Vivo X50 Pro Long-Term Review: The Camera’s Great But Should You Buy?!

hi there people invite back to another video with lim assesses so i recognize i’ve not been uploading a video for a long time in fact it’s regarding three weeks now since i last posted my previous video and yeah i assume it’s simply been very hectic but in today’s video i just desire to show you my experience with the vivo x50 pro that i have been making use of for the past three weeks indeed i’ve in fact been utilizing this device for the previous 3 weeks and also you have actually possibly already seen lots of videos online of simply individuals doing their very own testimonials of this device there’s a great deal of discuss the gimbal cam at the back which is supposed to be the primary celebrity of this gadget so yeah let me show you what my experience is with the vivo x50 pro alright so i don’t desire to occupy excessive of your time so i’ll just delve into the points that i truly like about this tool so my experience with this for concerning 3 weeks has been actually favorable like to begin with i truly enjoy the style of this vivo x50 pro so although it’s extremely unsafe like i believe i’ve practically dropped it a pair of times but yeah it has not cracked neither uh got shattered or whatever it still is flawlessly

great right here to ensure that’s great apart from that another point that i truly love regarding this is the 90 hertz refresh rate screen and also this is a truly good display screen that vivo is having on the x50 pro right here certainly one of the very best if not the better ones around for an incredibly amoled display screen rejuvenate price is excellent the colors are terrific it’s just a very excellent display screen and i truly value that on the vivo x50 pro so an additional point i wish to speak about extremely rapidly is the performance on this device so naturally if you know me i do some video gaming like mobile tales as well as i do use my phone a great deal for social media and also even like taking pictures occasionally and i must say that the snapdragon 765 on this tool has actually never failed me like every little thing has been very smooth and also the advantage is that the 90hz display really makes the entire customer experience on this gadget very smooth so i have actually never had any kind of delays or or stutters below and also there the experience is just truly good on this gadget so i have very few grievances to make regarding the vivo x50 pro

so fine currently allow’s speak about the video cameras itself so this is the component that actually obtained me thrilled due to the fact that i’m a very camera centric individual i like to take a great deal of photos i like to take videos and yeah so let’s delve into what the videos and also pictures actually resemble okay so first up let’s let me just show you a quick example of the photos that we can receive from this tool so allow me simply delve into gallery today and see what i have right here fine so i have a couple of images right here in reality i took even more than 100 photos on the vivo x50 pro and let me just go through them with you really rapidly so photos during the day looks excellent it looks really great i mean it has excellent saturations good comparison degrees and also the sharpness is fantastic uh one point i need to note right here is that there is a bit of editing and enhancing going on with the skies for the images tackled this tool right here so you naturally see that the skies looks more blue than it really is and also i’m not certain if that’s an advantage or a bad thing for me i would prefer a much more natural technique however it appears that these days our phones are similar to showing extra bluer skies they simply enhance the saturations a little more to make sure that it might look better for some yeah to ensure that’s what i consider the images taken during the day otherwise it is a really capable electronic camera that does extremely well both for the regular sensor as well as the ultrawide sensing unit okay so the part that truly beams regarding this vivo x50 pro is the night setting on this camera i suggest it’s truly

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amazing so let me just show you a couple of examples as like like i claimed these are a number of examples below and my goodness it looks really truly great so when you activate night setting it just shows the magic of this tool it truly makes the photos look so efficient evening as well as i recognize there are other phones out there that does night setting quite great also but i it always strikes me that vivo has actually always been respectable when it involves that night setting as well as that was really verified in the shots that i have actually handled the vivo x50 pro so extremely delighted with the night mode here pictures looks really natural during the night and it’s not such as super overblown with all the fake illumination as well as all that rubbish but yeah it’s a truly excellent image below fine so let’s speak about the gimbal electronic camera part so honestly talking i’m not the kind of individual that runs around regularly so i don’t truly need that very stable setting so i recognize a few of you may have seen a great deal of video clips and every person’s simply talking about exactly how consistent the device is i suggest yes it is consistent yet i imply taking into point of view like just how frequently are you going to be like keep running over something and just keep going after someone as well as such as simply shooting video

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clips so if you’re not the kind of person that resembles firing action movies on your phone so it’s in fact a great uh camera so allow me just reveal you a short clip that i i took throughout my last journey to capitals yeah oh uh okay so as you can see right here the video transformed out actually great so what i desire to highlight here is not really on the stabilization component since we already know that it is excellent but what i desire to concentrate on here is really the colors of the video so notice that the video manufacturing it looks extremely nice the colors looks natural even when it was inside so typically video cameras they do really well outdoors because there’s a lot of light coming in however, for indoors video clip i located that the the video clips taken on the x50 pro was actually great i imply do you see the shades of all the interior shots uh even it was also though it was not an extremely bright environment yet the colors ended up rather well so that is the important things that really thrilled me instead of the very constant mode which obviously indeed it is a good idea so yeah video camera sensible i would claim that uh it is really powerful on this x50 pro you can anticipate to get great photos and excellent videos so if you just wish to like take some vlogs or something i’ll just fire some brief videos if you’re the type of individual i believe you must actually take into consideration the x50 pro although it does not included like the top variety processor the snapdragon 865 or

something like that yeah yeah there’s simply as well several processors coming out these days however yeah it is a really qualified phone so at the end of the day if you ask me like need to you purchase the vivo x50 pro i can not truly claim an of course or no it actually depends upon what you’re looking for if you’re searching for an extremely well built tool best display does this extremely fluid sort of experience with those wonderful video cameras oh yeah and also the billing is quite quick as well so we do obtain an extremely good battery charger in package that does i think no to 100 in about one hr or less somewhere around there yeah so you’re getting a great deal of device for that kind of money yet yes if you much like to take a look at specifications as well as you require to opt for the highest variety of processors then this phone is not for you great i assume that’s pretty a lot it for this video ideally you have learned something below uh if you similar to this video hit the like button if you don’t like it maybe leave a comment down below alright all right i’ll see you individuals in the following one bye

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