Huawei Band 6 In-Depth Look: Tons of Features for $50! 96 Workout Modes! Let’s Check It Out!

hello men invite back to an additional video with lim reviews so in today’s video we’re mosting likely to take a look at the brand-new huawei band 6 that just obtained launched as well as i got my own below in malaysia for about 219 ringgit so that’s about 53 us dollars depending upon where you are at once again depending on your region however, for around 50 us dollars this is what you obtain here with the huawei band 6. In this video clip i’m going to be sharing with you every little thing you need to recognize concerning the band 6 right below go with the attributes and likewise run you via the whole customer interface with the huawei band 6 right here all right so the primary marketing factor of the huawei band 6 can be seen at the back right here the feature that they truly desire to emphasize below is the all day sp02 monitoring it additionally comes with a 1.47 inch amoled display screen long battery life all day heart price keeping an eye on 96 workout mode so that’s fairly a great deal there but i’ll explain to you the reality behind that later on apart from that you have fast billing a much better rest tracking sport algorithm and 580m water resistance so normally i have actually already unboxed this guy right below as well as i have actually been utilizing it for a couple of days currently so this is the huawei band 6. I maintain thinking of the honor band 6 since it looks so much like the honor band 6 so you do

obtain a really great huge display at the front there as well as in fact i do have my me band 6 right close to so this is just how it appears like alongside let me just activate that display screen awhile today okay so in terms of the display screen dimension alone definitely we’re seeing a substantial display screen on the huawei band 6 right here contrasted to the miniature band 6 despite the fact that this was already an upgrade so we’re going to concentrate on the huawei band 6 and i’m going to peel off that off in the meantime to ensure that is what you obtain with the gadget itself so on the back below we do obtain a couple of sensors you do have this silicone straps as well that feels a little bit flimsy but it’s in fact quite comfy to place on my wrist right here so extremely good stuff there if you recognize with the honor band or previous huawei bands you’ll be extremely accustomed to this newest huawei band 6 right here okay so about that screen at the front we do get a very great amoled screen and also like i said this now is 1.47 inches huawei is stating this is kind of h2h sort of screen yet uh yeah i have to claim that it looks actually good below as well as contrasted to the mi band 6 right there the display on the huawei band 6 is just so much larger however is it truly for you uh we’ll chat a little bit a lot more regarding that later on so navigating on the huawei band 6 is really straightforward uh if you pull down from the

top it’s much like your mobile phone here you do obtain a number of fast faster ways which i really appreciate since that’s out the mi band 6. So you have your do not disrupt shake mode your alarm as well as naturally your quick setups so i’m just going to turn that off for now and if you scroll downwards like that this is where you enter into your alerts so in regards to alerts you do see that the font styles right here are certainly a little bit larger contrasted to the uh the mi band 6 for example anyways the fonts are extremely understandable you can see a lot of this very clearly yet one thing you must note here is that this does not sustain any emojis so in case you want to send out a great deal of smileys you will not have the ability to see that on the huawei band 6. or else in regards to alerts i certainly appreciate the large fancy too since you can review it really clearly simply on the go all right so returning allow’s ignore alerts in the meantime if you simply swipe throughout this is where you get into your widgets note that these are not easily accessible and also you can just have a quick glance of the widgets below you do not in fact you’re not able to go into the widget or the app itself however yes um so to begin with we do get your heart price right below and if you just swipe across this is where you get your stress degrees i have actually been checking this out as well as the stress and anxiety degrees are in fact

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quite accurate like i was doing some work previously on and naturally you can see that my tension increased so yep proceeding we likewise have your weather there’s a minor animation going on there if you can see it’s lightning taking place right there if you move on this is where you obtain your music control so again this undoubtedly does not included any type of interior memory so you can not put songs in the band itself you can only control your music playback as well as if you swipe again this is where you obtain into your standing or your activity goals for the day undoubtedly i have actually been resting primarily indoors so my rings are not yet finished but that’s what you obtain here so if you swipe back this is where you come back right into the primary page so primarily it is simply a loop that goes all around up until you return to the primary watch stage okay so currently allow’s take a look at the food selections itself and also what else remains in so we’ll begin with your exercises as well uh i’ll go right into that later your workouts you have your exercise records your heart price clearly we likewise have your spo2 so huawei is saying that this has all-day place analyses however based on my existing experience i’m not able to set that in the application i think it will come in a later update so in the meantime you still need to actually tap the

measure button on your own to gauge your spo devices manually it likewise takes regarding a min to get that reading so yep simply bear that in mind moving down you additionally have your activity documents right below so this is what you see earlier on your rings and also if you go down you can in fact see even more info below the number of steps you’ve in fact walked how much distance you have actually covered the number of hours you’re energetic so quite a great deal of information below in fact directly on the huawei band 6. so relocating down we’re mosting likely to take a look at our rest so i actually love the truth that we have the sleep info directly on the band itself so on the me band 6 for example you need to take a look at your phone to actually see your your rest records however here on the huawei band 6 you can see your rest record immediately if you just scroll down you can in fact see the number of hours of snoozes for example was taken your complete sleep from what time to what time and of training course it will tell you that more information can be found in the huawei health and wellness application where it will certainly show you your your rapid eye movement your light sleep and also your deep rest and also all that type of stuff there so however it’s still great to see that uh you can tell exactly how much just how several hrs you have actually oversleeped your previous night to make sure that’s the rest if you move to the stress and anxiety again this is what i chatted a little bit about simply currently yet right here you have a bit extra information so it informs you just how much stress and anxiety you’ve been having throughout the entire day uh your regular price your

