Amazfit X Smartwatch: In-Depth Look & FULL Feature Walkthrough!

hi guys invite back to one more video with arm or leg evaluates so today I’m extremely thrilled due to the fact that I simply got my hands on the current incredible acts yeah this is the individual right below the rounded screen impressed with AK SmartWatch or smartband if you might it’s a repowered on and also yeah super thrilled to share my experience of actually managing this having a thorough hands-on time with the main street axe as well as I’ve seen the IndieGoGo project thus many individuals are asking a lot of sort of different inquiries so hopefully in this video clip are you ‘d have the ability to learn a little bit much more about the fantastic speed axe and see if this is something that you could in fact wish to consider buying good so we don’t further ado let’s dive into the video right away alright people so this is the outstanding axe Matt watch first off let’s take a glimpse at the design so certainly we understand that it features a really rounded display right here a 92 level contour if I’m not mistaken and it is an M OLED display screen so it obtains really wonderful contrast degrees colors are excellent the illumination in fact goes very bright I can just show it to you really swiftly in the setups and if you simply enter into display as well as brightness I can shut off the automobile illumination and check out that this is the optimum illumination we get hand degrees of brightness setups right here and also at number 10 it is truly insane bright guys like it would

really be very visible under some rather strong sunshine so you do not need to fret way too much regarding presence here I know it’s a bit reflective but yeah that’s a bit to be gotten out of a bent screen similar to this alright so I do have my knee band with me today actually for a fast side-by-side comparison appearance so undoubtedly the me band has a level surface area right there as well as we have the bent screen on the amazing attacks but what I actually want to compare below is actually these sites yet if you look from right here as well as here observe that the Amaze with X is actually just a little extra thicker than the me band and if you ask me directly I actually really feel that wearing this outstanding it acts on my wrist does not make it as well uncomfortable it is very light and extremely comfortable that I truly delight in making use of the image that I’ve attracted a pair of hrs with the incredible it X alright so something you need to know is that the fantastic task X includes 2 different straps that you can exchange if you have like thicker wrist so for

myself I’m a rather slim person right below as well as my wrist diameter is at least 16 centimeters just for recommendation so I’m using the shorter been here and also it really feels flawlessly fine for me so it is really simple to actually switch it out you just need to push a little switch at the back and you simply tug it out it is that straightforward so allow me put it back on right here right currently and it is following on appropriate away so you can really alter this band here it really includes a tiny screw on top so I’m not actually certain why impressed it does not allow you to alter the leading part top section of the band yet let me just show you right here we have a tiny screw at the back it is a common cross grooves or nothing too fancy right there but yes you can absolutely alter this strap really easily so regarding these straps it is an extremely comfortable as well as smooth rubber right here I really similar to this material because it is very smooth simply extremely comparable to my amazed with GTR which is down on the desk right there however yep really comfy so if I place it on my wrist right below just extremely rapidly to reveal you and also this is my impressive stick X and also if you think this is big after that the awe axe is really rather slimmer actually quite slimmer than my surprised fit right here ax right there you can see simply the thickness degrees as well as yeah once again this is so much lighter and I don’t really feel the weight of the Amaze VIX contrasted to the t-rex yet yeah it is a very various smartwatches right here alright so let me simply show you around this gadget at the sides right here we do have this pressure-sensitive button switch over right now isn’t operating extremely well so it

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is a little bit tough to hit right below however like I claimed this is an EBT a pre-production release so yes that is to be expected left wing we have a spick-and-span surface or nothing my share spick-and-span layout total I’m rather pleased with this layout alright so let me show you the watch itself so you just pull down from the top below you obtain a number of controls we have your flashlight your battery saver Do Not Disrupt and also naturally look for your tool so I such as the fact that it likewise comes if a tiny clock at the top you have your date and also show us your location that’s to ensure that’s pretty awesome if you just swipe up we can get rid of it immediately so being up from the lower raises your notification center so you can see here that I have obtained a number of apps right here and the alerts resemble this so we have this tiny little application symbol at the top and adhered to by the info provided by the app itself so this is what it radios to pause it expect a lot of the apps are applications that I have in my smartphone so everything is looking pretty great right below you can’t truly engage with the notice because if you simply have that nothing truly happens but what you can do is this eliminate the notification right there which’s done so this watch that astonished with acts it just shows you on notices yet you can not in fact reply to any kind of messages or your apps on the watch itself you have to do it in your smartphone alright so pulling in from the left right here

