Redmi K40 vs Xiaomi Mi 11: Which One Should You Buy? Find Out NOW!

hi there people welcome back to another video with lim reviews today i’m incredibly excited to share with you a contrast video clip in between both of my favorite tools that is the redmi k40 in addition to the xiaomi mi 11. all right so i have actually been using both gadgets for a couple of uh fairly time currently actually and also if you’ve seen my previous video clip i really did a very detailed testimonial on the me 11 yet i would state that uh the redmi k40 that i have on my left below is in fact one of my favored tools also so which device need to you buy ought to you obtain the redmi k40 or need to you go for the xiaomi mi 11 what are the differences all right so in today’s video i’m going to be showing you a lay male’s term kind of a comparison video right here we’re gon na go right into actual use uh just how it actually seems like to utilize these devices every day to ensure that will be how my contrast video clip will certainly be going about all best so before i begin up this video i just desire you to understand that the redmi k40 right below is actually retailing for regarding 1 650 ringgit to ensure that is roughly 410 us bucks and on my right the me 11 right here is regarding 670 us dollars so in terms of uh prices of program it will be various based on where you’re from uh

absolutely region particular right there however if we simply speak about the prices right below i would certainly state that the me 11 is actually concerning one and also a half times a lot more costly than the redmi k40 so in this sense should you in fact opt for the redmi k40 which one is in fact more worth it uh allow me tell you everything about all of it right so we’re mosting likely to start this this comparison off with a peek at the designs if you take an appearance at the redmi k40 right here every little thing is really glossy it does look a lot like the xiaomi mi 10 tee from last year yep so it does look very shiny it still feels extremely superior in hand whatever is constructed extremely nicely and also if you take an appearance at the cam cutout it really looks very comparable to the one on the me11 although it is simply a little bit smaller so the me11 on the other hand below selects a various approach everything gets on this floor covering each sort of back products and i absolutely enjoy the matte products because it’s simply not as fingerprinty as the redmi k40 over below in terms of slimness as well the mi 11 is really slimmer than the redmi k40 so if you definitely value the sort of like slim tools the mi 11

right here is most definitely mosting likely to make you happy the redmi k40 is certainly slimmer than the xiaomi mi 20 from in 2014 but it still really feels a bit chunky right there so simply bear in mind concerning that so in regards to design i presume it’s truly subjective which you actually favor um to me directly i like the the back material of this mi 11 because of that matte products so i’m definitely know the mi 11 right there but in regards to develop quality they’re both developed actually strong so you’re not missing out on any in terms of develop high quality right there okay so flipping the gadget to the front this is where we see the major celebrity of the show right here so both devices right here are actually making use of uh amoled display screens they both come with high refresh prices at 120 hertz they both support hdr10 yet one point to keep in mind here is the resolution distinction so the redmi k40 below is available in at 1080p whereas the mi 11 this includes a 1440p display screen now in regards to real day-to-day use you won’t truly have the

ability to discriminate in terms of colors as well as comparison levels yet i should explain that in regards to real like intensity degrees you will certainly feel the difference with the me 11 right below so because it is a 1440p display everything appears incredibly sharp on this mi 11 right here although both are in fact wonderful in regards to the refresh price both are very smooth as you can see right here and absolutely i’ve been using this like i stated for quite time currently however if there is mosting likely to be one winner it has certainly got to be the display screen on the mi 11 since it is just outstanding guys so this is the leading notch kind of display that you can get on any xiaomi device today this is the finest one right here however i has to state that for this redmi k40 the things that it features the specifications of this screen is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed regarding and it’s likewise just as excellent simply that it is not as sharp as the one on the me 11. good following factor we’re mosting likely to discuss below is efficiency now the redmi k40 here is working on the snapdragon 870 whereas the mi 11 is operating on the

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snapdragon 888 so both of my tools checked is available in with 8 gigabytes of ram and also 128 gigabytes of inner memory now i simply want to mention that in regards to gaming i have actually certainly gained fairly a bit on both tools right below i have actually always played my preferred mobile tales uh bar g along with genshin impact as well as i need to say that pc gaming on both devices here are really really very powerful they do not included any kind of lags or delays or whatnot however i needs to mention that in terms of the utmost finest graphics absolutely you will certainly see it in the mi 11 right below the major distinction right here that i desire to explain is between the temperature level levels that both devices obtain so now if you have actually been viewing a great deal of videos on youtube you would recognize that the me 11 or just simply the snapdragon 888 often tends to warm up fairly a little bit so it certainly gets far more hotter on this uh mi 11 right here contrasted to the really awesome snapdragon 870 on the redmi k40 right below so in terms of comfort degrees and also in fact warming up and all that the redmi k40 certainly wins this contrast right below due to the fact that it just comes in at such a nice temperature and whatever is still excellent right here all right so in regards to just how it in fact does i did run both gadgets right here with 3dmark this test right below is in fact

really handy in informing you a clearer tale about the efficiency of both gadgets right here and the one that i desire to explain today is the one real-time stress and anxiety examination benchmark that i did on both gadgets right here so what this cardiovascular test does is it will run an extremely extremely intensive visuals game uh over 20 loops so this examination below the idea of this examination is to reveal the framework price how it goes down across the whole 20 loop how the temperatures are standing up whether just how much battery actually drops during this procedure as well as all that so this wild animals anxiety examination right here is very valuable for those of you people who really have a tendency to play like extremely visuals extensive video games as well as how the efficiency will hold up over long durations of gaming time all right so if you have a look right below um keep in mind that the very best loop score on the redmi k40 is 4 factor it’s 4 thousand one hundred as and the lowest rating is in fact additionally four thousand one hundred