medium as well as your high so this will likewise give you a quick idea on just how your overall day was going on and whether you’ve had a demanding day and i just intend to take a bit of remainder all right so moving down this food selection it states here overall i am typical so it is great to be loosened up as well as the best amount of stress and anxiety is a great source of inspiration when handled effectively so some type realities there by huawei so simply so you know moving down the listing let’s check out the breeding workouts so undoubtedly this we have a number of intervals right here a few mins also returning we have our songs regulates not mosting likely to go into that your notifications uh i just showed you this now your alerts and also of course your weather so this time around in the weather uh in the weather condition application itself you will have the ability to see your 7 day weather report right below you can see whatever is laid out extremely clearly as well as since we have this instead large display right here you can see every little thing right here very perfectly in this gorgeous graphics and also all that so if you simply go down somewhere you can additionally see today as well as tomorrow your lows and also your highs as well as certainly whether it will rain or otherwise so great deals of info there relocating down one more time this is where you get a stopwatch nothing excessive to discuss that stopwatch is equally as simple as it gets so it’s timer and your alarm systems relocating down we likewise have your flashlight so this is once more really uncomplicated and you have your locate your phone function in addition to your settings all right so now allow’s return to the top

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below and take a look at the quantity what kind of tasks it has since huawei is marketing this smart band here to sustain approximately 96 different exercise modes so does it truly support that several settings uh let me simply explain to you a little extra so first off undoubtedly we have our interior runs your outside walking i believe you have your biking also you’re swimming so swimming is sustained right here you have your jump rope your elliptical exerciser your wanderer and also a couple extra other stuff right here so if you intend to access the more tasks mode you need to go into your widgets right here as well as just struck the plus button so this is where you will actually be able to see every little thing or all type of activities that you can track utilizing the huawei band 6 right here so let’s simply examine out what we have here so we do have our strength your spinning a stepper air pedestrian yoga exercise crossfit so there’s a great deal of tasks in below i’m simply mosting likely to scroll slowly so you can see what’s in there and yeah you can claim you can just see that the checklist just continues you have horse riding laser tag kite flying i indicate like seriously do you track do you do you think of that as like a like a sport task or something yet yes this is what you obtain with the extra activities below so allow’s just see what is in fact being tracked in among these type of activities right here so allow me just select uh body battle for currently i’m mosting likely to add that i’m additionally going to add road dancing so in case any of you does street dancing it’s mosting likely to include that in so i have that in so let’s look into what it actually tracks during your road dancing so if i faucet that and also i just hit go this is what it actually tracks here so you have your heart price

conventional things you also have your training stress and anxiety let me see a little much more your calories alright this is based on your heart rate how is it performing over your activity which’s practically it guys so this is virtually the very same products that you’ll be tracking for all the other various sort of tasks like your tennis your taekwondo as well as all that so although huawei states this is tracking as much as 96 various activities what it simply indicates is just any activities that they can think about because these are simply conventional stuff individuals i suggest it’s not to state like it’s tracking your hand motions or whatnot you recognize it’s simply tracking the fundamental stuff naturally the primary tasks that you will be tracking with this is your runs and also of course your biking because that will certainly use a general practitioners it will certainly track your range and also your pace yet you’re not obtaining any of this monitoring on the other tasks so i would consider this as mostly like a 10 activity uh primary activity type of tracking gadget so it does not included gps bear in mind you will certainly have to attach your your clever band right here to the huawei wellness app that i have here pre-installed yeah so just bearing in mind successfully it is unable to track that numerous things however if you simply must attempt something yeah it is in the list all right so that’s it for the exercise settings um apart from that i think um yes if you see right here there is your recuperation time so

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you can actually see your recovery time on the band itself so allow’s state for instance you do take a a run or you do a workout or something the band below will in fact suggest you on how numerous hours it requires to recoup on your own and when you will be gotten ready for the following task all ideal individuals i think that’s basically it for the huawei band 6. once more this is opting for 219 ringgit below in malaysia or approximately 53 us dollars let me just put it promptly on my wrist in instance a person claims that i never placed on these bands or wise watches or whatnot yeah if you’re seeing this do give me a like if you like these sort of videos any sort or any kind of support is always welcome uh on the network right here okay as well as this is how the band appears like i mean to be truthful it looks truly good uh the mi band looks truly small on your wrist yet the huawei band sticks here looks flawlessly great in terms of the performance a side-by-side contrast allow me know in the comments below if you would love to see that so i can give one for you yeah there you go this is the huawei band 6. oops all ideal people if you have any kind of even more questions regarding the huawei band 6 please allow me recognize down in the comment area below and also i’ll see you men in the following one bye.