Xiaomi 11T Pro vs Poco F3: Two Incredible Value Champs! Which Should You Get?

hello everyone welcome back to another video clip with lim evaluations currently i hope you’re having a terrific sunday or a great night but today we’re mosting likely to be inspecting out two really fascinating devices uh you can in fact see it on the topic title yet today we have right here the recently launched xiaomi 11t pro along with your preferred tool the poco f3 currently we’re going to be taking a peek at both devices right here think about this as a table talk in between myself and you individuals we’re visiting what’s actually different below and also which tool is actually preferable for you currently prior to i begin i simply need to claim something below which is that both tools right here are really providing quite a reasonable little efficiency for the amount of cash it’s asking so with no matter whether you select the 11t pro or the f3 these are actually tools that will certainly not allow you down now prior to i begin this video obviously if you like to see videos similar to this or material similar to this don’t neglect to give the video a like below to the network if you desire to see even more of my cooking area type of evaluations right here as well as i’ll absolutely be greater than happy to see all of your satisfied

faces once more currently allow’s start extremely rapidly let’s speak about the rates for both tools below now certainly you currently know that the valuing the euro pricing for the 11t pro has actually already been introduced yet that’s not going to be the price for us here in asia now in asia we commonly get these tools at a lower price factor so i’m anticipating it ideally to be really near the cost that we obtained of the 10t pro of in 2015 which is roughly 2000 ringgit or 480 us dollars currently on the various other hand here we have the value champ this is the poco f3 uh because of all the flash sales that is going on i would certainly claim that it is around 1 500 ringgit or if you are in various other regions on the planet that’s about 350 us bucks yeah just seeing to it i got my conversions correct all right to make sure that’s just in terms of the price let’s check out the style most importantly so on one hand below this is the 11t pro you have actually currently seen it it is very fancy below really reflective as well however obviously there are other colors offered so you may not have to go with this one right here whereas on the poco f3 i assume you have actually seen this way too many times already so you recognize specifically just how it looks currently the something

that they share is really the design of the cam lens at the back below now this layout on the cam lens right below is the layout instructions that xiaomi is opting for however in regards to real difference currently the real distinction below remains in the way they feel so what i suggest by that is uh the 11t pro here is slightly heavier at roughly 205 grams whereas the poco f3 over here is concerning 10 grams lighter which’s due to the fact that it is likewise slimmer than the 11t pro so undoubtedly the reason that this is happening is since we have a bigger battery at the rear of this 11t pro which i’ll chat a bit on later on so just in regards to the design it’s truly to how it actually feels both gadgets do not included earphone jacks yet they do both featured ip53 rated so you can have some kind of sprinkle resistance on these gadgets right here currently allow’s carry on really quickly to the display screens at the front these screens are really very similar below because in regards to dimensions they both include a 6.67 inch display screen they’re both 1080p screens and they’re both extremely amoled screens besides that they additionally both assistance 120hz revitalize price so they’re very really quick here in regards to responsive you’ll really feel virtually the same on both devices right here nonetheless there’s simply one important distinction here as well as that is the 11t professional right below being much more

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expensive the tasting price is in fact 480 hertz contrasted to 360 hertz on the poco f3 an additional point that i should explain below is that the amoled display on the poco f3 is actually the e4 panel by samsung so that’s most definitely a terrific display screen the one on the 11t pro is actually ranked an a plus by display companion so once again at the end of the day what i’m trying to claim is that you’re not obtaining brief adjustment in terms of the display screen top quality they’re both incredible people currently allow’s proceed really rapidly to the 2nd point and also talk regarding efficiency because it is a little various here however additionally fairly comparable now undoubtedly you currently know that the 11t pro right here features the flagship snapdragon 888 whereas the poco f3 below includes the snapdragon 870 currently i already recognize what is going on in your minds certainly the snapdragon 888 is going to be a little a lot more effective in terms of processing power but it also features more warmth so i’m simply going to really quickly fancy to you my individual use now everyday usage on both devices here certainly since they’re flagship degree you won’t find any concerns with introducing apps you know just browsing with your social networks and doing all sorts of stuff multitasking is additionally great these are really extremely powerful cpus in both tools below however the only difference that you could actually encounter here is in terms of the heat due to the fact that i did find that the snapdragon 888 on the 11t pro a little bit extra warmer compared to the snapdragon 870 yet i guess you currently knew that currently once again in terms of ram and also

