Amazfit GTR 3 PRO: What’s NEW? Why More Expensive? The FULL Break Down!

hello there everyone welcome back to another video with lim reviews now in today’s video clip i’m extremely excited to present you the all new latest as well as most effective fantastic gtr3 pro that i have been using for the past two weeks currently currently i comprehend from comments i have actually seen on other video clips that some of you individuals are just questioning why is the amazefit gdr3 pro so much a lot more pricey compared to last gen amazefit gtr 2. well allow me establish this straight yet prior to i do that i just want to let every one of my malaysian good friends out there know that the amazfit gtr3 pro has not landed in malaysia we will just be getting the watch on november 5th to ensure that’s the date to take note of all the watches the brand-new 3 smart watches will land here in malaysia by amaze eat november fifth all right since i’ve got that off the beaten track allow’s obtain back to the primary subject why is this so expensive so allow’s begin extremely most importantly with the rate of the amazfit gtr3 pro so this watch right below it is presently retailing in the us for 230 us bucks as well as that is around 950 ringgit below in malaysia currently for contrast’s purpose the

previous gen gtr 2 retailed at 700 ringgit which has to do with 60 us bucks cheaper than the brand-new amisu gtr 3 professional so what is this added 60 us dollars or 250 ringgit netting you with this brand-new design right below let’s figure out okay so to begin with in regards to the distinctions right below we’re going to speak a bit concerning the display we do have a brand new screen on the amazefit gtr3 pro that is much bigger compared to the previous generation now on the gtr2 series we only had a 1.39 inch display screen yet on the brand-new one the gtr3 pro we have a much flatter display right below it has reduced bezels and the display screen is now 1.45 inches to ensure that’s the first point that you need to keep in mind of the 2nd thing you require to remember about this display screen is that it supports a higher refresh rate on the previous gen a mesa gt r2 it was slightly slower i think it was a bit like 30 fps but on the brand-new one right below has to do with 60 fps so certainly you will certainly be seeing much smoother sort

of animations as well as extremely smooth moving on one’s guard itself to make sure that’s the second thing that you need to take note of now the 3rd point below and that’s actually another hardware change and you can discover that on the side we do have a brand new switch right below it remains in the type of a crown and also you can actually rotate the crown right here to scroll with the food selections currently whether or not this is in fact valuable to you me personally i tend to in fact just move on the display screen using my finger however i understand that some individuals of you out there you may be wearing gloves and at that sort of scenarios the scrolling crown right here would really assist you out so those are the three various equipment modifications that you can see straight with your eyes uh instantly uh besides that let’s talk a bit concerning the fitness and health kind of things that are a bit different in the brand-new remarkable gtr 3 pro so on the impressive gtr 3 pro when you turn it to the back right here you notice a little bit difference in

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regards to the format of the sensing units at the back now according to amaze with this it’s surprised this brand name brand-new sensing unit they’re calling it the biometric 3.0 on the previous gtr 2 it was the 2.
0 variation so what you can get out of this watch right here is a little far better and more accurate sort of heart rate tracking you get even more exact spo2 tracking and all that type of stuff from this all new 3.0 sensor right below to ensure that’s actually another distinction that you can in fact locate on the gtr 3 pro now aside from that this watch still is able to track all your anxiety levels your sleep monitoring and also naturally it does those reproducing tests as well as well as last yet not least is that it also tracks your temperature on the gtr 3 pro currently this is not a brand-new function we have actually seen it on previous impressive watches and also similar to the previous ones once again i can’t inform exactly how exact it is whenever i put on the watch it informs me that my body temperature level is regarding 33.5 degrees celsius as well as whenever i make use of a proper gadget to track my temperature it has to do with 36.3 levels celsius so there is a difference of regarding 3 levels

celsius over there so i’m uncertain why that’s taking place but that’s just what i can report for you on the gtr 3 professional right below since’s just in regards to the health and wellness as well as health and wellness functions the upgrades that you can see to the wellness features right there in regards to the health and fitness trackers as well you do have upgrades there so let’s speak about the brand-new upgrades so what’s brand-new right here and primarily i think this is something that you can’t really see once again on one’s guard itself however that’s the truth that the general practitioners now is a lot more stronger compared to the gtr 2 series so what i mean by that gets on the gtr 2 you just had gps as well as glonass but also for the gtr3 pro right below it supports 3 added satellites and after that this will really offer you much better kind of general practitioners tracking and also what i suggest by that is that your place will certainly be tracked more conveniently much faster and of program in a lot more challenging areas you’ll be able to get those positioning on guard itself currently clearly i have actually only been to a number of locations so i can not truly attest that however practically consulting with that added satellite support on the amazing gtr 3 pro

