Xiaomi Haylou LS02 Review: This $20 Budget Smartwatch Is Now Even Better! Check It Out!

this is take one obtained 2 watches here the halos hey individuals invite back to one more video with lim reviews so in today’s video i’m incredibly excited to share with you an all new watch that i just got and that is the halo ls02 so a whole lot of you individuals have actually been discussing my previous video clips asking me to take a look at the most recent version of halo’s clever watch and also this is what i got i just obtained it like yesterday so in today’s video i’m mosting likely to show you like a quick experience with the current smartwatch 2 uh also talk a bit about the distinctions between the ls01 so as you may recognize i have the ls01 right below in addition to the ls02 so i’ll inform you what is actually being improved over here with the most recent ls02 as well as what you can expect to receive from this smartwatch so yes normally i’ve been using this for the past one day indeed i’m mosting likely to be really truthful with you i’ve only been utilizing it for the previous one day however let me simply extremely promptly brief you on what’s the most up to date updates for this spending plan smartwatch so before i begin i just intend to allow you recognize that the rate of this ls02 is still the exact same as the ls01 which cost me about 20 us bucks right here in

malaysia so i require to emphasize this once again which is the rates will differ based on where you’re from uh various nations will have different pricings yet yeah you can expect to acquire this for about 20 to 25 us dollars depending upon where you’re precisely whatsoever appropriate so what’s new with this ls02 well to begin with as quickly as you boot the device you’ll be able to see that the display is right there larger than the previous one so we obtained a 0.1 inch extra of display screen here so it’s most obvious when you have a look at the bezels in between both smart watches below the ls01 has a larger and thicker bottom bezel whereas the ls02 simply looks more symmetrical from the top as well as the lower bezel to make sure that looks great the lcd screens additionally have a higher resolution so it looks method much more clearer than the ls01 so i would certainly say that it’s an excellent upgrade below in regards to the display screen you’re getting a good screen here really clear graphics on the ls02 so apart from that what else is new fine so we additionally have an updated bluetooth so it utilized to be 4.4 if i’m not mistaken on the ls01 which is this white folder right below however on

the ls02 it’s not upgraded to bluetooth 5.0 so you can anticipate the bluetooth connectivity to be far better maybe you can bring your watch as well as walk additionally about without your smartphone with you but yeah honestly speaking i have actually been utilizing the ls01 for greater than a month currently and i had actually never had any kind of connection concerns also when my phone is like upstairs and also i’m downstairs the connection has actually constantly been really steady so bluetooth connection smart i do not actually have any issues below but oh certainly i’m always inviting a better bluetooth 5.0 with the ls02 fine so what else is new exist a pair much more points the following up is the activities that it tracks so the ls02 currently features three added tasks that it tracks it tracks a total of 12 tasks whereas the ls-01 tracks 9 various activities so you get a bit even more of versatility in regards to the tasks that it gets tracked but honestly speaking this watch still doesn’t included a gps inside so you will certainly need to rely upon your smartphone for you recognize just tracking your distance your pace you will need to have your smartphone with you when you opt for your sporting activities or your runs or whatnot all right so simply to rapidly

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advise you on one point which is the both wise watches below the ls01 as well as ls02 are both ip68 ranked so what this implies is that you can get a number of dashes on guard uh you can not truly take this to swim with you so it’s not advised by halo they state that you should not take both watches to swim so the very same still opts for the ls02 it will certainly have the ability to stand up to some dashes or maybe if you like placed it right into water for just a short brief minute uh that will be great yet do not take it swimming because both smartwatches don’t really track your swim so yeah for those of you swimmers available you still can not utilize either one of these to track your swims alright so the last benefit the last brand-new aspect of the ls02 is the battery life okay so in terms of the battery life halo says that the ls02 will now last you thirty day with one single cost so just how is this various so on the ls01 you were just able to utilize it for about 2 weeks with one single cost which in my point of view is already excellent due to the fact that you do not truly need to bill it all the time but the ls02 is said to be able to last concerning one month with simply one single fee so clearly i haven’t evaluated it out for one month yet i would certainly expect it to last regarding slightly greater than two weeks perhaps even 3 weeks however it depends upon just how much alerts you obtain that will truly affect the

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battery life on the ls02 okay so bottom line is you obtain a pair more features on the ls02 right here yet at the exact same rate so obviously if you remain in the market seeking this halo wise watch you should no question get the ls02 there is no reason to still take a look at the ls01 so the layouts on both are really still really similar we still get the same use of products right here so i saw that when you put it side by side with the ls01 the ls02 in fact looks a little bit more slimmer so the layout looks a little bit much more streamlined in regards to the bands the ls02 currently is available in a somewhat slimmer band it’s a 20 millimeter band that you have on the ls02 whereas on the ls01 it’s somewhat bigger i i can not remember the exact dimensions yet it’s like 22 or possibly 23. Yeah probably 22. so it is a thicker one on the ls01 whereas on the ls02 it comes in a smaller kind factor besides that in terms of convenience wise uh the watch is still extremely lightweight it’s still really comfy to put on my wrist and also yeah so i’m still extremely satisfied with the ls02 right below for 20 there is nothing much that you can really expect from this kind of watch fortunately is i have actually attempted the heart rate surveillance and also it’s still rather constant it recognizes when the watch is on my wrist and it will certainly start tracking my heart rate and also when it’s out my wrist you’ll observe that the heart rate just shows like a dash over there so that’s rather great we do not desire the watch to you recognize simply track like some arbitrary type of heart price over there oh one final point which is very essential about the distinctions in

between both the ls01 as well as ls02 is the operating system so let me simply show it to you really rapidly the os on both the ls01 and also the ls02 is a little various so what i indicate by that is when you move to the system you discover that the graphics are various the ls02 uses something extremely comparable to the halo solar so these get on the very same user so these are both extremely comparable but the lx01 is using the older os from halo so i can not really state which one is far better i would just say that there are things that are better viewing the ls01 yet they are likewise stuff far better searching the ls02 so just note that there is a mild change in the customer experience the ui styles but general indeed i’m still quite pleased with the overall system that you hop on the ls02 alright um i’ll be doing even more tests on this gadget as time passes this simply was available in the other day as well as i have actually just used it for a day so i’ll give it a little bit more time and also let you individuals recognize just how it functions in the future all right i believe that’s it for this video clip if you men still have any kind of inquiries or if there is something that you desire me to check out particularly for you on the ls02 please do not hesitate to leave them down in the remark section listed below uh i wish you people have an excellent weekend break keep safe and also i’ll see you people in the next one bye

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