interior memory both tools right here are providing you outstanding things we both have lp ddr5 kind of ram as well as ufs 3.1 storage men so extremely excellent things on both tools it’s difficult to actually place one tool versus the other because they’re both actually offering you a lot of specs for the amount of cash you’re paying so that’s simply in terms of the efficiency you can anticipate superior stuff coming from these individuals right here all appropriate following point we’re going to speak about below are the cams now the 11t pro below has a very effective major sensing unit and you possibly currently understand that through all the advertising and marketing that xiaomi is undergoing well let me tell you that the main sensor here is in fact a 108 megapixel primary sensor as well as the reason that it’s really rather excellent is because it is a large sensor so certainly it has the ability to draw in more light and when you take pictures you can see a little of background blur on those it’s an all-natural search the other hand the poco f3 below you men likewise already understand this includes a 48 megapixel primary sensor that you understand isn’t the most effective around however in regards to the ultra wide and the tele macro lens they both include an 8 megapixel ultra broad along with a 5 megapixel tele macro lens now in terms of picture high quality i’m just going to show you individuals a number of pictures side-by-side so you can see the real distinction between the photos tackled both devices right below as well as allow me know down in the remark section listed below which one you prefer

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however again the 11t pro right here features a far better primary sensor and of training course you’ll be obtaining very very nice images right here all right now allow’s carry on to the next point as well as speak about the batteries in the back due to the fact that like i said in the starting one has a larger battery than the various other so on the 11t pro below we have a 5000 mah battery whereas on the poco f3 we have a 4 520 mah battery but what’s actually amazing below is the brand-new modern technology that xiaomi is placing in the 11t pro which is their dual cell battery which 120 watt quickly billing is crazy fast men from no to 100 is much less than 20 mins and the billing technology really services this gadget here so if you require that super fast sort of billing you can opt for this guy right below whereas on the poco f3 uh this is really supporting the typical 33 watt quick fee obviously it’s not reduce too it takes about 50 minutes to go from zero to a hundred percent but if you’re generally the kind of individual who charges your tool at evening this might not matter way too much to you it actually is down to your personal choice good people i think the last thing i desire to discuss here is two last items uh to begin with both devices get excellent haptics so they both have the x-axis direct haptic engine as well as it’s extremely excellent in terms of the resonances they’re brief they’re crisp they’re the best in the sector now for the x-axis and also in regards to the stereo audio speakers both

feature stereo speakers as well as they appear fantastic so those are the final two points that you require to understand all right men at the end of the day uh when i take a look at both tools here the 11t pro and the poco f3 i can not claim anything else other than that xiaomi and poco they’re both bringing you their ideal game to their smartphones right here despite which device you actually opt for you’re definitely as a customer going to take advantage of the quantity of specifications that you in fact spend for so these are excellent tools here if you’re currently on a poco f3 i don’t believe you necessarily need to update to the 11t pro yet if you’re brand-new into the market it actually relies on your budget if you have a smaller sized spending plan simply opt for the poco f3 you can not truly go wrong with it and there are so many uh users of the poco f3 around again if you have somewhat more budget plan and you intend to go with those more recent modern technology that’s been introduced by xiaomi the quick charging the larger 108 megapixel sensor then look no more than the 11t pro all ideal guys i hope you had a great session here once more this is simply an informal contrast in between both devices right here as well as i really hope to see every one of you people in the next one bye

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