Best 14” Gaming Laptop in 2022? Zephyrus G14 vs Blade 14

These are some great 14 inch video gaming laptops, but there are some pretty large differences in between them that you need to understand about before acquiring! The construct top quality of both laptop computers is good, yet the Blade is certainly on one more degree. The Blade has a CNC aluminum framework with a black anodized finish, however after just a few weeks it’s somehow already got a silver scrape on the cover which just stands out versus the black. Don’t get me incorrect, the Blade feels and look much better, however I ‘d absolutely anticipate even more of these obvious marks to show up over time. The Blade has a cleaner design with the environment-friendly Razer logo design on the lid that lights up, while my G14 looks a bit a lot more gamery as well as has the computer animated cover, however you can also get it without this. I liked the feel of opening the Blade more, as the Zephyrus can move a bit when you open it. When you open the G14’s cover it elevates the rear of the machine up. This aids air enter underneath for cooling, provides you a mild incline for typing, and indicates the lower audio speakers aren’t pressed up versus the desk, however readjusting the screen additionally simply type of steps the

laptop around a little bit. A downside of this design is the keyboard location has a little bit more flex to it compared to the all metal Blade, though it still feels fine during typical usage when I’m not going out of my means to press on it. There’s a little bit a lot more flex to the G14’s lid, again due to the fact that the Blade just seems like more powerful steel, yet neither lid in fact wobbles when keying as well as the joints on both really feel smooth to open. If I needed to sum up the build high quality, I would certainly state the G14 was completely appropriate, but the Razer Blade 14 definitely felt much more strong and better. Based on the fact that I’ve currently obtained a scratch on the lid without doing that much to it, I ‘d be rather paranoid about it just getting even worse over time. The Blade is a little larger when comparing the laptop computers alone, and the void in between them obtains a bit larger when we consist of the power bricks required for charging. The Zephyrus was a little much deeper than the Blade, probably to help fit the taller 16:10 display. The Blade is a little broader however likewise thinner, though I really did not actually discover much distinction when holding them. I’ve

got limit out versions of both laptop computers, so Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti graphics in the Blade 14 and also AMD’s RX 6800S in the Zephyrus G14. They have actually both got Ryzen 6000 cpus, HX for the Blade and also HS for the Zephyrus. Both CPUs have the very same core as well as thread count, and also according to the specs they have the same turbo increase speed too. The primary difference is the HS chip is indicated to be a reduced power level part, yet at the end of the day the actual performance will depend entirely on the power limits established by ASUS and Razer. Both laptop computers are additionally offered for much less money with reduced specifications and you can inspect current prices with the web link listed below. Both laptop computers have a MUX button, so it’s feasible to disable optimus for more FPS in video games after a reboot. Neither laptop computer has G-Sync, yet you can still get smooth tear-free gaming with FreeSync. The Blade just obtains FreeSync from the incorporated Radeon graphics when optimus is enabled. The Zephyrus on the various other hand always has FreeSync available, as both the integrated and also distinct graphics are Radeon based. The screen in the Zephyrus has a faster screen response time, and it does this with an overdrive mode that’s enabled by default. The Blade does not have actually a constructed in means of enhancing this. Despite

overdrive off though, the G14 was still around 7.7 ms and also beating the Blade no matter. The complete system latency is the quantity of time between a computer mouse click and also when a gunfire fire appears on the display in CS: GO. The faster display would add to the G14 being the quicker alternative below, though it’s just a 3ms difference, so depends just how significant of an eSports gamer you are. The G14 has a 2560 by 1600 resolution, a bit more pixels vertically compared to the 2560 by 1440 resolution of the Blade. The color gamuts of both panels were extremely close, somewhat much better on the G14, as well as the G14’s display was likewise brighter as well. The Zephyrus was able to obtain above 500 nits at complete brightness, while the Blade peaked at 357 nits. Backlight bleed was virtually non-existent in both laptops, but this will certainly vary in between laptops as well as displays. Having both alongside, personally I prefer the screen on the G14. It’s simply brighter, there’s even more display room, and the action time is quicker. Both

