Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Hands On: FULL In-Depth Look and ALL Features Explained!

hi there men welcome back to another video clip with lim examines so today i’m very delighted to show you the me band 6 that i simply solved below thanks to dasher so dasher is releasing the me band 6 right below and you can also see it on my workdesk right in front of you and also it’s going to choose rm169 here in malaysia so depending on where you’re from if you’re in malaysia and you intend to buy the mini band 6 don’t fail to remember to look into the links in description below dasha constantly creates the very best promos as well as like i said if you’re searching for quick access to the tiny band 6 that is where you will wish to go okay so back to concentrating on the mi band 6 right below that i have the one on the left right here is actually the me band 5 as well as this is the me band 6. In terms of overview they look specifically the same right below you can’t actually inform the distinction till the display is activated and formerly on the mi band 5 we do have a small circular like touch capacitive switch at the bottom right there yet with the mi band 6 we’re getting a full uh display right below that is means method bigger than what you jump on the mi band 5. Placing this down for a 2nd we’re going to go through every little thing that you need to know about the miniature band 6 right here this is the black band version in terms of the band it is exactly the same once again as the me band 5 on previous years so it’s absolutely nothing as well much to talk concerning there what is actually

new below is that incredibly good display screen alright so once again side by side you can see exactly how large of a difference the display screen is compared to the previous version where it had bezels on the leading and also bottom yet on the mi band 6 right below allow me simply transform that on you can see that it is a big display right there alright so one of the main key attributes that i assume is a massive modification is in the quantity of message that you can see here and also it is at a much bigger font so observe on the mi band 5 my previous concern with the mi band 5 was that the notices below was actually little you might see fairly a lot of text here yet like i claimed it is very very small on the me band 5 as well as it actually harm my eyes trying to see the notifications there but with the me band 6 you have such a great font right here the font has actually been altered to look way much more clearer as well as once again you’re seeing a lot even more of the text below really extremely clearly on the me band 6 itself if you people are asking yourself if it sustains any type of like emojis and all that i’m going to send one to myself really quickly so you have a clear suggestion on exactly how it looks like and also there you go you can see a couple of emojis let me just zoom in right there for you bear in mind that it only

supports a couple of emojis so not every solitary emoji that you send will be able to be seen on the screen of the mi band 6. Of course i’m going into the alerts right away so that’s what you require to recognize in terms of notices on the me band 6. all ideal so currently allow’s simply delve into everything else that you would intend to see that you require to know regarding this gadget right below so naturally given that we have a large screen display screen right here so you do not have any type of back button anymore yet this is exactly how you navigate on the mi band 6. It’s extremely similar to the mi band 5. if you just slide over from left to right this is where you get all your widgets it really calls quick faster ways to the apps that you have on the mi band 6 itself so the main page below is obviously your watch face and also if you go to the right this is where i in fact set it to reveal my current condition so i haven’t in fact strolled anything with the mi band so every little thing is no right below this reveals your one week uh kind of status for the me band 6 if you slide over this is where i in fact placed in my heart rate screen so i can just tap on that as well as obtain a heart price reviewing very rapidly uh proceeding i have my alerts due to the fact that i always desire to have

fast access to my alerts and also then you return to your primary screen so like i stated whatever below is personalized you can have any type of application to turn up on the quick brief card right here that is really a loophole right there and after that you return into your main watch face my individual recommendation to you is if you’re getting the mi band 6 you need to always put the alerts extremely promptly on your left or maybe on your right so you can have a peek at the notices whenever it enters your mi band simply so a lot more less complicated all appropriate so we’re simply mosting likely to return right below as well as return into the main menu certainly taking down from the leading and also rising from the bottom too is additionally one more loop so this is where you reach see all your applications in the mi band 6 itself and once again this is in fact customizable as well so you can actually pick what you intend to show at which specific order so allow’s simply happen with every one so you have a fast concept on what is in the me band 6. All right so i have actually already showed you the notifications firstly previously on so we’re going to go following once again this is the condition that i showed you as well this is where you have your regular data on the

