Review TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 Best £50 True Wireless Earbuds

so the true Wireless here but mark assistive apps that the bloody gone mental in the last twelve months it seems like everyone and their grandma is releasing their own pair of bluetooth buds because the vast majority of two wireless earbuds are a bit on the pricey side that likes the Apple earpods pod Samsung Galaxy buds plus can easily cost you 150 quid or more but there are some more affordable options out there I have reviewed a few here on tech spec the cost under 100 pounds yet still really delivered as far as audio performance battery life the key stuff is concerned my favourite stuffie the creative outlet gold to go check out my review of those bad boys around the sort of 50-pound price point that all that hover you’re generally making a lot more compromises having to make some serious sacrifices especially as far as the audio quality goes but just this week I’ve been testing out a pair of 50 pound buds that have really really impressed me these are definitely the best ones I’ve tried by quite a distance the taotronics our Liberty 79 s he grabbed them right now from Amazon under the taotronics website for a sort of 50 pound to $50 mark which is absolutely fantastic considering what you get in return for that price so here’s my full review of the taotronics sound the bt 79 true wireless earbuds and more the latest greatest tech news new poll subscribe and digna notifications Bell says the first up the sound Liberty 79 s basically come in this one color and that is dark they’ve got silicon tip as you can see there

they just fit in really really nice and snug in your ear orifice they sit in their pleasingly well as well you’ve got these little ear wings which help to hold them in place you’ve got a selection of those and a selection of differently sized silicon tips as well so you can fit your own particular ear ship and as you can see there once the taotronics actually imposition inside of your head they are actually pretty inconspicuous they don’t juts out like quite a lot of more expensive rivals often do they’re nice and lie and a fun they were perfectly comfortable to wear even for prolonged periods 3-4 hours at a time without starting to give me any ear ache or anything like that and also for the ipx7 a water-resistant to sin always if you want to go out on the piss and rain for a bit of a jog or something like that unless you kind of pop even for a pair of 50-pound buds like the target onyx under between 79 s they do have full bluetooth 5.0 support as well so no worries on the connectivity front I can literally leave my phone here go wander upstairs and still get a perfect stutter free connection and no problems when I’m out and about in a busy area not busy areas this Corolla ridden time but they have it and I have reviewed a few other pairs of 50 pounds true wireless earbuds generally the connectivity everything’s absolutely fine where they really disappointed usually the audio quality and I tell you what the taotronics under between 79 s definitely impressed me a whole lot in that

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area quite often what you get with these cheaper buds is a really flat tinny sound it’s just not very pleasant at all when you listen to music apps that you find for podcasts and audiobooks and stuff but music generally just do not even bother and while the subtle abilities are obviously I’ve done buy more expensive or buds they’re definitely comparable to a lot true wireless earbuds that I’ve tested or others over 80 to 90 pound price point as far as that audio quality goes I made sure if all you want is crazy bass then these things are probably not going to satisfy you but those laws are perfectly respectable definitely got a bit more on that a lot of 50 pound buds out there without drowning out the the mids or the high you’ve actually got a pretty decent range on these things and if you checked out the target onyx website for these bad boys and lots that they’re really big enough the noise canceling technology let me just point out that that’s only for when you’re on phone calls what I could do is just help to cut out some of the background clamor all around you and focus really on your voice so you’re nice and clear to have your spoon or the other end and that seems to work

absolutely fine so the no problems or issues on phone calls with that Mike clarity of course you don’t have any kind of dedicated noise cancellation when you just go on about your business listen to music whatever for 50 quid that would be frickin nuts you really need to be paying over 150 total quid for that kind of decent technology however I did find that the son abilities were perfectly good at noise isolation you get nice a firm seal around the ear canal by these bad boys so if you are known applies trader and noisy environment it’ll help to cut down the worse about to have dampened the surround and noise – I didn’t have to bump up the volume on my music or more importantly podcasts and audiobooks it’s really clear what was going on so at this point I was starting to think what’s the drawback with the taotronics Unlimited 79 must be some big feature that they’re missing and the first thought I had was always probably don’t have any kind of controls on them so you can actually control your music whatever you’re listening to without having to reach in your pocket for your phone but as it turns out no they do actually have full control support each of these surfaces here is a touch sensitive surface what you can do as you do a single tap in order to lower the volume single top of the right buds to raise the volume if you do double tap that will pause or play your music depend on what that’s doing at the time you can do a triple tap of the left

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but in order to skip back a track and a triple tap of the right one to skip forward a track and finally if you press and hold then that will call up your phone’s assistant like so out of it today but gets there in the end you know what these such controls are pretty bloody good they actually work respectively well I sure you can’t fully customise them so you can’t change around the taps and what they actually do you dress it up fairly hard in order to register them but at least that sort of helps to prevent miss taps when you just sort of fiddling about with them or take them in or out of your ear holes the only other little quirk is that you have to leave a significant pause in between your taps in order to get the right action but I found that I got used to the exact pause that you need to do fairly quickly after just to sort of deal sort of use and then a basin becomes second nature as for the battery life again no complaints from the taotronics son liberty 79s I found that I got between eight to nine hours of use on a single charge before I had to pop the buds back into their little bundled case there just slip back in there they stick magnetically so nice and easy and just close it on up and the kiss gives you about three to four full recharges before the kiss itself also needs recharging and thankfully is a bit type-c USB now admittedly the case itself isn’t the best it’s very cheap looking it so it feels very cheap as well and lids a little bit flimsy and everything but you know what for fifty quid if that’s the biggest complaint you can have it’s a pretty damn solid package overall so you have it that’s the taotronics sound Liberty 79s you know what fifty quid before I was very skeptical you could get a Stephen respectably decent ish pair of two wireless earbuds what sort of price bond but these bad boys will definitely do the job if you’re on a very tight budget but you want that true Wireless freedom so definitely let me know what you think down in the comments below the Z and grab it now from the likes of Amazon and taotronics for an sort of fifty pound fifty dollar mark don’t forget to poke subscribe ding that Lord of kitchens Bowl and have yourselves about three people Cheers love you

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