Preview Huawei P40 Pro Tour The Beast Is Back

hello gorgeous peeps is christened expert and I’m here with a fresh new Huawei P 40 Pro a six point six inch flagship beast well you get some seriously stacked hard way including a fresh new quad lens cover you get that beefy Kara 990 chipset in there with full 5g support of course and some serious battery tech as well to keep you going all day and then get you powered up in no time at all that’s more than enough for me banging on let’s actually pull it out of its box and show off that slick new design work as well and take a bit of a tour of the rest of the hardware and the software too and for the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers first up let’s see what you actually get inside the box you got your porky pin device and it looks like you’ve actually got a bundled condom kit in there as well so just a nice cheap simple affair just to help keep your new p40 bra looking pristine besides that you’ve got your two pin adapter plug guys should only get three pin if you order it here in the UK you got your type-c USB action and you’ve got a nice free bundle parrot phones love these stuff so that is the box really exciting but now let’s get on to the good stuff so here we are and rappin the while we’re Pete Forney brought for the very first time and first impressions definitely split

–is– just take all these nasty little stickers off so we can fully appreciate the p40 pulls aesthetics and there we have it absolutely stunning now this of course is a shiny glass version of the p40 pro but you can’t pick it up with a matte glass finish if you like in this shiny version it’s available in three different uses the blue version you can also grab it in ice white or black definitely get a very premium vibe from the p40 pro so far there’s not as much of a gradient effect as previous while we’ve flagship phones but certainly this blue color is very stunning indeed because i probably personally prefer a more matte finish to my smartphones or doesn’t get all smudgy fingerprints all over it if you do want to pick it up and matte you can grab it and either silver frost or blush gold paul certainly has a good heft to it as well around the sort of 200 grand mock at an estimate and hopefully should stand the test of time quite nicely normally these well with flagships are pretty Hardy certainly on the back end the front end of the spheres do tend to scratch up a little bit sorry there’s no pre-installed screen protector here on the p40 pro as you want to slap your own one just to make sure it

stays in good Nick this is you’ve got full ip68 water and dust resistance or certainly no worries if you want to take in a shower for a crafty selfie or something so let’s open up that symmetry and see what we’ve got it looks like basically a double-sided trace you got room on one side for your SIM card flip it around and space there for your nm memory card while ways on proprietary memory cards CI no microSD support unfortunately what you’ll have to do is buy one of always own cards if you want to expand that storage but luckily you do get 256 gigs as standard so there should be plenty for most people for your media and apps so I’m just gonna stick my sim card in there and then hopefully we’ve got some I guess in the tank and we can get the while we’re p40 pro all powered up take a tour of that hardware and software right so the more web p40 port is all set up I’m good to go and now that the phone is all powered up you can see that’s six point five eight inch screen nice and clear and hopefully you’ll be able to make out a bit more of the design detail a bit more clearly now as well so as you can see the screen kind of folds over the edge of the p40 pro just as I did on previous while we handset but I’ve also got these rise and corners

which sort of bump up to meet the display and that designers apparently influenced by water surface tension go figure of course as you’ll see there there is a wide pinhole cut out for the dual selfie cam in that top left corner of the p40 pulls displayed so that could of course be slightly intrusive when you watch concern video streaming services in full view mode but the vast majority do cut off just before you get to that pinhole effort anyway it’s 20 640 by 1200 pixel resolution so everything is nice and pin sharp as you can see they’re gorgeous for a bit of movie playback but I sharp contrast on their full customization over the color output as well so you can set it nice and vivid Oh kind of a more natural output if you like if you dive on into the display settings you can see the refresh rate can be set to either standard or high height is 90 Hertz standards across sixty Hertz something there’s no dynamic option so the p40 pro con smartly switch between the two depending on what you’re up to but hopefully fingers crossed the battery life will stay strong even on that high rate I know there’s no 120 Hertz more but at that 90 Hertz level everything certainly seems silky smooth and hopefully you’ll be plenty of app support and speaking of app support it is a motion UI version at 10 2 point 1 here slapped on top of Android 10 if actually got a new version which I’m just busy downloading right now

