pixel book now videos the pixel book or as my everyday a laptop for absolutely everything apart from video editing Chromebooks on quite up to snuff for that just yeah and here is my in-depth pixel book core review and from on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ignite notifications about Jess but before we dive into the hardware and software we have to discuss the price and the pixel Virgo starts from 629 quid for the most basic Intel Core m3 model and if you want to bump that up to a core i5 version the price raises to 829 quid and meanwhile if you’ve got so much money your wallet won’t even fit inside your pants you can grab the core i7 version with 16 gigs of ram and a 4k display for a whopping 1329 pounds now for a Chromebook that is an awful lot of cash especially when you consider rivals like ASA put out Chromebooks for around the 200 to 300 pound price point but of course the pixel book core is the best Chromebook you can buy right now and here’s why the first up I absolutely adore that slim and light design

obviously I’m pop a hinge and therefore have no trouble carrying a massive hulk and laptop around all day long but if you do happen to be a weedy we stick figure and you wants meaning just stash in your backpack and completely forget about then a pixel book Gore is a godsend that magnesium frame weighs just over a kilo and it’s so skinny ill basically fit into any bag or backpack gone as far as looks go assure the pixel would go in exactly a water paintin that soft touch black exterior is pretty cleaner that you can at least grab it in a light pinky color if your fancy meanwhile the bottom edge is all we believe that’s definitely the official term which helps to give the Chromebook a bit of extra purchase on your lap definitely good news if you’re into wearing smooth pants of course like other ultra portable machines the connectivity is or are the basic at best so you do at least get to type-c USB ports one on this side and one on the other side so that’s pretty good for hooking up your peripherals and I personally that’s charge the pixel bugger as well besides art the only other point you’ll find on here is headphone jack now boot up the pixel bugger and you’re straight into chrome OS in just a few short seconds if you’re not already a custom of Chrome OS it’s basically a rejiggered version of android for laptop style

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devices you obviously got on any Windows on Mac quest software anything like that but your full access to the Google Play Store at least so unless you want to do a really high-end task like video editing something that you’re generally well covered and a lot of those big apps have been tweaked to suit a laptop display as well here for Chrome OS so there’s someone fortunately off stuck in that vertical smartphone aspect ratio which does look rather pants get over that little foible though and the pixel Vargo is basically a fully featured device that should suit everyone upon the walls demanded of creators let’s check out that 13.3 inch IPS display which is fully touch sensitive and pleasingly responsive so you can interact directly with all of your apps although to be fair that spacious touchpad is a pleasure to use and handy when you need a bit more precision those visuals are reasonably crisp thanks to the full HD resolution of all as mentioned before you can grab the pixel below with a 4k screen if you’re basically richer than God so you can enjoy Ultra HD content from the likes of Netflix I enjoyed the punchy color reproduction here with a full 100% of that srgb gama safely covered for impressive accuracy too and if you’re on the road this display almost hits 400 nits of power on that top brightness level some visibility definitely in an issue and that screen hinge sadly doesn’t bend back a full 360 degrees like it did on the original pixel book

but you still get it to a pretty decent viewing angle and I found it a comfortable viewing experience no matter what random position I ended up in even crammed into a corner of a busy commuter tree you also now get a full HD webcam here on the front of the pixel bug off all of your skyping or Google during or whatever it is you do so that’s an upgrade over the 720p effort on the original pixel book it’s still not perfect occasionally you’ll appear a bit washed out a bit grainy depending on the lighting conditions but it into bad as you can hear the volume pick up is actually pretty strong as well so you’ll be clearly hurt the pixel bug also packs a proper stereo speaker setup directing the audio straight at your face which is solid work given the compact design here those speakers actually pack a decent bit of power on that top volume level as well they’re easily loud enough to annoy people in the adjoining room what’s be clearly heard over a noisy kitchen environment a quick demonstration so last week I put out a video review and some of my favorite Android launchers that you can Lord right now in 2020 and at the end of it I asked you beautiful bows to throw your own personal recommendations Ally obviously you got to temper your expectations as far as the audio quality is concerned don’t expect pump and bass or anything like that out of the pixel book god but basically you can connect your Bluetooth headphones or speaker or you can get plugged in directly using that headphone jack so I’d recommend doing that if you’re gonna enjoy a better music and I thought this is a dinky machine Google

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has made the most of that space and produced a good sized chiclet keyboard that is actually a pleasure to type on Google’s new hash key design means you can hammer this bugger for all it’s worth and not actually make that much noise at all which is great use if you don’t want to disturb a slumber and partner for instance any other key travel is pretty shallow just like with every skinny ultraportable out there but I personally didn’t have a problem with the comfort levels and I managed to touch type at my maximum speed the board is also fully backlit for easy use at nighttime and you get a helpful selection of shortcuts and function keys too including a quick launch for the Google assistant now moving on to performance and as I mentioned at the start the video the pixel of a goal comes in a range of flavors from the basic m3 model all the way up to a beefy core i7 backed by either 8 or 16 gigs of ram my review model was the core i5 with eight gigs ram and I found I was absolutely fine for everything I needed it to do you can skip between multiple apps with Mary abandon and never see a single stutter as you kind of expect given the light nature of Chrome OS and while both the pixel book and Chrome OS aren’t exactly built for gaming you can blast through the most demanding titles on the Google Play Store with a

pleasingly smooth performance but of course one of the major advantages of Chromebooks over their Windows counterpart is their battery life now Google quotes you 12 hours of use on a full charge I found I got closer to run the sort of 10 hour mark with mixed-use that’s basically mostly working in Chrome while streaming music in the background but occasionally diving into a bit Skype their Netflix things like that definitely should do you the job for a full working day so the question is after rocking the pixel book go as my portable pal is this we monster worth a punt well it’s definitely one of the very best Chromebooks of 2012 far but bear in mind that for this kind of cash you can definitely get a fully fledged Windows laptop and no worries if you’re sold on Chrome OS and portability is one of your major priorities there and this will definitely do the job it will keep you entertained and productive on the go but the advantages over rival Chromebooks are rather admittedly slim and of course that asking price is very steep indeed so if money in or thing I’d say probably go for it but if you’re on a bit of a budget I’d say probably shop around and see what else you can get for your cash that’s what I think of the pixel book or have you been using this Chromebook as your full-time personal laptop there could be greater your thoughts in the comments down below your own personal mini review and from one the latest greatest tech wiz do box subscribe and take that notifications belt Cheers

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