Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro: SUPER TABLET! Productivity and Gaming Machine COMBINED!

hello there everybody welcome back to one more video clip with lim reviews currently today we’re mosting likely to be looking into a very amazing item this is the me pad professional 5. that was simply introduced by xiaomi a pair of weeks ago i think so this is actually the china version that i got right here as you can see the box is very slim and also that’s since it doesn’t included a charger and cord however i do recognize that the global version will still include the charger and also wire so wait for that currently before i start speaking about all the experiences that i have with the mini pad pro 5 i simply wish to say that my tool below i obtained it in china for regarding 2500 yuan and also that is roughly 1 500 ringgit for all my malaysian close friends and for every person else all over the world that is close to 400 us bucks so regardless of exactly how you check out it it is still an extremely budget friendly gadget for the me pad professional 5 right here now allow’s jump right

into the device immediately so i have my gadget right below and also i’ve obtained the white version now birth in mind that the device is available in 2 shades it can be found in black as well as this white right below and also the reason that i chose this white variation was due to the fact that i saw on youtube the black variation in fact drew in rather a fair bit of finger prints at the back somehow so i really did not such as that so i selected the white it looks wonderful here very very solid consider the leading left edge notification that we do have the uh an electronic camera removed right here that looks really similar to a certain poco f3 as well this seems to be the layout language that xiaomi is opting for his tablets too pretty great and also if you relocate the device sideways below we in fact have this truly great flat sides on the sides that advises me of the ipad pro as well as that’s not a negative thing since it feels excellent in hands all right so that’s this in regards to the style it’s extremely uncomplicated very clean appearance right here with the me

pad professional 5. Now let’s talk a bit regarding the specifications of this gadget since it is an extremely impressive gadget right here so my device below this is the 11 inch 2.5 k display that performs at 120hz refresh rate whatever is buttery smooth it really feels great the contrast levels are likewise respectable it is an ips lcd screen yet not an amoled so you may think that shades are not great yet actually it does look respectable below guys so that’s just in regards to the display in regards to processing power mine is the low spec version i do have a snapdragon 870 inside right here as well as six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of interior memory since’s simply the specs uh in terms of battery men we do have a rather large battery right here this is a 8600 mah battery and also is able to sustain as much as 67 watts of quick cost currently those are the specs yet i want to show to you how it really really feels like to make use of so allow’s go on over right here as well as check out the setup that i have actually established up for you men allow’s go alright men so as you can see below i’ve obtained my mi pad established up with my job stuff so for instance i have my wireless keyboard as well as my cordless mouse here it’s attached to the me pad right there so every little thing functions quite well as a matter of fact i simply want to state that it functions very similar to exactly how like your regular windows

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computer works and also what i suggest by that is as an example if i am in an app such as this all i require to do is hit windows d and afterwards it returns to the major structure so extremely great things there once again if you simply desire to switch right into applications it’s just like your home windows that you make use of alternating tab you struck the auto type switch and also this appears so again i believe it is extremely excellent below if you know with your home windows laptop or whatever this mi pad right here can really replace that so this can be your laptop computer good let’s see what else you can do below currently if we remain in this multitasking view today all you require to do is lengthy press one of the apps right below uh so like split screen and also obviously you can see we do have this individual right here and right currently what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na pick one more application here so we can have a side-by-side view i’m gon na choose youtube right below so now you can see that i do have this um the verge right here and i can also enjoy my youtube with each other like i mentioned earlier on if you currently have your computer mouse connected you can additionally utilize your mouse simply scroll as well as it just functions very well currently this is simply for amusement if you