laptops have a video camera above the display with IR for Windows hello encounter unlock. The Zephyrus has a 720p electronic camera while the Blade has 1080p. This is exactly how the electronic camera as well as microphone appearance as well as noise on the Zephyrus G14, as well as after that this is how points look and also sound on the Razer Blade 14. Both key-boards were great, however directly I liked inputting on the Zephyrus. It’s totally subjective, however it’s simply what I ‘d like to utilize if I had to kind for hours. Its appropriate shift, get in and backspace secrets are likewise slightly longer contrasted to the Blade’s. The Zephyrus has one area of RGB backlighting while the Blade has per-key RGB backlighting, so more customization and effects are feasible with Razer. The crucial lights also looked brighter and also more vibrant on the Blade. The G14’s touchpad was a little larger, however both were very good to use. The Blade’s felt a little softer to push, and didn’t make as much noise to click down. Both laptops have front encountering speakers. The Blade’s get on either side of the key-board, while the G14 has them up the back over the keyboard and beneath down the front. After listening to both side by side, the G14 certainly appears much

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better. It’s more clear as well as has extra bass contrasted to the tinny sounding Blade 14, but there was a lot more hand rest resonance on the G14 therefore. The latencymon outcomes weren’t looking fantastic on either laptop computer, but the Blade was a little better. Both laptop computers have their power input left wing, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, as well as 3.5 mm audio combination jack. The Blade additionally has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port right here, while the G14 has an air exhaust air vent and its HDMI output. They both have a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port on the right as well as a Type-A port, though the G14 has 2 on this side. The Blade has its HDMI result on this side, however the G14 has a MicroSD card slot, something the Blade does not have. Neither laptop computer has any kind of ports on the back. The G14 has obvious air exhaust vents which wind up stressful listed below the display, while the Blade’s are concealed below. To summarize the port situation, both laptop computers have 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports and also Type-C ports, just in various places. The G14 has a MicroSD card slot which may be beneficial for creators, while the Blade has far better HDMI support. Both HDMI ports connect straight to the Nvidia graphics and also offer G-Sync support. However, the Blade sustains a 4K 120Hz 8-Bit screen, while the Zephyrus might just do 4K 60Hz 8-Bit. Either of the two Type-C

ports on the Blade might be made use of to charge, while just the one on the left side of the G14 does this. The Blade was easier to open, simply get 10 TR5 screws and also the bottom panel basically comes off with marginal effort. This is an extra uncommon screw kind however, however the tools I utilize for opening up laptops had me covered. I’ll leave a link listed below the video to them. The Zephyrus has 11 Phillips head screws, however some are various sizes and also three are covered by rubber items for some factor. The one down the front right lifts the lower panel up, so it might additionally be opened with just my hands as soon as the screws were out. Inside both have their batteries down the front, vapor chamber coolers towards the back with 2 fans, a solitary M. 2 port for the included 1TB SSD, and a removable Wi-Fi 6E card. This is hiding under the SSD on the G14. The G14 additionally has a solitary memory port for RAM upgrades. The Blade 14 is just readily available with 16 gigs of firm memory, as well as that can never be altered. You’re stayed with it for life. There’s not also a 32 job alternative if you intend to invest even more money, which I believe is simply a missed chance. The Zephyrus G14 on the various other hand comes with either 8 or 16 gigs of memory soldered to the motherboard. With that solitary memory stick you can set up either an 8, 16 or also a 32 gig stick to go up to 48 gigs of memory. So although the G14’s memory upgrades are a bit more restricted compared to a bigger 15 inch laptop computer, it still supplies means extra options compared to the Blade. The Zephyrus has a greater upgradeability rating, though both are reduced compared to various other bigger laptops. There’s simply much less area for upgrades in a smaller sized 14 inch design. The Blade 14 sheds a factor for having all memory soldered, and also half a point for the uncommon TR5 screws. Both have the most recent Wi-Fi 6E, however I discovered the MediaTek card in the G14 was somewhat faster compared to the Qualcomm card in the Blade, yet these can be switched for relatively cheap. In most tests, the 1TB SSD that