however if you observe on the mi 11 right here obviously the scores are going to be greater we have 5.6 k as its best loophole and the least expensive loophole is 5.1 k okay so what does this inform you in regards to stability note that the redmi k40 actually attained a 99.6 security price on this tool right here which is really rather crazy since that implies that the consistency of the processor and also the graphics every little thing is so consistent at 99.6 percent nevertheless on the uh on the xiaomi mi 11 we’re just getting a security of 91 percent that suggests that the game would usually begin obtain getting the very best performance yet gradually the performance will certainly start going down uh as a result of temperature levels being too expensive okay so if you simply scroll down a little much more below you can see more details so in terms of battery the amount that went down on the redmi k40 below is simply um eight percent for this whole test whereas for the uh xiaomi mi 11 it dropped 14 so there’s a great deal of battery loss happening with the mi 11 right below if you take an appearance at the temperature levels as well it reveals 34 levels celsius to 43 degrees celsius to ensure that is a boost of concerning 9 celsius for the redmi koi 40 for this examination right here whereas on the xiaomi mi 11 it is a significant jump of

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concerning 17 celsius so massive substantial jump in terms of temperature levels on the mi 11 right below so once again like i stated by now you need to know with the home heating concerns or i would certainly just claim the heating experience on the snapdragon 888 it actually pushes the graphics high however you’re getting extremely warm uh temperatures right here to sum this up long story short the me 11 right here will definitely be obtaining extremely heats if you’re playing graphic intensive games as well as note that battery life really drops much more as well on the mi 11 whereas on the k40 i would certainly claim that this is in fact my preferred sort of experience that is i do get an extremely great gaming experience yet the temperatures do not go that high and the security and performance of your video game is in fact maintained throughout your whole gaming session alright so i assume that’s rather much it what i desire to cover in regards to efficiency for both gadgets right below undoubtedly on daily usage your social apps like facebook instagram youtube and also all that will run completely great both tools does it extremely well there’s no distinction in any way in terms of the real efficiency however it’s just in terms of video gaming that you will certainly get a more cooler and also more steady experience on the redmi k40 all ideal i wish you found out something there if you do have concerns allow me recognize down in the remark area below alright so currently we’re going to turn the gadgets to the back and talk a little concerning the cameras so on the redmi k40 we do have a 48 megapixel major an 8 megapixel ultra broad as well as a 5 megapixel macro they do

not featured dev sensing units on both devices so on the mi 11 you do get a higher resolution 108 megapixel primary sensing unit a 13 megapixel ultra large along with a 5 megapixel macro alright so these are simply numbers individuals yet in terms of actual performance i did discover uh one point so i’m going to reveal you a couple of photos for you the court which you actually prefer yet to simply sum it all up in regards to video camera difference i would say that the saturation degrees on the mi 11 is a little a lot more saturated whereas the redmi k40 in fact create even more exact sort of colors not too saturated but a lot more lifelike that’s the initial point i wish to note right here the second thing that i desire to direct out below is that intensity levels on the xiaomi mi 11 is definitely much more than the redmi k40 to make sure that’s quite evident since it does can be found in with a greater megapixel count 108 compared to 48 megapixels so of course you do get sharper photos on this mi 11 right here good so that’s in terms of photo high quality aside from that they’re both actually great at taking shots both in the day and at evening yet yeah those are simply both key takeouts that i wish to direct out for both gadgets right here good moving on to my 2nd last point uh let’s speak a little about the batteries in these individuals so the batteries below is really a fairly a comparable story we have 4 520

milliamps on the redmi k40 uh whereas on the mi 11 we do have 4 600 mah so it’s just a little bit more they’re essentially the very same as well as i would certainly say that in regards to actual everyday usage the battery really held up a little bit extra much better on the k40 merely since if you do not play that much video games the k40 can really stand up for a pretty very long time absolutely a lot more than one day or or 1.5 days max on a full single charge whereas the mi 11 below tends to make use of a battery a little a lot more especially if you are pc gaming uh those graphic extensive gains to ensure that is something that you require to recognize right there all right lastly allow’s speak concerning the uh audio speakers on both tools right here so they both come with a very loud stereo audio speakers they both sound wonderful i likewise intend to aim out the haptics on both devices right here they’re actually pretty comparable so they do include a little resonances here and also there throughout the interface when you’re using it so they both feel really intuitive in regards to that so extremely pleased with the haptic engines on both tools right here good individuals we’ve currently reached completion of the video clip so concern is which need to you

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purchase ought to you go with the k40 or ought to you select the me 11. Well my solution is in fact quite straightforward right here i suggest there is only one means to take a look at it so considering that the me 11 is one and also a half times more pricey than the redmi k40 right below i would certainly claim that the far better all-rounder in regards to my personal point of view is that the k40 here absolutely gives you the very best value for your cash and why is that the factor is being the snapdragon 870 is an extremely very powerful uh processor right there you also obtain very stable constant sort of performance in regards to video gaming temperature levels are constantly maintained at a minimal i never felt like it was really hot at any kind of factor of time when using the redmi k40 and also that is something that i actually valued besides that the camera distinction is just a little bit more refined you do not obtain that much you don’t shed a lot in regards to camera efficiency so yeah real value to efficiency uh king or victor right below would certainly be the redmi k40 but if you should have that uh super remarkable screen as well as you like a slimmer kind variable like this as well as you do not mind the warmth yes well i assumption after that you can likewise cover up a bit even more cash and also obtain the meat 11 right below however to me in this side-by-side contrast i would in fact favor the redmi k40 right here all ideal i think that’s most likely completion of my video clip i recognize it’s been running a little as well long yet yes if you still have any inquiries let me recognize what you believe down in the comment area below if you located this video clip valuable uh please offer it a like to support the network as well as i’ll see you people in the following one bye