OnePlus Watch In-Depth Look: Full Features Walkthrough! Watch Before You Buy!

hi guys welcome back to another video clip with lim reviews today we’re going to be inspecting out the oneplus watch that i have actually been utilizing for nearly one week now so this watch has actually been launched in the us i assume for about 159 us dollars so i’ll install the price on the website right below so you can see the real price due to the fact that uh when you see this it will have been introduced in malaysia all right let me just talk a little bit about my experience currently with the oneplus watch and also before i begin i just want to say that this watch here is really just suitable with android gadgets and also it will not work with ios so simply birthing in mind if you’re an iphone customer this watch here will not deal with iphone currently okay so one more point that you need to recognize below is that i have actually seen a lot of hate online for the one plus watch originating from the us youtubers and also all that yet in my straightforward viewpoint it is not that poor of a watch actually it’s quite great so just to set your expectations straight and also this watch does not work like the apple watch what this is actually similar and also if you have actually been following my channel for a fair bit currently is that this set functions similar to the incredible clever watches or possibly the huawei wise look for that issue so at the very least you can establish your assumption prior to you enter into this video so

currently allow me show you my experience after utilizing it for a week so to begin with in terms of the style looks as well as build high quality i needs to claim that the the oneplus watch here does really feel quite exceptional as well as whatever is built really nicely we do have stainless-steel around the sides here and also if you take a look at this style here is spick-and-span as well as minimal which is something that i kind of thus relying on yourself if you like something like you understand really expensive a lot of things around or you might want to inspect out something else but also for me i assume this minimal look sort of jobs too in terms of the bands though this is a very wonderful feeling rubber here yet i’m not too certain about all these lines right here i believe it is quite different to the design because the watch itself is so minimalist but we have an as well expensive of a strap below for my taste uh the second thing i wish to mention below is that for eastern people like us um maybe for myself really i’m rather a slim fella right here and also the bands that featured the watch is actually means means too long so my wrist size is really small as well as i think i might have to punch a hole right here yet fortunately is that the bands that come on below is really easy to replace so i really have my leather band and simply consider the distinction it should be a little much shorter to fit skinnier wrist but yeah that’s just something that i just wish to point out too if you do wind up getting this watch as well as you’re a skinny individual like myself you might want to think about getting an extra strap okay so currently allow’s move back to

the watch below we do have 2 switches on the right and the leading one is actually your app menu so you simply click that to go into your checklist of applications you touch that to return once again and for the bottom button right below this is really a fast shortcut key that you can configure to introduce fast launch anything you desire from the watch itself it can be any solitary attribute from the watch yet i have actually established it to show up the workout settings right below all right so let’s simply return to the watch below working wise it’s very straightforward if you just drag down from the top this is where you get right into your quick shortcuts let me just zoom in a bit a lot more so you have all your quick shortcuts below which i assume is rather great very conventional things if you draw up from the lower notice that i have a red dot near the bottom to make sure that implies that i have inbound notifications so let’s simply check that out i do have this and that and in terms of the size of the notice that you can see this is something that to provide you a fast recommendation so you can really see rather a great deal of text on the watch itself and i assume that’s really good about this one plus watch so some watches only turns up to 5 lines of text yet consider this guys it can go all the way for the entire text so i believe this

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is pretty remarkable originating from the oneplus watch right here yet there’s something that you require to note here is that this watch does not support emojis so if you’re the kind of person who sends a lot of emojis you will not be able to see it on one’s guard itself all right the following feature of this viewer is in fact the method it reveals notices for telephone calls so call notices in fact pretty nice here we do have an audio speaker aboard so i’m just mosting likely to make a quick contact us to myself so you can see exactly how the notices looks like on the oneplus watch itself so it should show up rather swiftly right below so notice that it is sounding now and also the good idea here is that you really have a small speaker at the back so you can actually hear the ringing of the watch itself you can adjust the volume to go a little bit greater however it is not really loud but i would certainly claim that it certainly helps in stopping you from losing out added telephone call from you know your pals or whatnot to ensure that’s respectable there you have your audio speaker on board so that’s what to cover for notices i believe alerts sensible i’m quite satisfied with what oneplus is doing

below especially in the quantity of text that you can actually see on your watch itself to make sure that’s good there okay so now let’s simply see what else we have below if you swipe in the direction of the left this is where you obtain your widgets so you have your heart rate determining right below you have your rest widget you additionally have your songs playback right here so things about this music playback is that the watch does features four gigabytes of inner memory yet you can only use about 2 gigabytes right there so just make note regarding that uh to store your very own songs in this watch itself so if you just push this three dots switch you’ll observe that you can play your watch songs or you can select to regulate your mobile music and also if your eyes are sharp sufficient you will discover that you can really link your bluetooth headset to this enjoy right here so that you can in fact play songs directly with your watch right into your earbuds so that’s definitely really helpful if you any of you available i simply want to take place your runs and pay attention to music but without bringing your mobile phone with you you can play the songs using the headset right there to ensure that’s very great of oneplus there so let’s just return right currently aside from that if you simply go back that is virtually all the widgets what i didn’t really like regarding this ui right here is that it does not allow you to go back right into the major watch face on a loop so you will need to swipe all the method back or naturally you can simply strike that back switch all right

to ensure that’s rather a lot what you will obtain from the house display itself yeah allow’s currently have a look at the checklist of applications that can be found in the watch itself so touching that button most importantly you have your activities this shows you the number of steps you’ve strolled throughout the day your exercise modes are obviously i’m not actually a fitness center junkie so i don’t really exercise that much i understand i require to exercise more however this is the kind of things that you can see right here for your workouts if you enter into your exercise settings men this is where you can see your checklist of tasks right below and also currently i believe there has to do with 14 different tasks varying from your running your bikings your strolling of program you have swimming too this watch supports swimming approximately 5 atm machine i believe regarding 50 meters so you can bring your watch to swim as well as it will certainly track that and also you have a pair extra activities that you can see here so according to oneplus in the following upgrade they will feature a lot more activities to track however so far this is what you can obtain from the oneplus watch itself uh one point you do require to keep in mind here is that the watch does come with general practitioners men so it will certainly track your range your pace and all

