Lenovo Tab M10 HD – An Affordable 4G Mobile Tablet

hey guys welcome back to another video with lim reviews so in today’s video we’ll be checking out the lenovo tab m10hd and i know this device has been in the market for quite a bit now but uh lenovo malaysia reached out to me and they just wanted me to check out this device so i just said yes but i thought you guys should know that first and this is basically the box that it came in and it looks like a really nice box i haven’t actually tested out tablets on my channel so this is going to be a first please pardon me if i make any mistakes here but yeah i’ve already done the unboxing so let me just show you very quickly what came in the box so my version is the white version right here looks pretty cool actually and it also comes with a charger and a micro usb cable and let me just talk very quickly about the specifications that we can expect from this lenovo tab m10 hd so powering this device here is a snapdragon 432 i know it is uh a bit underpowered but let me explain a little bit more later apart from that you do get two gigabytes of ram and 16 gigabytes of internal memory all right so about that internal memory of course i wish it came with more 16 gigabytes these days just really don’t cut it in terms

of memory that you can use but the good news here is that it does come with a sim tray somewhere around here that you can actually put in a micro sd card slot to expand that memory so in case 16 gigabytes isn’t enough you can also expand the memory via microsd right here all right so done with the specs those are just some basic specs let’s take a look at this device on the sides here we do have two buttons this is your lock unlock button and you have your volume rocker at the top here shifting the device to the other side here is where you find your headphone jack as well as that micro usb a charging port and this is your sim card tray so yes you can put your sim card in here and use mobile data on the go moving the device further down here is just another magnetic dock if you’re going to use one of their cases i don’t have one here today but just know that it will go underneath here to snap on and at the top we do have dual stereo speakers here so this beakers are actually pretty good i i kind of like the audio quality coming out from this device right here so that is a good thing in my books all right flipping the device to the back once more we do have a tiny camera at the top here this is a five

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megapixel uh camera at the back and to be honest it’s not a very good uh camera here but you’re not going to be taking a lot of photos with your tablet if you do you do have this five megapixel sensor to take care of that and of course you also have a selfie camera at the front um yep you can see me right there let me just swipe this away and this is the tab m10 hd alright so in terms of resolution we don’t actually get very high resolution here the good news here is at least it is 720p so you do have hd going on so one thing i like about this device right here is how we have this layout of icons at the bottom this is my navigational buttons right here and of course you can go and hit this to see your kind of apps that is currently running you can see all your applications here and of course you can also see a tiny applications that are running in the background so for example i just hit my youtube desk now and i can go into that right away by just tapping that button if i want to go into my settings i already have that so notice how much quicker this actually swaps through between the apps if i want to go into the camera uh you almost have it there so it’s taking a little while to load up the camera but yeah there you go okay so you can see me right here that’s me currently recording so i just jump into messages and bam there you go so again like i said uh the experience here isn’t the smoothest because we don’t have the fastest processor down here but essentially you can do some multitasking fairly quickly with those app icons at the bottom all right apart from that i love how the fact that this has been updated to run on android 10.

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so if i just go down here and show you guys very quickly you can see that this is already updated to android 10 right here so you will be i mean rest assured this is actually pretty good um you definitely want the latest software on your tablet right here so even though this device like i said have been launched for almost a couple of months now maybe close to a year if you ask me personally i feel that this could really benefit from a slightly more powerful processor we could get more ram here and definitely a little bit more memory but otherwise in terms of build quality wise it does feel pretty solid it feels quite light in my hand as well so i don’t have to carry a very heavy device like this i would say it’s good for watching videos because it plays at 720p on your youtube and it has this wonderful dual stereo speakers at the top so that’s pretty good apart from that i would say that this could be like your entertainment go-to device or portable device that you bring along with you wherever you go

so that’s that for the tab m10 hd otherwise let me just show you guys very quickly once more the device itself it has this smooth uh aldo plastic back it does feel quite nice kind of materials on the back here which i absolutely love you also have this lenovo logo at the left here very subtle but nice as well and yeah this is basically how it looks like very slim device again very uh very handy and very easy to carry right here all right guys so that’s essentially what you get with the lenovo m10 hd this is just a brief look at the device itself and if you’re looking for a device at this price point maybe if you want to learn more about this device you can head on to the links down below and check it out for yourself as well all right guys um if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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