Which Amazfit Smartwatch Should You Buy TODAY? The ULTIMATE Amazfit Guide!

hello people welcome back to another video with lim assesses so today in today’s video we’ll be taking a look at a great deal of amazfit wise watches that i have right here today uh the reason for this is because i have actually been receiving a great deal of messages on instagram or facebook asking me which is the very best amazfit device to buy right now and also i know a lot of you guys are fairly overwhelmed because there are numerous models out there today so in today’s video i’ll be talking about the assets and the negative points for each and every solitary watch right here so so you understand i’ve been using each of this smartwatch for at the very least a couple of months currently a few of them are more recent so possibly simply one month or more months however i have a clear photo on what is excellent as well as what is not so excellent concerning each tool right below so we have a mix of older clever watches right here so this is the amazfit gts from the in 2015 we have the amazefit errors so this is not actually marketed anywhere else on the planet so i won’t speak about this we also have the amazefit t-rex the amazefit bp the amazfit neo the gts2 as well as the 2. All right so if you’re questioning which one you should buy uh let’s simply start with this

video today so we’re mosting likely to start with one of the much more well-known tools the one that in fact obtained me started on my amazefit journey which is the amazfit gts one so this was introduced in 2015 however this year today the cost has gone down a great deal it’s really quite budget-friendly now in malaysia it’s selling for about 380 ringgit so that is a little less than 100 us dollars depending on where you’re from good so the excellent things that i like regarding the main suite gts begins with the display that we have right here this is the amoled display screen it is still very clear and bright for currently apart from that it additionally features a rather solid battery right here which can last about like close to one week on a solitary charge besides that it also tracks your sleeves it tracks your activities and it has general practitioners constructed in so this is among the far better ones at that time due to the fact that it has general practitioners over a pair of updates it is much more steady right currently so if you’re seeking a watch under 100 us

bucks that features gps as well as it tracks all your activities uh this is the one to in fact consider and the advantage concerning this is that all right so the poor aspect of this uh not it’s not actually a bad point yet obviously uh the ui for amazfit has changed now all right so this is the older ui that is still operating on the amis with gt s1 um of training course it’s nothing incorrect with it whatever still works to the customer interface however we’re just having new graphics on the in the future the a lot more newer outstanding watches so simply birth in mind concerning that still an extremely excellent acquisition if you’re seeking to get a spending plan smart watch or somewhere this year okay so allow’s place that down as well as proceed to the next one and this is the amazefit t-rex alright so this one is actually a preferred amongst a whole lot of my audiences as well undoubtedly this is as a result of the tough look the style i still enjoy this traditional layout here that looks comparable to a g-shock watch or casio watch so if you’re looking for something much

more hard and endurance relevant this is something that you can think about once more the prices currently is quite more affordable it’s just around like 380 ringgit really comparable to the major rate gts1 so that is that places it almost less than 100 us dollars also the excellent news concerning this is that it is extremely strong it has been it has stood up quite possibly over the training course of the few months that i’ve been wearing it you can see that it is still very nice right here no scrapes whatsoever i’ve been using it out and also the bright side right here the point that i like about this tool firstly is of course that style we likewise have an amoled display screen right here that is really clear and sharp the good idea concerning this is the gps right here is likewise very solid it is a lot stronger than the one on the amazefit gts so simply birth that in mind besides that it likewise tracks your standard set of activities your swimming your heart price your sleeping and all that extremely standard stuff so for under 100 us dollars i would certainly claim that this is likewise something that you can think about if you’re seeking a brand-new wise watch all right so the important things that i don’t truly like concerning this remarkable t-rex is that it is sometimes a bit too informal

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uh it is as well fashion or showy i would say if you are just going for even more significant conferences you could want something a lot more minimalist or easy however this is just uh you know it just reveals everybody that you such as this type of g-shock type of watches to ensure that’s the only drawback which might not really be a disadvantage there i still love the surprise with t-rex quite okay so gon na put this down for currently and also let’s proceed to the later designs that were launched this year all right let’s start with the amazfit neo so like the remarkable t-rex this amazfit neo is likewise for those of you individuals that such as that retro casio kind of look to be sincere this watch is a really affordable watch it is available in at around 140 ringgit to make sure that has to do with this is a little that is around to ensure that is about much less than 40 us dollars if my max is correct much less than 40 us dollars all right so the excellent thing regarding this watch first and foremost is certainly the very easy form factor it really feels really comfortable it’s very slim it likewise comes with these beeps if you can hear it so rather amazing things right there and also of training course most of you will acquire this for that retro look it additionally tracks your heart rates some standard stuff here you can see with the on the screen

right below but the the trouble about this things that i don’t actually such as is it does not really do much to be honest i suggest you can call it a smart watch however everything will have to be inspected on your smart device you can not truly see much information on this watch itself if you ask me if i have to place it actually like in a negative method i would certainly claim that this watch truly does not do much at all it of course it tracks your heart price as you can see below however you simply can not see much info on this display right here so yeah if you’re searching for like a significant activity tracker or something like that this watch might not suffice for you yet if you’re wanting to obtain some basic heart rate monitoring you understand after that this watch might really be a great companion for you or maybe your little sibling or a little sibling who desires some things that look like a casio watch this is for them okay so placing this down currently let’s move on to the amazefit bipu all right so the bib u is actually about 200 ringgit once more a very affordable clever watch that converts to regarding i would say 45 us dollars so very near to the amazfit brand-new which’s why it doesn’t truly make good sense to purchase this since there’s a great deal even more features in right here okay so allow’s speak about the excellent things the great thing right