that if you bring your watch without your smartphone to ensure that’s absolutely great in terms of your health and fitness tracking great allow’s just go back right here certainly exercise rate prices i have not worked out so i do not have any type of workout records if you go into your heart rate this is where you can see more details so once more i like the reality that the you can see a great deal of info on guard itself so you don’t in fact need to go into the app you can see the failure right below for your whole base our heart rate so allow’s just return and also go into your blood oxygen so for the blood oxygen your spo2 degrees um clearly you require to uh put on the watch right there however what’s great about this spo2 is that you can establish it to to track your spo2 during your evening rests men so what this implies is that when you’re sleeping at night when your hand isn’t that unstable the watch will actually take your blood oxygen levels throughout your entire evening and then you’ll have the ability to see the results in the application itself all right so right here we have the spo2 readings during my rest last evening however if you just enter into your sleep right below observe that you have this wavy graph near the bottom to ensure that in fact shows your spo2 readings

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throughout your entire night of sleep and i think that’s rather great because like i claimed you don’t really require your throughout the day spo2 readings because it can only take precise analyses when you’re not relocating that much so one plus concept below to just track your sp o2s during the night when you’re resting i assume it’s a wonderful suggestion guys so okay since we’ve chatted concerning sp02 analyses allow’s check out your rests oh yes so for your rest itself once again you can see your readings directly from the watch as well as i assume that’s actually fantastic if you just swipe down it has this rounded ring here to reveal you your portion of deep sleep your light rest and also the quantity of time that you are awake so that’s rather amazing things right there too if you drop further extra you can choose or do not disrupt and what this means is that you can establish the watch to dnd whenever you’re asleep to make sure that’s rather cool moving down we likewise have your stress here so as the name suggests this basically tracks your tension throughout the entire day dropping you have your breathing workouts your phone so i think for a phone right here you have your contacts and also all that i haven’t synced it with my phone uh you additionally have your recent telephone call and your dial pad so you can make phone

telephone calls straight from the watch itself again pretty trendy things right there for songs i have actually already revealed you that earlier on for your weather uh this is where you can discover all your weather condition so again this requires you to sync it a couple of times with your smartphone itself so i’m uncertain why my climate isn’t really appearing today even though i simply sync the watch to make sure that’s a kind of a bug right there in regards to your alarm systems are once more obvious you have your timer your flashlight your barrel meter right here so you can actually check out the stress from anywhere you’re at moving down here you also have your compass you need to adjust it extremely basic stuff tv connect i’m uncertain if television attach jobs here in malaysia it essentially enables you to regulate utilize this watch as a remote to control your tv you also have your camera switch right here so you can take your images straight from your watch itself relocating down you have your setups and your great phone which’s virtually it men so once again this is what you can anticipate from the one plus watch uh right here truthfully speaking like i said it is a rather good watch here if you just intend to see your notices you wish to address your phone calls you wish to listen to songs you have fairly a reasonable little stuff in this device right below certainly a bit greater than what you can get from you

understand like say an impress feed smartwatch or something like that yet of course this is what you can get out of the oneplus watch the next point the last thing i wish to chat concerning right here very rapidly is the battery life so oneplus is claiming that it can last for two weeks on one single cost and what i really like regarding this battery life is that i learnt that the the cases were really quite true it can actually last long if you do not have a load of notifications being available in as well as so far based on my experience with this watch right here it’s most definitely standing up much better than wonder wise watches in terms of battery life it’s really really strong below and i think it can actually hit the insurance claim recommended 2 weeks of battery life on the one plus watch simply in instance you’re questioning this is how the park of the oneplus looks like as well as you simply put it at the back below and you obtain it charging up quite swiftly according to oneplus this thing below in fact charges up quite quickly as well so like a 5 minute charge provides you like a day and also a 20 min cost provides you like a week i believe yes it bills up relatively swiftly with this little park at the back below good people i think that’s virtually what i wish to cover with the oneplus watch right below i recognize it’s been a relatively lengthy video clip but indeed uh generally if if you ask me whether i would recommend this

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watch to anyone i would claim that if you’re a oneplus user or possibly you’re utilizing android gadgets as well as you’re simply bought with the present series of clever watches that you can get i would certainly claim that you must absolutely look into the oneplus watch right below is rather good it features a fair little functions right here of course there are some downsides to it however it’s absolutely nothing is perfect individuals and if you can approve what the oneplus is for itself i think you will certainly be pleased with this oneplus watch right here oh before i go one last thing i wish to point out is that the oneplus viewer does include a pair of watch encounters uh it is not a whole lot currently so there’s fairly a couple of but i would not state that i do hope that oneplus updates the watch phases right here i believe currently there is concerning like 20 to 30 different watch stages and also they’re not to state the finest looking ones around yet this looks rather fine there’s a number of ones that simply reveals this kind of minimal type of time which doesn’t show much information like your actions as well as all that so not also fun of the watch phases really however or else i would state this is a respectable clever watch below coming from one plus great guys uh if you’re still remaining right here thanks people for remaining till completion i wish you have actually learned something from this video clip right below uh if you have any even more inquiries really feel free to leave them down in the remark section listed below certainly i would value any kind of like as well as subscribe to the channel so if you’re great keeping that do help me out with that like and i’ll see you people in the following one bye

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