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straight out of the box of course there’s no Google services onboard any of the one with p40 phones just like there wasn’t onboard the mid 30s before it so that means when it comes to download apps you’ve got the likes of the Huawei app gallery which you can download lots of stuff from you but likes of Amazon’s App Store and other third-party options as well and I’ve just bummed a lot of my old apps on here from my previous phone using the phone clone app as well as so as you can see they’ve got likes a whatsapp messenger Skype Twitter etc searching your full support for BBC iPlayer now as well so if you live here in the good old UK you can stream a good bit of BBC iPlayer content but suddenly there’s no love of course for like some Netflix and various other video stream services such as shadow which I’m personally a bit of a fan of over been doing a lot of that in this shut-in period certainly and well I haven’t for the Google apps such as Google Chrome and maps are supported here on the p40 poor others like Gmail and YouTube suddenly still will not work so you will have to use the likes of Google Chrome in order to get on board with a good bit YouTube action or of course a third-party app but anyway be bringing you a full in depth while we’re p14 people you pro tips and tricks guide in the next day or so so stay tuned for that for an in-depth look at emotion UI 10.1 all the best features

stacked on there and as is now pretty much standard for a flagship premium smartphone you’ve got in display fingerprint sensor built into that p40 process screen it’s apparently a 30% larger sensor than before so I’m assuming that’s a comparison with the p30 Pro it’s also apparently 30% faster as well certainly seems pretty nippy touchwood reliable despite the fact that my hands are super super dry and chapped with all the constant washing and of course you’ve got full face recognition that support here on the warrior p40 pause while using that joule lens a front-facing camera a bit of IR support in there as well so good news if you’re constantly using your phone in the dark let’s just give that a go give the pub and a quick tap and boom straight into the desktops no hanging about and even even see the lockscreen there I got a raise to weight support as well let’s try that again smash nobo going about the p40 pro is nippy as out you may remember that last just p30 smartphones did not have a stereo speaker setup that’s because they don’t actually have an earpiece speaker they’ve done away with that and what you get instead is an in display vibration technology where whenever you’re on a phone call ever and the p40 poor uses the exact same technology so once again you’ve just got a mono speaker output so just boost up the volume here to see if I muffle that speaker then that’s basically your audio pretty much dead but is there any flat it’s just

doesn’t hopefully here there even with the mono speaker output the clarity is still super super strong that volume is brilliant on that top level so you’ll be able to clearly hear whatever you’re listening to or watching even in a noisy environment suddenly no headphone jack support here on the p40 poor though while we didn’t decide to bring it back just like Sony did for its Xperia 1 mark 2 on the performance phone it’s well is 7 nanometre current 995 g chipset backed by a selection of RAM depending on which region you’re in and which model you go for and this p40 probably got 8 gigs around so that should keep it running very smoothly indeed yes you do of course I’m full 5g support tears is actually built into that Kiran at 9:19 chipset you just turn it on and off with a quick tap of this icon here and I know a lot of people still don’t read that first about 5g but at least if you’re gonna be using the fall in the next couple of years you’ll want that bit of future proofing onboard you’ve also got Wi-Fi 6 4 bit Bluetooth 5.1 NFC all the stuff that you would expect of course from a premium flagship device that’s for the battery you got four thousand two hundred milliamps ELLs stuffed inside the one with p40 Pro and on how energy-efficient lights were motion UI 10 usually is should be able to get a full day of use out of that no problem even with fairly intensive use to go these your power saving modes and everything of course when it does run now you’ve got 40 watt fast charging on there and you’ve also got 40 watt fast wireless charging onboard as well pretty stunning stuff of course you’ll need a compatible wireless charger such as one weighs on p40 effort and a good bit of