here is that we do have an extremely nice display below this is just an lcd screen however note that this is actually extremely clear extremely brilliant and also it’s i would claim on the same level with the amoled display screens on the other devices right below so the advantage right here additionally is that it comes with the most recent the current also more recent than the gts2 in terms of the ui so what i imply by that is for example if i simply scroll about below oh really if i just show it to you right below if i just scroll down you’ll notice that we have this sleep choice here to see your sleep data directly from the watch itself and also for me i’m only able to see this sleep information on the amazefit bpu i can’t even find it on the gts2 and gtr2 so sort of a mess below with these 2 gadgets which i will speak regarding later on yet the impress beep you has whatever uh currently readily available on an outstanding smartwatch uh the great things here once again like i said it attracts your stuff uh it tracks your rests your activity your heart price very accurately and it is actually really lightweight very slim below very comfy to put on especially if you track your sleeves at night so this is great for that okay things that i don’t such as about this watch is that it doesn’t included an always on screen so whatever you will not have the ability to see the clock here on for life however yeah that’s that’s the virtually the only disadvantage oh

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and also one more point is that it doesn’t featured general practitioners integrated in so if you desire something with a general practitioners constructed in you have to wait on the amazfit beep you pro i think that would certainly be a beautiful killer smart watch because it will come with general practitioners and also with any luck and constantly on display right here the battery lasts for regarding one week on a single fee so that’s additionally respectable overall i such as this watch quite this is just one of my favorites for 2020 however the only thing maintaining me out from using this is really the gps however total still a great smartwatch right here all ideal so sufficient with that let’s discuss the two large boys for this year the gts ii as well as the gtr ii okay so allow’s begin with the gts2 so both smartwatches are really 600 ringgit right here in malaysia and also naturally rates will differ based on which region you’re from now the good idea regarding this amazfit gts2 right here is that it has the fastest or the greatest refresh price screen on any amazfit smartwatch available as well as you can see that by how fluid this screen is right here so if you use up another expect instance also the amazefit gtr 2 and discover that when i simply slide around there is a little stuttering taking place it is not the best below however it is the best on the gts2 so extremely smooth graphics right here that’s the most effective the one point that i truly like the most it looks really really modern-day on my

wrist below aside from that it additionally features gps constructed in it tracks your heart rates your resting as well as your activities so a whole lot of things there from the gts2 now on the point that i do not actually like and firstly that’s going to be the battery so i have actually talked about this in many times in my video clips uh the battery only lasts concerning 2 days max on one single fee so i’m not really living up to the surprise feed kind of battery life that i’m expecting so that is actually sort of a bummer apart from that the notices below in fact looks quite small if you ask me to ensure that’s why i claim the ui is not the most recent i indicate it’s not the ideal below since the notifications are so little on the amazefit gts2 and you can’t actually uh change the the size of the fonts right here so discover that the bitu actually comes with bigger typefaces contrasted to the misfit gts2 right below so yeah that exists’s two things that i do not really like regarding this remarkable gts2 the battery as well as naturally the little tiny notifications that it’s just also little all right last however not the very least allow’s speak about the gtr 2 so this gtr 2 like i claimed can be found in at the very same price as the gts2 regarding 600 ringgit below to ensure that’s concerning like 130 us dollars if i’m not incorrect yeah you got to do the mathematics yourself all right so the gts2 right here i in fact similar to this somewhat greater than the gtr2 for

a number of reasons uh to begin with is the battery life i will i have the ability to obtain about 5 days of battery life with one single fee on the gt r2 to ensure that’s already double that on the gta s2 besides that we do obtain this amoled screen in this round form it looks extremely great also a bit as well slim for my taste yet yeah it’s still an extremely nice device right here of course it also tracks your rest your activities every little thing is the same as the gts2 an additional good idea below is that both the gtr 2 and the gtx 2 likewise comes with integrated storage space so you can keep a great deal of tunes 3 gigabytes it likewise sustains a calling addressing calls on the watch itself with its built-in mic and speaker so quite amazing stuff there for the gtr 2 and also the gtx 2. that’s what i like regarding this smartwatch what i don’t like regarding this is the refresh price on the display screen so like i was mentioning recently discover that uh it is smooth but it is you do see a bit of decrease in frame price right here on the gtr 2 so if it was as smooth as the gts2 i hunch that would make it ideal yet yeah the gts2 below just obtains the most effective screen amongst all the amazfit clever watches good i think that’s pretty much it for my video below i’ve told you essentially virtually

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all the good things and poor things allow me simply reveal you really rapidly these amazefit locations by the way it’s such a pity that this is not being sold globally i mean the style is a little bit sort of like love it or disliked sort of style but in general the battery life on this thing is crazy individuals i believe it’s about 2 weeks or 3 weeks however essentially i haven’t been billing this guy in all and also it’s still running right here even in my drawer it advises me of the beep butt or wedding days where no battery lights were simply like crazy long but anyways yeah uh all the good stuff and the poor things about these watches here uh if you ask me which one uh should you purchase once again i would certainly claim it is really to your individual preference this depends on your usage too every watch below includes its own strengths and also weaknesses and also it depends upon which you can accept and also which you can not alright guys i assume that’s it for my video clip if you ask me which one i’m going to be putting on i would say i have actually been revolving between the gtr 2 here as well as the amazefit beep you good guys that’s it also long of the video the video is currently much more close to 15 mins okay men uh if you have any type of inquiries please really feel complimentary to leave them down in the comment area below if you have actually found out anything from this video clip offer it a like button as well as i’ll see you guys in the following one bye