Lenovo Legion Slim 7i (2022) 15 Game Comparison

Lenovo’s Myriad Slim 7i has a 2560 by 1600 display. That’s even more pixels than 1440p, however more pixels need more GPU power to run, and also the RTX 3060 graphics right here max out at 100 watts. Exactly how well does it in fact run games at this greater resolution? We have actually checked 15 games to discover! Right here at the full specifications of the Slim 7i we’re evaluating, so along with RTX 3060 graphics it’s likewise got Intel’s core i7-12700H cpu and 16 jobs of DDR5 memory. You can personalize the specs and also check existing costs with the link listed below the video. Now Nvidia’s mobile RTX 3060 graphics are permitted to run anywhere between 60 and 140 watts, so our 100 watts below places that right in the center of this variety. Even more power does suggest even more efficiency, so more FPS in games, but also a lot more warm, which is why a thinner layout like the Slim 7i just increases to 100 watts. RTX 3060 laptops likewise have 6 gigs of VRAM, and also greater resolutions like we have actually obtained below generally benefit from more VRAM. The Slim 7i has a MUX button and

also advanced optimus, so games were checked without being limited by optimus for best efficiency. We’ve also tested with the Vantage software application set to the greatest performance setting for finest outcomes, as well as with the built in GPU overclock setting enabled. I likewise need to keep in mind that although this Slim 7i has a 2560 by 1600 screen, which is higher than 1440p, there’s also one that’s closer to 1080p too at 1920 by 1200. So games would be much less complicated to perform at that reduced resolution compared to what we’re mosting likely to take a look at right here. Alright let’s learn what this point is capable of. We’ll start by comparing 3 games at 1080p and also 1440p resolutions to obtain a suggestion of where this laptop computer fits in compared to others. After that we’ll see just how well it runs in 15 games at its indigenous display resolution, and also that’s what’s really going to show you whether or not a 100 watt 3060 is qualified of powering such a high resolution in contemporary games. Cyberpunk 2077 was tested the same on all laptops, and also I’ve obtained this year’s Legion Slim 7i revealed by the red emphasize. It’s still above 60 FPS at high setups, a

minimum of at the reduced 1080p resolution. It’s doing much better contrasted to the RTX 3070 in last year’s TUF Dashboard F15 from ASUS, which is additionally a thinner laptop layout, though that just had a quad core CPU. The Slim 7i leads other lower powered 3060 laptops like Acer’s Nitro 5, and this year’s Myriad 5 with higher GPU power limitation was around 10% faster. We’ve obtained a various option of laptop computers at the greater 1440p resolution, as this degree of equipment is on the border of what we ‘d actually evaluate here. It’s at the very least beating in 2015’s ASUS Zephyrus G14 which had an also lower powered 3060, approved that is a smaller sized 14 inch version. Honestly at under 40 FPS, you ‘d most likely wish to use features like DLSS or FSR below to increase performance, and we’ll examine those soon. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested with the games benchmark device. The lower power level 3060 in the Slim 7i is close to the full powered RTX 2070 from a number of years back, not poor. The Myriad 5 was getting to a 10% greater frame rate here too, though its 3060 does also have a 30% higher GPU power limitation. It’s not much off 60 FPS at 1440p high

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setups, and also don’t forget, we’re not making use of functions like FSR or DLSS in the comparison examinations to improve efficiency. We’ll check out what kind of a boost these features offer us momentarily. Control is a GPU hefty video game, and also the 100 watt 3060 was 10% in advance of the last gen 2070 this time, given at 1080p several of that difference might also be due to the dive from Intel 9th gen to 12th gen CPU. This year’s Myriad 5 with greater powered 3060 was 16% ahead in typical frame price currently, and a number of reduced powered 3060s weren’t far behind. This game appears to prefer Nvidia equipment, which is why the Slim 7i is now in advance of the Radeon 6800S at 1440p for the very first time currently, as well as this year’s Myriad 5 was 18% faster currently, however do not neglect it’s also a thicker machine to suit its greater powered 3060. Alright currently that we’ve got an idea of where the Slim 7i fits in contrasted to various other laptop computers, allow’s see how well it carries out in 15 various games. As the native display resolution is fairly high, we’ve tested prepared presets offered in these video games. So you can obtain a great concept of what setups are needed in order to strike a particular FPS target. We’ve additionally examined with functions like DLSS or FSR allowed where possible, as these are just fairly terrific features that you ought to be using to obtain the most out of your pc gaming laptop. Allow’s obtain right into those outcomes! Fortnite has DLSS assistance, and with this on high quality the highest legendary setting predetermined was still over 60 FPS, while high settings was closer to 100 FPS. We have actually obtained a 165Hz display, and reduced setups could be utilized to offer us a higher

