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I have actually tested 10 games on the ASUS Flow Z13 video gaming laptop/ table thing, both with its integrated in RTX 3050 Ti graphics but additionally the XG Mobile which is an external RTX 3080 that gives us also more power. I have actually got the greatest specced arrangement of Z13 here. This small device has a 14 core 20 thread cpu and also Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti graphics, however there are additionally cheaper choices like with no distinct graphics if you simply intend on utilizing the XG Mobile eGPU. Currently the RTX 3050 Ti graphics always seemed to go for 40 watts whether or not we’re running a CPU plus GPU workload or GPU only work, as well as if we instead affix the XG Mobile with RTX 3080 it was always performing at 150 watts no matter of the work. It’s likewise worth pointing out that with the XG Mobile linked the visual workload relocations externally from this equipment, so all of the cooling as well as power spending plans will be devoted to the processor, as the RTX 3050 Ti will not require anything. The ASUS Armory Cage software can be utilized to control the efficiency settings. I have actually done all screening below with hand-operated setting as well as the followers maxed out, and also this applies the complying with GPU overclocks

based upon the GPU that’s in use. This year ASUS have actually added a MUX button to basically every model, also this 13″ gadget, so we can disable optimus to get a speed boost in video games. I have actually done all of the 3050 Ti testing with optimus impaired for finest outcomes, nonetheless optimus needs to be allowed when make use of the XG Mobile, so that could offer us a bit of a traffic jam when we utilize the XG Mobile with this laptop computer display. Nevertheless we might also utilize the XG Mobile and link an external display to one of the screen outcomes which would bypass optimus. Currently I will also examine the XG Mobile with an exterior display at resolutions like 1440p as well as 4K as well as compare it to a desktop computer RTX 3080 in a Thunderbolt eGPU, due to the fact that this device has Thunderbolt 4 so we can use both a Thunderbolt eGPU as well as the XG Mobile. Anyway that’s going to be in a future video clip, so make sure you’re subscribed for that. The 13″ 120Hz 16:10 touch screen has a 21.5 ms typical grey-to-grey reaction time. While this isn’t particularly remarkable compared to a number of bigger gaming laptops, it’s the fastest outcome I’ve taped out of any type of 13″ device so much, so there’s that a minimum of.
20ms or two is where I directly begin to discover a little bit of blurriness in video games, so 21.5 definitely isn’t excellent. I think there just aren’t a whole great deal of panel options at this smaller sized 13″ size for gamers right now, as it is a rather specific niche dimension. If you’re

actually using the XG Mobile in your home, then I believe it probably makes more sense just to link a larger screen. Not just will that probably have a much better display action time, however it’s possibly just going to be far better than gazing at such a little display. A slower screen action time adds to a greater total system latency, which is the complete quantity of time measured between a mouse click and also gun shot fire in CS: GO. Still however, the Z13 is quicker than some others like last year’s ASUS Zephyrus G14. Alright, allow’s start by seeing just how the Z13 in fact contrasts versus various other laptop computers in video games. I have actually needed to utilize conventional 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions for the purpose of fair contrast since that’s simply what I have actually got data for. 16:10 screens are still relatively new, so I simply don’t have an entire great deal of video game criteria data to compare to, yet don’t stress we will be taking a look at the native display resolution afterwards so don’t go anywhere! Cyberpunk 2077 was evaluated the same on all laptops, as well as I have actually got the Z13 highlighted in red. We’ve got two results right here, the reduced one is just with the laptop computer’s RTX 3050 Ti while the much higher one is with the XG Mobile connected, so a laptop computer 3080 GPU attached via PCIe. We’re considering a 175% boost to average FPS simply by linking the XG Mobile, as well as it’s performing likewise to other larger top specification 3080 video gaming laptop computers such as the Myriad 7 somewhat ahead of it. The 3050 Ti had not been also just as good as a 1660 Ti right here, approved the power restriction difference is double there, plus of training course we might always allow DLSS on the 3050 Ti, much more on that momentarily. There are less

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results at the greater 1440p resolution because we only examination laptop computers that actually have a possibility of running it. The RTX 3080 XG Mobile is executing in between a variety of other 3080 outcomes that I have actually obtained data for. Certain it’s not quite up there with the bigger 17″ designs, however it’s still ahead of a number of 15 inch laptops, okay in all. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated with the video game’s standard, and once again the XG Mobile outcome was towards the leading near other RTX 3080 makers. The Z13 was simply a little ahead of in 2015’s Ryzen based X13 with the same eGPU, while the 3050 Ti wasn’t quite as far behind the 1660 TI this time around, plus once more as mentioned we could still allow DLSS which I’ll reveal you quickly. The Z13 had not been rather doing also contrasted to other 3080 laptops at the greater 1440p resolution in this game. Don’t obtain me incorrect it’s still an exceptional result and also absolutely usable, however other laptop computers with greater electrical power 3080s were further ahead in this one, yet hey it is still ahead of other bigger 3080 video gaming laptops. Control was trial run through the very same component of the video game on all laptop computers. Again the RTX 3050 Ti led other 1650 collection laptops while not quite matching an ideal situation 1660 Ti, though again as discussed, DLSS might change this. The RTX 3080 was among the far better outcomes below also, once more only just a few FPS behind the Myriad 7. At the very least in terms of average FPS, as the void in 1% lows was a bit bigger compared to the 2 devices over. The

