MASSIVE HUAWEI Smartwatch and ANC TWS Hands-On! Tons Of Features for iOS/Android!

hi individuals welcome back to one more video clip with lim examines so um if you’re an android or ios individual uh usually when you go and search for a new set of clever watch or like you know audio devices right there uh typically if you most likely to apple itself their things are actually overpriced as well as if you look for any other android smartwatch you might bother with compatibility as well as such stuff so today below all these smartwatches below will certainly deal with both ios and android as well as of course we’re mosting likely to be taking a quick appearance in all the devices that i have right here and just a quick contrast on what you need to know before you make your acquisition choice so we’ll be having a look at initially as well as foremost all the smartwatches that i have here and after that we will take a look at the audio tools that i have the tws anc earbuds at the back okay so i have these watches right here arranged from the most affordable rate towards the greatest cost right below and also initially up let me just present to you uh these huawei wise watches right here so on the left we have the huawei view fit this one here is the huawei gt2e this is the huawei gt2 and also this is one of the most exceptional person the gt2 professional right so if you see that these 3 devices here are the gt2 collection and also yeah allow me just create a few instances on the similarities and the distinctions so i’m

simply going to take one watch here and simply reveal it to you very quickly in regards to software and all that all devices right here features at the very least regarding 2 weeks of battery life so you can expect some quite great battery life there the 2nd thing that you must remember of here is additionally the health and fitness monitoring so all gadgets right here on this desk right here they all sustain spo2 uh for your monitoring of your blood oxygen degrees it sustains your all-day heart price checking it tracks the sleep it tracks the tension so you’re rather a lot covered throughout all gadgets below that’s something that is really important for you to keep in mind of about these devices right here so really good all right so the following point i need to remember of below is that all gadgets right below comes with gps constructed in so if you’re opting for your activities outdoor runs you understand cycling and also all that remember that all gadgets right here covers gps so you do not have to fret regarding you understand needing to lug your phone with you when you go out for those sporting activity tasks it’s great that all features gps across the board so one last thing that you need to understand below is that certainly we have various designs of watches right here so they are customized for various scenarios so these are the four different watches right here starting from the watch feed that provides you the minimal feeling and also many monies look really lightweight then you rise to the

round stage one the gt2e right here which is a budget-friendly sporty kind of gadget right below relocating up one rank you enter into the gt2 this set is the one that features a slightly extra superior look along with the integrated audio speaker for your music playing and also last yet not least the gt2 pro right here which is the most superior person that includes everything integrated in great so simply to recap again all tools below features your heart rate tracking your spo2 tracking your tension monitoring and sleep tracking as well as they feature gps constructed in as well as these 3 individuals here comes with songs storage space aboard okay so at the end of the day what’s the main problem with all these men right below i would certainly state that that’s simply a small thing that i desire would certainly be a little better and also that is if you’re using ios or iphone you are not able to access several of the attributes like the music manages in addition to the video camera shutter so you can not make use of that that however or else this is still an extremely great gadget to make use of on ios and also android too last but not the very least in regards to the app that you make use of to sync these gadgets right here all you need to do is go to the app store and download the huawei health application or check the qr code from your

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huawei tool package itself and also after that you can obtain the current version of the huawei health and wellness application so just in case you’re asking yourself just how all these huawei smartwatches appears like on your wrist let me simply show you an extremely fast take below on each smartwatch on my wrist so just for your recommendation i’m rather a skinny fella here as you can see by the thickness of my wrist but i did observe that all the wise watches still looks quite good on myself so whether you will look great on it i believe you will also look pretty alright with that said on your wrist extra importantly i believe what is really vital right here is that i should actually direct out that these straps on all the huawei clever watches here are extremely comfy no matter whether you are cooling in the house or exterior on the run it just feels very comfortable on my wrist so yeah expect it to be respectable on yourself also great guys so currently that we’ve done discussing the watches let’s check out the wireless earbuds that we have here these are the offerings from huawei today you have the complimentary buds 4i as well as you have the cost-free buds pro so great so certainly in regards to prices this is a little bit less expensive as well as it can be found in at rm379 whereas this bigger sibling right here comes in the rm699 okay so allow’s just have a look at the the a lot more inexpensive one initial uh it does actually feel rather great the audio quality coming from this 3 butts 4i is in fact fairly surprisingly great in such that it comes with very strong bass and the anc shuts out your sound from your surrounding environment really effectively below so i really value that concerning the 3 butts for i

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so although it’s coming in at an extra economical price variety you are not sacrificing anything in terms of sound and an and also c another thing you require to keep in mind of right here is the battery life originating from these individuals here so with the case itself you can obtain concerning 22 hours of songs playback which is certainly enough for you also if you listen to a great deal of music all the time so certainly this is among the rather excellent ones here let’s check out the bigger bro currently this is the free buds professional as well as to begin with you can just see by the the design itself the build materials everything looks just way more superior below it has this actually great a matte black kind of appearance here which i definitely love and the layout of the earbuds right here are extremely little and also little but it still looks excellent too so i enjoy the way this looks just how you run this is a bit different it’s not touch however you do press the sides right here a little bit aside from that this earphones the primary highlight below is that it includes the smart dynamic anc and what that really indicates is that it has the ability to spot your surrounding atmosphere noises from all that as well as really develop the most ideal kind of obstruction the anc to match your existing needs so that’s extremely excellent right there since it has the ability to find the ecological noise to adjust the anc and i love that concerning this gadget right below apart from that it does come with 30 hrs of songs playback with the situation itself so undoubtedly this situation is a little bit larger so it can get you extra battery yet indeed this is what you can get right here the base too audio and also mic for calling and also all that is all very good on this tool right here so in terms of which need to you

obtain naturally if you have a very solid budget plan you can always consider the totally free buds professional right below this is coming in like i said rm699 yeah however if your spending plan is a bit tighter do not stress you can likewise obtain the totally free butts 4i below as well as not compromise anything in terms of sound as well as an as well as c okay done with the sound products all right so much like how i revealed you people the smartwatch on my wrist and this is likewise how the earphones in fact appear like in your ears so here’s a few take right here very promptly of the huawei complimentary buds professional and it looks actually nice in my ears as a result of that actually small form element and also it’s extremely very comfortable and aside from that this is additionally exactly how the huawei cost-free butts 4i appears like on your ears do you like the black or white version let me understand down in the remark section below despite the cost-free buds professional or the free buds for i i need to claim that again both are very comfortable on the ears and yeah this is precisely just how you would resemble with the earphones in your ears alright people we’ve currently reached

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completion of the video i hope you have actually learned something concerning all the different type of smartwatches and wireless tws anc earbuds from huawei simply so you recognize huawei is in fact running this an extremely quick raya campaign where you can get these devices right here at a pretty great discount rate so if you’re searching for a brand name new smartwatch or an all new wireless anc earbuds you need to definitely examine out the link down in summary below so you can take pleasure in some respectable offers apart from that if you do have any kind of additional concerns regarding any of these smart watches right below or perhaps the cordless anc earbuds feel cost-free to leave a remark down below as well as i’ll attempt my ideal to aid you out in fixing your inquiries and with that i would certainly like to desire everybody from malaysia below aslam hari raya and also i wish you stay secure see you men bye