ordinary structure rate than this for a smoother experience. Pinnacle Legends does not have actually built in establishing presets, so we’ve tested with either all setups maxed out or at minimum. It’s running nicely at minimal settings, with a frame rate near to the screen’s refresh rate, and although max setups is still near 60 FPS, in a competitive video game such as this you’re most likely not mosting likely to desire to perform at max setups. Telephone Call of Task Warzone was tested in this manner also for the same factor – no default setting presets. This has DLSS assistance however, and keeping that on even max setups was running efficiently over 100 FPS. There’s just a 14% FPS improve at minimal settings, so you don’t have to have the game resembling a potato to obtain it performing well. Talking of potatoes, that’s something even Rainbow 6 Siege has no problems working on. Also max settings is well above 100 FPS, so allow’s go on from the eSports video games to titles that will certainly be more of a challenge for our 3060. Wonder’s Spider-Man Remastered was still running all right at high setups with DLSS made it possible for, however there’s a huge dip mosting likely to the

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highest possible extremely high level. Merely lowering one establishing level was sufficient to improve ordinary FPS by 65%, so certainly unworthy trying max settings. Max setups actually aren’t needed to have an enjoyable time in video games, which is lucky because Microsoft Flight Simulator was having a harder time. Medium settings weren’t fairly able to obtain us over 60 FPS, however that claimed this video game doesn’t really need a very high frame rate to play. Forza Perspective 5 was tested with the game’s benchmark if you wish to compare our results with your own laptop. The 2nd highest ultra pre-programmed was close to 60 FPS, while tool settings sufficed to push us above 100 FPS. Again possibly unworthy attempting to max out the setups in this one as 43 FPS is less than I ‘d like for this. Much Cry 6 was also examined with the video game’s benchmark device, yet with FSR enabled. There’s not that much of an efficiency difference in between the different setting presets, and ultra was still above 80 FPS in this examination. God of War pertained to PC from console, so it generally runs rather well without requiring super effective hardware. That stated, ultra setups still weren’t great despite DLSS allowed. We can conveniently enhance average FPS

by 47% merely by reducing to high settings, which in my point of view still look excellent. Watch Dogs Myriad is a game that regularly grumbles concerning there not sufficing VRAM at higher setup presets. It recommends 8 gigs, which would certainly call for an RTX 3070 or higher. This is possibly why very high setups were running 52% faster than ultra. Despite DLSS on I wouldn’t trouble with ultra setups below, as well as fail to remember ray tracing. Mentioning mapping rays, Dying Light 2 was dealing with the integrated in RT presets. Medium settings without RT was over 60 FPS, despite having DLSS on. We might of training course reduced the DLSS degree down from top quality to further increase FPS, however at the cost of reduced aesthetic high quality. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla doesn’t have DLSS or FSR, yet it is among those video games that I do not think requirements a high structure price to play. I mean I’m 100 hrs right into my second playthrough on a reduced powered 3070 Ti at 4K max settings, so I think these outcomes are playable. Warhammer III was examined as even more of a CPU heavy title to see if the 12700H would fall down. Honestly we haven’t examined this video game in all setting levels before so I do not recognize what to anticipate, yet provided the large dip at high and ultra settings, it could be worth sticking to medium if you desire points to look smoother. We examined Cyberpunk 2077 earlier in the contrast section, however currently we’ve additionally got ray tracing and also DLSS

results. Despite DLSS, the ray tracing presets weren’t doing extremely well at this high resolution. If you truly desire ray mapping, I ‘d seriously suggest at least RTX 3070 graphics, if not higher. Also without RT, just low settings obtains us over 60 FPS. Red Dead Redemption 2 was additionally contrasted earlier, and now DLSS over settings had the ability to obtain us above 60 FPS. Again like a lot of the various other source heavier titles, I would not bother with max settings on the 3060, despite DLSS. The RTX 3060 graphics are doing rather well when integrated with features like DLSS as well as FSR, especially at this higher resolution. As well as even in many video games that didn’t have DLSS or FSR, we still saw usable framework rates at around high settings. Just maintain your expectations in check and also don’t think that you’ll be playing at max settings outside of eSports titles. 6 jobs of VRAM was a little bit of a limit in some games, but if we turn the setup degrees down one to 2 levels, usually talking the average structure rates were still fine in all video games. So after that, is it worth investing even more cash to obtain 8 gigs of VRAM? Discover in this video clip over here following, where I’ve contrasted the RTX 3060 against the following degree up, the RTX 3070 which has 8 jobs of VRAM. You’ll absolutely want to watch that one next before acquiring your next video gaming laptop computer with a high resolution screen. Alright, I’ll see you over because one following.

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