1440p result was rather good below, just a number of FPS in advance of the same eGPU connected to last year’s X13, however the 1% low from the more recent Intel 12th gen device was more than 20% in advance of that Ryzen one. Great so the Z13 does rather well with the RTX 3080 attached, surprising no one. So far we have actually only looked at higher setting levels for contrast, so currently let’s look into even more video games in any way setting presets and also get some DLSS and also FSR activity going. Let’s start with God of War. I have actually obtained the Z13 with its RTX 3050 Ti revealed in the red bars and also the RTX 3080 XG Mobile in the purple bars. This video game has DLSS assistance, so it makes feeling to examine with this allowed as truthfully it makes ideal feeling for any person with 3050 Ti rate graphics to make usage of this. Also high setups with the Z13’s slightly more than basic 1080p resolution had the ability to hit 60 FPS in this examination, provided the XG mobile had the ability to greater than double FPS right here. Passing away Light 2 additionally features DLSS, so I’ve examined with this made it possible for too. This time around high settings was only a little behind the magic 60 FPS wonderful place on the 3050 Ti, while the XG Mobile had the ability to boost average FPS by greater than 140%. That’s an insane gain, as well as realistically the video game would certainly still run penalty on the XG Mobile even without DLSS. Microsoft Trip Simulator was checked in the Sydney touchdown obstacle. There’s no DLSS below just yet sadly, but I’ve heard they’re adding it in future, to make sure that will certainly obviously modification points up a little bit. Anyhow, today reduced

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settings were required to surpass 60 FPS, while the XG Mobile was able to get over 60 FPS even with all settings maxed out. Red Dead Redemption 2 was examined with the game’s criteria, and also this is where we start to see some of the restrictions to the RTX 3050 Ti. You can’t run this test with 4 gigs of VRAM, so the 3050 Ti had not been able to have a rating at ultra setups. Honestly I don’t think that’s a huge offer, sure some games could have extra problems with 4 jobs of VRAM at max setups, yet like the 3050 Ti isn’t made for max setting pc gaming anyway, it can still exceed 60 FPS with DLSS at medium setups. Cyberpunk 2077 was examined in Little China with the street youngster life course. This appears to be another instance where higher settings actually start to struggle on the 3050 Ti, despite DLSS made it possible for below also. 60 FPS was still feasible at medium setups, yet the 1% lows with the ray tracing presets were very reduced as well as not usable. The 3080 XG Mobile on the various other hand was able to strike 260% higher typical FPS, a massive difference. Much Cry 6 was checked with the game’s benchmark, and also I have actually checked with FSR enabled here which functions on both AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GPUs. The 3050 Ti didn’t see too much of a performance difference despite the setup pre-programmed in use. 60 FPS was still feasible at regular setups, nevertheless the XG Mobile was able to score higher than this even for

its 1% low at max setups. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was close to 60 FPS in the game’s benchmark at tool setups, but based on my personal experience playing this video game for over 100 hrs you can absolutely still play it with reduced framework prices as long as there aren’t huge dips in performance. That said the 3080 is undoubtedly supplying a much better experience. View Pet dogs Legion was additionally examined with the game’s benchmark, as well as DLSS was enabled in this set as it’s an alternative. Kind of like Far Cry 6 earlier, the 3050 Ti had not been truly seeing that much of an efficiency difference no matter setting pre-programmed, well till we get to ultra at the very least. Ultra settings cautions that 8 gigs of VRAM is suggested, so it’s not as well unexpected to see the 4 gigs in the 3050 Ti struggle there. Meanwhile the 16 jobs readily available to the XG Mobile were virtually at 100 FPS at max setups. Control is very well maximized with DLSS enabled, plus the game looks wonderful in my opinion also at low settings, so 84 FPS at medium with the 3050 Ti is going to play quite possibly. Obviously the XG Mobile was much greater, as well as offered this video game doesn’t truly require 200 FPS to enjoy, honestly you could also simply enable ray tracing for even better visuals. Though that’s not something I would certainly advise on the 3050 TI. I’ve additionally examined CS: GO just for a little bit of fun to offer you a suggestion of what type of a

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performance difference is feasible in eSports titles. Games similar to this of training course run on even potato grade hardware, nevertheless the XG Mobile was still able to give us a rather large gain, revealing us that the GPU difference is definitely able to make a large distinction. I won’t recognize till I do my thorough thermal screening for the upcoming full testimonial, make certain you’re subscribed by the way, but I believe the processor probably gets a higher power restriction with the XG Mobile. The CPU can get power and also cooling down spending plan that would certainly or else be dedicated to the integrated in 3050 Ti, which obtains impaired when the XG Mobile is connected. The Z13 is most definitely a really qualified maker regardless of the smaller 13″ dimension. Once again I will certainly be contrasting the RTX 3080 XG Mobile versus a desktop RTX 3080 in a Thunderbolt eGPU in a future video clip, so make certain you’re subscribed for that upcoming content as well as for my complete testimonial on the Z13. Till after that, you can come as well as take a look at exactly how last year’s X13 executed in these tests in this video here, so I’ll see you because one next.