OPPO Watch Follow Up – A Few More Tricks Up It’s Sleeve!

hey men invite back to one more video with lim reviews so in today’s video clip i’m actually acting on my first evaluation of the oppo watch so i have actually been using this watch like i stated uh for the previous couple of days and also lately i have actually simply been tracking inspecting out the exercise modes on this watch so in this particular video i simply want to highlight a couple of even more features or features of the oppo watch that i really did not truly highlight in the previous video clip so prior to i begin i just want to offer a fast suggestion on the price so this watch is actually available right now in malaysia and also it’s priced at 1 299 ringgit for this 46 mm variation there is likewise a smaller sized version the 41mm that is priced at simply 899. So the major distinction below obviously is the screen dimension and with this bigger variation i think i have actually talked about how gorgeous this display here is we have this rounded edges side to side that i just intend to direct out once more as well as observe that when i just slide my finger across this display screen it turns up quite nicely really fluid really superb display all right so like i stated um i simply intend to concentrate on a number of additional functions so the first one i want to discuss is primarily concerning that workout features so i

observed that this watch really included a 5 min workout application currently mounted in the watch itself so observe that there are a pair of apps below so operating on wear os certainly you can download more apps to the watch itself all you need to do is enter into the play store and you can download and install stuff like spotify telegram google maps as well as everything can be mounted on one’s guard much like exactly how you mount it on the phone itself right so the highlight today like i stated is to chat about this five min exercise application when you hit that app primarily it comes with a pair of activities that you can see below and also see that it is basically workouts that you can do throughout the entire day it begins off with an early morning stimulant proceeding to a number of more extreme things as well as after that the proposal time extends at night so all these are 5 minute exercises as well as what’s cool regarding this is for instance when i just hit right into this it will actually obtain you this session so you can begin the session as well as it will actually reveal you an image or a short video on how to actually perform that seed workout so if i just struck beginning notice that this individual

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is this photo below is already revealing you how to do that workout the good idea here is that we likewise have an audio speaker on guard so you can really hear the instructions going on rather loud as well as clear so great if you need an individual fitness instructor this watch can in fact educate you for that five min workout workouts alright so i’m not mosting likely to undergo that i’m going to end this exercise right currently as well as show you what various other workouts we have so there’s one more one that shows obtain moving a complete body exercise so allow’s see what this does yeah so generally you can see right here that there’s eight various sort of collections to do as well as in within like five minutes okay so we’re mosting likely to finish this too so like i claimed it’s really cool due to the fact that we have this five-minute workout that you can do to get that quick stretch in at any time of the day all right so besides that um i think what i truly like below is likewise the shortcut button so the shortcut button right here is the one highlighted in green and also essentially you can set this switch to release any kind of app on the watch itself so it ought to be very helpful if you just desire that quick

accessibility to you know your kinds of activities as an example like i have my own established to the the workout section so whenever i struck that switch i can just delve into my exercises as well as just choose whatever i want to do fine so for those of you people who such as to swim this watch will definitely track your swimming it is rated at a 5 atm in terms of water resistance that suggests you can go up to 50 meters submersion with this oppo watch so as you can see i have actually already obtained my always on screen transformed on and i like this design here it looks pretty cool it will definitely change if you utilize a different kind of wall face so allow me reveal you what i imply by that if i pick this watch encounter right here discover that when i obtain the constantly on display screen it looks different so most definitely a lot of interesting displays here and the one that i really love is actually this right below the one that i was utilizing because it’s so tidy all best guys so besides the typical watch face and the oppo watch additionally includes this attractive interesting ai clothing attribute so allow’s state you simply

desire your watch face to match your outfit what you’re mosting likely to do is go right into the heytab application take an image of what you’re putting on i’m mosting likely to do that today as well as all right so i have actually obtained a picture of myself right here as well as undoubtedly i’m just using an ordinary white tee so i’m mosting likely to choose this right below and also it’s mosting likely to do some ai things and show what kind of watch phases would really suit my clothing so we’ve got a pair of interesting ones right here right below and undoubtedly this is every little thing does in white but let me see which one i must opt for i believe i’ll select this x due to the fact that it looks rather cool so i’m mosting likely to choose this coating as well as there we go i have the watch face on my watch so this is very amazing because it can match your clothing i’m not certain just how much this really reverberates with you but i believe it’s still a quite trendy feature to have to make sure that you have something that matches your attire good um let’s talk concerning that battery life so undoubtedly this is a wear os gadget operating on the snapdragon 3100 so the type of battery life you can anticipate on this smartwatch is very comparable to what you ‘d hop on others you recognize qualcomm based smart watches and also that has to do with eventually to one as well as a half day on a single fee so the good news below is that uh oppo has actually offered us with this voc charger a volt battery charger or whatnot as well as it’s generally able to

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charge the entire watch from absolutely no to 100 in simply 75 mins so those nowadays a lot of smart watches they charge up rather slowly no one is actually doing you recognize those sort of quick billing for your wise watch everyone is just doing it for their smartphones but oppo is taking the cost here taking the lead right here by offering us with this voc battery charger so that you can bill up your device fairly rapidly besides that for those of you that really like just wish to make use of the expect you understand basic use note that this watch actually comes with 2 cpus so the very first one like i pointed out the one that is powering the whole tool is the qualcomm 3100 processor but this watch additionally comes with a 2nd processor the apollo 3 chip that offers about 21 days of basic use so it will tell the time will show your heart rate your actions and you will certainly additionally be able to get your alerts even when you’re on this special mode as well as it will certainly last about 21 days according to oppo so that’s absolutely extra compared to other clever watches alright people i believe that’s practically it for my follow-up this is simply a very standard video clip uh certainly if you have a lot more questions please feel totally free to leave them down in the comment section listed below i’ll be even more than satisfied to answer all your questions and ideally i’ll see you people in the following one bye

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