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wireless reverse chargin if you want to charge up some accessories on the go like a pair of true wireless earbuds all of which fun and games brings us onto that quad lens of a camera packing some very fresh new hardware indeed now first up as you can see there it’s somewhat chunky here on the p40 pull that camera shutter Justin somewhat from the surface and it is quite a boxy arrangement as well similar to the likes the iPhone 11 and the new Samsung phones Stephanie not as ugly as that iPhone camera arrangement though it looks bit more sophisticated it basically doesn’t look like it was slapped together by a three-year-old so let’s go through each of these lenses in turn actually inside of the p40 pause camera up and when you first boot up you’ll be straight into auto mode using that 15 megapixel ryy be ultra vision camera it’s at a 4.9 aperture lens with built-in optical image stabilization and apparently the sensor boasts far bigger pixels than ever before so it should be really sensitive in low-light situations that also really improve your itch to your output and so far touch road since we’re doing a very nice job indeed as always you’ve got the AI mode up top that you can turn on or off depending on whether you want there but a scene detection action on the gore and you’ve also got the fresh new moving picture mode which you have to knock the AI mode off in order to enable and that’s as with other moving images and eleven images modes Bezier shoots a brief video snippet with every fall of the et just to bring your

gallery to life as you flip them through now as well as that updated 50 megapixel primary lens you’ve also got a fresh new ultra wide-angle lens as well it’s a 40 megapixel F 1.8 aperture snapper and as you can see there fits plenty of action into the frame and third up you’ve got a 12 megapixel telephoto lens which offers a five times optical zoom just like last year’s P 30 pro and as you can see they’re nice and steady as well thanks to the optical image stabilization that’s built into that telephoto lens and that’s also supplemented by what while we is Turman a is which is basically digital image stabilization just AI light and if you want to get even closer into mir cut Batman’s fuzzy chops then we can just tap up here as you see about a 10 times hybrid zoom to get every little feature on his gorgeous little face including that very cute little black nose of is now if you check out some of the other features on here of course you got the usual standard stuff like a bit of portrait mode action that’s turned off the beauty shenanigans because that’s always rubbish I’ve got a variety effects that you can play around with here include of course the obligatory stage lights and I spit up pop pop pop pop you’ve got your night mode as well of course which as per standard just stitches together a bunch of different shots in order to create a nice balanced results definitely good stuff you’ve got your full pro controls as well if you want to play around with likes the ISO levels the the

white banding shoot as you can see there up to 450 megapixel modes if you don’t want to do the pixel binnen got the option for a nice bit of raw photo capture you’ve got an auto focus assist light on and on the subject of the autofocus what we’s actually using a new phase detection photodiode technology on here so every pixel in that sensor is used to autofocus and each pixel actually has two individual focus points as well and certainly just from a quick test now that focus seems super super nippy as you can see there stick your hand in front and immediately refocuses less than a second really really Swift stuff indeed so fingers crossed before you pour should be super fast and super accurate when it comes to shoot and move subjects such as annoying hyperactive children got a whole heap born as features on there as well and couldn’t even an underwater mode if you want to take some pretty pictures of some little smiley fish I’m hoping that the p40 in the p40 Pro gonna be some of the first Huawei smartphones to really impress when it comes to the video of smart so as you can see there you can flip between the various lenses to shoot your video nice and easy and if we dive in the settings a lot of people always very sad that you could never shoot 4k resolution video at 60 frames per second on a wall a flagship but as you can see that is now perfectly possible huzzah and if we swap around to the front-facing camera it’s a 32 megapixel effort as you can see they’re

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picking me up nice and crisp and clear you’ve got full portrait effects as well so you can once again stick a bit of those on you can all I don’t even know why some sort of pixie effect on something very colorful it’s been a hearts action that light board is fully supported using the front-facing camera as well as you can shoot a long this boy is shot even when it’s low light great stuff and if we talk to video you can actually shoot again that 4k video at up to 60 frames per second using that front facing camera great stuff so real of course we tested out the full photo chops and video chops here on the p40 port and i’ll let you know how that all goes and before I forget it did of course mentioned before there was a coordinate lens camera setup so you’ve got the 15 megapixel primary lens ultra wide-angle and telephoto and you’ve also got a fourth time of flight sensor there on the back of the p40 pro as well sorry there in a nutshell is the well we’re p40 por definite looks like some very slick new hardware indeed some very impressive new camera upgrades screen looks very stunning indeed loving the design and everything hopefully the performs the battery life will be top-notch as well so let me know what you think in the comments down below is here stay tuned for a full tips and tricks card and I’m going to be bringing you a couple more videos on the p40 pro in the next couple of weeks as well please do poke subscribe ding that notifications well and have yourselves all of the week people Cheers

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