Nokia 5.3 A Serious Budget Smartphone Contender?

so after the virus which will not be mentioned busy screwed up the whole of MWC 2020 we’ve had to wait an extra month for Nokia or other hmd global to finally launch at the fresh new batch of Nokia branded smartphones and one of most intriguing ones was the sub 200-pound effort the Nokia 5.3 the Nokia 503 will be coming in April for price tag of around one hundred eighty nine euros I’m got a UK specific price but will be around 180 pound price point rather brilliantly the tagline is stay in the game for longer and that’s why I’m nick name in the Nokia 5.3 the viagra for now unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with the Nokia 5.3 no one has because it was an online launch event but don’t worry I’ll be bringing you a full review soon and what this video is as just to run through all the specs the various features you are fully up-to-date on what to expect and also my own personal opinions on whether it’ll be a good phone or not so let’s start with the design and that composite polymer frame which apparently will come covered in a scratch resistant Corson’s help keep it nice and pristine you can pick up the Nokia 5.3 and a trio of colors cyan blue chalk all black or this lovely bright orange yellow which they’re apparently collins sand which of the global says that these three colors are all nordic inspired are those to be honest I can’t really remember the last

time I hung around in a Norwegian beach or took a stroll three Finnish desert but that’s probably just me being pedantic let’s skip on flip the Nokia 5.3 around and you’ll find a rear fingerprint sensor you’ll also got a dedicated Google Assistant button there on the edge and hip-hip bloody hurry there is a headphone jack as well love these stuff as with all Nokia branded handsets you do get a pure version of Android OS and then or clunky launchers slapped around on top and HMD global has done very little in the way of fiddling around with that OS is of course the latest version of Android Android 10 is you’d kind of expect another web balls-deep into 2020 and as usually get complete assurance and peace of mind with an occupied smartphone each of the global is guaranteeing two years of OS updates that means you’ll get android xi was the end of 2020 and make sure you get an upgrade to Android 12 as well or whatever ends up being called with of course all the usual security patches and other updates along the way now let’s move on to the display tech it’s a six point five five inch IPS panel with an HD plus resolution that’s 1600 by 720 pixels so yes true your photos and videos I’m going to be super super crisp but that’s pretty the same specs as the Opera 92020 which came before it fully reviewed that and you know what I had no troubles without whatsoever for a cheeky better YouTube or Netflix or something like that the images are perfectly crisp enough to not take you out of the experience it’s still almost 200 pixels per inch which is absolutely fine and yes there is a central notch

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up for that selfie camera on the Nokia 5.3 as well but it doesn’t look like it intrudes too much on any full view action that’s for the audio well apparently it’s a mono speaker setup so you don’t get serious speakers up like you’re doing the likes the Moto G ear power and plus but you do get that headphone jack of course suddenly is that all the Bluetooth 4.2 as well though not the lips Bluetooth 5 or 5.1 so hopefully the wireless connection will be alright again have to wait for full testing to really verify that but the good news is you definitely do get NFC support on the Nokia 5.3 so I’ll support your contactless payments nice bit of Google P action great stuff performance is provided by Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset it’s very popular platform for smartphones around the turn drew pound price point suffers is the Model G power uses it there will be five from last year yup 49 20 20 tons a kit this however is the first time you’ll find one stuffed inside of a Nokia branded handset and here on the Nokia 5.3 its back to pay the three four or six gigabytes of RAM depending on your region although it seems like four gigabytes is the standard version now this kind of setup usually provides pretty smooth dependable performance via every dish shenanigans including a nice bit of light given I like some pub G mobile on

those law details set and certainly perfectly playable and of course the fact that you get a perfectly pure version of Android 10 OS without so many clunky launchers sat on top sap and the resources but then you would hope that it’d be even smoother than usual compared with a lot of rivals but of course but JIT Nokia’s in the past haven’t always been the smoothest of performance there can be a little bit stuttery and stammer isaw again we’ll have to wait for a full review to really see how that performance holds out and on the battery life front at the Nokia 5.3 packs a four thousand milliamp per cell and knock your aliens will rather each of D records you get two full days of battery life in return okay what we get a solid day and a half as long as you’re not absolutely hammering it with your pub G’s a bit camera action stuff like that you should easily make it through a full intense tear though on a single charge and because I don’t forget the storage you get a twist with a 64 or 128 gigs of storage space here on the Nokia 5.3 other ones to get it seems like this 64 gig model is pretty much the standard version not sure whether 128 gig model will actually be available and that is expandable via microSD up to a further 512 gigs as well so you have plenty of room for

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apps and media and other shenanigans and the other good news is that that microSD memory card slot is actually separate from the dual SIM slots as well to be able to pack two sims in there as well as a memory card job done now let’s finish this specs roundup with a look at the Nokia 5.3 squad at lens rear camera in that sexy circular chassis four lenses on a budget for might some pretty impressive but it’s actually quite standard in 2020 just check out any real medium your up or forum pretty much and you’ll see at least three lenses slapped on there and what you get here is a 13 megapixel primary lens F 1.8 aperture and that’s backed by a 5 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 2 megapixel macro lens I made 2 megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots each MD global has confirmed that the Nokia 5.3 will come with full AI scene recognition and it’ll also be a dedicated night mode as well for those low-light scenarios are hopefully that will do the job of course hard to wait or I should get my hands on the Nokia 5.3 and really test out I camera tech to see if it is any good for you everyday photos and home movies but as the fall is coming out in the UK next month hopefully shouldn’t have too long to wait to get my hands on a proper review sample and I’ll bring you guys my full final verdict as soon as possible so thank you very much for watching sorry again that it’s not a proper hands-on review this time it’s a real shame I haven’t had a chance to check out that tech in person but hopefully really really shortly so please do put subscribed in that notifications bar and I’ll bring you my fault thoughts really soon cheers I love you

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