you obtain a number of widgets below as well as I find this extremely trendy since you obtain a lot of information that we can see at a fast look so for instance I have my climate right here I have my routine I have actually additionally got my target tasks my heart price simply a great deal of details here as well as the bright side right here is that you can in fact customize the the arrangement of these various widgets right here extremely conveniently simply on guard itself you just need to press the backwards and forwards button and also yeah really straightforward stuff so allow’s relocate back to the house page and also swiping from the right below you enter your main food selection so in the food selection we have a couple of applications below as you can see let me just scroll from the top we have your exercise we have your target application your heart price obviously your spo2 setups your weather schedule your alarm system and of course the settings and even more applications so your go into even more what you actually have here really is simply your stopwatch your countdown and also your songs control so this watch you can place music in this watch however you can control the music on your smart device when you strike this switch right here so essentially this in fact is sings with Spotify on my phone as well as it is really easy to operate yep this extremely straightforward things below alright so allow

me just show you very promptly the kind of tasks that it sustains allow’s go right into the workout setting and also here you can see I mean the indoor running biking swimming and simply a number of modes that you actually might already recognize because it’s all on the IndieGoGo page certainly some settings could not be running today however it will certainly be updated in a future firmware so returning allow me simply reveal you something else we have your target below so primarily this reveals you are your stats counts I’m sorry about that notification can be found in yeah so you have your action matter we have your PI simply and also we’re how lots of times you stand a day so just a great deal of information that you can scroll all the way down and do discover this that the fluidness of the device is in fact rather good so it doesn’t actually such as right here see it is extremely fluid as well as I such as that because it actually provides you a better individual experience when dealing with a curve display amazed with eczema or something similar to this alright so returning let’s go and also have a look at a few other things that we have in the watch so here you have your heart price and also certainly I just put it on your wrist right here as well as you will certainly begin to measure your heart rate it takes place for 24/7 you can have it to track your heart price throughout the entire day I will certainly show you even more of then later because in this video clip I just desire to show you some what you can expect to get from here okay so obviously we likewise have the spo2 setups and also when again it needs to get on your wrist to in fact calculate the amount of oxygen that is in your blood

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so let’s move back for now first and also look into the climate app so climate app sensible we have a great deal of information here once more naturally we additionally have your excellent weather prediction for the week all details here very noticeable extremely perfectly done all on the Amaze feedbacks so I such as the manner in which UI is created extremely easy as well as simple to see with just one glimpse so you have your timetable in your alarm I don’t assume I need to show you people that however yep so this is practically what you will certainly hop on the Amaze fit banks so allow me just try and enter into a solitary employee and see exactly how it works resembles let’s look into the user interface alright all right so this is what you will certainly have the ability to see below you get a lot of details right here your range your speed typical speed average speed and all this things all on the tool itself so as soon as again like I claimed every little thing is extremely clear it looks very good all the UI styles are quite wonderful as well as simple to accessibility so basic like that alright men so in terms of battery life a misfit is declaring 7

days on fundamental usage for the incredible acts this is exactly how the battery charger appears like it is a magnetic battery charger and also it honestly goes onto the back very securely so look at that it’s simply that great so it’s really magnetic and also you can in fact like you will certainly hang on to the fantastic attacks and will certainly not quit so quickly yet yeah oh another thing I need to reveal you is the watch face itself so presently there is only like one watch face pre-installed in the awe acts that I have here as well as they do not have anymore watch encounters or now this will have to be upgraded in a future firmware update yet what is rather cool concerning this watch Fei Jie is that you can personalize the watch face so note that as an example I can touch below and also I can simply change it to like an analog clock or an electronic clock so I have 2 alternatives below I can also alter this area to show whatever I wish to show so you simply require a drag down similar to this it’s all really easy you can additionally tap this tiny little man at the top so yeah generally you are able to edit and also personalize 5 panels here 1 2 3 4 5 as well as oh sorry there’s a small little guy near the bottom below it’s

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throughout the 6 panel so you have 6 panels that you can customize here all on the Amaze with X itself so allow me just struck that to go back so total I would certainly state this is a pretty instinctive SmartWatch or smartband if you me right currently it doesn’t featured NFC so a great deal of you people I saw in the remarks like requesting NFC however yeah it is not in this watch presently alright so currently I think it’s time to put the Amaze feed agitate my wrist simply to reveal you men exactly how it appears like on my wrist so once more bear in mind that I’m a quite slim guy 16 centimeters for my wrist diameter so allow me just attempt and also get it on so this strap truly feels heros like okay so you don’t need to put it in and there you go okay so this is how it resembles on my wrist so as soon as again the display is really clear very nicely done I’m very satisfied you’ll be impressed healthy x4 now alright people I think that’s it for this very first hands-on intro video undoubtedly if you have a lot more concerns please do not hesitate to leave them down in the comment area listed below I’ll attempt to respond to each of your inquiries as well as I’ll certainly be placing this SmartWatch to the examination obviously once more I need to state that this is an EVD early launch variation so we’ve got to expect some parts in this gadget yet yep really delighted of what we need to see outstanding acts this is Liam as well as thanks men for enjoying I’ll see you guys in the next one bye