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number of actions that you have in fact covered during your week itself to make sure that’s virtually extremely uncomplicated too next point you reach see is your pie your pai and also this is actually a regular kind of rating on how you have actually performed over the week so the greater the a lot more tasks to do the higher your pie will be which means that your wellness and health is a little much better also all right so relocating down the listing once more here we have our heart price uh this is what i revealed you earlier on certainly you can scroll down to see a little bit much more information you can see whether you get on a relaxed type of situation cardiovascular or all that so most definitely if you’re working out at the time you will certainly see that you have a higher worths over the aerobics and also what they call it the extensive too okay so returning here we do have a brand name new attribute this is the spo2 analysis and touching it right here definitely brings you to the to the dimension itself so i did do a measurement earlier on as well as i obtained a score of 93 it is fairly simple this test simply make certain you hold still when having the me band on your wrist snugly secured and also dealing with upwards to get that reading it takes regarding a min to obtain the reading out and like i said yeah this is prey or what you get with the me band 6 all right so moving down the the the listing here we do enter into our workout modes and also we do have 30 sporting activity settings below so most

importantly you obtain your running your treadmills your strolling biking uh oh it’s this rowing device yep elliptical machine and also you get your swimming pool swimming so indeed it still tracks your swims as well as all that your yoga exercise jump rope i understand a great deal of you men like that as well as freestyle so for more activities you’re going to wish to strike that even more switch right there to reach see more things so you have your professional dancer gymnastics a hit and vehicle training so yeah just a great deal more activities in right here if you need those kind of things so yeah you can see all the applications right here on the all the kind of exercises that it tracks on the mi band 6 right here and also yeah that’s what you get with the mi band 6 so it still does not featured general practitioners built in then that implies that you need to connect your smart device with the mi band 6 prior to going for your workout and just very swiftly give you a suggestion on just how it looks like so allow’s claim i go into outdoor running so it will certainly inform me to open my app here which i will do today on the phone itself so it still uses the me fit app offer me one 2nd it must attach about now all right so let’s just await it all right so we do have setting locked in due to the fact that my application is currently turned on and if i just hit go right here let me show you what is really being tracked so you have a quick suggestion on that so certainly you have your time your range your rate uh your typical pace your tempo your stride calories as well as yeah i make certain you’ll appear your rate too once you obtain the entire workout done so i’m not mosting likely to do the exercise now

undoubtedly due to the fact that i’m sitting inside your home right here so i’m just mosting likely to end that for now yet yes this is simply to provide you a fast idea on just how you understand this is all the data that you can see that is being tracked for your current activity all right so going back uh this is what is is for exercise i’ll do the complete examination in my complete evaluation this is simply a fast impacts uh moving down let’s just see you have your exercise history so you also have your anxiety so i additionally did examination this out earlier on so it shows your your quantity of anxiety that you’re facing currently yeah once again you can take that with a pinch of salt due to the fact that in some cases the tension analyses isn’t that exact aside from that you have your breathing exercises so you have a couple of intervals right here that you can make use of to track your breathing exercises relocating down we do have your events so you can really establish up your events in the app itself to provide you this sort of pointers on what events you want to make note of so as an example for myself right here i have this event pointer to remind me to take my pills every evening to ensure that exists right there you can once again like i said at the events tip in your application itself you also have your alarm systems i’m simply mosting

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likely to show you that really rapidly really typical stuff below relocating down the list you have your weather so the weather still looks the very same however once again since we have this bigger display you can see a whole lot even more of information right here from the uh from the mi band 6 itself and also the typefaces like i claim people it’s simply so far more readable so a lot a lot more noticeable and so a lot easier to continue reading the mi band 6 because don’t neglect this is still a relatively small display screen right here decreasing the list we also have your music control so remember we do not have interior storage space right here so you can not keep tracks in there however you can control your songs uh from the miniature band itself uh we additionally have your timer your world clock yep this is still the same things as the what we had on the mi band 5 so there’s a number of nations in there also and also moving down the checklist this is where you obtain your camera faster way so it deals with ios i have actually attempted it on my apple iphone as well as it additionally collaborates with android devices so don’t fret about that it’s rather simple to make use of just launch your electronic camera application on your mobile phone as well as click that button there to take a photo fairly straightforward people relocating down the checklist you have your stop-watch you’ll locate your gadget and