below you will be able to get much better as well as extra accurate kind of positional tracking okay to ensure that’s just in regards to the gps itself in regards to the software side obviously you may already understand that the watch below comes with an all new os that is the zap os as well as keeping that it now supports approximately 150 plus activities being tracked on the watch itself currently once again a lot of these tasks are not to say the most helpful to all of you around at the end of the day you might only make use of 10 out of 150 different tasks however the good idea below is that it uses you the adaptability to track all kinds of stuff that you could require to track to ensure that’s what you can locate on the amazefit gtr 3 pro so there’s another new upgrade for that there all appropriate guys so one new thing that is readily available currently on the gtr3 pro is that amazefit has put in an online pacer so what this indicates is that you can establish the pace of this digital pacer as well as when you go for your runs you can in fact see if you are in front of the digital rival or behind that fellow so it really motivates you to run a bit quicker and also you can in fact improve improved speeds and also rate based upon this virtual pacer alone so that’s really amazing there now

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let’s speak a little regarding the other things that are remaining the very same since those are simply the main upgrades that i have been seeing on the amazfit gtr3 pro that’s as for it goes in terms of what’s remaining the exact same you also still get the same barometer you also still get the exact same altimeter which basically tracks your air stress in addition to your altitudes you’ll have the ability to understand exactly how far in the air you are to ensure that’s still offered on the watch itself another thing that’s still staying is the truth that it supports bluetooth calling so what this indicates is that you can connect your watch to your mobile phone and you can answer telephone call directly on guard itself apart from that what’s really amazing is that the fantastic gtr3 pro right here also preserves the integrated memory so you can save music straight into the watch itself so this is right stuff that is remaining the very same aside from that it likewise supports alexa if you guys utilize alexa voice assistant you can do that on the watch itself currently last one last thing

that i should state here and also that is in fact battery life so in terms of battery remarkably we are getting a slight decrease in battery life here because on the gtr ii we had 470 mah on battery yet on the amazfit gt r3 pro below it’s lowered slightly to 450 mah once more points that you can’t actually see uh on the device itself however i must allow you recognize now in terms of everyday use it is priced quote to have around 6 days of battery life under heavy use thus far i have the ability to strike regarding four days of battery life under one single charge on this fantastic gtr 3 pro and also to my viewpoint i think that is actually good enough for my individual usage i definitely don’t like to make use of watches that only lasts one day on a battery fee i do not desire to charge my battery everyday so i assume in regards to the gtr 3 pro right here battery optimization is still great you obtain 4 days under extremely heavy use and also that means heaps of notifications coming right into your watch constantly good people so that’s just basically what you can anticipate in terms of the upgrades on the amazfit gtr3 pro just to

promptly evaluate you do get a nicer bigger display you also obtain a much faster refresher display screen so every little thing is just smoother and also gliding across you additionally obtain that new crown at the side there if you like to revolve things physically and really feel those haptic engines apart from that you have the brand-new zos you likewise have assistance for 150 tasks on guard itself number six you also have a lot more assistance for 3 added satellites for your general practitioners tracking and also yeah that’s basically what i can assume in regards to the brand-new stuff oh yes you likewise have your extra temperature level body temperature tracking on the fantastic gtr3 professional although it’s not that precise so six to seven brand-new stuff there on the fantastic gtr3 pro now at the end of the day if do you think that this additional features really uh requires you to pay that added 250 ringgit or 60 us bucks this is truly completely approximately your choice i directly i believe it’s fine it is fairly reasonable we do see a fair little bit of new upgrades on one’s guard it simply makes it so a lot far better to utilize compared to the previous generation amazing gtr 2 yet once again that decision truly exists with you do you think that this is a good upgrade allow me understand what you individuals assume do you think that this is a watch that you may be intending to be obtaining let me know down in the remark section listed below as well as obviously if you like this video don’t forget to give it a like sub to the network as well as i hope to see all of you individuals in the next one make sure everybody as well as remain secure bye oh

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