came in the Blade was doing better contrasted to the 1TB SSD in the Zephyrus. Both laptops sustain PCIe Gen 4 drives, so updating the Zephyrus to a much faster drive ought to be possible. The G14 has a 76Wh battery, while the Blade 14 has a smaller sized 61.6 Wh battery. The ASUS laptop computer is likewise smarter at saving battery. By default it will reduce the display’s refresh rate to 60Hz and switch off the overdrive mode when you disconnect the charger. You can do this on the Blade too, however you have to manually push the function + R shortcut to activate it. I have actually contrasted the run time on battery power with the display’s restricted to the very same 200 nit illumination at 60Hz, and also the G14 was lasting for 25% longer. Its battery is likewise around 23% larger, to ensure that’s to be expected.
Inevitably both are Ryzen based laptop computers, so they’re lasting longer compared to the majority of the Intel alternatives. Let’s take a look at thermals next. Both laptops have software that lets you change performance settings between different levels, nonetheless the ASUS Depot Cage software permits us to transform power levels and also fan speed in the highest manual setting, while the Blade 14 has less control. The fans on the Blade can only be adjusted in balanced setting somehow, rather than custom-made setting which would make more sense as this provides you a lot more control over power degrees. Both the CPU and GPU were running warmer on the G14 in the highest offered efficiency modes. If you desire to see how both laptops run in all offered efficiency modes after that describe the full reviews linked listed below the video clip later. Despite the G14 running with greater temperature levels, the Blade was really pumping out higher power levels, and also normally

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more power amounts to much more warm to dissipate. Despite the HX chip in the Blade being a higher rate extra effective alternative on paper, the HS chip in the Zephyrus was carrying out far better both in regards to single and multi core performance, gave it is only a tiny distinction. Both are a fair bit behind various other Intel 12th gen laptops which have a lot more cores and also threads, though a lot of those are likewise in bigger devices which can enable greater power limits as they have more space for air conditioning. The also smaller Circulation Z13 from ASUS was right in between the Blade 14 and Zephyrus G14 in multi core, while its solitary core score was 20% greater than Ryzen. Points transform when we disconnect the charger and run simply on battery power. The G14 was still the champion, however the Blade lowered back considerably currently. The G14’s solitary core score is practically the like when it was still plugged in, while its multicore score decreased by around 1000 points. The Blade 14’s rating on the other hand essentially decreased in half, so you’re shedding even more efficiency operating on battery power with the Blade. The Blade likewise has this choice in software program to boost CPU performance on battery power as long as the GPU isn’t energetic, and also I utilized this for the examination.
With it off the score lowered by another thousand factors or so. The Blade was a little warmer in the center when both were simply sitting there still, but as it’s light weight aluminum it simply really feels warmer to the touch. The G14 was likewise cooler with the cardiovascular test running in their highest efficiency modes, however the G14 was also louder as well, allow’s have a listen. The G14 was silent at still while the Blade’s followers were still distinct. It’s feasible to get different sound

degrees from both laptop computers with the different performance modes readily available, however inevitably the G14 can obtain louder under lots. Now allow’s discover just how both laptops in fact compare in video games. You understand, the primary job these points were designed to handle. Although the G14 has a slightly bigger display resolution, we’ve evaluated both laptops at 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions simply to maintain points reasonable. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked in the same part of the game on all laptop computers, and I have actually got the Blade and Zephyrus highlighted in red. The Blade was getting to a 27% greater average framework rate in this game contrasted to the G14. The space raises a little at the higher 1440p resolution, with the Blade now 28% ahead of the Zephyrus. The G14 has a wonderful increase contrasted to in 2015’s G14, while this year’s Blade 14 had not been much ahead of in 2014’s version. Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to do better with AMD’s Radeon graphics, as the G14 was now a little in advance of the Blade 14, at the very least at the reduced 1080p resolution. At 1440p the Blade was currently a little in advance, however it’s like a 1 FPS difference, so they have to do with the exact same as this adjustment is within the margin of error. Generally speaking, I discover Nvidia graphics to do far better than AMD at 1440p and also above, and this is seen right here too. Control on the various other hand does much better with Nvidia’s GeForce graphics, which is why the Blade 14 was getting to a 44% greater average structure rate below. Even in 2014’s G14 with RTX 3060 graphics had not been much behind it, it really had a