ultimately your setups so once again you can select to hide any of these apps here straight on the phone itself it’s very basic one point to keep in mind below is uh allow me just show you extremely swiftly on the mi band 5 formerly you can just show one application per page right there as well as it was rather aggravating however on the mi band 6 right below you can see a great deal of apps two apps really and also it really slides over uh it resembles an extremely good scroll right here that you carry the mi band six so absolutely value the bigger display screen below on the me band six all right so in terms of setups below uh i’m just mosting likely to go via extremely quickly we do have your band display do not interrupt your lock display you can clearly pick when you intend to show the display to brighten for as well as for exactly how many seconds so we do not have constantly on clearly on this mi band 6 right here you can only choose to show your watch stages and also you can simply shut the screen like that by just tapping on the display screen itself so extremely easy there in regards to watch stages indeed we do have a many watch faces that you can find in the app itself so i did download a pair so you can only have an additional 3 watch faces uh three custom watch stages that is conserved in the me band 6 itself in addition to that you also have the three default ones so a total of six watch stages in the mi band 6 so simply in situation you’re asking yourself the transfer rates for each watch face is in fact fairly quick and also i do have a spongebob animated watch face right below just desire to show you men extremely quickly so it sustains animated watch stages as well you obtained many intriguing

ones yet i chosen to opt for uh which one was it again yeah i believe this is my favorite one right here because it reveals all your details in an extremely clear and also easy minimal fashion so this is the watch face that i have actually been using as well as will probably be the one that i make use of great people so before we go i simply intend to reveal you a little even more of the wellness surveillance includes that is in fact received the mi in shape app so the mi healthy app right here has actually been upgraded to support the mi band 6 as well as that is since we do have even more things in terms of a health and wellness tracking that the small band 6 tracks so undoubtedly we do have i’m already zoomed right into my screen right below so you can see it more clear so clearly we do have your heart rate sharp all-day heart rate adder aside from that you have your activity heart price checking so i have actually turned this on too it also has this new unusual heart beat so the mi band 6 will in fact like give you some notices if it finds some sort of uncommon heart prices going on so i’ve turned that on also relocating down the listing we do have your sleep aide right below so it now has actually

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aided rest monitoring as well as what this means is that it would immediately raise the heart price dimension to ensure that it can track your heart price throughout your sleep much more better so i’ve transformed that on also currently relocating down the list we additionally have your sleep taking a breath high quality tracking so it will really track your breathing high quality throughout your rest so i’m not sure just how this will really aid you out in terms of your health and wellness monitoring but that function is in here so i have actually additionally turned that on relocating down the list you likewise have your stress uh continual stress surveillance so clearly i also transform that on the interval for this is every 5 minutes uh the me band six will really track your tension degrees uh to make sure that you can really tell exactly how your stress and anxiety is throughout the whole day all appropriate individuals i assume that’s virtually it uh in terms of the me band 6 that is every little thing that you would possibly need to know from the device itself like i said i will certainly be checking this gadget out here to reveal you how accurate is it uh i assume the full review will be out in a week

since that’s practically just how much time i will need to evaluate it out in terms of the sensors keep in mind that it has a little of a different layout you can see the layout right here is a little various from the me band 5 but yeah i’m expecting a lot of terrific things from the mi band 6 right here once more uh the mi band 6 is seeing a major upgrade just in terms of the display and i assume it’s a huge it’s a big offer right here since on the previous mi band 5 i mean it was an excellent gadget it still features 2 weeks of battery life right here yet with such a nicer far better display screen to actually simply have a look at your notifications and all that since reading on this point right below is simply so better individuals so this is one point that you need to take note of uh great individuals i think that’s rather a lot it for the me ben 6 video if you have anymore questions or if there is something that you would certainly desire me to evaluate out please let me understand down in the comment area below if you similar to this video clip please give me that thumbs up due to the fact that it aids the network and i’ll see you individuals in the next one bye