wish to split the display of course you can likewise switch the dimensions like that really easy it helps some apps however not every solitary application okay so currently something else i intend to reveal you is for instance if you are intending to use your me pad to do some job let’s go back right into the main display right here we don’t desire to see this any longer allow’s go right into microsoft word so i do have microsoft word already installed right here and also again currently that i have actually connected my key-board it is super simple to kind on and also i can in fact compose some things right here so very really good very responsive however let’s claim as an example you want to do your work while enjoying youtube so what you need to do is just head out you go to your youtube you push the play switch minimize that obviously you might need to be a premium individual to be able to play that in the background you go back right into your word as well as you can in fact function while enjoying your youtube network so rather interesting things here assuming you are doing work right here you can also enjoy a little bit of your

youtube on the top right edge that’s really great since’s simply in regards to work undoubtedly you can also examine out like your powerpoint and also all that this will certainly all function really nicely once more you can have your mouse along with your key-board right below to just you know continue with your efficiency test on the me pad 5 pro so this is what you can get out of this person once again if you wish to venture out from all this just hit the home windows as well as d button and also for this of course you have to just slide it down right below now another point you wish to examine out right here which is likewise rather trendy remains in regards to video gaming so it’s not nearly job uh let’s say you’re done with job or you’re performed with your institution or whatever things you wish to take a look at games you have your video games right below so these video games right here will also deal with your key-board along with your computer mouse if you are playing like capturing video games but also for this demonstration right here i’m simply mosting likely to

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reveal you one really quickly with this racing car game right here uh the graphics are impressive by the means because it uses the snapdragon 870 it’s got a respectable quantity of ram below it tons up fairly fine also you have your 60fps structure rates right here just check out that guys it’s very very great so all i require to do is simply use the mouse here let’s say as an example i want to examine out the car i can just drag about my computer mouse looks extremely nice below just have a look at the graphics on the me pad pro individuals um very extremely very great below so as you can see when i entered into the game here you have these keyboard manages training you exactly how to push the switches that’s really trendy good sufficient below i’m just going to enter into a quick game extremely rapidly so i can show you just how fun it is to make use of the this key-board to actually play the game i keep using my finger although i can use the mouse that’s something really unusual so okay

we’re mosting likely to begin a game very promptly again you can see very wonderful graphics here on the me pad professional i’m just mosting likely to maintain going press play and we must begin the video game rather rapidly so okay so before the video game is starting one point that i ought to additionally mention is that this tool right here features like eight audio speakers established up so it’s supposed to seem awesome i’m just mosting likely to enhance that audio speaker a little bit a lot more right below so you can hear it alright the race is starting allow’s go [Music] yo so sluggish so great people so that is uh just a really quick instance of the asphalt 9 and also exactly how it collaborates with your key-board once more like i claimed here this this format will in fact function with a lot of games and i assume it’ll be really fun to in fact have this tool right here as like your video gaming device so like i stated earlier on in addition to your productivity which you can do rather a fair bit on this me pad pro uh you can additionally play your games and also it really runs very efficiently i think if you are like a power customer or you do a great deal of your work here you can simply take into consideration buying the pro version if you don’t play a whole lot of video games you

can just think about the non-pro version in any cases i believe it is a wonderful gadget it simply works so flawlessly with the mouse and also the key-board right here alright people so i believe that’s virtually what i desired to reveal you are the abilities as well as what you can really perform with the me pad pro 5. Obviously there are extra stuff that you can do however i was just able to reveal you a number of stuff that i personally do and i believe it’s an extremely good gadget right here since it can in fact replace your laptop computer for doing your job as well as you can also use it to play a lot of video games as well as connect it with all your accessories like your key-board as well as computer mouse so i believe that’s really great below with the mini pad pro 5. one last thing is that the price is also extremely affordable once more it actually relies on just how much this tool lands in your nation but regardless this is something that i would still advise to any person who’s aiming to get their new tablet computer the ipad pro is no longer the defacto tablet computer that you ought to always purchase you should have a look at the me pad 5 pro good guys i assume that’s it for this video clip it’s been a pretty long one i wish you appreciated this video clip uh yeah let me recognize if you have any kind of additional questions leave a like a sub if you such as to see more material similar to this as well as i’ll see every one of you individuals in the next one bye

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