better 1% low than the newer one. At 1440p the Blade 14 had a 38% lead in average FPS, and also allow’s not neglect that to use the G14 you ‘d utilize its native 2560 by 1600 resolution which would be a lot more requiring than this. The Blade might likewise make use of DLSS in all 3 of those video games to additional boost efficiency, while the Zephyrus can just make use of FSR in among them. DLSS has just been about much longer, so it’s even more extensive contrasted to FSR, as well as don’t neglect that you can still run FSR on Nvidia laptop computers. The Blade 14 was in advance in the visual components of the 3DMark standards, specifically port royal at the top which tests ray mapping. It prevails expertise that Nvidia does much better than Radeon in raytracing. The G14 had the ability to do much better in CPU and also physics scores though, which lines up with the greater CPU performance we saw earlier in tests like Cinebench. Now for some web content maker examinations. SPECviewperf checks out numerous professional 3D workloads. The Blade in purple was in advance in a lot of these work, however that wasn’t constantly the case as some work appear to like Radeon graphics. Adobe Premiere was examined with the Puget Solutions standard, and

just from my very own testing Nvidia usually outmatches AMD graphics below, which would be one reason the Blade was racking up 15% greater than the Zephyrus. Adobe Photoshop on the various other hand was scoring 23% higher on the G14. This test depends a lot more on CPU performance, so once again with what we saw earlier in Cinebench, this outcome had not been too surprising. DaVinci Willpower generally likes GPU power, and the Blade had not been that much ahead of the G14 in this one. Both laptops only had fairly basic options through the BIOS, and simply in terms of looks, the Zephyrus looks a lot extra modern compared to the obsolete looking one on the Blade. Linux assistance was evaluated with an Ubuntu Live CD. By default the key-board, touchpad, audio speakers and also camera worked, yet Wi-Fi really did not function on either, they possibly need additional motorists. Allow’s go over prices and accessibility next. This will certainly transform in time so refer to those web links listed below the video for existing sales and bargains. At the time of recording, the Zephyrus G14 with the same specifications that I have actually examined chooses $1900 USD, yet for $400 much less you can go one action down to the version with RX 6700S graphics rather. Razer’s entrance degree Blade 14 with RTX 3060 graphics on the various other hand starts higher than the leading specced G14 at $2000 USD, while the maxed out configuration I have actually checked here is $3500, or 84% even more cash – a large distinction. Is the Blade 14 worth spending even more cash on? Let’s summarize the crucial

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differences and also determine. Typically the Blade does do far better in video games, but it also depends upon the video game. As we saw, the Radeon graphics could succeed in video games that work much better with AMD. Nvidia graphics objectively offer you more choices however, because you can use both DLSS and FSR while the Radeon choice just lets you utilize FSR. And Nvidia likewise generally does much better when it comes to ray mapping. The Blade has a much better camera, a faster SSD, and also I thought it really felt much better as well as well constructed. Certainly besides the reality that little bumps appear to be able to harm it which easily reveal up on the black surface. Those were the primary benefits for the Blade. Pretty a lot everything else was better on the G14 despite it being cheaper. The G14 has a far better display as well as I liked inputting on its keyboard much more. It evaluates much less in spite of both of them having to do with the same dimension, the G14 more port alternatives, far better battery life, faster Wi-Fi performance, faster CPU performance both on power and on battery and the G14 feels cooler to the touch when under load, though it can obtain a little louder contrasted to the Blade. The G14 likewise has even more

upgrade choices as you’re stuck to the 16 jobs of RAM in the Blade.
Type of crazy for a $3500 laptop. All things taken into consideration, specifically the large price difference, I simply assume that the G14 uses extra for many people. You must just take into consideration the Blade if cash isn’t an issue and you truly desire something certain that just this one offers. Otherwise the more affordable G14 wins in more locations than it loses in spite of costing much much less cash. If you still require even more information on either of these two laptops, then refer to my full review video clips over below next. This was a very detailed contrast I had not been able to fit absolutely every little thing. As well as if you’re new to the channel, many thanks for viewing, as well as ensure you get subscribed for future laptop computer comparisons such as this one!.